This Time You Were Right

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Gang Bang, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: You play golf dear

(Sequel to Alright so I was wrong)

Well hello reader, its obvious that you read about my little encounter and how my husband let me down.

Its funny, your married to a man, he's your life for a while then things change, so what's the answer? Do you try and spice up things like we did and boy you have to admit did we spice up things, got in a little over my head, then what follows, upset, outrage, but then you sit back and think about it.

Yes your right when I was alone I did think about that weekend, the seven men, the dog and the fucking I got, did it hurt, we are still together, you know the husband and wife thing besides in hindsight its not every day you get the fucking of a life time with that many orgasms and get to lie that you didn't enjoy it.

I must be honest with you I also enjoyed the many times I fucked off with my fingers, rubbing my clit and finger fucking myself as I fantasized about those words.

I said them to him in such haste but now they were etched in my mind, I hope none of your horny mates come round when I'm home alone.

I know your wondering why I'm telling you this well I have to confess to some-one, some one who would believe my innocents and you do know me, or like me, thought you did. This is what happens when you mix fantasy with a few drinks.

After that weekend we went back to a normal life, strained and definitely cold and no more exciting nights out, you know normal.

We didn't talk much, both of us drunk more and if, which became often, we argued, that weekend was thrown up, so to save the animosity I went out with my girly friends and he played his bloody golf with his five mates.

It was on one such girly night, it must have been about five weeks later, that I got a bit drunk. I hadn't eaten because our food was on the dining room floor. We had a bloody great row and I threw the dinner at him and for good measure mine as well, well I had especially wanted the car a week on Saturday and he annoyed me by saying he was away playing in a tournament from that Friday night until the Sunday afternoon.

I stormed out the house, found Jill and Trish and headed for The Plant Pot Bar to drown my temper.

Yes I drowned it, bloody well close to the Titanic.

The place was full and the atmosphere was great, some-bodies birthday bash and believe me I was well away as the conversation came round to sex and eventually spicing it up and I was the first to announce that I knew all about that.

The goaded me on, a few more drinks and I started by telling them that we had played the, I play up and flirt with a horny guy then me and Rickie went home to fuck, but they wanted details.

Eventually the conversation got round to that eventful weekend. They plied me with more drink and soon the seven men where in the story.

I told them how I had played up a little too much, they had caught me, separated my from my protective husband and had taken me, then the house and the threats, then the fucking, oh how they wanted to know about the fucking I got.

They loved the way I told them how I had been forced to suck so many cocks, how my mouth had been used and abused, how I'd been unable to stop them pumping their cum down my throat. The way they had used my cunt and my arse as a sperm bank, filling me over and over again. How I had been tied to a table and fed with a cock as a spoon and yes, even the dog.

That really blew their minds, I giggled as I told them how good a dogs tongue can be, better than any man, rougher, longer and faster.

I was so drunk, they just let me blurt out that, the faster the dog licked me the wetter I got, the wetter I got the more the tongue got up in side of me, I just rambled on with, the more it got up me the more I came, the more I came the more the bloody thing licked me.

They had to calm me down I was almost shouting, I was remembering it as I said, it was the best orgasm I had ever had and I didn't stop until I told them about it all being taped for my pathetic husbands viewing amusement.

They begged me to show them the tape, I burbled something about, it stays locked in my dressing table side draw before the drink finally won and I fell forward on to the table.

The girls got me home. I drank copious amounts of coffee before taking to my bed avoiding shit head when he got back from the golf club.

We rowed again in the morning before he went to work. Trish fortunately rang to make sure I was all right and sniggered as she recounted my tales from the evening before, again begging to see the tape, using the old, I bet it never happened to you, just to try and trick me.

Before she rang off she surprised me by saying she had bought Eric a drink after I'd knocked it over, Eric and Norman where usually at the golf club, two of my husbands golfing mates but last night they fancied a change, and they knew the birthday boy.

She said no more and talked about the big do on the Saturday, the big do I was going to miss.

