Pool Party

by Willy Tamarack

Caution: This Cheating Wife Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: Cheating Wife Sex Story: The adventures of Charlie Warren and Shelia Moore had been brewing for years before the two of them found time for each other. From the bathroom to the bedroom, Charlie and Shelia strain to reach new heights. Follow them as they romp from adventure to adventure, getting wilder with each encounter.

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

Henderson, Nevada - Summer

"God! Damn! That woman has a set of tits on her!" The man had just elbowed his wife in the side. His wife glanced over toward the object of her husband's attention and would readily agree that Shelia Moore was one stacked lady. The wife quickly turned away. Not more than because her interest was drawn to another group of friends across the pool. She waved to them.

She was half way out of her shift when her husband asked. "You think Sheila would show me her tits?" Shit! The asshole was half smashed already and it was only three in the afternoon. He'd be an idiot by five.

"Sure, honey. I don't see why not? Looks like she's showing you just about everything now... Go for it! Ask her." Humor him.

The wife was walking away, adjusting her bathing suit top which held nothing compared to Sheila's bountiful gift(s). The husband mumbled, "I just might do that!" Like he'd just discovered America, he was on his way to the beer cooler.

He was snoozing on one of the pool loungers about three beers into the party. His wife was across the pool with Janey Anderson and her husband. Sheila had disappeared inside the house. His day dreams were filled with visions of succulent breast meat and, when he woke, had a moderate woody filling his trunks. He attempted to conceal it as he made his way toward the house, heading for the bathroom.

He was filling the bowl with a long stream of piss, still thinking of succulent breast meat... Oh! Would he love to spend five minutes sucking on Sheila Moore's titties. He wondered what her nipples looked like?

His wife was just a hand full and had very small areolae but a good size nipple centered in each. Her areolae and nipples were dark in contrast to the white skin of her breast meat. His cock was semi-hard in his hand. He flexed it a bit and it got harder. Moments later he was stroking it and back to fantasizing about sucking on large mounds of breast meat. He was fully hard and if he continued uninterrupted would have blown a load into the toilet or at least on to the back of the toilet seat.

There was knocking at the door. "Hurry up, slow poke!" It was Shelia Moore. He froze. His cock was throbbing in his hand. "Come on, Charles... Get a move on... Time's a wasting." He lost it... Arced several spurts of semen on to the floor behind the toilet, his body quivering with orgasm. Shelia was knocking on the door again. He was struggling to shove his wilting cock back into his trunks and grunted a reply.

He knew he was blushing when he opened the bathroom door. Regardless, his eyes were immediately drawn to her cleavage, a deep valley of flesh that was in no way concealed by her bathing suit top. Not quite a bikini top... At forty-seven you just can't wear what you did at twenty-five. Now can you, ladies?

"Nice tits, Shelia. How about a peek?"

"Sure, stud. In the bathroom ok?" She was laughing a bit as she squeezed by him through the bathroom door. Her breasts rubbed against his chest. Charlie's eyes never left her bosom.

"Was that cheap thrill or what, Charlie?"

Charlie was glazed. His cock was already coming alive in his trunks. Amazing! He'd blown a load not two minutes ago.

The mirror showed Charlie still standing in the door way. She glanced down at his crotch. Shit! Charlie had a boner in his trunks. She looked up at his face and saw he was now staring at her butt.

"Well..." He couldn't be serious!? They'd pulled each other's legs so many times... Never crossing that line. Although, to be honest, she had no idea where that line was... Or even if there was one?

She shivered when Charlie closed the door. When he turned back to face her, she was facing him. He was now glaring at her tits. She felt naked. She felt excited. The look on his face was exciting. He was excited. She glanced down at his crotch again and could swear that his penis was longer and thicker than it was a moment ago.

Maybe, she would show him her tits? The thought of someone other than her husband seeing her tits, oddly excited her. It'd be just a short peek. She looked up at his face and found him staring into her eyes.

He closed the distance and his lips were against hers. His tongue was invading her mouth. She tried forcing him out with her tongue but his tongue only became more alive in her mouth. His hands were on her hips and she could feel him pressing against her.

Charlie's hands were wandering up her sides, on to her bare skin. She could feel the goose bumps on her shoulders and then the blush of perspiration as Charlie weighed her breasts with his hands. He was pressing her back against the sink and she could feel the lump of his desire against her stomach.

His mouth was on her neck when she threw her head back and hissed, "What do you think you're doing?"

Charlie was beyond stopping and only momentarily worried about where they were... What they were doing!? She no more than whispered her protest. His hands were mauling her tits. They were huge, heavy bags of flesh in his hands. He found a nipple and pinched it through her bathing suit top.

"Seducing you. What does it feel like?" His mouth was biting her shoulder, his hands pushing her top up over her breasts. As soon as Sheila's tits were bare he gazed at them for a moment before bending and sucking her left nipple into his mouth. Both areolae were all crinkly, her nipples erect. His tongue was batting one back and forth as he nibbled on her.

Sheila brought her arms up around Charlie's shoulders and buried her face into the crook of his neck as he devoured her tits. His hands had fallen to her waist and she could feel her bottoms coming down. He was nibbling on her other tit... Her neglected nipple, covered with a sheen of his saliva, was pointing at the bathroom door.

His hand was in her crotch... In her hair, his fingers digging into the fat part of her vagina lips. A finger was between her lips when she moaned. He was still sucking but his movements were more urgent, betraying his lust... His excitement. His finger burrowed it's way into her cunt and Shelia moaned again. She was slick, wet, almost gooie. Her hips were rocking against the finger now fucking in and out of her.

He was back to kissing her mouth, his finger banging away between her spread legs. The bottoms were hardly down over her ass and her legs were spread wide, giving Charlie's hand freedom to roam around her hairy crotch. She was moaning constantly now and her hips were moving in time to Charlie's finger fucking.

Charlie was grinding a very hard cock against Shelia's hip. She wanted it. Her cunt was a mess of goo and her hips were fucking his hand. Charlie reached for the waist band of his trunks while his other hand kept fucking a finger in and out of Shelia's hairy cunt.

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