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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: ooh. how do I describe this one.. hrm.. well it is one I came up with after actually getting my hair caught in something.. a bit longer than some of mine. But a delightful tale *smile*

Tonight I really wasn't in the mood to go out but then sitting at home for the evening wasn't appealing either so I forced myself to slip on a dress, light makeup, spritz of cologne and go to see a small theater showing of a light opera a co-worker had told me was very good.

A small fender bender up ahead in traffic delayed my arrival. Making my way gingerly down the aisle in the near darkness to my seat counting off rows as I went finding the proper one, then looking down the length of it I realize that in able to get to my seat I was going to have to do that (embarrassing everyone move their legs side ways and you tuck yourself as small as you can to get by crawl) for at least a dozen seats along.

I started with the first seat whispering " Excuse me, so sorry" but just three seats down my right heel suddenly snaps off throwing me back into the lap of the man whom I was just passing. Startled I let out a yelp and heard an answering "OOMPH" of air being knocked out of him from having a full-grown woman suddenly plop into his lap full force. His arms came around me as I try to gain my balance and hop back up all the while whispering frantic apologies and trying to not to notice how nice his thighs felt against me for that moment or the fact that his long arms were warm and he smelled delicious of cologne and that man scent that I hadn't been this close too for so long.

Standing, I let out another, this time painful yelp as my head is viciously yanked backwards and I realize that in total mortification my long hair had caught somewhere in his clothing and we were firmly attached. Now I am teetering on one heel. More embarrassed that I have been in my life and having to bend back down and sideways over this stranger as our fingers work to release my hair from his shirtfront buttons also it seems to be around a cuff link. My face is red even in this dim light I just know it is glowing with embarrassment and I get the impression he is being rather patient but would rather not have some strange woman in his way for the program that is going on and neither of us are able to pay a bit of attention to. We are not able to untangle the buttons from my hair and several minutes have gone by and those around us are a bit restless with the distraction.

" We need some light, we are going to have to get out of here." Startled I turn my head and look at you silently. " Unless you want me to disrobe right here we are going to have to walk out of here attached and get someplace this can be dealt with" Your voice is warm but firm and I blink silently in your eyes, nodding my head yes, immediately regretting the motion as my tender scalp is again reminded of how we are linked.

" We will just move together, this will require close contact, we can make it out of here without to much trouble otherwise." You stand and I have to straighten pressing against you as we move with great difficulty back out into the aisle. Casually with your arm around my waist, tilted head nestled against your jacket shoulder we probably passed as a very affectionate couple walking out of the theatre to anyone noticing our departure.

Blinking in the brighter light of the entrance we pause to look for a reasonable place to deal with this problem. I glance at you and see a distinct curve of amusement to your lips as we survey the expanse of open area here in the foyer. Absolutely no place we could be private enough. " There is always the restrooms" I started to say, but right then a the doors opened and out swept the laughing and chattering group of people leaving for the intermission. Many headed for the restrooms making it obvious that was not an option anymore.

" Reach under my jacket and get my phone " You look down at me and again your lips curve in a smile as I try not to blush further and fumble for your phone, handing it you silently. Waiting while you make a call, give instructions and hand the phone back to me. I again have to find the holder setting it back in place trying not to touch you to much as it is already hard enough to have your arm wrapped around me and not feel longing for more of this physical contact even though a ridiculous situation is causing it.

We move in our close embrace to the doors and as we step out a sleek car is pulled up to the curb. " What are you doing? " I stop and look at you a bit startled. You sigh exasperatingly " We can't do anything about this in the middle of the street now can we... I am taking you someplace private and we will be able to fix the problem with out everyone seeing just what I have under my shirt and you from losing any more of that pretty hair of yours. Just trust that I don't intend to ravish a complete stranger. Now get in the car! "

With that I concede defeat and we maneuver with difficulty into the back seat sitting still and silent as your efficient driver whisks us into traffic. I can feel the rise and fall of your chest and steady beat of your heart through the fabric of your shirt. It is very hard to not relax against you with that soothing of a warmth coming from you now. But I keep myself in check and soon we arrive to our destination and again managing to get out with only one small yelp as we stepped out. My heelless shoe was really giving me problems with walking up the stairs to the front door but you are patient and with keys out, are able to unlock it and usher me inside.