The Friday night came, we didn't speak as he loaded his fucking golf clubs in the car and pissed off. I suppose it was me that was totally pissed off, so, my temper up again, I headed for the drinks cabinet and guess what, no bourbon.

Coat on, out and down to the liqueur store. I returned carrying my bottle, two hours later it was empty and I'd been a naughty girl I had a good time between my legs, my fingers were soaking wet after watching my tape for an hour.

I wanted another drink so I found my coat, this time I tottered down the road, half way down Eric and Norman stopped the car beside me, Ralph and Bruce were with them, "Where you going Tanya?"

They startled me, "Eeerrr the liqueur store, run out of supplies."

They opened the back door, "Hop in we are going to a bar, missed the cut with the tournament so drowning our sorrows, we will give you a lift, can't have a beautiful woman out on the streets"

Its silly I know but complements do cloud the senses and I said thank you. As I went to get in Bruce jumped out and moved me to sit between them.

Its funny, your sitting trying to look anywhere but the company your with when you notice your not wearing the right things for the occasion.

My little jacket did nothing to hide the fact that I only had on a little summer skirt and that did nothing to cover the expanse of my naked legs. It wasn't big enough to close so my little house blouse accentuated my large breasts; thank god I had put on panties and a bra.

I was expecting to arrive at the Plant Pot but we ended up at some seedy little bar, not many people and those who were there were a little unsavory to say the least.

They virtually marched me to the bar, shouting, "Drinks all round," I took something as Eric whispered, "A couple here then we will get your bottle and drop you home."

That couple ended up as four and I'd had enough before that, stupidly I pleaded with them to take me home; they grabbed four bottles and aimed me back to the car.

I lolled in the back of the car. I dozed, I think one of them must have accidentally touched my legs but he stopped when I moved. They were talking but I was too sleepy to take much notice, I think they were talking golf, I could vaguely hear some-one say he was going have a hole in one and another that he was going to par all three but I woke with a start as hands lifted me out of the car and carried me to my front door.

They had taken the key from my purse and let them and me in; I was unceremoniously dropped on to my own couch.

Eric said, "Who's for more drink?" there was a cheer as my cabinet was raided and glass's were filled, he approached me with the bottle, he smiled, I could see my jacket was open and my skirt had ridden up showing more thigh than I should, I went to move.

From the back of the couch hands held my shoulders back, Eric knelt, his knees either side of me menacingly pointing the neck of the bottle at me, "Come on Tanya take it in your mouth, the other day I heard you say you can take it all in your mouth seven times over."

I fought, no, no, stop this get out, as I said that Bruce shouted, "Fucking hell its in the machine, look."

There was temporally silence as that video clicked on, there was a low moan as it started were I had switched it off just after I had cum all over my fingers.

I just had time to see it was the bit were I was on all fours someone was fucking my cunt or ass from behind while another was filling my mouth and throat with a long hard cock as something inside told me to move.

That something was to late, Ralph grabbed one wrist, Bruce the other and slammed them back against the couch. Norman held my head as Eric shoved the bottle in to my mouth; it slid over my tongue and in to my throat.

Keeping his fingers around the neck and over my lips I couldn't stop the neat liqueur as it flowed in to me.

I struggled but they held me tight, Eric grinned at me, "That's it drink it all we intend to have you drunk,"

Ralph said, "Ya I like them drunk, their easy to play with when their drunk."

Bruce joined in, "Ya easy to fuck, they bend easy and they don't stop you doing what ever you like to them."

I tried to move my head but Norman held me tight, "Your not going anywhere sweet-pie, I've wanted to get my hands in your pants for a long while, why should an ass-hole like your husband have such a good looking piece of cunt, tonight I'm gona find out just how much fun he has when he's fucking you."

Eric laughed, "You can see how much fun she is, just look at the T V."

He pulled the empty bottle from my mouth, through blurred eyes I could see me, I was on that sofa, sitting on one cock while another banged up my arse from behind, I thought, oh god not again.

Throwing the empty bottle aside he sank lower pinning me to the couch, he ran his fingers over my lips, I mumbled, No stop this, you know this is wrong, get off me, but he just kept running his fingers around my lips, grinning at me the whole time.

