Bimbotech: An Equal Opportunity Employer

by The Sympathetic Devil

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Enema, Body Modification, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Eleanor has an interview with BimboTech, Inc. and discovers they have one hell of a benefits package.

Eleanor was nervous. You would think after so many job interviews in the past few months she would have gotten over the jitters. But there were two key differences between this interview and the last twenty eight.

First, she knew very little about the company she was interviewing for. She didn't even know what BTI stood for. Her husband had found the position advertised online and printed it out for her, but he hadn't been able to remember where on the web he had stumbled upon it. She couldn't find any mention of the company online herself, but she was so sick of being unemployed, she went ahead and faxed in her resume. It couldn't hurt.

And they had been impressed with her resume. They had called her and been impressed with her over the phone. But every company to which she had applied was impressed with her resume and over the phone.

And thus the second thing that was different about this interview. Hidden under her clothing, taped against her 280 pound frame, was a tape recorder.

Maybe they would give her a chance even after they saw how fat she was. She had held a job before and done very well at it. Had her boss not embezzled so much of the profits, she would be in upper management by now.

But if the past was at all predictive, they would take one look at her 'morbidly obese' body and that would be the end of it. Blatant lookism: the last unapologetic prejudice. With the recorder, however, it would be far from the end. It would be the beginning of a discrimination law suit. If Eleanor didn't leave BTI with a job she would at least be leaving with an admission that they hadn't considered her because she was fat.

She set her shoulders and marched out of the elevator on the 32nd floor. Then she froze. The door did not read "BTI". It read "BimboTech Inc."

She had heard of BimboTech. She didn't know what they did, but they plastered vulgar, misogynistic fliers all over the place. Had her husband known where he was sending her? She turned around and started back toward the elevator.

But then she stopped. No, this was perfect! This was the perfect target for her lawsuit! It was BimboTech, for hell sake! Of course they were going to hire slim, sexy young women without any regard to actual skills or talent! It would be the easiest thing to prove in the world! And they would no doubt be obnoxious about their rejection of her. They would say on tape that her weight was the reason they wouldn't consider hiring her!

Eleanor turned back to the entrance to BimboTech Inc. She was going to go through with this! And God help them once she returned with her lawyer!

Eleanor entered the most elegant office she had ever been in and was welcomed warmly by its occupant. The half-dressed, addle-headed receptionist had told her that Mr. Fink was the head of the whole company and had insisted on doing the interview himself when he saw her resume. The way the impeccably-dressed man kept smiling at her was really unnerving her. All her senses were tuned for some hint of mockery or disdain, but they were coming up empty. He was more respectful than any interviewer she had met with in person in her several months of unemployment.

But with that... that bimbo working reception, with the sexist advertising, surely he wasn't considering hiring a woman like herself. It was all an act. It must be. She would push through with this interview in top form and then make him admit that he didn't want to hire her because of her looks. And then she would sue his ass. She was resolved to that.

Mr. Fink offered her a plush, high-backed chair with upholstered arm rests that sat in front of his desk. Surprisingly, the chair was quite comfortable, wide enough to accommodate her wide back end. She almost blushed at the memory of a previous interview in which the tiny chair had gotten up with her when she went to leave, but she steeled herself.

"Well now, Ms. Stevens, I have read your resume and your references and I must say I'm quite impressed. You've quite a number of skills and seem to have a very good head on your shoulders."

"Thank you," she replied, very pleased. She couldn't ask for more than for him to admit to that fact on tape.

"Still, I make an effort to only hire people in whom I see a certain potential, the raw material that can be molded into something truly extraordinary, that will allow the employee to be happy and fulfilled by her work while bringing everything she can to the company."

Eleanor forced herself to keep smiling and not tell him just what she thought about that load of bullshit.

"So, what I want to know is, what makes you think that you are BimboTech material?"

He leaned back in his chair and smiled at her expectantly.

Eleanor gave a little frown. She was actually perplexed. She didn't know whether or not to act insulted. She was insulted, but wasn't it a perfectly natural question? Or at least it would have been, with any normal company.

"Well, Mr. Fink, I don't necessarily know that I'd describe myself as 'BimboTech' material. I must confess I came to this interview not knowing much about your company. What I do know, however, is that I am an excellent employee. I work hard and I work smart. I've been an asset to every organization I've worked for and if you can give me work worthy of my talents, in a few months you won't know how you ever ran this company without me."

