Tense Shoulders

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ah.. you might find a theme in many of these stories. my own pleasure in giving pleasure

I look at you and see tension in the set of your shoulders. Working long hours, and some major headaches with the job to clear up has been taking its toll on you. I frown as you flex your obviously tight shoulders again, you heave a sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose.

"Come here Darling" Taking you by the hand I urge to come with me. A quizzical look is on your face but you willingly and then, quite happily when you see the direction I am taking follow along.

"Take your clothes off and lay down, I'll go get some oil... I want to take care of those tired shoulders of yours." Stepping out of my robe, just a chemise and silky panties on now I lean over stripping the blankets back, then avoiding your wandering hands and lecherous grin, I step past you while your disrobing and dig in my dresser for a bottle of massage oil.

You are laying tummy down, head on your hands when I turn around and climb onto the bed kneeling to straddle the back of your thighs. Lightly I rest my weight on you, pouring a dollop of oil in my palm to warm, I can feel the hair on your thighs tickling me as I lean forward and run my hands firmly from shoulder to waist in a smooth motion, over and over I slide along your skin, pressing finding the path of your muscles stroking, soothing them with warm well oiled hands. I feel you relax even more, your eyes close and breath released in a low sigh of contentment.

But contentment is not there for me right now; in leaning forward I press my mound against your buttocks, a tiny ache is building with every movement I make and it is making me so very aware of the increased dampening of my silky panties. But I control my thoughts somewhat as my fingertips continue to find each stiff muscle and work it softly till it gives up its rigidity.

Finally I lean forward and whisper in your ear for you to turn over

You comply; rolling over it is evident that I was not the only one affected by this, smiling you lay back your erection quite distracting... I fight the urge to take hold of it right then, managing to continue with my work.

I again straddle your thighs groaning to myself with the exquisite touching of my sensitive inner thighs against yours. Everything slows down, only our soft breathing breaks the silence while I am pouring a thin stream of oil across your chest, running my fingertips across slowly watching the glistening liquid spread out across your skin while my hands work Stopping for a moment to brush a stray lock of hair from my eyes. I look up briefly but you capture my gaze with eyes I can see the flames of passion are well lit within. You're so close to that edge, need and desire taking over any control you have had up to now.

The delicate balance I have had in this time keeping myself from touching you for so long was by resting mostly on my knees, but this control is broken by you suddenly opening your legs outwards causing me to sit down straddling your hardness.

A jolt of pleasure rocks me and I gasp because your hands that are no longer lying quietly beside you encircle my hips and grind me down on your cock.

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