With my head held tight and my arms pinned back Eric enjoyed the freedom to do what he liked. He ran his finger from my mouth down my chin and then, first over one breast and then the other as he stared in to my face, " We haven't seen all the video," he paused, "Yet, I bet you told those men the same story, we can hear you now," he squeaked in a high pitched voice, "Oh please no, I'm a married woman, don't touch me, you can't fuck me and I'll never suck your cocks," the other three giggled like school boys.

His other hand snaked forward and he used both to feel over my blouse for my nipples, "What was it Shakespeare said, Me thinks the lady doth protest her innocence to much," he moved closer, looking me straight in the face, "How long did it take you, all of ten minutes before you were on your knees fucking and sucking, taking cock up the cunt and sucking cock in to this cute little mouth," I mumbled a silly, No, No you can't as he said, "Our ten minutes starts now."

He got up, I started to struggle but they held me tight, all I heard was, "Right lads lets see if she looks as good naked as we imaged."

Ralph and Bruce pulled me forward and up but still held me as Eric started undoing the buttons. I felt Norman behind unzipping my skirt, my drunken pleading was making them laugh. As I told them to go and I wouldn't tell Rickie my blouse was opened and Eric started massaging my bra, he grinned, "No you won't, we will make sure you don't want to tell him."

I was outraged, "How dare you of course I'll tell him and your wives and if you don't leave now it will be the police."

They roared with laughter as my skirt was tugged down, Norman said, "Hay Tanya you got a vid camera we could do Rickie a sequel."

Eric stuffed his hand in my bra and lifted both my breasts out, "What shall we call it, a hole in one."

As I felt fingers grip my panties waist band I was begging them not to touch me but my begging got as much attention as the last time in that house and the look of lust in these eyes as they roamed over my exposed body was the same.

To Eric's words of, "That looks tasty," my panties were pulled down to my ankles, then he nodded to the others to drag my back to the couch, "Get her back on the couch I want a closer inspection of that little gash."

I was slammed back on to the couch, as I thumped down so he dived between my legs forcing himself between my thighs, his body holding them open. He grinned at me as his fingers reached for my pussy then I felt his thumbs on my lips, the grin widened as he peeled them apart opening me to what ever he intended to do.

The others watched him as he began to abuse me, his fingers now pinching my pussy lips as he pulled me further open, I squealed, told him he was hurting me, he looked up at me then the others, "Can't you three do something to her while I get her cunt ready for my cock?"

Norman pulled my head to the side and sneered in my face, "Come on sweetie-pie lets have a kiss," I told him no, I shouted at them all to get their filthy hands off of me, but Norman just pulled my hair until I reluctantly parted my lips, his stinking mouth then covered mine as his foul tasting tongue invaded my mouth.

I jumped as fingers and tongues started at me. Mouths covered both my nipples before fingers pushed in to my pussy and a tongue licked at me.

I knew I was unable to stop them, they had me and the words from Eric of, "God she tastes nice you must all have a lick of this before we spoil it by fucking it," where nothing to how he finished his sentence, "Boys believe me when I say we got us a gorgeous cunt to use for the next couple of days."

I pulled my mouth round, for a moment I managed to get Norman off, "No, no you can't, I won't let you," then my mouth was covered again. I felt Eric start to push a finger up me, "Oh but who's going to stop us, your husband is playing a few holes this weekend and so are we, yours."

I tried to move, to dislodge him but he just carried on, pushing further up, tormenting me all the time, "That's it wiggle it about, there may not be seven of us but I'm sure we will keep you busy".

Norman stopped slavering over my mouth, "Lets stop the chat and lets have some of her, where shall we start?"

Bruce nipped my nipple and made me squeal, "The floor looks good enough for starters, up she comes."

He grabbed my arm; Ralph did the same as Eric stood, putting his arm under my knees he dragged my legs with him. Yes of course I struggled but there were four of them and they just carried me to the middle of the room. Norman moved the small nest of tables as they lowered me to the floor.

