Night Tease

by Velvet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Oh now I wouldn't do anything like this... no no no no... (crossing fingers behind my back) *wicked grin* Describing this... lets see.. a womans delight in teasing her man!

Carefully setting the last two pins in my hair I nod approvingly at my reflection; turning away from the mirror slipping my shoes on and gathering the little things needed for the evening in my handbag. My hands smooth down over my hips, a wicked thought crossed my mind and just before I left the room I took off my panties and tossed onto the bed.

You're waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, and give a whistle of admiration, making me smile with delight. I admire your looks also, swaying close kiss you quite passionately. You murmur something about how much better it might be just to go back upstairs for the night, I laugh and tell you to be patient, tonight was going to be very interesting... You raise your eyebrow and look like you want to say more but I shush you and we are out the door and on our way.

Sitting here in the seat beside you my skirt just happens to slip up enough to show my creamy white thighs. I see you glance over and hide my smile, trying to look unaware of it. I already knew the top of this dress was quite daring and showed a lot of cleavage, and of course you had already inspected and I could see your enjoyment of my display.

We arrive at our destination quickly; a large crowd was already lining up for the performance and we have to wait in line for a bit even with advance tickets. I make sure to be in constant contact with you. I stroke your hand; slip my arm around your waist, lean against you, all the while seemingly ignoring the signs of your tension. I can feel the air under my skirt and the naughtiness of no panties already have me very moist and ready to find an appropriate way to let you know also. My opportunity took place with a carefully dropped program and a complete tilt of my ass up in the air to pick it up, putting a major strain on the seams of my skirt but the look on your face was priceless, I knew you had seen what I was flashing and nonchalantly continued into the theatre... as we find our seats, you whisper in my ear " I can't believe you did that!". Smiling I merely sit down and take your hand in mine linking our fingers and wait for the lights to go down before I start the next phase.

In the darkness I snuggle up with your arm around me, access to your chest is just at my fingertips and I draw my fingers across your left nipple idly with light nails just teasing it a bit. You shift your arm trying to reach more of me than the back side of my arm, I continue to sit a bit sideways, the purpose of this night it to tease you to distraction and I don't dare risk getting sidetracked as you know all my buttons to push so very well.

I continue to talk in your ear, using my warm breath to rustle the hair on the nape of your neck. Till the play starts, then I just keep my fingers moving tracing the palm of your hand, light strokes up your arm occasionally anything I can think of to keep you just a bit aware and wondering what is coming next.

At the intermission we decide to get some air walking out to the foyer, I see a door and suggest we go get out of the press of the crowd for a few minutes. Your hand is on my back and I know you are impatient with the people when you take me by the waist and almost pull me along. Reaching the room we slip inside and almost before the door is shut you are up against me, looking in my eyes and asking me just what I was doing. I laugh and tell you to just wait and see. Right then the door opens, people enter the room, we no longer could carry on this conversation. I can't resist a tiny smirk as you growl playfully in my ear that "pay back was a bitch"... we make our way back to our seats. As I passed by you to reach my seat, I made sure I halted just for a moment and press my body against you, with just a slight wiggle of my ass, then quickly taking my seat crossing my legs and shifting my skirt back along my thighs for maximum viewing by you for the duration of the program.

After the program we stand to leave; I notice you are keeping your jacket in front of you, as protection from others knowing what condition you are in. We stay close and I am very aware of your hand on my back, this is just as much torture to myself as it is for you, but I don't want you to know it yet.

You are guiding me towards the car park, but I suggest that it is such a warm night we should walk to dinner, as it was only a couple blocks. Closed up in the car with you would be way too dangerous right now. So we stroll hand in hand idly chatting till reaching the restaurant and are quickly seated at the special table I had arranged earlier unbeknownst to you.

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