by T.S. Fesseln

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Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A husband and wife find a new Christmas tradition

As long as Shelly could remember, their family has had a twisted little Christmas tradition that any clothes or such that you got, you had to model them to the rest of the family. At least, that is what she had told Eric. At first, when Eric was dating Shelly, the garments were mild, such as a t-shirt with snoopy dressed as Santa or a pair of red plaid polyester dress pants. However, after they got married three years ago, the 'wearable' gifts he got more crass and risqué, such as a pair of Spongebob Squarepants boxers with his long nose centered over a certain area. Last year was even worse.

Shelly and Eric had spent Christmas with her parents and one of the first gifts Shelly had popped onto his lap was a small package. Inside, was a pair of black Speedos with a white puffball sewn on the rear and a pair of Playboy Bunny ears. It was his little Playgirl Bunny outfit. They all laughed as he pulled them from the box and continued to remind him of the Christmas tradition. So, he went into the bathroom and changed into them.

Eric was not embarrassed by the way he looked in them. He went to the gym three times a week and his six-foot frame looked good enough to grace any underwear ad. However, wearing this in front of her parents was a bit too much and silently, he vowed revenge.

Eric sensed that Shelly knew she may have gone over the top with last Christmas' gift and as the season grew near, she kept on asking him if he was upset with the Bunny outfit she got him. Eric just grinned his lop-sided grin and told her no, he wasn't upset and it was all in good fun.

A Nor'easter had brought a heavy coat of snow to Maryland and practically shut down the state, including the airport. Shelly and her husband would be spending Christmas together alone this year. In some ways, Eric was even more thrilled about what he had planned. Some of the items he had been planning on giving her Christmas night in the privacy of their own room now could be unwrapped with the rest of the presents.

Eric and Shelly made the best of being snowed in. There was a fire in their condo's fireplace and a small fir tree decorated in all reds and whites the way Shelly liked. A myriad of candles flickered and glowed and the smells of evergreen and peppermint swirled through the living room. Dinner was a simple one of finger foods and hors d'oeuvres while sitting in front of the fire.

"So are you ready to open a present of two?" Eric smiled as he cleared away some of their plates.

"There is only one present I want to open tonight," Shelly smiled back.

Their first Christmas alone had put Shelly in a mood for romance. All during the decoration of their home and dinner, Eric and her had exchanged intimate kisses and caresses and she was ready to get to bed and leave the packages for the morning.

"We'll save that present for later," Eric said and kissed her, "I promise we'll only open a few tonight and the rest in the morning."

Shelly reluctantly agreed. His family opened all their present on Christmas Eve, leaving only the stocking gifts for the following day. So, compromising, she allowed them to open a few gifts that night, leaving some underneath the tree for morning.

They sat beside the tree and Shelly picked one out first, a small golden package with a red bow. Tearing off the paper revealed the Goldfrapp CD he had wanted.

Reaching in back off the tree, Eric pulled out a large dress box covered in classic Santa's and silver ribbon. Unlike her husband who tore through the paper like a little kid, Shelly carefully peeled the paper back and opened the box.

Inside was the gift Shelly had been dreading: the revenge gift for the bunny outfit she had gotten her husband. Luckily for the blonde, the only person who would be seeing it was her husband.

"Go on. You know the rules, go put it on so I can she you in it."

Shelly gathered up the gift and went into the bathroom to change. Normally, she would have turned several shades of red, but she was in a playful humor tonight and the outfit was just the right thing.

The outfit was one of those short little 'Santa's Helper' dresses complete with red velvet and white fur trim. Shelly quickly undressed and slipped into it. Shelly kept herself trim and the strapless costume helped emphasize that, hugging her every curve like a second skin. There was also a pair of shiny, thigh high latex boots with the longest spike heels she had ever seen. She carefully pulled each one up, sheathing her legs perfectly.

At the bottom of the box were a matching red thong, a wide black belt and a Santa hat. After getting the entire outfit on, she looked at herself in the mirror and really enjoyed what she saw. The hem of the dress barely masked the small thong underneath and the boots made her legs look much more sexier. Her long blonde hair spilled out from beneath the cap and she could see her own desires in her dark blue eyes. With a deep breath, she unsteadily opened the bathroom door and walked out.

"Hey," she practically yelled when she saw that Eric had gotten out the video camera and was filming her debut.

"I wanted to make sure we shared this moment with your parents," Eric grinned as he continued to video tape his wife, "I think it is only fair. Now pout for me honey, give me everything you got!"

Shelly found herself flushing bright red but she decided to be a good sport and model it for him. Besides, she doubted that the images would ever get to her parents, not after what she had planned for the bedroom. She posed and lithely moved for him and the camera until he turned it off and set it aside.

"Can I open the one present I wanted tonight?" she pouted, brushing up against him and giving him a long, lingering kiss.

"One more present each, then we'll see about that special gift. Go pick me out one."

Although high heeled shoes were no strangers to Shelly, ones this tall gave her a little trouble as she walked over to the tree. As she bent over to pick one, she made sure to give her husband an eyeful. One of the things Eric always said was that she had a great ass and it was times like these that she didn't mind showing it off for him.

She came back with another small present. Again, Eric tore it open with the gusto of a ten-year old and found himself looking at another thong, this time glittering red with a ribbon above the crotch.

"You know the rule," Shelly purred.

Eric just grinned and went into the bathroom to put it on. This was a gift that Shelly was going to give him later on when her parents were not around. She had learned her lesson last year when her mother explained certain boundaries were to be had. Gifts like that were for just her and her husband.

Eric came out and struck a muscleman pose. Shelly was glade to see the he filled his thong very well and that he was in the same mood as she was.

"One more present, honey, then we'll see about unwrapping your special present in the bedroom."

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