With a sharp tug my arms went straight up above my head, they slid my blouse and bra up, I squealed as they had not undone my bra and it hurt, Bruce crudely said, "Have a care don't want to rip her tits off," I was just about to yell at him when he put his hand over my mouth, "I haven't finished eating them yet."

Norman kept my arms up as they all went back to eating me; Bruce and Ralph sucking at my breasts while Eric had my knees parted and was lying flat on the floor with his face buried in my pussy," Norman laughed and told him, "You got to work faster than that, this cunt used to dogs licking her out," that may have got sniggers from all of them but it didn't stop what they were doing to me.

Norman kept his eyes fixed on me, I kept pleading with him, asking him to stop them but he wouldn't, all he did was answer me back with his filthy mouth, "Oh come on sweetie-pie your lovin this, just look at the vid, fucking and sucking men is your hobby, just because you play the little miss innocent in front of your husband don't mean that under them pretty little short skirts you got you ain't got a wet cunt just waiting for the boys."

He nudged Ralph, "Hold her arms while I start the vid from scratch, can't wait any longer I just got to see her and the doggie bit."

Ralph and Bruce held my arms, I still struggled, I knew I had too as my knees where held tight under Eric's elbows, my body pinned to the floor, I was helpless as Eric's tongue found more and more places to make me jump.

I half screamed, half cried, "Get off me your fucking perverts," but all I got was Normans leering face as he returned to holding me, "Call us fucking perverts its not us who lets dogs get us off or fucks and sucks any man who gets in to our pants and from where I am, looking at the way you keep biting your lip and twitching your hips it ain't gon be long before you gona want and have a few more takers."

Suddenly Eric's voice startled me, "You can say that again, sure are gona take this honey pot, she juicing up nicely, real wet and real slippy, any one think they can get this hole wetter better speak now."

Bruce was off me and waiting for Eric to replace him in seconds. As they changed place's I tried my hardest to squirm free but Bruce just grabbed each ankle and pushed them apart, soon that feeling was causing up my body, his tongue worked faster and it felt longer, I was unable to stop him actively turning me in to something I didn't want to be.

Since the episode at the house, me and Rickie had hardly touched each other let alone fucked, maybe it was guilt on both our parts, but what I was feeling now just screamed memories of that weekend.

I moaned as Bruce worked on me, Eric and Ralph pulled my arms down and out, laying on them, adjusting me so my hands were trapped under their crotches making sure I could feel the huge cocks bulging in their trousers.

Now Norman was free, he started to describe what was on the video, each part in detail. As he did he released his cock, with his trousers round his ankles he knelt, put his knees either side of my head then started to slap it at my face.

I tried to move but he clinched my jaw pushing his thumb and finger ether side of my mouth, the action forced my lips to purse so he could run the head of his long fat cock all over them.

Much as I had tried to resist my pussy was getting wetter, I was becoming more than aroused, I knew that because as I felt Bruce's fingers at the entrance and couldn't help but feel excited, I wanted them to push further up.

My nipples were now hard and tenderly sensitive, the two men knew it and worked so much harder, one moment caressing them too long hard cones that sent chills through me. The next moment sucking them in to their hot wet mouths while tickling over the end with their tongues, my shoulders moved in the same rhythm as my hips, I arched my back up my body wanted more.

Then the torment changed, Eric and Norman started to talk to me, low, gentle but filthy.

Eric fingers toyed with my nipple as he watched me trying to avoid Normans stinking cock, "Come on Tanya suck it for him, just like you did the others. What's one or even more cocks cuming down your throat gona do to you, and you now you love the taste."

I tried to shake my head but he just grinned, "When I used to see you at the golf club do's I thought you were nothing more than a cunt on legs, now we know your just a fuck machine and with you husband away that's what were gona do for the next 36 hours, just fuck you stupid."

I tired to plead with him as well as not let the cock at my mouth in but all the time the tongue up my pussy was driving me wild, "Plessshh I can't yous, ooohhhh, ah mushent, let mleeee gooo."

Again I felt Bruce's fingers going up me, he said, "This cunt on legs is leaking come and get me juice all over her carpet, if she's a fuck machine then she's oiled up and ready to run."