She stared back, defiant, confident. She knew it was true even if every prejudicial prick on the planet couldn't see past the cellulite in order to acknowledge it.

Mr. Fink reached up and stroked his chin, returning her gaze, his lips non- committal but his eyes smiling.

"You know, you just may be right. O.K., you're hired."

Eleanor blinked.

"I'm what?" she asked.

"Hired. I want you to work for me. That was the point of this interview, right?"

"I, well, just like that? I mean, I didn't expect... really?"

"Of course!" he said. "I can see you have potential! Somewhere in there is a BimboTech girl just waiting to get out!"

He grinned, a bit wolfishly this time, and Eleanor was almost sure he had just briefly ogled her tits.

"Now, wait a minute," Eleanor objected. "I'm still not sure what position it is I'm interviewing for."

"Oh, well, our girls assume a number of positions here," he said, eyes twinkling naughtily. "We'll have to start you out in a probationary position and then see just where you fit best. I don't doubt a woman with your ambition will be able to rise quickly, however. You seem like you'd do whatever it takes to get ahead."

"Yes, but what would I be doing?" Eleanor demanded.

This wasn't going at all the way she had planned.

"Eleanor... Can I call you Eleanor?... here at BimboTech, we're not about doing, we're about being!" he told her.

"But what does that mea... OW!"

There was a sharp pain in her ass. She jumped out of the chair. There was nothing there but the depression left by her buttcheeks.

"Eleanor, are you all right?" exclaimed Mr. Fink, rising from his chair and coming around to place a hand on her forearm.

"Something poked me!" she exclaimed. "Something... something from the... the chair."

She felt odd. There was a tingling sensation where she had been poked and it seemed to be spreading throughout her entire body.

"Oh my!" Mr. Fink was saying. "I am so sorry, Ellie. Can I call you Ellie? An upholstery tack must have come loose. I promise we'll make sure you have more gentle furniture in the future."

"Huh?" Eleanor asked. Her head felt funny. It was like thinking through thick, sweet syrup.

"Ellie, do you feel all right?" he asked.

"All right?" she repeated. She felt odd but she felt good. Really, really good. She giggled.

"I feel funny," she confessed.

"Oh," said Mr. Fink. "Well, that would be the pharmaceuticals."

"The... huh?" Eleanor asked.

She was pretty sure that something was wrong with that, but it was so hard to think and everything seemed so nice and so soft. Mr. Fink was really cute too.

"You don't need to worry about that, Ellie," he assured her. "You don't need to worry about anything! You just got a job! It's perfectly natural for you to feel happy. Very, very happy. You are happy, aren't you Ellie?"

She giggled. She was happy. She had a job and she didn't have to worry about anything. Mr. Fink had told her so.

"Well, great!" he said. "Now, let's get you processed!"

He went to his desk and pushed a button.

"Jim, Eleanor Stevens is all ready for new employee orientation. Are you ready for her?"

"Sure," said the intercom. "Just how ready is she?"

"Well, I doubled the dose, given her size. It seems to be a little too much but she's coherent enough to answer questions."

"That's all I need," said the intercom. "Bring her down."

"All right then, Ellie!" he exclaimed. "Let's turn you into a BimboTech Girl!"

Eleanor giggled. This day wasn't turning out at all like she expected. But it sure was great!

Mr. Fink led her out of his office and down a hallway with brightly colored doors. She felt so light and fluffy, like she was a cloud floating along on a gentle breeze. She giggled. They went through a brown door.

"Hey, Jim," Mr. Fink said to the man who stood beside the dentist chair in the center of the room. "This is Ellie. She's the newest member of the team. I'm thinking of starting her out in promotions. Give her the standard employee orientation and then send her on to Lorenz for her benefits package."

"God, couldn't you have sent her there first?"

"Aw, she's not that bad. Got great tits, you have to admit."

"Yeah, it is quite a rack, isn't it? Gary couldn't have done better himself."

"Hey!" said Eleanor. "You're not supposta talk about my boobs! It's unprofessional! <giggle>"

Eleanor was sure that was true, but she didn't seem to be able to get mad about it. She just felt so good, what with having a new job and all.

"Well, Ellie, we're very informal here at BimboTech. The normal rules of etiquette don't really apply. But all of that will be clear once you've gone through new-employee orientation. So you have a seat right here and we'll begin."

