Christmas Vacation

by Willy Tamarack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Nothing new...An older man, younger woman theme. Will older men never quench their thirst. An underground Delicately baited traps being set? I'm not sure... Neither am I sure there are any young ladies out there like the one I've written about but I'm not convinced there aren't any either!

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

Chapter One

It was snowing outside and the temperature was in the low twenties but the heat was stifling as I moved through the terminal. The flight was late... I was pissed! This fucking weather! Why the fuck did I want to go back East to college!? I dragged my luggage forward about a foot as the line crawled toward the ticket counter. I should have traveled lighter... Then I could have just gone to the gate!

Nancy's e-mail was foremost in my mind. It arrived just yesterday... The second or third she had written since I left for school. Nancy had stayed in Las Vegas after high school. I couldn't stomach that... Had to get out of the house. If it wasn't for the shitty weather... Life would be grand back East!

Nancy's e-mails were always chock full of gossip and this one was no exception... A real who's who of all the most rowdy graduates of our high school in Southern Nevada and let me tell you there were plenty! I was glad I was with a new group and away from all the high jinks in Las Vegas...

... We had to park down near the corner because there were so many cars. Kids were all over, wandering up and down the side walk and loitering on the lawns... Most of them drinking beer... Some smoking pot. I was sure the cops were going to bust the place any minute.

The guy's name was Berry Webber and he transferred here from some place in Texas... For his senior year... What a bummer! He lived with his dad. I'm not really sure where mom is or what dad does? But father and son lived in a very nice neighborhood and Berry never seemed to be short of cash. He was a ladies' man, too... From day one, hooking up with the best looking girls on campus. Rumor had it he slept with just about every girl he went out with. But you know how rumors are in high school!?

"Nancy... This place is going to be busted, sure as shit. I..."

"Shut up, Susan! Just shut up! This guy has had about a dozen of these things this Summer. And you're right. It will be busted but the guy's old man is there and doesn't allow the cops in... Meets them on the porch and gets rid of them. I've got an invite and was nice enough to bring you along... Or you could hang around out here and get busted with the rest of these losers... Your choice?"

I kept up with her as we climbed the driveway and stepped up on to the front porch. Rock and roll music was blaring inside. An old man answered the door... Well, he was my parents age... At least.

"And you young ladies are?" The old guy was casting glances at my bust line. He wasn't overt but takin' peeks just the same. Lots of guys did. I've got very large breasts but them I'm pretty large all over... Not fat just big.

"Nancy Thomas and Susan Nagy... Berry said he'd tell you we were invited." I was embarrassed. Nancy sounded more desperate than confident.

The man stepped back and swung the door wide open. "Welcome, ladies!" After closing the door behind us he held out his hand and said. "Mike Webber... Ladies... And yes, my son did mention you. Glad you could make it. Beer 'n' soft drinks out back. Restroom's down the hall."

He was staring at my breasts. It was kind of a turn on. I'd caught plenty of my parent's friends getting a good look when they thought I wasn't paying attention... A couple of them women, too!

There were about a dozen kids inside with about half as many out back. I was half way through my first beer when the police arrived. Mike wandered about the crowd, telling everyone to pour their beers down the sink and give the bottles to Berry. It was so organized. The door bell rang and Mike went to answer it. It was over in ten minutes and Nancy was right... All the kids out front were either getting busted or racing away in their cars.

The party took off from there. Jesus! There was dope smoking in the kitchen and out back, guys were having chugging contests. I watched for a while but after a couple of guys puked, got bored and wandered back inside.

I ended up in the kitchen with a bunch of kids, smoking pot... With Berry's dad, no less! I mean... My parents admitted to smoking a little dope in college, way back when, but you wouldn't catch them dead smoking pot with a bunch of teenagers today... But here this old guy is taking a huge rip off the pipe as it makes it's way around the crowd.

I couldn't help but watch. He had his arm around some junior's waist and every once and a while would squeeze her ass. I don't think anyone else noticed and I tried not to stare but managed to catch him several times. The old man must be an ass bandit, too!? Just like his son!

