The Jaguar

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: On the road with my lover... we don't actually see much of the surrounding countryside when a comfortable hotel beckons us...

Smiling I watch while you check over your newest love for any stray flecks of dust, the Jaguar shines with the tender loving care you bestow upon it and I love seeing you so happy with your birthday gift... I get busy picking things up from our picnic lunch. Returning to my side you take the basket from me and put away in the trunk, soon we on the road again and I settle back on the soft leather seat to relax... after a bit of conversation we fall silent, a comfortable silence of two people who know each other well enough constant small talk is not necessary. I idly watch your hands work skillfully keeping our pace steady and smooth as we wind up this small mountain I so love how efficiently you keep the car running... Quiet thoughts of the afternoon turn slowly into warm feelings of content with our trip. A surprise weekend away you wouldn't even tell me our destination... Just that I would love it and I had to suppress my curiosity and enjoy.

Stretching my legs out a bit I feel your hand on my thigh, just a slight caress to let me know you are aware of me. I smile and touch your hand linking our fingers together for a bit until a shift in gears requires you to have it back again.

Mmmm our meal and the warmth in here has my eyes feeling a bit heavy... shifting myself closer to you and leaning against your shoulder... I kiss your arm lightly and close my eyes.

"Sleepy? Why don't you lay down for a bit we won't be there for a while"

"That sounds good, maybe just a little catnap." I sigh; kick my sandals off tucking my stocking feet up on the seat, finding a comfortable spot to lay my head on your thigh. I smile as your hand rest on my hip and I drift off to sleep. Some time later I am slowly coming to the surface from a very sweet dream, lying there I try to regain what it was that had me smiling... I am aware of your fingers lightly caressing my hip through the silky fabric of my skirt. I roll over a bit and see you glance down at me... "Hullo sleepy head... we are almost there" I stretch a bit and nuzzle your leg... You laugh and say something about I better watch out something might rise up if I stayed down there too long.

I grin and do it again... I don't mind the idea at all... but as I can see we are about to reach the town. I stop, sit up briefly checking to make sure I am not too mussed and we talk about what we would like for dinner, you quickly find the place we are to stop pulling into a small courtyard of a inn and we soon are in and being led up to our room. The bellboy is appreciative of your tip and leaves us alone.

We set our things down, walking over to the window and look out to scenic mountains in the distance and closer small rolling hills all covered with shades of green. The town is picturesque but as your arms come around me my attention is pulled from it and to your lips on my neck sending shivers of desire throughout my body.

I lean back against you, murmuring my appreciation for your attentions. Your strong fingers work my shoulders... Mmmm now reaching into my hair loosening the pins one by one dropping them to the floor. It is so still in here but for our breathing, your soft kisses starting at the base of my ear have me shivering, sweeping aside my hair you continue down, so exquisite in the slowness just the whisper of your warm breath caressing my soft skin.

Do you know what effect this has on me? How each tender kiss shoots sparks through out my body... I want to turn and cling to you. Show you just how erotic and sexy you are to me... mmmmm oh yes can you feel my breathing change... I am not longer able to breathe steady... closing my eyes and tilting my head to allow you access as you brush against my tender skin, my breasts tighten and deep within me stirs this wanton creature... warming to your touch... always there just waiting for you to unleash it... And oh how you do this so very well... I ache for you, can't keep from leaning back against you, the feel of your body pressing against mine is so erotic and makes me feel like wiggling my ass against you.

So I do it smiling at your groan while you pull me even closer squeezing me tight in your arms.

I tilt my head back against your shoulder your lips brush across mine so lightly before claiming mine in a deep kiss... our tongues dancing, your hands caressing my breasts arched up to your touch... I moan as your fingers roll my taunt nipple, my knees just don't seem to have much strength now. And I offer no protest as your turn me around facing you. My hands run across your chest. Buttons fly and soon I am slipping your shirt off, your hands haven't been idle either... my dress is pooled on the floor.

I step out of it and the rest soon follows... I stand before you and feel so erotic and beautiful in your eyes.

You move close... " Cup your breasts for me darling... I follow your instructions and shiver with delight as your lips lightly run across my fingers... the wetness of your tongue licking along each of my fingers finding the flesh here and there between them builds an ache so deep flickers higher and higher with ever one of your wet caresses till you take my nipple deep and fast into your mouth sucking hard and I moan quietly with pleasure...

Your strong hands are kneading mine as you lavish your full attention upon them teasing my nipples with your fingers and mouth. My fingers restless upon your shoulders, my whispered moans telling you just what affect you are having upon me.

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