"O.K." said Eleanor as a hand on her arm guided her into the chair. A certain amount of good faith was necessary in any new situation, she knew. And she was feeling like she could really trust these people--all people really. And they really liked her! The thought made her giggle.

"Now let's just get you strapped in," said Jim, tightening straps around her wrists and forehead.

That didn't seem right.

"Why..." she began to ask

"You seem a little dizzy, Ellie." Mr. Fink explained. "OSHA rules dictate that we protect you from falling out of the chair during orientation. Employee safety is our first concern, here."

"Oh... <giggle>... That's alright then," she said. Everyone was just so nice here!

"You just relax and watch the orientation film." said Mr. Fink. "Once you've done that and gone to benefits, come on back to my office and we'll discuss what position you'd like to start out in."

The nice man adjusted a device at the base of her skull and it began to buzz rather pleasantly. He brought two tiny nozzles up to just beside her eyes.

"Many new employees forget to blink during the film," he explained. "So this will mist your eyes."

The lights of the room dimmed and a large screen crackled to life before her. At first there was just an odd multicolored strobe and Eleanor could feel her pupils dilate up to her eyebrows. After a while, the image of a voluptuous red- head materialized amongst the exploding rainbows. She was wearing a lacy lime-green teddy.

"Hi! I'm Muffy, Muffy Suksumof, and I'm a BimboTech Girl!" she announced. "And guess what? Lucky you! You get to be a BimboTech Girl too! That's lucky, cuz BimboTech is the bestest company to work for in the whole world!"

She giggled. Eleanor giggled. The chair misted her eyes and Muffy and a series of other BimboTech Girls explained to her how she could be the best BimboTech Girl she could be. It was absolutely fascinating. Every few seconds, the image of a hard cock would flash on the screen and when that happened, she was hit with an intense wave of euphoria.

The orientation film ended. Ellie sat in the quiet room, her eyes still wide. Every few seconds, the image of a cock continued to flash through her mind. Her heart was racing. She had found her true calling in life. She had found the perfect company where she could reach her true potential. Reach her potential and get lots of dick.

She was a BimboTech Girl!!!

"All finished then?" came a male voice.

She blinked for the first time in quite a while. The owner of the voice was the same man who had strapped her in to the chair before the film, but now she saw him in a whole new light. He was a Man. And that meant he had a Cock. And of course, Cock was Ellie's most favoritest thing ever! She would do anything for Dick and let anyone with a Dick do anything to her. The very thought of it made her panties go damp.

"Oh wow!" she said, eyes sparkling at Him. "That was so cool! I'm gonna be the best BimboTech Girl ever! Do you wanna fuck me now?"

The man chuckled.

"Not yet, Chunky," he told her. "You may think like a BimboTech Girl, but you don't look like one yet."

Ellie looked down at her obese frame and shuddered. How could she get any Cock looking like this? Her lip trembled and she started to cry at the hopelessness of it.

"Now, now!" the man said. "No tears. We take care of our own here at BimboTech. You'll be getting your employee physical next. Then you'll really be a BimboTech Girl."

Ellie snorted to stop from crying. Could it possibly be true? She knew from the training film that she should believe whatever the male employees of BimboTech told her, but she felt so ugly. Could even BimboTech, the greatest company in the world, help a worthless lump of lard like her?

The man unstrapped her from the chair and she saw a beautiful blonde bimbo in a tiny red bikini and soaring heels waiting for her. Next to such a beautiful specimen of bimbohood, Ellie felt even more unworthy.

"Hi! I'm Candyass! Welcome to BimboTech!" the blonde announced cheerily, indicating the peppermint stick tattooed on her asscheek.

"Hi. I'm Ellie," Ellie mumbled, looking down in shame.

"Ellie, don't be sad!" Candyass exclaimed. "You're a BimboTech Girl now! BimboTech Girl's are happy!"

"But I'm so fat!" Ellie exclaimed. "How can I be a BimboTech Girl with all this?"

Candyass giggled.

"Silly Bimbo!" she said. "There's nothing wrong with fat! We need your fat for all the skinny girls who don't have big titties!"

"Huh?" Ellie asked.