On the way home, I brought up the subject of Berry's dad. Nancy shot back almost immediately, "... stupid or something. The kid is pimping for his old man. Rumor has it the old man fucks someone new each month... Parties with them for a while and then starts hunting new meat. Mike Webber likes the young stuff!" Nancy laughed. "Shit! I'd do it with him. Oh! Fuck! Listen to this... Jenny Wilson heard that they've had orgies! Six at a time on this huge bed in the old man's room... Mirrors all around. Jenny said she got it from Amy... I can't remember her last name. She claims she was with them in the hot tub one night after graduation. She didn't do anything but the other two... She wouldn't say who. Well... They split up... One with Berry and the other with dad. Jenny said she had to walk home."

Nancy was laughing. I was stunned. My best friend fucking my father was all I could think of. I huddled against the door and remained silent all the way home.

Chapter Two

It took me an hour to check in and get to the gate. Not that it mattered. I had two hours to wait and even then there was no guarantee. I dreaded spending another night in the cold and snow. Nancy had written, in part, to tell me that it was over sixty in Las Vegas. I could hardly wait... Heat and sunshine!

The rest of her e-mail concerned the "big party" that Berry and his dad were throwing on the first Friday night of Christmas vacation. Nancy said it was going to be the "party of the century... and we're invited!!!" The rest was unbelievable! She was hooking up with Berry's best friend and had spent the night at Berry's house last weekend! Omigod...

... I was sitting in the back and still praying... Thanking the Lord that my flight made it in and better yet... Made it out!

I hardly knew Trent Bower, Berry's best friend, even though we'd been going to school together since middle school. He'd always been popular... We just never hung out together. I wondered how Nancy hooked up with him? She did mention Berry's parties a couple of times in e-mail but hadn't mentioned any of the juicy details... Except for Cynthia Myers blowing lunch in the back yard one Saturday night. I imagine she hooked up with him at one of Berry's parties after I left for college?!

I wondered if my friend had hooked up with Berry's dad? I could almost visualize Nancy sitting on the old guy's lap... Twisting around so Berry's dad couldn't get his face out of her cleavage. Nancy had perfect tits... Perfect size and cleavage to boot. The only thing that held Nancy back was her size. She was near six feet and only real tall guys liked that. Come to think of it, Trent was well over six feet tall. But neither Berry or his dad were even close to that height.

I wonder what "... we're invited!!!" meant. Berry wouldn't waste a minute with me... And dad! Am I dad's date? Am I expected to jump in the sack with a guy my father's age!? That'll be the day! I was flattering myself... My weight was up a little... Like about twenty pounds from where it was this Summer. I was glad it was Winter because I could wear a lot of clothes...

... I spent Thursday afternoon shopping with my mother and Thursday night was "family night." "No! You can't go out!" I was pissed but couldn't get a hold of Nancy anyway. I wondered if she was over at Berry's?

Nancy finally called Friday afternoon. I was wrapping some of the shit I bought the day before. I'd been trying to get a hold of her all day but all I got was the phone message thing. I left one message and felt like a fool calling every hour.

"Sorry I missed you last night, Susan. We were decorating the tree at Berry's. It was so cool. You are coming tonight... Right!? Aren't you? If you want, you can tell your mom that you're spending the night with me! Shit! Trent is picking me up in ten minutes... We could swing by your place and pick you up. I'm sure it'd be okay if you came for dinner?"

Events were moving too quickly for me. I so wanted to go but was not too cool about being their third wheel. I'd slept with several guys in high school although it'd been since early Summer that I'd gotten my rocks off with a guy. At the time I was hoping it would last until I went away to college. It didn't. I never figured out why? Anyway, I was figuring on hooking up with someone?! If these parties were as wild as Nancy said they were... Then I'm sure I could find someone to hook up with!? Wishful thinking!?

