by Velvet

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Rough, Food, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Ok.. Now.. over time I have written a few stories for friends. This was a story I created for someone that had a wee bit of a fetish in a rather different area than many.

>Standing in front of my closet this morning I debated just how dressed I needed to get. This going in on Saturday to work for a bit of extra catch up time in relative peace helped a lot but I like to dress a bit less formal... still I have to keep up some business look... hmm I reach for a favorite gray skirt and a sleeveless lavender blouse. Placing them on the bed I dig around and find a pair of comfy dress sandals, forgoing stockings today as it is rather warm out and also I want to rebel a bit. Smiling to myself I pull on my white French cut lace panties and a matching bra adjusting my breasts to fit properly. Then stepping into my skirt and slipping the blouse on, buttoning it... another small naughty smile I leave the top 2 buttons undone. Now a silver necklace and earrings... then brushing my long hair into a soft twist and pinning in place with a silver barrette I nod approvingly and walk out of my bedroom, grab my bag and head for the garage.

Walking into the foyer of my office building I quickly nod to the security guard and head for the elevator... Reaching out to catch the door I slip inside and see you standing there

Turning to press my floor button I stand as most do... Silently... ignoring, but aware of you all the same... soon the door slides open and I step out I don't look back to see if you stayed or came out also. Swiftly I walk to my office, unlocking and entering I am glad to see my trusty coffee machine and get it started... water my plants and then settle down to work. Soon though there is a knock on the door. Curious as to who would be here today I open it and you the silent stranger in the elevator is standing there. "Excuse me, but do you happened to know were I can find Walker and Stenheims?"

I look at you for a second as I try to think where in the world I had seen that name... " Hmm sounds so familiar... ' I frown thinking... "Off hand I don't remember any one by that name on this floor. But perhaps in the building is why the name is so familiar."

You give me a small smile..." Thanks anyway... thought had the address written down correctly but must not have." You start to walk away.

A thought strikes me " Oh... Wait... I have a map of the building. You could take a look at that... not have to go all the way down to the entrance. " I turn and go back inside leaving the door ajar behind me...

Reaching into the file cabinet I glance over and see that you have followed me into the room.

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