A Gift


Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Caution, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A surprise for someone. Written in 1st and 2nd person perspective. Short, about 1,200 words.

Taking your hand I say, "C'mere, baby, I got a present for you." and lead you over to the couch, where I sit with a sultry smile. The denim, softened by repeated washes, makes my sensitive palms tingle as they slide up the outsides of your thighs to your hips. Pulling you a little closer, so that you stand nearly between my knees, I look up into your eyes. Watching you watch me as my hands glide along your belt to the buckle and undo it. You're smiling down at me, your fingertips caressing my cheeks, reading my hunger in the light stubble as if it were Braille. I keep watching you, smiling back, as I open your pants. I sense the barest vibration of metal on metal in my fingertips as I'm pulling your zipper down one tooth at a time.

The even softer material of your boxer briefs proves too tempting for me and I lean in, pressing my face into the open V of your jeans. Your scent, the masculine pheromones, assails me. That, combined with your hum of pleasure as you comb your fingers into my hair has me groaning and my arousal throbs powerfully, forcing me to reach down to make an adjustment. Inhaling deeply and feeling you go to my head; I begin working your jeans over your hips. Exhaling the deep breath through your shorts and over your cock and I hear you groan, your hands grip my head as your hips push against my face and your jeans slide down to your knees. It only takes a second for me to pull your boxers down to join your jeans, revealing your already plumping cock. You steady yourself on my shoulders while stepping out of both and strip off your t-shirt, casually dropping it on top of the rest.

Leaning in, I flick the tip as it begins to peek out of your foreskin with the flat of my tongue, while my fingers graze over a dusting of hair as they skim up the backs of your legs. My hands reach your cheeks and I cup one in each palm, kneading them with my fingers. Taking the head of your dick in my mouth, I hear your groan as I suck softly and run my tongue under the foreskin. The salty, musky flavor of your skin fills my mouth and, this time, I'm the one who hums with pleasure. Your fingers lace into my hair again and I feel your foreskin pulling further back from the head as your cock quickly grows to its fullest.

I bob my head on your lengthening shaft, taking in a little more each time. Finally, my forehead touches your abs and my chin touches your balls as I take you in completely, the sensitive head of your cock slips into the opening of my throat.

I hear you groaning and feel your fingers gripping my hair. My fingers slip between your cheeks and begin toying with your hole and I hear a grunt of surprised pleasure come from you as you grip my head and thrust yourself as deeply into the hot moisture of my mouth as you can. Looking up at you through my lashes I see that your eyes are closed and you're biting your lip.

I hear the sound of stunned incomprehension and see your eyes fly open in surprise when I suddenly pull away from you just as your balls are beginning to tighten and pull up. Leaning back on the couch, I jerk you down, twisting you so you fall face down across my lap.

One arm comes down across your shoulders and the other across your lower back, holding you in place as I say, "This is the rest... the equivalent of a birthday spanking."

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