Nancy was still going on and on about how cool Mike was. Shit! That was Berry's dad! I wondered if she'd fucked him? Flashes of my dad fucking Nancy sprinted through my mind. My mother was standing in the doorway mouthing, "Who are you talking to?" There was too much going on. I told Nancy I'd call her back in ten minutes and then turned to do battle with my mother.

My father was clueless about all things social and my mother wasn't too far ahead of him. After about five minutes of the best bullshit I could think of... You know..."I've been away at college now and I think I know when I should be home." "Blah... blah... blah..." My mother wasn't sure but quickly agreed that I could spend the night at Nancy's. Out of sight out of mind...

... We hadn't pulled out of the driveway before Trent tells Nancy to light up a joint. I'm cracking up. I've thrown my overnight bag in the back seat and am scrunched up in the front with Nancy, who's half sitting on the center console and half on my lap.

I was in the ozone by the time we pulled into Berry's driveway and almost fell getting out of the car. I felt like a fool. Mike met us at the door and you would have thought I was his long lost buddy... Well, at least my breasts were as the old man couldn't keep his eyes off of them and wasn't shy about it.

I ignored it and that wasn't too hard as my mind couldn't concentrate on any one thing for long... Mike's attention to my tits became just another item in a never ending race of images. There were six of us for dinner and plenty of margaritas both before, during and after. By the time the party started, about nine, I was just about schwacked!

I was hanging out with a group of kids who'd also been away at "college" and felt at ease... In my group.

I didn't run into "Mike" until much later. He was in the front room, talking with another man his age. I could almost swear they were talking about me but like I said, I was pretty fucked up by then. Mike pulled me over and introduced me to his friend.

This guy wasn't shy about scoping out my tits either so I thrust them out a little. He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back. The three of us ended up in the kitchen with about a dozen other kids and soon Mike's friend disappeared. He'd been talking to that junior I first saw Mike with last summer... Both of them just disappeared?!

"... Well... Don't leave me in suspense, Susan. You are going to stay, aren't you? I cook a great breakfast!"

I wasn't paying any attention to him, still gawking about for his "friend." His face was very close to mine when I turned back toward him.

"... What?" He was so close I could smell the hemp on his breath.

"I'd like you to spend the night, Susan." I was like a statue as he kissed my cheek and then wandered off with another young lady. I remained rooted in the kitchen and stayed that way until Nancy shook my shoulder and whispered, "Glad you're staying... It'll be cool!"

I heard a couple of girls, I hardly knew, talking about how he asked the "one with the big tits." The news traveled like a wild fire. Shit! Nobody had ever gossiped about me before! Ever! I don't want the perception to be... Well, that I decided to stay when I heard the gossip but in reality that's probably what happened.

I was not getting along in college as well as I had in high school. People were hard to meet and I had a certifiable asshole for a roommate. A real bitch! In fact... I hung out with just about no one... A loser. In high school I was a charter member of the "IN" crowd... In College, my social life was zero. I was fat as shit. I was a long way from home and hated it. Here I was, standing in the kitchen, with a really hot party going on around me and I was friendless, a loser. My "college" friends already departed and it was only a little after midnight. We had partied much later when we were in high school...

... I sought him out! And finally found Mike in the den, playing some mindless video game. Soon I was playing against him and he was kicking my butt. He was laughing and I was laughing. I was smoking more weed. They always had the best dope! I was hardly aware of my surroundings. Way back in my subconscious, I knew I was going to get naked with this old man and let him do anything he wanted with me. I remember feeling very horny sitting next to him on the couch, our thighs touching.

Chapter Three

It was well after two before the "select crowd" was segregated in the back yard. I vaguely remember someone saying, "Let's hit the hot tub." There was immediate action and I just followed the crowd. I was pulling my sweater up over my head when I realized that I was stripping before three guys... Fuck! The rest were almost down to their underwear. I was drawn to the crotches of the males. The males were glued to my bra encased tits.

Mike was the first one in the hot tub and I was relieved that he kept his jockey shorts on. Nancy told me earlier that, "We hardly ever go naked the first time." Like this happened all the time!? The girls were climbing in and I was left alone on the patio slab.