"Titties!" Candyass exclaimed, presenting her own rack with both hands. "They're made out of fat, mostly! So when fat girls come to BimboTech, Mr. Lorenz sucks the fat right out of their bellies and their legs and stuff and then uses it to build nice titties for the poor flat-chested skinny girls that come here! Not just titties either! He pumps up girls' lips with the extra fat too! Did you know my lips came from Muffy's ass? <giggle> That's why I like to kiss it so much!"

The gorgeous blonde sucked her finger.

Ellie was absolutely amazed. Her fat could actually be of service to BimboTech! She held her head a little higher.

Candyass led her through the brightly-lit corridors of BimboTech. Ellie gawked at all the beautiful bimbos they passed. The orientation film had explained that most BimboTech girls were bisexual and that definitely seemed to be the case with Ellie. She was so horny she could die! Could they really make her as fuckable as Candyass claimed?

They entered a big, high ceiling room filled with bubbling tanks of goo and complex equipment a bimbo like Ellie couldn't possibly understand. As the orientation film had explained, it was best just to giggle and not even try.

"Mr. Lorenz," Candyass announced. "This is Ellie! Can you make her petty?"

"Ah, Ellie!" the man exclaimed. "Mr. Fink told me you would be joining us. And he spoke most enthusiastically about your rack. I must admit, at first glance, they do indeed appear to be a remarkable pair of titties."

Ellie blushed and giggled proudly as the man cupped her bosom with his big hands, giving them an appraising squeeze. He raised an impressed eyebrow.

"But I'm a professional when it comes to tits," he said, releasing his hold. "And you are wearing a bra!"

"Oh my god!" Ellie exclaimed, mortified. "I... I'm sorry sir! I forgot!"

A good bimbo never wore a bra under her clothes. It stopped her from jiggling and her nipples from showing! All her fat was bad enough, but she was dressed like some kind of... of... smart girl! She shuddered at the thought.

"Get her naked, Candyass," said Mr. Lorenz. "Then we'll see if these wündertitties can live up to the hype."

The blonde bimbo giggled and started shucking Ellie like a 280 lb cob of corn. Ellie tittered nervously. She was embarrassed to have them see her fat, but it felt so good to be rid of the stupid smart-girl suit. How could she have worn it to an interview? For the love of dick, it didn't even show any cleavage!

"What's this?" the blonde bimbo asked.

She had found the recorder.

"Oh my god!" Ellie exclaimed. "I... I..."

"It's not important, Candyass," Mr. Lorenz assured her. "We knew all about it. And she won't be needing it now, since she got the job. Now get her naked! I want to see those tits!"

Ellie was so relieved that he didn't mind about her wearing a wire. Once she was naked, the shame over her fat returned. Would Mr. Lorenz be disgusted by her? She looked timidly up.

The look on his face was not disgust. It was awe. Ellie wasn't used to that reaction. She liked it. She giggled.

"They're magnificent!" he declared. "Stupendous!"

He cupped each tit in his hands, hefted them appraisingly, dropped them and watched them bounce with utter fascination.

"Without artificial support, they should be sagging below your waist! But by some freak of genetics or divine intervention, they're as perky as if you were a B-cup! Candyass! Bring me my coffee! I'm going to need to study these!"

The blonde bimbo scampered to a large dispenser. Mr. Lorenz began poking, prodding and pinching.

"The nipples aren't very responsive," he observed after squeezing them until Ellie was seeing stars.

"I'm sorry," Ellie said, blushing.

"Not your fault," he said, waving off her guilt and taking his big mug from Candyass. "Nerves and capillaries just can't keep up with the titflesh when they get to any decent size. When I grow them up here in the shop, I always have to rewire them. I'm just glad I can leave my mark on such a perfect pair of jugs. I'm going to make them as erogenous as they are beautiful!"

Ellie giggled. She liked the sound of that, even if she wasn't sure what it meant. Mr. Lorenz gulped his coffee, never taking his eyes off her titties.

"I know you must be anxious to get your employee physical, Ellie, but I really need to make a few recordings and run a few tests," he explained. "If the flab on your belly and ass and thighs is of similar density to the fat that makes up your tits, I'll be able to make incredible works of art with it! And once I scan the architectural details of your knockers into the computer, your contribution to the company will be immense!"

"I'd do anything for the company!" Ellie declared.

"Of course you would!" he said, gulping more coffee. "You're a BimboTech Girl! Candyass! Bring me my biopsy gun!"