Norman joined in, "Let you go, just look at you on the vid, how long is that cock you got in your mouth, looks like your taking a foot, you going to suck mine just like that one, all that way?"

Eric turned and looked at the tape, "She looks just how I have always wanted to see her, one hot ass in action, a cock at either end just like any other hot sexed up slut," he looked back at me, "And it won't be long now before we get the reality of you."

I knew he was right, my body was squirming under the relentless fingers and mouths that were working me up to a frenzy of heightened sexuality, in plain English I was becoming uncontrollable and they knew that with this and all the drink I had consumed, I wouldn't be able to stop them.

The grip on my mouth eased; as it did I opened it, partly to ease the pain, partly because I was fighting for breath. Norman didn't care which as the head of his cock rested on my tongue. I could taste the sticky residue that smeared all over the fat bulbous end and to my disgust, with all they were doing to me I couldn't help myself, I started licking at it.

Norman grinned in conquest, "There you go, your hot lips getting the taste already, you better, because your mouth is going to taste a lot more before we are done fucking it."

I felt Bruce move, "Well if your fucking her mouth then I'm going to have her cunt, get your knees up bitch and take a length of this."

I felt him fumble as he removed his trousers then his hips pressed down on mine and I felt that first jolt of excitement as the tip of his cock pushed inside the lips of my pussy.

My mouth opened wider as he pushed in to me, Normans cock slid to the back of my throat, as I arched my head back allowing more of the hard cock to fit in my mouth I felt Ralph and Eric roll off my arms.

I was too far-gone to resist what they were going to do to me. My knees were now up and gripping Bruce's side as he pushed deeper up me. The sawing motion of the cock in my mouth took my senses away and soon Eric and Ralph rolled back this time their trousers were off and the fingers on both my hands wrapped around their thick rigid cocks as their mouths completed my delirium by sucking on my nipples again.

Then they started on me, slowly, rhythmically, the one in my mouth just in, then back, slipping around my lips making me lick at it, making me try and capture it between my lips as Bruce pushed all the way in, deep and penetrating, then out just enough to give short sharp thrust at the entrance while rubbing over my clit then suddenly driving all the way up again, he was driving me wild.

Eric and Ralph still excited my nipples as they pushed their cocks up and down my trapped hands, my body writhed with pleasure, they were going to gangbang me for hours and in the back of my mind I knew it would be like last time, I would be unable to stop them using me anyway they wanted.

Norman was having trouble fitting his cock in to my mouth, "Stop fucking her hand, get the bitch over, Bruce you give her one doggie while I make full use of her mouth.

As he pulled out of my mouth he virtually pushed Eric and Ralph off me, dragging me out from under Bruce. He swirled me round, "Grab your ankles, don't let go and make sure you shove your cunt out," I was dizzy from the drink but I had not option, he stopped me from falling by holding my head, jerking it up and slapping his cock at my mouth.

Bruce didn't waste any time reinserting his fat cock in me from behind as Eric and Ralph went for more beer.

Gone was the gentle caressing touch's, now both of them hammered their cocks in to me, I had all on to keep a grip of my ankle, the words, "I'll belt your ass if you let go," kept me in that subservient, available position.

I only just came myself when my mouth was tasting more hot wet juice. As the cock slid out of my mouth leaving a sticky string of cum I was slowly building to another orgasm when my cunt filled with more warm sticky juice. They pulled out and I sank to the floor, still panting, still aroused.

Eric sauntered over to me, like a man looking at a pet dog, then he bent and grabbed my arm. Looking back at the others, "See you later guys me, I think this lady got some unfinished business so we are going upstairs for some hard bed bouncing," he looked at Ralph, "Don't worry she'll still be hot and ready to take another good fucking when its your turn, in-fact we ain't gona let her cool down."

He squeezed my arse, "Oh no this is going to be roasting all this weekend, hope Rickie don't want any when he comes home," as he propelled me towards the door he dragged my face round, "Because after we've all had fun with you we ain't leaving your husband anything worth fucking."

