The Pool

by Velvet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ah now.. did you think I was only going to post tame stories *smile* This one is a delicious encounter with my lover and his friend.

The day had been hot and we were relaxing by the pool, thinking about starting the BBQ soon when your friend Steve stopped by to talk about the new truck he had bought.

He was a tall well-built guy, dark hair with a pair of lovely brown eyes. I was a bit uncomfortable as I had taken my top off and was lying on my stomach with the briefest of bottoms on, I was a bit trapped as even reaching for a towel would be showing more than I wanted to. I closed my eyes and listen to the drone of your voices. I must have dozed off as a soft massaging touch on my back jolted me away. I thought it was you, but to my surprise it was Steve sitting right beside me with a bottle of lotion massaging it into my back. I must have made a face of shock as he laughed and said that you gave him permission to touch up my sunscreen since you are busy with the BBQ. I am shocked and turn to make sure this was right, and you nod and wave to me saying it was OK. I had forgotten I was topless and my raising exposed my breasts to his gaze. I quickly lay back down but not before I saw an approving look in his eyes. And I was flushed with embarrassment and confusion as his supple hands are wreaking havoc with my senses.

I try to just stay still and get this done and not show how affected I am right now. But it is hard to stay aloof when his strong hands slip further down to my buttocks, applying the oil down on my thighs and calves. Sliding back up to my back I tense as I feel his weight pressing against me for a moment as he reaches for the cold drinks you bring to us.

You sit down on the other side of me and idly caressing my arm nearest you, his fingers are still working the lotion in my sensitive skin and I am nearly undone by your suggestion to turn over so Steve can get the front side. My shocked look at you only shows me your amusement at my modesty, and you assure me that it is perfectly all right and you just wanted to let someone else appreciate me as much as you do.

I can't believe I am doing it but I slowly turn over. Closing my eyes not only to the sun but also in embarrassment. Somehow though I manage and sigh deliciously at the strength in those hands starting up my legs, moving along my thighs, he carefully skirts around my suit bottom, sliding strokes along my ribs and across my flinching stomach, till I feel just a brief hesitation and his long fingers are cupping my breasts and I gasp in shock, you lean over and kiss me as his fingers explore my taunt nipples. Plucking and teasing, massaging the oil in my skin, driving me to distraction... You whisper in my ear how it makes you so hot to see him touching me; I am worried, I know we had talked about maybe doing something like this but it is a new thing and I am not sure of myself much less this man, who is now leaning over to kiss my nipples... he has one breast cupped in his hand teasing my hardened peaks with his tongue lavishing them with kisses, I am restless in his embrace. A familiar feeling of desire spreads through me and I am surprised at the intensity of your gaze, your lips capture mine in a deep kiss again our tongues slipping easily and deeply I am not thinking of anything but the combined pleasure of lips on my breasts and kisses so intoxicating from you.

You both on your knees now beside me, our kiss ends and I see his face close to mine and he kisses me softly, taking it slowly as we explore this new territory.

You pull me up onto my feet and I am deliciously sandwiched between the two of you. I feel your combined hardness front and back and am finding it wildly exciting even though I am still nervous. We stay close to each other, while walking to the house; we want to be a bit more comfortable in our explorations.

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