I felt everyone staring at me but they weren't and no one paid much attention as I climbed in. I felt like a whale! "Here comes the fat girl." A joint was being passed around. I had Berry on my right and Trent on my left. Mike was sandwiched between the two girls on the other side of the tub from me.

I imagined that Nancy and the other girl, Tina... A little blonde with hardly any chest, had been in the hot tub before. I was imagining them all naked and wondered if they'd be naked if I wasn't here? The joint was going around again and then Nancy and Trent got out and started drying off. Berry wasted no time getting the little blonde out of the water and I was left with "dad." I no longer dreaded the moment... In fact, was excited about it.

I was squinting as I dragged on the joint. Mike was getting up out of the water across from me. His jockey shorts were coming down and he was talking. All time stopped! I froze. He just stood there with his dick hanging down. Jesus! It was huge! Like I said, I'd slept with a few guys over the years and yea! I've seen my dad's dick... But this thing made them all look like little boy's penises.

"We won't need these anymore." Mike's fingers were on my bra straps, pulling them down my arms. His hands scooped my breasts out of the cups of my bra. I looked down not quite believing this was happening.

"Hold them, Susan. They're beautiful." Like I robot, I cupped my breasts with my hands, holding them out to him. Each of his hands were working on a breast. He was twisting and pinching my nipples. I continued to stare as if in disbelief. My nipples were swollen and tender. I looked up but never got above his waist. His cock was now pointing at my face, his fingers still manipulating my erect nipples.

"Have you ever done it in a hot tub?" I finally looked at his face. The picture of his penis still foremost in my mind. The veins on each side of his penis were like tunnels under his skin. I could almost see the blood pumping through them. The head of his penis was like a mushroom, almost flat with a large lip and so wide... His whole dick so thick.

"Would you rather go inside?" I never thought of joining the others!? Was that what he was asking? He lifted me to my feet and then pulled me to toward the stairs with both hands. My panties were coming down and he was chewing on my shoulder. My arms came up around him and I buried my face in his shoulder. His dick appeared to be fully hard and I couldn't take my eyes off it...

... I could hear sex sounds coming from behind the double doors to the master bedroom. It wasn't loud but you could hear moans and groans. The four of them were in there but Mike was leading me down the hall, away from them.

He was standing with his back to the door. I was standing with my back to him just looking around. The bed was a double and I was wondering if there'd be enough room for the two of us? He turned me and kissed me hard, pushing me toward the bed. I could feel his dick poking into my stomach and his hands were on my ass.

I sat and he looked down at me. I had trouble concentrating on his face as his hard dick was bobbing around in his groin. I laughed. He was smiling at me. I flopped back on the mattress.

"Like it?" I didn't answer and Mike dropped to his knees at my feet. I could just see his face over my stomach. His hands were on my knees and my legs were coming apart before I realized that he was going to use his mouth on me down there. Shit! He'd hardly kissed me and he was going to kiss my vagina. This was a first for me and I was scared... I'd fantasized about it several times... Always fingering myself to orgasm.

He was licking the insides of my thighs and I could smell myself. I tried to look over my breasts but couldn't. My nipples were sticking up in the air, erect, like they've hardly ever been before. His tongue had entered my hair and he was searching for my vagina lips.

I rose to my elbows and watched the top of his head roam around between my spread legs. He looked up and I could see a curly pubic hair in the corner of his mouth. He pulled it out and threw it on the floor.

"You taste good. Do you like having your pussy licked?" His hands were under my knees and I was on my back, looking up at him. He buried his face in my spread crotch and his tongue reamed right into my vagina... Right into my hole. His tongue was slithering all around my hole and I was wet, sloppy wet.

"Well... Do you like it? You're a mess of juice down here, honey." I threw my head back when he reamed his tongue back into me. His tongue was pumping in and out of me and I was going to have an orgasm.

"Oooohhh! Oooohhhh! Ooooohhhh!" I surprised myself. I was so loud. It made the orgasm more intense. I was moving below him, my body undulating while his tongue explored my insides.

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