He had his arm round me like some kind of courting couple as he half pushed, half dragged me up the stairs. He wasn't listening as I told him that enough was enough, he just laughed and said, "Don't be so fucking stupid, there's four of us and there's little old naked you and by the time you get to go back down stairs again you'll have been fucked so much that you won't have the energy to run anywhere."

As he pushed me through the door to our bedroom and saw the big double bed he grabbed my ass and wiggled his fingers between my crack, "No my little fucking machine your going to need all your energy to keep us four happy all weekend and that means starting now, so get on the fucking bed and lets use you for what your good for."

Thinking fast I turned and sat on the bed. I looked up at him as he took his clothes off, I had that whopped dog look on my face, I took a deep breath and kind of whimpered at him, "Look Eric please if you do me, can that be it, I mean can you get them to go?"

He peeled his shirt off and grinned at me, his cock hard and fat pointed at me, "Well, well I don't know but I suppose if I get to fuck you good, and I mean good that I can persuade them but by fuck, you hot assed cunt, I better have had nothing better."

I cleared my throat, "You promise, if I do you and give you everything, let you make me do anything then you'll get rid of them?"

He came closer, "Yep your on, now lets stop fucking about and start fucking you," he gripped his cock in his hand, he had large hands but the angry head still pointed at me, "As you seemed to have cleared your throat now seems as good a time as any to fill it again, open up, get it in your mouth and start making me like you."

I bent forward and gripped his fat cock, he tapped my fingers, "Mouth cock, fingers balls and I don't mind a tickle up the ass while my hairs do the same to your nose." I slid my hand under his sack in between his legs and started to play with him, my mouth open to its limit while I made sure I was taking it all, breathing through my nose and concentrating, suddenly my hair felt a sharp tug, "Oh and I like eye contact, there's something about a woman staring at you with your cock rammed to the hilt in the back of her mouth."

I had just about got an acceptable rhythm going, I was gliding my head up and down, just about breathing when he grinned, "Open you legs real wide, use one hand on my balls and finger fuck yourself with the other and remember, anything I want, you do."

I worked hard on him my tongue tickling it as it slid to my lips then sliding under as it slid down my throat. All the time I worked on his balls and asre hole as my own fingers became wet. They were in quite a bit when I felt him starting to build, as I swallowed so he shoved, his cock was defiantly getting ready to unload its self in to my throat.

His hand gripped my head and he shoved hard, holding me as it spewed hot sticky juice in to my body. I chocked, gagged and swallowed all at the same time, only to be shaken when Ralph's voice echoed around the room, "Bout fucking time, now let me have some fun with her."

Choking and stumbling I got up, almost gasping the words, "You promised no more, "Eric grabbed me round the waist and lifted me off the floor, my legs kicking wildly as I watched Ralph throw the last of his clothes on the bedroom chair.

Ralph laughed at my pathetic struggle. He moved to the bed, grabbed the pillows and threw them in the center of the mattress, "Get the hot cunt over those, lets have her ass in the air, there's a couple of things I want to do to it."

Eric swung me over and threw me; face down, on my own bed.

One of them slapped his hand on my back holding me down then a stinging slap stung my bottom, then another, and another, I squealed and tried to wiggle out of the way but it was useless.

Another six slaps stopped me moving then my legs were pulled apart, I closed them just as quickly as I could only to have two more slaps before I slowly opened them again.

As I lay there trying not to sob, I felt fingers on my pussy, pushing in and I was unable to stop them as I was still wet from finger fucking myself and they knew it. Ralph started at me, pushing in, playing around my wet puffy aroused lips as Eric started to play with my arse. Slowly I stopped sniffing and started moaning until Eric said, "Which hole you gona fuck?" Ralph sniggered, "Both."

There was movement behind me, my legs were nudged further apart, the bed sank either side of me and the tip of a very hard piece of male meat started to push easily in to me. I arched up again, my bottom raising to greet the long hard intruder, I groaned as it hit home, my cunt was full again and I knew he would take full delight in fucking me and it was going to be hard, and worst of all my body would betray me.