Ellie allowed herself to be poked, prodded, scanned and irradiated. It wasn't comfortable--sometimes even painful--but she did it gladly. It was for BimboTech Inc, after all! She was making an important contribution to the company! And she hadn't even been employed there for a whole day!

At last, Mr. Lorenz seemed satisfied.

"OK, Candyass! Get a tube up Ellie's ass pronto!" he yelled. "I want that precious blubber in a tub ASAP!"

While Mr. Lorenz went for more coffee, Candyass led Ellie to a thin bench and showed her how to straddle it. She fastened her ankles to either side with straps coming out of the floor.

"Now just bend over and relax," the blonde instructed. "This is going to feel really good!"

Ellie did as she was told, her belly drooping to either side of the bench, her perfect titties bisected as well. She felt Candyass slather up her asshole with goo and then snake something inside her. Another something followed, snaking up into her twat. Ellie raised her eyebrows. It did feel surprisingly good.

Candyass came around her backside and strapped her wrists to the floor as well. She pulled Ellie's head back and put a bright red ball gag into her mouth. Then she giggled.

"You look like a piggy!" she exclaimed. "But don't you worry. You'll be supper pretty in just a little bit. I never seen Mr. Lorenz so excited! You're gonna be special!"

Then Candyass stepped back and threw a lever. Plexiglass walls rose all around Ellie forming a tank and the tank began to fill with green goo. As her body became enveloped, a tube extended from the ball gag down her throat. She gagged for just a moment, then found she could breathe easily. And the green goo felt oh so nice. Warm, slick and luscious. The tubes snaked into her orifices began to pulse and hum and Ellie's eyes rolled back in her head. It was pure bliss.

When the throbbing stopped, Ellie moaned weak protest. She could have stayed in the tank forever. But the goo was draining out of the tank and then the tubes were slipping out of her holes. Candyass wiped the goo out of Ellie's eyes and she blinked as the blonde bimbo helped her sit up.

"Ooooo!" Candyass exclaimed. "You made her so pretty, Mr. Lorenz!"

Ellie looked down. Her boobies remained unchanged, pears that were trying to be watermelons. But they were plastered with several long strands of dark brown hair. But when she reached beneath her rack, she found her belly was several inches back from where it had been, and it was smooth and muscular. She squealed and continued exploring. Her limbs were svelte. Her ass was still voluptuous, but rather than the lumpy, pitted, misshapen thing it had been, it was a perfect bubble, firm and fabulous!

Her hands went to her face. Her jowls were gone. Her chin was singular. Her lips were full and pouting. Her cheek bones where higher and well defined. Her nose was a cute little button.

"Even the Jones brothers could have sculpted something fuckable from marble like that," Mr. Lorenz told Candyass. "For her, I had to be the Michelangelo of bimbos."

He drained his coffee cup and shoved it at the blonde, unheeding. His gleaming eyes were fixed on Ellie.

"But her form is just the wrapping paper, advertising the genius of the functionality!" he exclaimed. "Behold!"

He extended his pointer fingers and ever so gently tapped Ellie's nipples.

Rockets went off in Ellie's head and her pussy felt like it was doing summersaults. She squealed and giggled.

"What did I tell you, Ellie?" he said. "I made them as sensitive as they are stacked!"

"Oh thank you, Mr. Lo... OOOOOH!" she said as he groped her tits with his full hands. She arched her back and quivered, wracked with an orgasm the likes of which she had never even imagined. Green goo gushed out of her cunt, chased out by goo of her own making.

"Eep," she exclaimed once the world came back in to soft focus from the pink blur it had melted into.

"So you like what I've done with your wündertitties?" he asked.

Ellie giggled and nodded.

"Will you... will you... fuck me?" she asked. "Please?"

Mr. Lorenz chuckled.

"I usually insist on a shower first," he said "But what the hell. Candyass! Pull out the bed. Ellie needs fucking!"

Candyass squealed and clapped, then scampered over to the wall. She pushed a button and a large bed dropped out. Ellie giggled. At last she would service a cock as every BimboTech girl lived to do. And it was Mr. Lorenz' cock! The man who had made her pretty!

He led her by the hand to the bed. Ellie giggled and skipped. She scampered up on to the bed, flipped onto her back with her titties quivering and spread her legs wide and welcoming.

