Very Good Little One

by Kiki

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including DomSub, Masturbation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A fantasy about my favorite author

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was learning about her submissive sexual tendencies. Her name was Kiki. In the past, she had believed that because she knew what she wanted sexually and was willing to ask for it, she must be a dominant person.

One year, after a busy Thanksgiving Day, she finished reading a very erotic story by M. She liked his story so much she just had to tell him about how, for the week it took her to read his story, she had her fingers in her pussy every night. She would read until her eyes were too tired to go on. She would then close the laptop, lay it on the floor and reach under her bed to get her favorite toys and her favorite sense heightening cream (chocolate mint flavored).

Sweet little Kiki would then slide down on to her back and bend her knees, spreading her legs and rubbing just a tiny bit of the cream on her clit and her slightly open pussy. She was very wet from all the naughty stories she had read by the mysterious M.

The profile only said he was a male living in the United States. Sweet little Kiki liked to fantasize that he was a man who would be a lot like his dominant characters. He would have a commanding presence, when he walked into a room, people would stop and pay attention. He would be tall and have dark hair compelling eyes and great hands. He would be bear-like; he would look gentle and sweet but have the strength and size to have whatever he wanted. In sweet little Kiki's mind he wanted her and she wanted him to do... well what ever he desired to and with her. Sweet little Kiki wanted this very, very badly.

So every night for a week little Kiki would rub just enough cream on her perfect pink pussy and wait for the heat to gather. This didn't take long but why waste two good hands when there were nipples in need. Little Kiki would pinch and pull and twist her nipples until they were hard little nubs poking up into the sheet that covered her. She threw off the sheet and was completely exposed to the airy room. She lightly rubbed the palms of her hands over her hard little nubs in tiny circles. She could feel the soft palm of her hand soothe her pinched and twisted nipples.

When Kiki was warmed up, she would run her spread fingers over her nipples very fast, like they were being flicked by a fast moving flesh fan. This would make sweet little Kiki groan in pleasure and make her wet little pussy even wetter. Holding and squeezing one breast, little Kiki would slide her other hand down over her stomach, down to her small thatch of hair, trimmed short. She would press her palm down and push it in a little circle, then slide her hand up and down her thighs, coming back to her puffy little mound and pressing and rubbing with the palm of her hand.

With that hand having so much fun, the other abandoned her very tender breast. Both hands pushed her thighs apart and gently spread her perfect lips apart to expose her very pretty pussy swollen and twitching a little. With both hands working in stereo, sweet little Kiki would use a finger on each hand to gather and spread her delectable pussy juice all around. Covering her perfect lips and her pouty, very sensitive, little button of joy with all the pussy juice she could gather.

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