Helping Dad

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mother, Grand Parent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A father asks his son to help him in a very personal affair, John his son refuses at first but after the death of his father many changes to John's circumstances occur. It is then that he does what his father asked.

For years now John had watched his mother, she never appears to rest. Their home must be the cleanest in the county, but who is to see it for they live miles away from their nearest neighbours. In the wintertime they are snowed in for weeks at a time.

John's father is a forest ranger and always appeared to John as the perfect specimen of a man. There was only the three of them and John was soon to start as a ranger himself, assisting his father. So now, he won't be breaking up the family.

Lately he had been hearing his mother cry a lot and his father's voice in the background trying to console her. Never once did he see her crying, but many the times he could see her red eyes because of crying, but he said nothing. Whatever it was the harmony of the household remained the same so it couldn't be a serious matter.

Then one day when both of them were seated on a large rock overlooking the forest below his father said in a soft voice. "John, would you do anything for your mother and I?"

"What a silly question to ask Dad, you know I would do anything." John replied, thinking what a stupid question was that and what was he leading up to.

"Well it is an extremely personal thing I'm going to ask. Em! Your mother and I have spoken of it long and hard and she has asked me to ask you."

"What's the matter with you, you never have been one to hold back a question, but you're trying to ask me something, but can't get it out."

"For Gods sake John, this is hard enough without you making me more nervous. Please let me take my time."

"OK, OK."

"As I was saying your mother and I have talked this over and I'm trying to tell you what we agreed on. For years now I've been impotent and your mother is a very passionate woman. There is no way I can satisfy her physically. We were wondering if you could help her out that way."


"I know it is a lot to ask, but being a virile young man and no girlfriends it would help you both out and help your mother a great deal."

"You know what you're asking, that is incest," John said looking at the ground and now unable to look his father in the face.

He knew how his mother must be feeling for he could hardly keep his hands off his cock which seemed to be always hard. True he had no girlfriend and he had never been with a woman. Many times when they went to the town he considered looking for a prostitute, but chickened out at the last moment. But could he do it with his own mother?

"What are you thinking about John, you're very quiet," asked his father.

"You have asked a lot. Isn't there some other way she could try," he was thinking of her using a dildo, but couldn't see his mother using such a thing.

"We have tried everything, but nothing helps her."

So she has tried a dildo, if what father says is true. Somehow John couldn't picture her lying in bed working a length of plastic up her pussy. Just thinking of it made him rock-hard. Could he do the same with his ten inch cock, bury it all the way inside her. Have her squirm on the end and beg for more. The more he thought about it the more he was beginning to like the idea.

"Well John, what is your answer, will you do it."

"Let me think about it, you have asked me a serious thing Dad," John replied.

"I must know before I go next week, if you accept then you will have three days together."

"Let me think about it, I'll tell you before you leave."

After they ate they separated and went about the tasks they were doing previously. John now had had the seed planted in his mind and for the rest of the working day he tried to think of his mother and him having sex. Would she just lie back and let him pound his meat into her or be an eager partner. Then he thought that his mother would never have sex with him. Was it some sort of test his father had cooked up?

As the pair of them was waiting on the helicopter to come and take his father to the city his father asked him. "Well John you promised to give me your answer, will you help?"

"No Dad, it is wrong. I feel sorry for mum and I know how she feels for I too feel I need a woman and I can't. Sorry, you will have to find another way."

"Thanks son, in a way I'm glad you feel that way."

Just then the throbbing beat of the little two seater helicopter appeared over the trees and landed on the green lawn at the back of our house. John waved to his father as he left, standing in the doorway of their house his mother did also.

In the last few days John was looking at his mother in a new light. He pictured her walking naked around the house and other fantasies. His mother wasn't a magazine model or any other type of model. Critics they would think her hips being too wide and her overly large bosom which surely held a pair of large breasts. Of course the sight he saw was really because of her foundation garments and not the natural shape, but all the same he admired them.

John's mother wasn't a woman one would turn and take another look at in the street. She was the type of woman that beautiful women would take with them to emphasis their own beauty. You see it no matter where you look. Men are attracted by physical beauty and if the beautiful ones were rated 5 out of five John's mother would be below 3, but she was his mother and he loved her.

They were having tea when the telephone rang; John's mother answered it and let the handpiece drop to the floor. She sat down and began crying. John picked up the handpiece and heard the news that his father was killed when their helicopter crashed into a power gantry. He did the only thing he could do and went and hugged his mother to my chest.

"I'm so sorry mum," John said, beginning to cry also.

"I would like to lie down John, but can you tell Gran?"

John helped her to her bedroom and as he left kissed her on the forehead.

"Come back once you've told Gran, please."

"Yea, I'll be back."

John had only one Gran that was his mother's mother, a sour, bad-tempered woman in her early seventies. His Gran lived a distance from them in a small-town. He knew she didn't approve of his mother marrying his father so he wasn't surprised by her answer. "Well Kitty can come back to civilization now," and put down the receiver.

John returned to his mother's bedroom and lay down beside her and held her close. She surely smelt good and she felt lovely and soft, but to do as his father asked he doubted it.

Three months later John was given a new posting. The reason given he wasn't experienced enough to replace his father and the house was for the senior ranger. At the new posting he was allocated a similar house, so he and his mother moved in there. One good thing they were near a town. One bad thing it was the town where Gran lived.

Mum settled into the house real good and returned to her old ways, working all day dusting things that didn't need dusting. She was standing on a chair; dusting the lamp fittings when the chair insert broke and she sell through the hole. The chair toppled over, hurting her back.

John returned from work shortly after the accident happened and found his mother still lying on the floor. He thought she was seriously hurt as he rushed to help her.

"It's all right John, nothings broken, but I have strained my back, I just can't get up," she said with a forced smile.

John lifted her up gently and carried her to her bed like he did when his father had died. "Have a look John, is my back bruised? My dress opens down the back, if that is worrying you." His mother then rolled on to her side exposing her back to him.

With shaking hands he slid the zip all the way down to just below her waist. Doing so exposed her bra strap and the top of her panties. It also showed a bruising which had started to discolour all down the right side of her lower back.

"Yes Mum, you are going to have a right big bruise there come morning. Want me to rub some liniment on it for you?"

"Please, but be gentle, I'll better get out of this dress so you won't stain it." With that she just pulled the sleeves off her arms. "Be a darling and pull it down my legs John," she asked as though this was a normal thing for her son undressing her.

John did as she asked and saw for the first time his mother dressed in only bra and panties. Immediately his until now limp cock shot up to attention, he was lucky to be bent over and instead of sticking out was up and down his body. He turned away from her so she wouldn't see his embarrassment with the excuse of folding her dress and hanging it up.

After getting the liniment from the medicine cupboard his erection had deflated somewhat and didn't need to bend over when entering the bedroom again.

His mother was still lying on her side when he returned, but he noted that she had pulled down the right side of her knickers showing the bruising had gone even lower than he thought. Gently he applied the liniment on to the discoloured area. The feel of her smooth skin was enough to return his erection. Fortunately his mother had her back to him so she never saw his discomfort.

"That is lovely and cool John, but don't press too hard please."

John ran his hand on her back and noted the lovely shape her body was, her hips rising from her waist. Now his hand was going even lower, pushing the top of her knickers even lower. Never in his dreams did he envisage the pleasure he was getting by just caressing his mother's body.

"That is lovely John; I should have got you to massage me before."

"I would like to massage you more Mum."

"Call me Kitty, John; I want you to call me Kitty."

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