The Candy Man

by pixidust

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Food, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chocolate covered sexual tale of a girl who wants a guy and the guy who takes her.

I met this guy and he had an addiction for candy. He was over six feet and was very thin with a muscular build, with abs of steel, brown hair and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He was the one I went to when I wanted something sweet.

I went to him and pushed him against the wall, pulled him close to me and kissed him softly and slowly. He pulled me close and kissed me rough and fast. We moved toward the couch and lay down on the couch with him to the left side of me with his right hand on my waist, his other hand on the couch under my body holding me close to him as he kissed me I had my hands wrapped around him and holding him close to me.

He reached under my shirt to pull it up and undid my bra. He ran his hand down my body and carefully removed my shirt and bra to expose me and kissed my neck and chest above my nipple. He moved over me and slowly kissed my stomach above my belly button.

He reached into the side of the couch in the drawer to pull out a chocolate sauce that he opened and poured on my stomach it was slightly cold and made me shudder. He undid my pants and pulled them and my underwear off to expose the rest of me. He told me to stay there and he got up and went to get something.

He returned and took off his shirt and pants and underwear to expose himself. He was fully erect and had brought back a small massager and a warm wet cloth and a towel. He helped me to the floor where he had put a blanket and he moved to the side of me with the massager and placed it in my pussy. I moaned slightly.

He kissed me and slowly moved over to my stomach where he had put the chocolate he moved his hand through it and pushed it up on to my breast and down to my pussy. He put his fingers in my mouth to lick off the chocolate and then stuck his fingers into my pussy with the massager. He smiled slightly and licked my breast to remove the chocolate.

He licked slowly around my breast placing his mouth around my nipple and pulling slightly with his teeth. He placed his tongue on my nipple and gently circled around it and kissed it to remove the chocolate. He moved slightly over me and licked the chocolate between my breast. I moaned as he got on me with his body touching mine. He had chocolate on him.

I pushed him up to be able to lick his stomach. He pushed me back down and told me to stay there until it was my turn. He licked my stomach and navel and then moved to my pussy slowly licking and suckling my clit to remove the chocolate and to stimulate me. He removed the massager and licked from the top to the bottom and then he moved up and licked my left leg and thighs.


The candy was gone now and he moved over to the side of me so I could reach him I picked up the chocolate he had poured on me and slowly poured it in my hand and rubbed it on to my hands to warm it up placed it on his stomach and penis. He looked at me and smiled I kissed him slightly on his stomach to get some chocolate on my lips. I kissed him on the lips, and then licked his lips and mine. He groaned and I moved back to his stomach to lick off the chocolate.

He reached for the wet cloth and washed off his hand and placed it under my chin and pulled me to where he was. He kissed me and lay me down he got on top of me and entered me. He moved in and out slowly and kissed me while holding on to my breast and occasionally kissing my neck or biting on my ear and making me moan. He slowed and asked me to stand with him he placed my hands around his neck and pulled me to his waist and up on to his penis.

He carried me to the bathroom and turned on the shower. He turned on the hot water and placed it on the wall so as to heat the tiles. He placed me against the wall and thrust into me with a fierce power that I had never felt before. I screamed and he moved me closer to the water to make the water run between us and over our stomachs. He thrust and held me and moved my body on the wall.

He reached for the soap and squirted a little into my hand to rub on our bodies. He moved into me with such force that I moaned and screamed and he kissed me on the neck. I rubbed my hand against his abs. This made him moan.

He smiled slightly and thrust into me vigorously. He made such thrust that I moaned and shuddered in excitement. He moved the water onto the middle of us and I moved my hands to his back once again. I grasp his back with my fingernails and he grinned with a slight smirk. I pulled myself off of him. Pushed him up against the wall and turned around so he could enter me from behind.

He smacked my ass slightly as he entered me. He thrust in and out hard and fast. He was thrusting so fast that I had to hold on to the wall. I reached through my legs and played with his balls. He reached between my legs and played with my clit and this was amazing he continued with this for a few minutes and quickly thrust for a few seconds stimulating me enough to cum.

He slowed to a halt and put a towel around his waist and gave me one too. I wrapped the towel around my waist and started to dry off. He said not to worry about that and to follow him. He led me to the back yard to a Jacuzzi and he helped me to step in and remove my towel. He placed both towels on the chair on the side and stepped in with me.

He sat next to me and played with my clit and pussy. He pulled me onto him and placed himself into me again. He moved me up and down in the water and turned on the bubbles to make the water stay around us. He laid his head back and I kissed his neck while he did this. He moaned again. This time louder than before. I moved up and down quickly and continued to kiss his neck and nibble on his ears.

He moved me into the center turning me away from him and entered me from behind and kissed my back. He thrust into me I held onto the seat in the Jacuzzi as he thrust in and out. He was going fast and he was playing with my clit and kissing my back. I moaned to let him know it felt good. He thrust harder and faster now. I shuddered again and he told me he wanted me to cum for him and if I was going to he wanted to lick my pussy until I came. He moved me to the seat on the side of the Jacuzzi and sat on the seat facing me he placed his head between my legs and quickly had my legs moving and me moaning and arching my back. He hummed slightly and moved his tongue from my clit to my pussy. He licked around and in my pussy.

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