The Kitchen Window

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ever watch someone from afar.. finding yourself so heated.. not dreaming anything could really happen... oh but it can....

Staring out my kitchen window I see you again today... I have noticed you in the back yard working on a project before, I can't quite see what it is that you concentrate on so for hours. I refuse to be the nosy neighbor type, so I pull my eyes away from you and get busy with finishing these dishes. I am still not getting much done. I find my time spent watching the glistening sweat on your back. The way you bend over in those cutoffs... mmmmm you do have nice thighs and rear, and to make things worse, your shirt is off this afternoon and it is quite distracting. Must be this terrible heat, has me a bit off my normal practical self.

What a time for my air conditioner to break down. The repairmen are backlogged so I am standing here feeling sticky and uncomfortable already and I just had a shower.

Suddenly I remembered the bag of briquettes I left in the car needed for my dinner plans, groaning at the thought of the furnace like temperature probably built up in the garage by now I grabbed my keys and trudged outside wincing at the heat instantly scorching me. Ugh inside it is even worse, I quickly opened the trunk hoisting the heavy bag to my shoulder, turning around quickly and heading up the steps to the sun, eager to get up and out of this oven.

Reaching the top step I stumble and fall forward up the them, not only did the bag break spilling briquettes everywhere... but as I grabbed at anything to break my fall I caused the tools leaning near the door to clatter loudly. Crying out in pain as my shins meet the concrete steps a few choice words come to mind but are driven away instantly with the shock of strong arms reaching to help me up. Startled I look up squinting in the sun to see the shadow of you leaning over me, " Are you alright?", breathless I manage to nod and grasp your outstretched hand, but as I step up a sudden stab of pain in my leg sends me swaying against your chest, your arms gather me close and again I feel breathless with the press of my body against yours.

Keenly aware of the tightening in my breasts in reaction to your scent and the distinct desire to kiss the neck my lips are so tantalizingly near, shaking my head to clear it I try to stand again, you see me wincing at the pain in my leg and continue to keep your arms loosely wrapped around my waist and half carry me into the house.

You walk me to the living room and sitting down on the couch I stretch my injured leg out and try to view the damage. " Where do you keep your first aid supplies?" you ask.

Wordlessly I point towards the bathroom and watch as you take a few quick steps and disappear only to pop back first aid kit in hand. Kneeling back down beside me you look up eyes calmly gazing at me, hand on my leg lift the edge of my skirt "This is going to have to come up a bit so I can fix this" I nod and silently and watch as you push the fabric of my summer dress just above my knees, then cupping my calf in your hand lifting it up on your knee to rest while you clean and apply a bandage to the scrape. It seems like eternity that your finger are touching my leg I find myself holding my breath and tense trying not to react to your touch. You're smoothing the tape down now and in leaning forward for the scissors beside me in the chair, the hand holding my calf slides further up to just behind my knee. Oh this is too much. I can't believe how so simple a touch can cause this aroused ache and I move restlessly in my seat to relieve it.

Grasping my leg firmly you frown " Hold on, I am not quite done yet" as you apply the last piece of tape.

" Next time you need something heavy carried you can ask me for help" you say looking up at me.

I am biting my lip with the thoughts of how could I stand having you close more often. But I nod yes and you set my foot down but your hand stays touching the softness behind my knee. " Now, is there anywhere else that needs some attention?" Your guileless eyes look into mine and I just know the wild flight of thoughts I am having must be reflected in my face I feel so flushed from it.

So softly I almost thought I imagined it happening your finger rubs my skin, our eyes lock and I do stop breathing for a second then again you move your hand reaching a bit further than it was before, your fingers splay out and rest quietly under my thigh while you just look at me questioningly.

" I don't think there is..." But my voice trails off as you rub my leg again and anything said to deny what I am feeling would be a lie.

You lean forward and whisper " I think you do..." your hand coming up to cup the back of my head pulling me close, touching your lips to mine pressing gently, asking me to allow more and with a sigh I close my eyes and accept your kiss. Oh so softly you kiss... over and over lightly then along my jaw to my ear sending shivers through me... back to my lips this time a bit harder your tongue pressing, asking for entrance finding it given, taking possession your hand slipping down drawing me closer to you.

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