Leaving You Breathless

by Knight of Passion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: For the next twenty-four hours, you belong to me...

The hot mid-afternoon air is scented with cinnamon and incense. Beyond the thin muslin drapes which stir lazily in the faint breeze, you can hear the sound of the ocean and the distant murmur of city life. The room you find yourself in is unlike any hotel room you've ever seen before: the high, vaulted ceilings would be better suited to a medieval chapel, while the large bed, draped in white silk, seems incongruous amongst the wooden pillars and unpainted walls. It could be the private chamber of a story-book Sultan, save for the small silver refrigerator which hums quietly in a corner.

I step through the doorway behind you, my fingertips resting on your hips as you lean back onto my chest. The sexual tension between us was immediate and palpable, and a tingle of excitement runs along your spine as our bodies touch for the first time. My lips brush your neck in a gesture which is instantly familiar and intimate. Stepping around you, I lead you into the centre of the room, turning you so that you face the bed, your back to one of the rough wooden pillars that support the vaulted ceiling. Suddenly we are kissing, our lips and tongues hot, each of us sampling the exquisite tastes of the other. You strip off my crisp linen jacket and attack the buttons of my white shirt, pulling me to you and kissing my chest. I catch your hands and pin them to your chest, my lips hungry and sweet on your throat...

Deftly, your slender wrists caught in my strong grip, I reach to the back of my belt and pull out a glittering pair of steel handcuffs. Without waiting for your permission or even acknowledgement, I place them against your wrists. As they snap closed, you hesitate and try to pull your hands away, but I overpower you easily and lift the handcuffs above your head. The short chain separating the cuffs slides onto a hook which hangs from the ceiling on a thick rope. I step away from you, regarding your helpless form, and peel off the remains of my shirt. Sweat gleams on my body, and you are suddenly aware of the urgent beat of your heart. I throw the tattered shirt into a corner and move into you again, kissing your upturned lips and exploring your body with light, feathery touches.

"What are you doing?" you breathe, but the words seem sacriligeous in this chapel of our lust, and I answer your question only with a small, cryptic smile. Silently, I pull roughly at the neckline of your white top, tearing the thin fabric free of your glistening body. The heat seems to radiate from your skin, the blood pounding in your veins. My strong fingers run up your stomach and chest, cupping your soft breasts and squeezing them tightly, tweaking your slick nipples between thumb and forefinger. Already hard, they ache for the hot embrace of my lips, but my mouth is on yours once more.

Reaching behind a nearby pillar, I pull out a thick rope. I untie it and release it by several feet, letting your hands fall. I tie the rope off and, taking your shoulders and push you gently to your knees. You oblige willingly, your hungry gaze on the prominent bulge in my trousers, the hot pink tip of your tongue pressed hard against your top lip, anticipating the taste of my cock. Scant inches from your face, I unzip and pull out my semi-erect penis. You grin wickedly and lean forward to kiss the tip. I groan in pleasure and step forward, allowing you to eagerly take my hardening cock between your lips. You suck hungrily, the taste of me inflaming your senses, a hot flush of burning need racing through you. You suck harder and try and fit yet more of my cock into your mouth, intoxicated by the feeling of my tumescent, throbbing prick stretching your moist lips obscenely.

The thrill of anticipation has heightened my desire for you, and the luxurious pleasure of your greedy mouth is too much for my self-control. With a gasp of pleasure, I fight the urge to thrust my prodigious prick deep into your throat. A sticky jet of jism splashes against the roof of your mouth, flooding your senses with the intoxicating essence of my creamy cum. My throbbing cock twitches violently, oozing yet more delicious cream into your hot mouth. You swallow eagerly and lash my swollen cock-head with your tongue. I roughly pull my cock out of your mouth, spilling a shower of salty droplets over your lips and chin.

Stepping backward, I pull the chain sharply, forcing you to your feet, your hands raised high above your head. Lifting your chin, I lean forward and slowly suck a droplet of my creamy spunk from your moist lower lip, causing you to moan lasciviously and strain against your tight bonds. I kiss you passionately, running my hands over your willing body, ripping a hot groan from deep within your body. You are desperate for release, aching for the sweet, dizzying surge of unrestrained pleasure.

Tracing my fingertips down your aching body, I kneel before you. My hands continue down your thighs, then around your knees; a gentle pressure, and you hook your right leg around my shoulders, bringing my mouth tantalisingly close to your beautiful pussy. I kiss your glistening labia eagerly, my fingertips brushing the tender flesh of your inner thighs, quick flicks of my tongue sampling your hot juices. My tongue circles your beautiful clit, my fingers stroking and teasing your slippery thighs, the inviting warmth of your pussy and your tight, puckered anus. You entire body aches for me, a hunger so desperate and all-encompassing that you cannot remember how it felt to be without it.

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