"Now Ellie, I did a marvelous job on your cunt, but it's still your titties that make you fuckable and so I'll be fucking those."

Ellie giggled and wiggled. She would take cock anywhere and any way of course. She was a BimboTech girl!

"Can I suck her love nubbin Mr. Lorenz?" asked Candyass. "Since you won't be using it?"

"Knock yourself out, C.A." he said and pulled off his pants.

Ellie's eyes went wide. He was huge!

"Ellie like!" she exclaimed.

Mr. Lorenz chuckled and straddled her ribcage. He slapped his big pecker right between her tits. Ellie drooled. It felt so good, looked so nice there peeking between mounds of titflesh.

"Now grab your nipples between thumb and forefinger and press your tits together with your palms," he instructed.

Ellie did as she was told and her eyes rolled back in her head at the almost unbearable delight that shot from her titties to the farthest reaches of her body. She squirmed and babbled wordlessly.

Mr. Lorenz began to pump his god-like tool between her pleasure pillows. Somehow the friction managed to make her tits feel even better. She started cumming after less than a minute. It made her previous orgasm seem tame.

But she soon realized it was only a warm up as she felt full bimbo lips on her clitoris. Her clity was actually slightly less sensitive than her nips, but the sensation coming from her crotch was still exponentially more powerful than anything she had known before joining BimboTech. The combined stimulation of her tits and her twat drove her into a spasm of ecstasy that left her not knowing who or where she was and not caring about either. She made a sound like a moose in heat.

She was vaguely aware that spunk was shooting up from between her tits and splattering all over her face. She was supposed to do something about that.

"A BimboTech girl always swallows," said the orientation film in her head. "Cuz cum is yummy!"

Ellie giggled. Of course. She opened her mouth wide and tried to catch as much as she could, but that wasn't easy since it felt like her head wasn't even attached to her body anymore.

She was so busy trying to lick cum off her face that she didn't even complain when the beautiful cock slipped from between her melons and Mr. Lorenz dismounted.

"I'm done with her for now, Candyass," he said. "Get her cleaned up and dressed and then take her to Mr. Fink. George will decide what to do with her. Though I think I might request her in here part time."

"That'd be great Mr. Lorenz!" Candyass gushed. "She's yummy! <giggle>"

Then Candyass started licking cum off of Ellie. Ellie didn't complain. A BimboTech girl always shared and did her best to help other girls get cock and cum. Besides, having Candyass lick her felt nice!

Once she was licked clean, Candyass helped her too her feet. She wobbled a bit, her knees weak from having cum so hard for so long, but her sister in bimbohood was their to hold her upright and steer her towards the showers. Candyass scrubbed her clean and brought her off a couple more times for good measure.

Dripping from the shower, Ellie at last saw her new self, her true self, her bimbo self. She was still a big girl, soft, voluptuous and feminine, but every inch of her was smooth and firm. Gone were the cellulite clusters, the folds of skin, the stretch marks. Her belly no longer sagged over obscuring her cunt so now her brown-thatched bush stood out proudly. The wet brown hair on her head had become thicker and softer and it stretched all the way down to her hips. Her eyes were big and gleaming, her nose, cheeks and chin sculpted, her mouth full and welcoming.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "I'm so fuckable!"

Candyass giggled.

"See, I toldya!" she said. "And you haven't even been to the salon yet!"

Then she wrapped her hair in a towel, piling it atop her head, leaving the rest of her quite uncovered. She lead her through the hallways to the beauty salon. Ellie wasn't ashamed of her body at all now. She wished it had been more crowded.

"Girls, this is Ellie," said Candyass to the two stylists, a red head who was wearing a lacy white apron and green, sparkly heels, and a stacked Laotian girl with hair down to her adorable ass in a crotchless red body stocking.

"Hey! You're Muffy!" Ellie exclaimed. "And you're Poontang! I saw you in the movie that taught me how to be a BimboTech girl!"

The bimbos giggled and beamed with pride at having been recognized. From the styling chair a blonde woman with basketball boobies and spackled-on make up giggled too.

"Are you a BimboTech girl too?" Ellie asked the woman she didn't recognize.

"Like, I dunno <giggle!>" she confessed. "I'm really stupid!"

All the bimbos laughed at this, the blonde longest of all, but when she stopped, she got a confused look on her face and asked: "What was we talkin' 'bout?"

