Late Night Seduction

by J-God

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, DomSub, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: This is a perfectly intimate way to end an evening.

You arrive home from work, tired and worn down. You see the lights off as you arrive and figure you'll just toss your sweater off and head to bed. As you enter the house and close the door, you notice a note taped to the inside of the door.

"Take off your sweater then bring the flowers upstairs."

Curious, as you were already in the process of taking it off, you lay it on the couch and wonder what flowers the letter referred to, until you look at the stairs and see a few lit candles on the stairs as well as a different flower on every step: a rose, a tulip, an orchid, a lily - one after another on the way upstairs. There are no other lights on in the house aside from the candlelight. You sense that tonight is going to be very different from what your time at work was and you bend over to get the flowers and head upstairs. After gathering the first few, you see another small note under every fourth blossom:

"Remove your top. Make sure the lights are out as you come up."

"Drop your bra."

"Lose the skirt."

"The panties too."

Still skeptical about the strange notes, but getting aroused more and more by the thought of what is going on, along with the fragrance of the flowers, you do as the note says. Naked except your high heels and shivering with anticipation, you reach for the last candleholder and find there is yet another note:

"Blow the candle out and walk straight to the bed. Do not say a word."

In the light of the crescent moon through a window, you head into the room and inch your way until the toes meet the bed. The bedroom door behind you closes shut, surrounding you in total blackness. Strong arms pick you up and- amidst your yelp of partial fear and excitement- lay you gently on the bed. The flowers are taken from your hands and you feel the delicate petals fall softly on and around your face until your face is covered in a halo of sweet, intoxicating scents.

You reach up, but a hand gently holds you back down and you feel a warm, thick liquid pouring over your body. Moments later, you recognize the smell as almond oil and relax as you start to get it massaged into your skin. You moan softly at the expert touch and your body melts into the sensations. Your nipples stand constantly erect and you give a sharp hiss of pleasure as they are rubbed over and over.

Without warning, you are turned onto your stomach, your face directly in the heady scent of the flowers mixed with the oils. More warm oil is poured along your spine and below to dribble between your cheeks. Your 'mmms' and 'aahs' of pleasure multiply as not only do I start massaging you with my hands, but my entire body begins rubbing against yours for the first time. You notice that I too am fully naked - and harder than a wrought-iron fence - and my turgid shaft glides slickly up and down your thighs while I work the oil into your body and relax your muscles. After satisfying your back, I begin to work on your legs and thighs, starting at the feet. By the time my hands spread your upper thighs apart you have become so excited that your sweet juices are flowing freely down, making a little pool on the bed as they mix with the oils.

The massage forgotten, my hands begin to pleasure you in earnest. My fingers slide over and into your body, rubbing your clit with one hand as a finger slides in and out of your womanhood. You bite your lip to keep from crying out, yet you buck your hips against my hands, trying to get more of my finger inside you. I slide a second finger into you, wriggling and twisting my digits deep inside as you climax wetly. Feeling between your cheeks, I ease a well-greased finger into your tight bottom. Your hungry insides suck me in and the three fingers begin to play and feel for each other through the thin wall separating them, which causes your body to shudder again in total passion.

After that set of multiple orgasms subside, I slowly pull my fingers out. I slide up against your body, place the thick, swelled glans of my manhood between your labia and completely sheathe myself inside you with one lunge- something I never would have been able to do without the extra oils and your heightened state of arousal. Being filled so fully and quickly brought you to the brink of a massive release, but you did not quite go over the edge until I pulled your hair back, placed my lips against your ear and said


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