Together Again

by Nick Marlowe

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: After being apart, they both learn that it does make their hearts grow fonder

He had thought about her so much that it felt strange to him when she wasn't in his thoughts. Her image filled his mind and he could hear her voice. He refused to wash the shirt he wore the last night with her. Sometimes at night, he slept with it on the pillow next to him so he could smell her perfume and her scent. He walked in the park where they had played.

He realized he was lost without her.

Days dragged by. His friends tried to get him to join them at clubs. They were worried about him and had no idea of the loneliness that consumed him. He felt like he was in a foreign land by himself. He sought relief from that self-imposed isolation by simply closing his eyes and reliving the time with her.

In that imaginary world, it was bright and happy and he felt the warmth of her spirit. There she was with him. So he spent a lot of time there, avoiding all else.

More and more he closed himself off from his previous world, prefering to sit alone on his house. His melancholy grew and grew.

The sun set without his knowledge or care. The phone rang. He ignored it. It rang again and again, insisting that he answer, so he reluctantly got up and lifted the receiver.



"Hello," he repeated impatiently.

He could hear the caller breathing. He started to slam the phone down, but for some reason continued to hold it to his ear.

"Won't you answer?" he pleaded.


Her voice jolted him as if a lightening bolt had shot through the phone. His heart lept and he gasped as he tried to breathe before answering her.


"How are you?"

"I am miserable."

"Me too"

"Why do we do this to ourselves? I feel dead without you."

"I know. Everyone hates to be around me. I am so unhappy. Are you ok? Are you eating properly?"

He chuckled.

"Yes. I am eating ok."


There was a pause then, and suddenly they both spoke together.

"I am sorry"

The tension broke and they both relaxed. He sat back in the chair and put his feet up.

"God I miss you. I can't stand this. I need you and can't function without you"

"I know baby. I have been going nuts. I bet I have started to call a thousand times"

"I need you so much. I am sorry I was a jerk."

"Oh hunny, I am sorry too. I don't know what was wrong with me."

"Can I see you?"

"Oh, yes. I can't wait. How soon can you get here?"

"Two hours ago"

She laughed at the familiar twisted and clever sense of humor.

"That's too late. Can't you do better?"

"Ok, three hours ago. I am hanging up now and climbing into the transporter."

She laughed.

"Hurry baby"

They hung up. Both were laughing and excited now. The days of misery were past and they hurried to get ready for each other.

The drive to her house soon ended and he ran to her door. She was there waiting and flung the door open as he rushed into her arms. They held each other as if they were afraid the other would float away if they let go. Their eyes burned into each others and their lips touched. Soft tentative kisses to remind and reaquaint soon turned passionate and then desperate.

They turned their heads so they fit perfect to each other and their mouths were open and hungry. Wet lips and tongues sucked and licked and pressed together. Breaths exchanged, given and taken with a need that could not be explained or described. And in that sweet embrace they held each other for minutes that seemed like seconds. But even though their initial needs were sated, they still wanted more.

He scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom and lay her gently on the bed. She quickly scooted over to allow him room beside her. He lay at her side, leaning on his elbow. He stared at her and his hands found hers. Fingers intertwined, they kissed again. Soft tentative kisses as before. No rush or hurry. Just soft passion and love almost lost but now regained.

When you lose love, it is worse than never having it. The pain of loss is deep and mean. Diversions cannot make it fade for a time.

For them, those days of misery were past and their minds never even recalled how empty they had been. Now they were full again. Full of each other. Full of the heady joy that only can be felt with someone you love. Full of that liquid feeling that flows through your body and makes your stomach nervous. Full of that calmness that comes from not having to want anymore. Yes, they were indeed full of each other.

He raised up and she put her arm out for him to lie on. Their faces touched. Eyes crossed from being so close to each other. Feeling each others hot breath. Relishing that moment of realization that they were together again. His arm lay across her chest in an innocent caress.

"I love you."

"And I love you."

"I can't do that again."

"Neither can I"

He raised up and kissed her hard. Her arms flew around him and pulled him down to her. They held each other tight as they kissed. The kiss that would bind them together forever and make them one being. The kiss that cleansed out injuries. The kiss that opened the door of their future together.

Their hearts beat fast and hard and they moved to each other in urgent need for more. Both eager to give themselves in an ardor that was unknown before. His hands moved beneath her blouse as they kissed. Her breasts heaved with her gasps and her nipples taunted him with their stiffness. His fingers plied them and rolled and teased them. They never broke that kiss.

Her hands felt his chest, moving in swirling motions against the hair. Her hands brushed against his nipples and she felt them stiffen as hers. Her hand moved slowly down his belly and slid under the waist of his pants. He shifted slightly to allow her better access to her goal. Her hand continued on until it felt the hair and then the hotness of his cock.

He moaned as she covered it with her hand and then slowly closed it around the shaft. She held it and felt the pulsing with grew in intensity as she squeezed tighter. He reacted to her stimulus by opening her blouse and sucking a nipple between his lips.

She cooed as he flicked his tongue against the little bud and he sucked it and flicked it again. She turned slightly to him and his mouth opened wide and pulled as much of her flesh breast into it as possible. He sucked her as his tongue swirtled over the nipple.

Her hand tried to stroke his cock but his boxers and pants restricted her, so she worked to unfasten the belt and snap. He raised up and released her breast and slid his slacks and shorts off. His cock danced in the light, enticing her.

She grabbed his cock and squeezed it as if feeling the girth and then she stroked the length and pulled it and slapped it and pushed it back down to make it spring back to her hand. She toyed with his cock as if it were a new and needed discovery.

He had been caught up in this attention, but now he resumed his sweet work. Her breasts were needing to be sucked and felt. He lavished his attentons on them. One after the other, he gently bit, sucked, flicked and licked them. She squirmed under his play and her moans encouraged him.

Their touches became more urgent as they released that pent up desires. Her hand stroked his cock with increased speed and her mind was torn between concentrating in the throbbing prize in her hand and the sensations that shot through her chest to her womanness.

She could feel the dampness building and then wetting her thighs. These heady sensations and feelings carried her up to new levels of need and she rolled as her nipples were worked by him.

He sat up then and she bent over his cock and stroked so that the head bumped her nipples. She leaned further down and pulled her breasts around his cock, capturing it between her fleshy globes.

She raised up as she held them tight around him, then moved back down, stroking his swelling manhood with those soft orbs. He lay back and watched as she smiled in pleasure. He ran his hand across her back down to her waist and tried to reach under her, but could not.

She sensed his need to touch her and she moved her ass toward him. She continued her breast stroking on her knees. Her ass was up in the air and he easily slid his hand between her legs. He first felt the wetness on her thighs.

Her excitement was so great that she flowed like a fountain. Her lips were swollen even without touching and as he pressed his hand across the face of her labia, he felt the hotness of her need.

They pleasured each other in this fashion for a time. Her breasts were tight around his engorged cock and his fingers filled her wet cunt. She rocked her ass against his thrusts. Suddenly, she could wait no longer and released her breasts and as they moved apart, she grabbed his cock in her mouth and began to suck as if she was starved.

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