"Don't you mind her, Ellie," said Muffy, making a dismissive motion with her hands. "Mr. Corbin just washed her brain and she can't do a THING with it!"

The girls laughed again, though it was obvious the blonde in the chair didn't know why.

"Mr. Fink told me that one!" Muffy bragged. "Have you met Mr. Fink yet Ellie?"

"Yeah! He's the one who hired me!" Ellie said. "He said he liked my titties-- but he hasn't fucked me yet."

Ellie pouted.

"Now don't you worry," Poontang said, with a comforting pat on her ass. "I'm sure he's just waiting for us to finish prettying you up! And believe me, you want your first time with Mr. Fink to be special! Good god but that man knows how to fuck a bimbo!"

Muffy and Candyass giggled and nodded in agreement. The girl in the chair was staring at her freshly-painted fingernails completely oblivious.

"Is he hung like Mr. Lorenz?" Ellie asked.

"Girl! Ain't nobody hung like Mr. Lorenz!" Candyass exclaimed.

Muffy squeezed her thighs together and Poontang stroked her namesake. They clearly had fond memories of the cock in question.

"God I wish Mr. Lorenz would fuck me more often!" Muffy exclaimed. "You're so lucky Candyass!"

"Mostly he just lets me suck it," Candyass confessed. "But that's what I like best anyway! He gave Ellie a tittiefuck as soon as she was out of the tank!"

"Really?" asked Poontang.

"Uh-huh!" Candyass nodded. "And get this: those are the same tits she came in with!"

"No way!" Muffy exclaimed. "You mean those are implants?"

"Uh-uh" Candyass shook her head. "She grew 'em herself."

The stylists' jaws dropped.

"Well, they were this big and this shape when I got hired," Ellie admitted. "But Mr. Lorenz did do some wonderful things to them!"

"I'd like to do some wonderful things to them," said Poontang.

"You and me both, partner," said Muffy.

"Well, nobody's stopping you!" Ellie pointed out and the two stylists giggled and pounced on her newly sensitized titties. Ellie squealed with delight.

The stylists expressed their delight with her titties, and Ellie in turn complemented them on their nipple-sucking ability, once she had come down enough to speak. They assured her that it was easy, and hadn't she sucked tit before? When it came out that not only had she never sucked another woman's tits, she hadn't eaten pussy either, the girls shook their heads. This just wouldn't do. She was a BimboTech girl after all!

Ellie begged them to teach her, and they were delighted. They evicted the basketball-boobed blonde from the styling chair. She was a client, as it turned out, not an employee. Her sponsor had wanted her extra-stupid. Candyass told her to try and touch her elbows behind her back and that kept her occupied their in the corner while Poontang hopped into the chair and flipped her legs up over the arm rests, tucking her feet behind the chair and lifting her ass up and forward, presenting her cunt to Ellie.

Poontang's namesake was her pride and joy and it was clearly well cared for and frequently used. Muffy had trimmed her thick pubes to two millimeters in length and then shaved intricate designs into it. Her cuntlips were puffy and red. Her pink clitty looked for all the world like a pussy cat's nose. The smell that wafted from it was pure sex. Muffy assured Ellie that she was getting the most premium of pussy for her maiden munching.

At her new co-workers direction, she introduced herself to the pretty little pussy and gave it a kiss. Muffy told her to place her thumb just above Poontang's pink clitty and to tease it with her tongue while pressing gently. Poontang cooed appreciatively. Ellie licked her labia, left and then right, from bottom to top. Ellie's mouth watered and so did the Laotian bimbo's twat, spit and pussyjuice mixing as Ellie became more confident and more vigorous in her explorations.

Poontang entwined the finger o one hand into Ellie's wet hair and gave an encouraging groan as she pulled her face more firmly against her cunt. At Canyass's suggestion, Ellie diddled her clit with her nose while plunging her tongue deep inside her twat.

"Okay, now massage her asshole with your free hand," said Muffy. That drives her absolutely crazy!"

Ellie slipped her hand (the one that wasn't rubbing the nerve bundle above her clit) beneath Poontang's firm Laotian ass and rubbed the cheeks with her palm as her fingers hunted for the hole. She knew when she found it more from the stylist's reaction than from her sense of touch. It did indeed drive her crazy. She howled out and trembled, her asscheeks clenching around Ellie's hand and her cunt squirted.

