This Time You Were Right

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Gang Bang, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: You play golf dear

(Sequel to Alright so I was wrong)

Well hello reader, its obvious that you read about my little encounter and how my husband let me down.

Its funny, your married to a man, he's your life for a while then things change, so what's the answer? Do you try and spice up things like we did and boy you have to admit did we spice up things, got in a little over my head, then what follows, upset, outrage, but then you sit back and think about it.

Yes your right when I was alone I did think about that weekend, the seven men, the dog and the fucking I got, did it hurt, we are still together, you know the husband and wife thing besides in hindsight its not every day you get the fucking of a life time with that many orgasms and get to lie that you didn't enjoy it.

I must be honest with you I also enjoyed the many times I fucked off with my fingers, rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself as I fantasized about those words.

I said them to him in such haste but now they were etched in my mind, I hope none of your horny mates come round when I'm home alone.

I know your wondering why I'm telling you this well I have to confess to some-one, some one who would believe my innocents and you do know me, or like me, thought you did. This is what happens when you mix fantasy with a few drinks.

After that weekend we went back to a normal life, strained and definitely cold and no more exciting nights out, you know normal.

We didn't talk much, both of us drunk more and if, which became often, we argued, that weekend was thrown up, so to save the animosity I went out with my girly friends and he played his bloody golf with his five mates.

It was on one such girly night, it must have been about five weeks later, that I got a bit drunk. I hadn't eaten because our food was on the dining room floor. We had a bloody great row and I threw the dinner at him and for good measure mine as well, well I had especially wanted the car a week on Saturday and he annoyed me by saying he was away playing in a tournament from that Friday night until the Sunday afternoon.

I stormed out the house, found Jill and Trish and headed for The Plant Pot Bar to drown my temper.

Yes I drowned it, bloody well close to the Titanic.

The place was full and the atmosphere was great, some-bodies birthday bash and believe me I was well away as the conversation came round to sex and eventually spicing it up and I was the first to announce that I knew all about that.

The goaded me on, a few more drinks and I started by telling them that we had played the, I play up and flirt with a horny guy then me and Rickie went home to fuck, but they wanted details.

Eventually the conversation got round to that eventful weekend. They plied me with more drink and soon the seven men where in the story.

I told them how I had played up a little too much, they had caught me, separated my from my protective husband and had taken me, then the house and the threats, then the fucking, oh how they wanted to know about the fucking I got.

They loved the way I told them how I had been forced to suck so many cocks, how my mouth had been used and abused, how I'd been unable to stop them pumping their cum down my throat. The way they had used my cunt and my arse as a sperm bank, filling me over and over again. How I had been tied to a table and fed with a cock as a spoon and yes, even the dog.

That really blew their minds, I giggled as I told them how good a dogs tongue can be, better than any man, rougher, longer and faster.

I was so drunk, they just let me blurt out that, the faster the dog licked me the wetter I got, the wetter I got the more the tongue got up in side of me, I just rambled on with, the more it got up me the more I came, the more I came the more the bloody thing licked me.

They had to calm me down I was almost shouting, I was remembering it as I said, it was the best orgasm I had ever had and I didn't stop until I told them about it all being taped for my pathetic husbands viewing amusement.

They begged me to show them the tape, I burbled something about, it stays locked in my dressing table side draw before the drink finally won and I fell forward on to the table.

The girls got me home. I drank copious amounts of coffee before taking to my bed avoiding shit head when he got back from the golf club.

We rowed again in the morning before he went to work. Trish fortunately rang to make sure I was all right and sniggered as she recounted my tales from the evening before, again begging to see the tape, using the old, I bet it never happened to you, just to try and trick me.

Before she rang off she surprised me by saying she had bought Eric a drink after I'd knocked it over, Eric and Norman where usually at the golf club, two of my husbands golfing mates but last night they fancied a change, and they knew the birthday boy.

She said no more and talked about the big do on the Saturday, the big do I was going to miss.

The Friday night came, we didn't speak as he loaded his fucking golf clubs in the car and pissed off. I suppose it was me that was totally pissed off, so, my temper up again, I headed for the drinks cabinet and guess what, no bourbon.

Coat on, out and down to the liqueur store. I returned carrying my bottle, two hours later it was empty and I'd been a naughty girl I had a good time between my legs, my fingers were soaking wet after watching my tape for an hour.

I wanted another drink so I found my coat, this time I tottered down the road, half way down Eric and Norman stopped the car beside me, Ralph and Bruce were with them, "Where you going Tanya?"

They startled me, "Eeerrr the liqueur store, run out of supplies."

They opened the back door, "Hop in we are going to a bar, missed the cut with the tournament so drowning our sorrows, we will give you a lift, can't have a beautiful woman out on the streets"

Its silly I know but complements do cloud the senses and I said thank you. As I went to get in Bruce jumped out and moved me to sit between them.

Its funny, your sitting trying to look anywhere but the company your with when you notice your not wearing the right things for the occasion.

My little jacket did nothing to hide the fact that I only had on a little summer skirt and that did nothing to cover the expanse of my naked legs. It wasn't big enough to close so my little house blouse accentuated my large breasts; thank god I had put on panties and a bra.

I was expecting to arrive at the Plant Pot but we ended up at some seedy little bar, not many people and those who were there were a little unsavory to say the least.

They virtually marched me to the bar, shouting, "Drinks all round," I took something as Eric whispered, "A couple here then we will get your bottle and drop you home."

That couple ended up as four and I'd had enough before that, stupidly I pleaded with them to take me home; they grabbed four bottles and aimed me back to the car.

I lolled in the back of the car. I dozed, I think one of them must have accidentally touched my legs but he stopped when I moved. They were talking but I was too sleepy to take much notice, I think they were talking golf, I could vaguely hear some-one say he was going have a hole in one and another that he was going to par all three but I woke with a start as hands lifted me out of the car and carried me to my front door.

They had taken the key from my purse and let them and me in; I was unceremoniously dropped on to my own couch.

Eric said, "Who's for more drink?" there was a cheer as my cabinet was raided and glass's were filled, he approached me with the bottle, he smiled, I could see my jacket was open and my skirt had ridden up showing more thigh than I should, I went to move.

From the back of the couch hands held my shoulders back, Eric knelt, his knees either side of me menacingly pointing the neck of the bottle at me, "Come on Tanya take it in your mouth, the other day I heard you say you can take it all in your mouth seven times over."

I fought, no, no, stop this get out, as I said that Bruce shouted, "Fucking hell its in the machine, look."

There was temporally silence as that video clicked on, there was a low moan as it started were I had switched it off just after I had cum all over my fingers.

I just had time to see it was the bit were I was on all fours someone was fucking my cunt or ass from behind while another was filling my mouth and throat with a long hard cock as something inside told me to move.

That something was to late, Ralph grabbed one wrist, Bruce the other and slammed them back against the couch. Norman held my head as Eric shoved the bottle in to my mouth; it slid over my tongue and in to my throat.

Keeping his fingers around the neck and over my lips I couldn't stop the neat liqueur as it flowed in to me.

I struggled but they held me tight, Eric grinned at me, "That's it drink it all we intend to have you drunk,"

Ralph said, "Ya I like them drunk, their easy to play with when their drunk."

Bruce joined in, "Ya easy to fuck, they bend easy and they don't stop you doing what ever you like to them."

I tried to move my head but Norman held me tight, "Your not going anywhere sweet-pie, I've wanted to get my hands in your pants for a long while, why should an ass-hole like your husband have such a good looking piece of cunt, tonight I'm gona find out just how much fun he has when he's fucking you."

Eric laughed, "You can see how much fun she is, just look at the T V."

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