"Ohhh...mommy," I Groaned

by scouries

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Daughter, First, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Patty, a young coed, discovers that Bobby, her 18 yo brother, has become a man while she was away at University. Is he fucking his cute girlfriend Cathy? How big is he anyway? Does she really want him to take her virginity? And does her mom want Bobby too? Want his baby? Read on...

"Do you think they've been doing it?"

"Doing what?" her mother asked.

"Cathy and Bobby. Do you think they're... well, you know... having sex?" she asked blushing.


"What? Look at them mom... she's all over him."

"They're far too young."

"Gina thinks they're doing it. Her sister was in their class this year."

"He's still a virgin," the mother insisted as she watched her son Bobby and his girlfriend Cathy kissing through the kitchen window. "When did you see Gina anyway?"

"She got home from school on Sunday. She says her sister told her that Bobby's the hottest guy in her class. All the girls like him."

"That doesn't mean he's sleeping with anyone. Cathy's a nice young girl."

"She's a cheerleader, a blond."

"So that's why you're mad," Patty's mom said laughing. "Gosh, you're the prettiest girl in town and you're jealous of your little brother's girlfriend," she teased her daughter.

"I'm not... it's just he's having sex and I'm still..."

"There's no hurry sweetie," her mom said as she put her arm around her shoulders, "you'll find Prince Charming one of these days."

"Yeah right, like when I'm a thirty year old 'old maid'."

"Stop complaining, you've got more boys chasing after you than any of your friends."

"I know ma," she sighed. "But I still think those two are screwing."

"They're not! And your vocabulary certainly hasn't improved since you went off to University."

"I'm going to ask Bobby."

"Don't you dare."

"And I don't think Bobby's that little... I mean it was just something Gina said," Patty replied, blushing again.

"What'd she say now?" her mom interrupted.

"Do you think Bobby's big? You know... his penis."

"That's disgusting! Talking about your little brothers penis."

"I know... its gross," she said with a grimace. "Still, Gina's sister told her that Bobby's got a reputation. A beeeeg reputation," Patty added grinning as she held her hands a foot apart.

"In my day girls didn't talk about boys penises."

"Hah! You had me when you were seventeen. You must have known something about them back in the old days," Patty answered with a big grin.

Blushing back, the tall, dark haired thirty-six year old mother answered, "Not enough. I was pregnant before I knew what was happening."

"Yeah, but look, you had me," her daughter smiled in response.

"Luckiest day in my life," her mom laughed, hugging her daughter tighter.

"I love you ma. Gosh, I really don't want to go back to school next fall... I missed you so much this year."

"I missed you too Patty... at least we'll have the summer together. Now come on, let's have lunch; it's time to leave the lovers alone."

"So you don't know if he's big," Patty persisted as they turned away from the window.

"I haven't seen your brother naked since he was about eight," her mother lied. "And it was teensy then," she laughed as she wiggled her little finger. But she knew she'd never forget the image that was burned into her brain. Her son, asleep, naked on top of his sheets, his blood filled cock thrusting angrily upwards.

"I don't think it's that size now," Patty answered laughing.

"His dad... your dad... was big," her mom finally admitted, still thinking of the recent morning when she'd found her son's door open when she went to wake him. His huge erection had mesmerized her for minutes before she'd finally slipped away.

"What? He was? How big? Mum."

"Hi Mrs. Coursey, hi Patty," Bobby's girlfriend said with a big smile when she and Bobby came into the kitchen fifteen minutes later.

"Hi honey," "Hi Cathy," the two women answered.

The three women talked for minutes as Bobby hovered in the background. And he couldn't stop the thought that came to him as he watched his blond girlfriend standing between his mom and sister. It was an idea that had insidiously invaded his conscious mind when he'd first become aware of females as sexual creatures years ago. It was a thought that had never left him completely since. Simply stated it was an acknowledgement that he found both his sister and mother more exciting than any other woman he'd ever seen.

He'd hoped that maybe with Patty away at school, and that with his recent sexual explorations, that his sexual desires, shit, his lust, for his mom and sis would fade. But just watching Cathy next to them, even as he remembered the ecstasy he always felt when buried deep inside of his girlfriend, he knew she simply couldn't compare.