Eric wiped some of the drool that ran down my chin, "You got to know bitch, no matter what we say you're here and ours until we've had enough, and looking at your pert tasty body that ain't gona be until your husband turns the top end of the street and even that will be after we've made arrangements to have some more fun on our next visit."

Eric bent lower and whispered, "And if you don't play ball, I know of at least a dozen more men at the club that want to get their hands in your pants and have what we are having."

His words swam in my mind as the cock fucked in and out of me relentlessly. I couldn't help it I orgasmed once then again, Ralph really was fucking both my holes, just knowing that moment to change holes, just as I burst juice all over my bed, I was so hot but he carried on another five minutes before he let his load go up my arse.

He didn't make me lick it clean but he did go and wash it then made me suck it, in fact I couldn't understand why I was made to sit on the bed and suck both of them, I was fully expecting the other two to come up and gang bang me. They both kept fucking my mouth while I played with their balls that was until Bruce came in and said, "Just like you said, let the fun begin."

They lifted me from the bed and walked me downstairs, my heart jumped as I walked through the door, Norman was sat grinning at me, sat between his leg was the biggest, dirtiest black street mongrel I'd ever seen, I turned only to be held by Eric, "Oh come on, its be kind to a stray day and I know how you would hate to miss out on something that's better than any man, and his tongue looks longer than anything I've ever seen."

Eric was having all on to hold me. I kicked and squealed to get the bloody thing out of the house but it was no use Ralph soon helped him over power me.

Bruce grinned at my struggles as he said to Eric, "You were right, not 20 minutes and we had seen three, this one seemed the best and he sure was hungry for that meat."

Eric laughed, it deafened my ear, "Hell, I bet he'll be hungry for a different kind of meaty goodness soon."

With Eric holding me and Ralph helping him, it was easy for Bruce to pull my left leg up, opening my legs; he tickled my hot pussy while taunting the dog.

It started to struggle between Normans legs, if it hadn't been for the tea towel that Norman had wrapped round its neck he would have never controlled the big beast.

I squealed and struggled but they just laughed at my futile efforts, they ignored everything I said and their filthy remarks filled the room. Bruce still held my cunt lips apart and said, "Here boy, fetch, come on come and get it."

"Good boy, here's a nice reward for being mans best friend."

"Come on doggie chase that pussy."

I was hysterical as they lifted me towards the middle of the room.

I struggle, I called them every filthy obscenity my mind would release but they just carried on laughing, humiliating me as Eric reminded me of the things I had said at the bar.

Laid on the floor, pinned down by Ralph and Bruce I could only watch helplessly as Eric disappeared in to the kitchen, the dog struggling and pulling as it got nervous of all the movement around it.

Eric came back in, he lifted his arm, I could see he had a sticky toffee yogurt clutched in his hand and with a silly voice announced to all, "Look I got a dogs dinner, I must see if its his flavor."

There was only the sound of my pathetic moan of, "Oh god no," as Eric pulled the strip foil from the tub and dipped his finger in. I watched as he approached the excited dog, then my groan became louder as I watched the long fat tongue almost devour his finger, licking furiously at the yogurt, much to Eric's delight as he looked at me, "Seems he likes that, now lads, what do you suggest we do to enhance the flavor?"

With Bruce holding my arms above my head, it was easy for Ralph and Eric to grab a leg each and drag them open, Eric grinned at them, then me, as he drove his fingers in to the tub, pulling out he smeared the sticky contents all over my pussy and inside my thighs.

The next finger full went between my pussy and my arse hole, tickling me until he pushed them up between the cheeks of my arse, his eyes continually stared at me, as I shook my head he said, "Yes maybe your right, I'll save the rest of the tub for another time or maybe, some another interesting places."

He slowly pointed his finger towards the dog, Norman let go of the tea towel, I squealed, "No, no," as it immediately licked at the finger and with another whimper escaping my lips that broke the uncanny silence in the room, I watched as he drew his finger down between my legs.

Although the dog was licking at his fingers I could feel the animals hot breath on my inner thighs, then I jumped as Eric drew his finger up my slit, the dogs tongue touched the sticky sweet mixture and immediately its tongue attack my pussy.

