The Beach

by Velvet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Written as a birthday present for a friend of mine.. I asked her what her fantasy was.. she responded.. meeting a stranger on a beach. And this is what I gave her...

The wind is tugging at my hair, causing it to whip across my face; I stop to dig a band out of my pocket fastening it back securely. The edge of the water beckons and soon my toes are testing the temperature before wading in, wiggling my toes in delight at the ticklish sand between them. I love the ocean and often come here to just walk and think. Days like today were meant for such an activity and I have ditched a few of my responsibilities for the murmur of the sea on the sand, the call of seagulls and the gentle laughter of people who like I, are enjoying the perfect day.

My musings are interrupted by the impact of someone running full tilt into me, I am thrown face forward and come up choking from the water my face is dunked under. Strong hands pull me to my knees from my prone position, as I am trying to focus on breathing again, I hear your deeply apologetic voice asking me if I was all right and a hand brushing the sand off my face. Warm eyes-only inches from mine, a frown line on your forehead, not quite covered by an adorable curl of hair is all I notice at first.

Finally I am able to speak a coherent sentence and say that I am ok. You pull back a little, just looking at me. Suddenly I am aware that my thin cotton dress is plastered against my body accentuating every line. A flush is creeps across my cheeks and with an ineffectual tug I try to arrange the fabric across my breasts to reveal a little less, but it is not helping at all. Finally I drop my hands and concede defeat, an amused grin crosses your face. With an easy movement you are up and offering me a hand, pulling me across the beach towards a large piece of driftwood till we can sit down behind it offering me some modicum of cover until I dry out a bit.

I am at a loss for words, and you don't seem to mind sitting here quietly. Your closeness is penetrating my confusion from the jolt I had received. To have something to put my mind on other than your tanned chest, I asked what had happened and you explained that running for a thrown Frisbee from your friend you didn't notice me till too late.

You opted to sit in front of me and not by my side, as I would have expected. This is causing me great discomfort, as I can't really keep from looking at you. Your steady gaze is quite disconcerting, I jump as you lean forward and brush again at a sandy area on the side of my cheek. Your fingers linger just a bit too long for me not to feel a sudden breathlessness again. I pull back and busy myself with attacking the remainder of sand on my dress this enabling me to keep my face down away from you for a bit till I get myself under control again.

I just can't believe how your solid body and close proximity are driving me to such thoughts of wanting more than anyone should with someone they literally met just minutes ago. From beneath my lowered eyelashes I look at you, mentally tracing along those strong shoulders, the hair on your chest, following the natural line down, your shorts are just tight enough I can make out the line of you and I bite my lip to keep from licking them at the thought of taking it out of its confines. It is getting so hard to stop my lusty thoughts towards you, I just can't be affected this much, can one blame mental confusion from hitting the sand hard can they?

Your voice again brings me back to the present and I realize you are asking me if I wanted to have something cold to drink, and I grasp at this desperately, for I need you to go away till I can possibly control my thoughts. I am sure they are written all over my face and I can feel that tight knot in my stomach building, so when you move off towards your friends I breathe a sigh of relief and relax back against the natural bank of sand around this log closing my eyes for a bit.

It was not long enough. I tense as you drop to your knees beside me handing me a icy cold can, I think that it is heaven as I drink, but soon I am watching your lips on your can and the line of your throat as you drink, contemplating what it would feel like to have your lips on mine is foremost in my mind right now.

Suddenly you reach to grab the can slipping sidewise that I am not paying attention too and in the jostle some is spilt, I can feel it trickling down between my breasts the ice-cold soda causing my already semi hard nipples to peak. You are again brushing at me trying to help me, I catch your hand before it touches my skin and it is too late, I can see your eyes focusing on the evidence of my arousal.

No longer do I hear the noises around me, every ounce of my will is required to stay still

in the force of your gaze. Mesmerized and powerless to stop you, I watch as your hand dips down and a finger traces my outlined nipple taking care to pay attention to both before you lean forward planting your hands on either side of me, bringing your face just inches away from mine. My heart is pounding with excitement and I am faced with the knowledge that right now I just need you to kiss me.

You look into my eyes, and I know you can see my desire; you hesitate briefly as if to give me one last chance to protest before claiming a kiss. I offer my lips and quickly your mouth covers mine. Such an exquisite sensation your firm lips upon mine, softly kissing, taking care not to go too fast. Exploring and tasting but always staying just a bit reserved and I want more... My fingers twine around your collar, and then slip up to cup your head and I pull you closer while parting my lips to allow your tongue access. I am surprised when you pull away for a moment to look again at me and then with a hungry groan your lips capture mine again with unbridled passion.

A tangle of lips, tongues and arms locked around each other; breathing is only done as a necessity of life, not because we want to stop this passion. Your hands hold my head still as you plunder my willing mouth; we pull apart finally but just an inch apart our ragged breathing is the only sound between us. Your finger traces my kiss-swollen lips. I close my eyes and feel our hearts beating against each other. You whisper against my lips

"You are so beautiful, I need you now, please let me take you home"

Words have left me for the moment... I look into your eyes and see the torment and desire matching mine, slowly I feel myself nod and whisper "Yes"

The walk to your car, the drive to your house all was a blur.

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