"No date tonight?" Bobby asked his sister when he entered the den and found her curled up under a blanket on the sofa later that night.

"No... I'm just going to watch a movie. You see Cathy off?"

"Yeah... they're gone. Where's mom?"

"She went over to see Millie, said she'd be back by midnight. Are you all packed?"

"Yup. Watcha watching anyway? You mind me joining you?" he asked as flopped down on the sofa next to her.

"Sure, c'mon on," she offered as she lifted the blanket that was covering her.

"Sexy... very sexy!" Bobby said with a whistle when he saw his sister was just wearing a low cut tank top that reached down to just cover her waist.

"Yeah right. Miss Sexy with no boyfriend," she groused as she nestled comfortably against her brother, her full breasts leaking from their thin cover.

"Poor girl," he answered as he tousled her hair, his eyes watching the movement under her shirt.

"You'll miss Cathy a lot, won't you?" Patty asked her brother wistfully. The Coursey's were leaving the next day for their annual four week vacation at the family cottage on the ocean.

"Not so much," he finally answered softly. "Besides, I'll have you and mom all to myself for a month. What man could ask for more," he teased.

"Yeah sure... Bobby, do you two do it?" she asked timidly.


"You know."

God, had his older sister had just asked him if he was having sex. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock, could feel Patty's breast against his arm, could feel her leg curled against his... "Yes," he finally answered, whispering in her ear.

"I knew it," she mumbled almost inaudibly. "God, you're so young."

"I'm eighteen. I'm a man," he insisted as he put his arm around her and hugged her.

"Yeah right. How long have you been..."

"Doing it?" he interrupted. "A while."

"Do you like it?"

"You must know," he answered as he caressed her arm, his eyes furtively sneaking more looks down her top. His cock was rock hard as he caught a glimpse of her nipples, thick, hard, dark stubs so unlike his girlfriends. "So?" he asked when she didn't respond.

"I'm a virgin," she whispered.

"Liar," her stunned brother spat out.

"I am," she insisted.

"But what about all your boyfriends... Johnny, Ricky... Sid? Christ you two went out for months. You're almost twenty."

Seeing her slowly shake her head he added, "We all thought you were the hottest girl in school... everyone..." he sputtered.

"Who did?"

"All my buddies. When we were sophomores and you were a senior... they were always asking about you... who you were sleeping with... what you looked like nude... had I ever..."

"Those perverts! What'd you tell them?"

"Bobby!" she insisted when he started grinning.

"I may have exaggerated, made up a bit," her brother finally said chuckling.

"What'd you say?"

"Oh... that you walked around the house in your bra and panties... that I'd seen you in a little skimpy yellow lace bra... that I saw you making out with your boyfriend... that I'd seen your breasts, your nipples... that I saw you naked after a shower... your hair, down below," Bobby answered grinning, ticking off each of his points on his fingers.

"You pig!"

"They loved it. You were the most popular girl in the whole school for my friends. They always wanted to hear my latest story. They were always staring at you in the cafeteria or when they saw you in the hall... wondering."

"How'd you know what my underwear was like?" she demanded.

"I checked... from time to time," he admitted blushing, but with a cocky grin.

"You went in my drawer? You touched my underwear?"

"I didn't say that," he answered but she knew he had.

"You didn't show anyone... do anything with them, did you?" And then, after not getting any answer from her brother, added, "You're horrible." But even as she said the words she wondered if he'd ever put a pair of her panties on his penis, rubbed it, put his cum on them. Felt a little shudder between her legs.

"Was it Cathy's first time too? When you did it for the first time?" she finally asked. What?" she added when he didn't answer.

"Cathy wasn't my first," he answered hesitantly.

"WHAT!" Who was?"

"Just someone. You probably don't know her," he said, not wanting his sister to know his first had been one of Patty's best friends.

"So you've slept with two girls?" Seeing his blush deepen, she demanded, "More?"

"Three," he finally admitted.


"I can't say... it's a secret... I promised."

She could see his cock straining against the front of his shorts as he talked. Yearned suddenly to put her hand on it, grab it, milk it, suck it... Jesus... he's my brother, she thought, then begged, "C'mon Bobby, tell me... please."

For seconds he hesitated, then finally admitted, "Cathy's mom... it's why I'm glad we're getting away from them for the summer."

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