I tried to keep my legs straight but they made sure that didn't work; Norman quickly moved to one side and clicked his fingers at Ralph then pointed to my knees, simultaneously they grabbed my knees, pulled them up and back, spreading them wide as they did, with Bruce holding my arms I was exposed and defenseless.

I soon found out that this street animal was far more virile than the tame dog of last time. Its huge muscular tongue drove in to me, slavoring over my exposed pussy, its own juices dribbling between my legs as it started to arouse me with its course, rough tongue.

As the wet ran between my legs so its tongue followed, licking down, working between my pussy and arse, I jumped and bucked in their grip, my squeals of stop became uncontrollable moans, until its tongue tickled up between the cheeks of my arse, touching my arse ring then, to the sniggers of the men, I orgasmed.

As my juices mixed with the toffee the dog licked in way too indescribable to explain, my head rolled in delirium as I built yet to another climax. I realized that the dog's back was arching as its head twisted and turned, satisfying its taste for me. Unable to do anything but lay there and let my body experience the sex it was being forced to receive as I heard Eric say, "Fucking dog must be the stud of the block, look at that monster sticking out between its legs."

Bruce looked down at me, "You ready to suck some more cock or shall we leave you to him?" I couldn't take any more I took the chance to stop my torment; I told him I'd suck his cock, if he'd stop the dog.

He grinned as he said; "If you suck I will stop the dog licking you, now lets have you on all fours."

Still holding my leg open they pulled it over the dog's body, I was turned but the dog never stopped, it was still licking at my pussy as I crawled to my knees.

Bruce knelt before me, his cock waving in front of my face. I looked at him my body shaking as the dog could now lick up from my clit to my arse, again increasing the desire to humiliate myself by cuming in front of these perverts.

I spluttered, "You said you'd stop it licking."

He looked at me, "When you've got my boner stuck in your mouth and your sucking like you should be, then we will stop it licking, you do your part we will do ours."

I quickly knelt solidly on all fours, used my tongue to suck his cock in and started tickling the end while nodding up and down the hard shaft.

There was movement either side as I felt the dog pulled away. Bruce suddenly gripped my hair really tight and held my head firm, his cock almost fully embedded in to my throat, forcefully he began to nod my head up and down, masturbating his cock with my throat, I could only just breath.

This and the extra movement around my confused me, then I felt the weight of the animal on my back. Norman and Ralph were holding it, their hands gripped its paws to stop it moving or scratching me, but Eric was pushing it from behind making sure its thick cock started to touch me.

It started to jab at me, I tried to move but couldn't, all I could do was look up at Bruce and watch his sick sadistic smile grow across his face as the jabbing got closer to my pussy. There was a shout of, "Home strike," as I felt its cock hit my open wet pussy, then again and again as it started to enter me.

It was fat and long, it was filling me I was trying to speak but Bruce kept me firm.

Smiling at me he said, "It ain't licking you now, is it." I tried to fend it off with my hand but some one just slapped it out the way. It was fully in me driving hard, my pussy was on fire, this filthy animals body drove it further, harder and so fast then, oh god what was I feeling, something else, it seemed to swell at the base and this huge thrusting cock locked its self in me.

I couldn't control myself, I felt as though I was being fucked to death unable to move, I couldn't escape from it, when, with out warning fingers attacked my hanging nipples, that was it, I lost it, that whole feeling drove me over the edge and I came, spurting juice everywhere, my thighs, my legs were wet as it squirted out from around the invading meat.

Bruce pulled slightly out and I immediately sucked on it like a kid with its favorite lollypop. The men relaxed their grip and just left the dog to continue its assault, just using me like a bitch on heat, until both it and Bruce unloaded more juice in to my well-fucked body.

I collapsed on the floor. I had to keep my arse stuck up in the air, unable to escape until this dogs knot shrank and pulled out. Before the men had chance to pull it away, its nose was back between my legs. They left me to squirm under the assault of its tongue. I groaned, thank god it was then they did pull it off me; the next thing I knew was I was being dragged in to my bathroom.

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