The Plum Dress

by Velvet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Many enjoy a strip tease... but try it out in reverse...

I smile at you sitting there on the edge of the bed like a little boy with eager anticipation of something wonderful to come...

Of course not so little boy really, one look at you sends my body into spasms of erotic awareness of you and the hot fiery passion we just had together only a short time ago.

Walking to the closet I look inside dismissing a row of frocks I reach deep inside for the dress... the one I have been saving for you... the plastic covering hides everything but the hem in deep purple the colour of plums ripe and ready to eat.

I lay it on the bed and walk back to the closet reach inside for the pair of perfect heels... delicate strapped creations... still naked crossing to the bureau opening the top right hand drawer... drawing out a lace demi cup strapless bra and matching wisp of fabric that will pass for panties all in a matching plum just a shade different that the dress... Then again delving for the garters... left hand drawer now... pulling out long black stockings... placing all on the bed except the bra I stand and fasten it around my middle... front clasp... adjusting my breasts inside to fit perfectly by leaning forward... knowing your eyes are watching me... wanting me... I pick the panties

up and slip one leg inside and then the other sliding them slowly up and covering that place you know so well with lace still throbbing from your attentions earlier... sitting in the chair in front of

my make up table I fasten the garter belts front and back twisting to make sure they are in just the right spot. Then toe pointed into the silk stockings I just pulled from your grasp... somehow they moved from the side of the bed I laid them on... to your hands... your hands that let them slip through your fingers grudgingly till I am able to sit down and start the slow process of properly inserting a long leg into delicate silk stockings... bringing it up smoothing with my hands to attach the garter... I start with the second... watching your expression out of the corner of my eye... smiling at your obvious arousal...

Standing I reach to fasten the backs... walking to you I ask for your assistance... feel your fingers slide my stocking up slowly... lingering... I remind you that we have little time and you manage to finish the job... I walk away immediately... my breath not quite steady just at that brief touch... I bend over with hair brush in hand... sideways to you... brushing my long hair catching it in a band twisting it as I stand up and then forming an chignon on the back of my head... hands reach for pins and I am looking in the mirror to make sure I have it straight... much practice makes this easy, glittering pins to hold my hair... and now... picking up a mascara I apply a coat to my lashes bending forward concentrating in the mirror... lips pursed for an application of lipstick... twirling a large fluffy brush and applying over my face to tone down a bit of the rosy glow from being completely taken by you, I look at you in the mirror... still silently watching me...

I straighten look once more at my reflection... and turn to the bed picking the dress up and slipping it out of its cover... taking it off the padded hanger laying it flat and opening the bottom to slip over my head carefully... the fabric settles down around me... a perfect clinging silky soft almost stretchy material that molds to my body... skimming down till it falls from my rounded hips to just to above my knees... any stretch or bend will show just what I am wearing to hold these stockings up...

Almost forgetting I walk back and pick up a pair of pearl earrings putting them in each earlobe and matching gossamer fine gold chain with pearl set in the middle of it lays there for one moment more while I slip my feet into the delicate straps of my heels...

with a final look in the mirror I stand in front of you and twirl a bit... smiling teasingly at you... one finger I drag along your lips... " Darling do you think this will do for you tonight?

Perhaps you can help me with my necklace..."

Your hand on my elbow is warm. I feel the tip of your fingers against my skin and knowing just what those fingers are capable of making my body do I shiver as we walk in to dine tonight.

We are ushered to our table. I watch admiringly as you are so masterful with the details of what will be the perfect meal for both of us.

We sit silently, sounds pouring all around us as if an island set in the middle of a busy stream your hand clasping mine. My heart beating... your eyes looking into mine... you know what I am thinking and I know your thoughts... nothing matters but the two of us and the pulsing silence, that really isn't silent for our eyes are speaking volumes to each other.

A small cough alerts us to the waiter back with our wine... you don't let go of my hand right away... but dragging your eyes from mine deal with the rituals in order to send him away quickly... I just cannot believe how you manage to make me blush like a schoolgirl but you do... the intensity of your low voice drills deep in my soul and I am yours to command... somehow I just can't stop myself from becoming totally immersed in the vital sexy and intoxicating man that you are. These thoughts and more tumble across my mind... as your hand caressing mine twists a coil of tension deep within me. At that the waiter arrives with our salads.

My trembling fingers pick up my fork and I attempt to gain some vestige of normality with a bite of this delicious salad... I take up my glass and savor the wine. You are right as always in these matters. It is perfect for this moment, this course... lost on another.

My eyes sparkle above my wine glass with knowing just what your eyes are attempting x-ray vision to see... I take a deep breath knowing full well it would enhance the cleavage you are raking over with hooded eyes. I reach down and slip off my shoe and slide my stocking toe up your pant leg caressing you under the table, smiling at you.

Dinner and the cabernet arrive. We taste them as we eat and drink, don't we? We do appreciate the fine food and wine laid before us, don't we? I think we do. But at every forkful and every drink our eyes keep moving to each other's.

Passing on having dessert, soon we stand outside and the car is brought. You drive way too fast, but way too well to attract notice. My hand is on your thigh throughout the drive home, and yours is on mine. You know what awaits you. An unveiling of myself as seductive as the way I dressed myself earlier. You feel yourself hardening at the thought of it, at knowing the heights to which you propel me. You take me inside the house and lead the way to the bedroom. We haven't spoken. You flip on a dim light, and sit on the bed. You take off your jacket, unbutton your shirt some, and gaze longingly at me. I smile and hear one whispered word from your lips before I start, "Velvet," and I see your trousers rise before I've taken a single stitch of clothing off or unclasped one lock of hair.

Standing again before you the desire already thick in this room. I arch one eyebrow at your stiffening front and smile as reaching behind my neck I unclasp the necklace and lay it on the surface behind me... bending over from the waist reach my long arms to again slip off my shoes, sitting down on the small chair I extend my leg up to rest on the table top and unfasten each garter slowly... taking care to let my fingers stroke my skin as I lift the edge of the stockings and roll them down. Every inch of my legs one at a time is agonizingly revealed to you sitting there breathing... watching... wanting...

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