Flipping on lights, cradled in your arm still... you pause and order me to take off my shoes so I won't be limping anymore. After doing so, we walk into what looks to be your office. Moving towards a leather couch we sit and see how to get my hair untangled from your shirt and cufflink.

We start with trying to get the link out first... unbuttoning it proves difficult as the hair is in the chain... I have to lean against you for your arm to come around and give me enough room to reach your wrist. This close an embrace is proving a bit distracting... I can feel your breath against the nape of my neck and in trying to quell shivers; I sit so tense one would think I was made of stone but I can feel my body betraying me and I really need to get away from you to regain my composure.

Finally I get the cuff unfastened and with it that portion of hair is freed... " Now, perhaps just unbuttoning my shirt will get this entanglement loose" you say. I jump, as your voice in my ear is low and warm with amusement. I glance at you a bit exasperatingly as I get the distinct feeling you are enjoying this whole mess... But you look back at me with guileless eyes. Lifting your chin indicating for me to start with your tie, with fingers that are not quite steady I remove your tie then starting down the length of buttons trying not to notice the rise and fall of your chest beneath my hands. Finally I am at the one my hair is tangled about

"Skip it and do the rest, then I can take it off over my head and we can work your hair out of it " You are able to shrug out of your jacket, tugging the shirt out of your slacks I can unbutton the last set and you lean forward and with my help we get it over your back and laying in my lap, you sit with your arms across the back of the sofa while I work the button loose of my hair.

" Now I think I could do with something to drink, would you like glass of wine or is there something else you would prefer? At that the phone rings and you get up and stride over to answer it. I sit and run my fingers through my hair trying to get the knots out of it... More just to have something to do with my hands than a real need, your low tones indicate the call to be of business nature. Ignoring you to look around this richly furnished office trying to think how to make a graceful departure when a touch on my shoulder causes me to look up at you handing me a glass of wine I can't remember saying yes too, but taking it from you automatically I sip and enjoy the flavor.

You stand there bare-chested, hair a bit ruffled up from taking your shirt off, phone to your ear, making noises indicating you are listening to the other person, watching me as I sip the wine.

My nerves are on edge taking deep breaths, setting the glass down I stand up holding out your shirt. " I must go... thank you. For... everything... I am sorry your evening was ruined."

Stepping closer you take the shirt from my fingers... slipping it on and tucking it in loosely. "Don't be in such a rush, my evening is not ruined just took a different turn. Besides you don't have anything to do now and neither do I so we might as well enjoy ourselves... You like pizza right? I probably have something in the den that we can watch and then both of us can finish our evening in some comfort and company. So... will that be a comedy or action you will like to watch?"

You stand there watching me with an arrogance that is charming.

Deciding that your reasonable request/demand couldn't be argued without looking a bit churlish. I resign myself to staying and continuing the evening here with you at least for a while

"I love pizza and am not picky on what to watch... I rarely watch anything, most will be new to me."

You start the chosen movie and we relax back on the couch, once the pizza is delivered sitting forward to select our pieces sipping our drinks and munching contentedly I almost forgot I didn't even know your name. The companionship was good with out a lot of talking. I don't even flinch when as you reach for a particularly large slice your knee presses against mine. Or when an olive slips off of my piece and falls on my lap unnoticed, you reached over and picked it off for me your touch just the briefest of passes and then it is gone. I was feeling rather secure when as you wipe your lips with the scratchy paper napkins provided by the pizza place you turn to me and ask if you had anything on your face. I search across your lips and chin finding a small speck of sauce at the corner of your mouth I indicate to wipe " right there" you dab ineffectually managing to miss it still. Unthinking I extend my finger out and wipe at the spot, as my finger drags across your lips a I look in your eyes and pause, for you are gazing in mine with such intensity that I shiver and drop my hand quickly. Clasping them in my lap to hide the sudden trembling of my fingers.

I close my eyes at the touch of your warm fingertips skimming my cheek, slipping down to take my turned away from you chin in your fingers, gently but firmly turn my face back to you. Tense seconds pass as your eyes devour my features... then you dip your face close to mine. My hand comes up to rest on your shoulder... to push you away... I think desperately " no I can't!"... At the last moment you hesitate and whisper... " I have to do this"

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