"Don't stop now, Ellie!" shouted Muffy "Ride that pussy home!"

Poontang's hips started to buck, but Ellie dug in and pressed on, keeping her face inseparable from her box and working her tongue and fingers all the harder. Poontang shuddered and screamed and screamed.

Once her scream faded to a whimper, Muffy pulled Ellie's head back and she and Candyass applauded. Poontang grinned down weakly at her, unable to focus her eyes. Ellie beamed, her face smeared with pussy juice. She had done good! She ate pussy like a BimboTech girl!

Just then a red-hot Hispanic bimbo in tiny yellow bikini entered the salon. She was carrying a pair of white leather boots, a black and white cow patterned dress, and a leather harness.

"Can-dee-aaahs!" she said in a thick Dominican accent. "Youse een beeg trouble!"

"Oh my gawd!" said Candyass, her hands going to both sides of her face. "I forgot I was suppposta go straight back! OhmygawdOhmygawdOhmygawd! Gotta go, Ellie. See you later! We'll sixty nine!"

"She's gonna get the ball gag again," said Poontang as Candyass ran as fast as her cherry red stripper heels would permit.

The Dominican bimbo giggled.

"Last time he made her wear it, I sucked Mr. Lorenz off in front if her," she admitted. "She started running around in circles and squealing like a monkey, then she shoved Big Bruno up her ass!"

"Oh my god!" said Muffy, eyes glinting with malicious glee. "Up her ass?"

She nodded with a huge grin.

"Big Bruno is, like, this huge dildo," Poontang explained to Ellie. "I can barely get it in my cunt! But Candyass gets a little crazy if she can't suck cock. She just can't help it! <giggle>."

"Oh no!" exclaimed Ellie. "Will she have to wear it long?"

"Oh, don't worry," said Muffy. "Mr. Lorenz is really a big softee. Once she starts crying he takes it out and lets her go on a total suckfest. You definitely want to be around her then. <giggle> Best head you'll ever get."

"Hi, I'm ChiChi!" said the bikini-clad bimbo, holding out a hand to help Ellie off her knees. "Are you Ellie?"

Ellie nodded.

"Cool!" said ChiChi. "Mr. Lorenz gave me your measurements. I'll get you an outfit picked out once I get Bossy dressed an' delivered. I'll probably get it before these bimbos even finish your make up, they waste so much time with the fucking <giggle> Don't blame me if you are late for your position assignment with Mister Fink!"

"Oh my god!" said Ellie "That would be terrible!"

"Now don't you worry your bimbo head about it, Ellie!" said Muffy. "Me and Poontang are only good for four things, but they're the four best things: fucking, hair, make-up and, um... and fucking!"

"Yeah!" agreed Poontang. "We'll have you all ready before ChiChi can even figure out if you're a summer or a winter!"

"You jus' tryin' to confuse me!" said ChiChi. "She's clearly an autumn! Now get her hair and makeup done! Not that anyone will care, since the clothes that I will pick for her will be sooo especfabulousa that no one will even notice if she has makeup!"

Poontang and Muffy responded by sticking out their long pink tongues at ChiChi, who responded in turn by slapping her left asscheek at them. But then all three veterans giggled, and so did Ellie and the client. The tension was instantly gone and Ellie got into the chair. Muffy started putting rollers in her long brown hair while Poontang selected a blush and lipstick combination from her palette of a thousand shades. ChiChi focused on dressing the client.

"Um, what is she doing?" asked ChiChi.

"Trying to touch her elbows behind her back," explained Muffy.

"Can you do that?" asked ChiChi.

"Never know until you try," said Muffy.

ChiChi tried and her titties popped out of her bikini top. Muffy, Poontang and Ellie laughed so hard they nearly peed. ChiChi just waggled her knockers at them and refused to put them back in their confinement. She wrestled with the client, Bossy, getting the extra-stupid bimbo into the dress that was, by design, just a little too small for her basketball boobies.

Poontang washed her own pussyjuices off of Ellie's face, then started applying makeup with bold, exaggerated strokes while Muffy fussed and fretted with her hair.

"You lookin' good, girlfriend!" said ChiChi once she was ready to lead the client out of the salon by the leather harness around her head. "ChiChi will go get you something that will make you look like a total whore, though! Be right back!"

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