Spoiling Her Wedding Day

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ellie is getting ready for her wedding to Rob when an old boyfriend, Eddie, storms into the room where she's getting dressed and forces her to take a wedding gift that he's been wanting to deliver to her for some time. It's not your normal wedding gift but the effect can last for a lifetime.

Ellie was as happy as she'd ever imagined she could be. It was her wedding day and everything seemed to be perfect for one of the biggest days of her life so far. She was marrying the one man in her life who she thought would make her forever happy and contented, Rob, and she was in the final stages of preparing before it was finally time to leave the room she dressed and done her makeup and hair in before she went out and they started the marriage ceremony. She loved tradition and her parents had agreed so she and Rob hadn't seen each other at all that day, not since the rehearsal and the dinner following it the night before.

Ellie had enjoyed the last hour of getting ready for her wedding. She'd used it not only as a time to be alone with her thoughts about her new husband-to-be but also about their new life together, starting a family, having their own home and all that went with being a newly married couple. Ellie had picked out everything she was wearing for her wedding with her and her new husband's future and their personal interests in the uppermost part of her thoughts. Ellie had especially picked out a very sexy push-up bra and a matching but very skimpy thong panty to wear underneath her wedding gown. She didn't know when but she hoped at some point to be able to lean over to her "husband-to-be" Rob and whisper, "Baby, wait'll you see what I'm wearing underneath this wedding gown" and give him a very sexy suggestive wink that might give him a hardon right there at the marriage altar.

Ellie had gotten her lingerie on and she'd just gotten her wedding dress on and was beginning the final process of preparing to look the part of the beautiful perfect bride when she heard a commotion in the back of the room and she suddenly saw the three bridesmaids and a couple of her other girlfriends being forcibly made to leave the room where she was sitting. Ellie stood and when she turned towards the door, she saw that there were three guys there inside the room and she was left as the only woman there in the room with them.

Ellie's breath caught in her throat when she was that one of the three young men was one of the guys she'd used to date who had once asked her to marry him, but she'd eventually turned him down when she decided he was bad news and she wondered why she'd ever even agreed to go out with him at all.

"Well, my my, Ellie, don't you look hot?" Eddie said as he left the other two guys standing behind him to cover the door and keep anyone from coming in while he enjoyed a few minutes alone with his former girlfriend. "You know, there was a day when I thought you'd be getting all dolled up like this to marry me, Ellie, but I guess old fucker Rob has done you better than I ever could, so he's welcome to you, Ellie," Eddie said as she looked at him, puzzled what he had in mind that he was there in her bridal preparation room when she was only a few minutes from going out to marry Rob.

"Don't you wonder what your old boyfriend is doing here, Ellie?" Eddie asked. Ellie suddenly heard the distinctive zipping sound as she looked down and saw that Eddie was undoing the fly of his pants and quickly fishing inside and whipped out his nearly fully hard cock.

"I'm going to finally get from you, Ellie, what you'd never give me when we were dating. Remember how you always told me you'd save your virgin pussy for your wedding day?" Eddie said as he stroked his hardon back and forth, letting Ellie see the large thick stalk of his hardon and the fully swollen and engorged head of his dick as he wanked himself back and forth for what he'd come for.

"What are you doing here, Eddie?" Ellie asked as she found herself amazed that Eddie was so uncouth that he'd not only crash her wedding but that he'd also storm into her dressing room and interrupt her final steps in preparation for being ready to walk out and get married to Rob.

"Oh, Ellie, you mean you really don't know why I'm here?" Eddie said as he now stood there in front of her with his hardon in his hand, jacking himself strongly back and forth. "Are you really that fucking stupid, Ellie, or do you honestly not know what men and women normally do when the guy's got a hard cock as ready for hot pussy as mine obviously is right now?"

"Eddie!!! Get the fuck out of here and put that nasty dick of yours back in your pants and leave!" Ellie screamed as she wanted to walk over and start clawing Eddie's eyeballs out.

"No, Ellie, that's not exactly what I had in mine," Eddie said as he walked straight over to Ellie and grabbed her face with one hand as his other hand began groping and squeezing her rounded full breasts through the material of her wedding dress. "MMmmm, you're feeling really good, Ellie," Eddie said and then he twisted Ellie's face around and placed his lips over hers, forcefully kissing her as he continued to grope and feel her up. Eddie had always wanted to fuck Ellie, but she'd never allowed it so now he thought he'd give her his sexy little wedding present -- a full pussy of his hot cum before she went out to say her wedding vows and marry her fucking wimp fiance, Rob.

"No, fuck, no, Eddie, get out of her and get out of my life now!" Ellie screamed as she tried to wrest herself out of Eddie's tight grasp on her breast and her chin. But, she knew she wasn't strong enough to throw Eddie off and he began to quickly take steps to accomplish his goal of fucking and leaving his viriile cumlaod inside Ellie's pussy in preparation for her wedding night with Rob.

"I'm going to be nice to you, Ellie, and not rip the front of this very pretty wedding gown off your nice sexy tits, baby, but I'm definitely going to get what I came for," Eddie said. Eddie stroked his hard cock meat back and forth a few more times and then he reached down, grabbing the hem of Ellie's white wedding dress and then he yanked it up until she was exposed from her waist down and then only thing she had on underneath her dress was her sexy lacy thong and a matching garter belt and thigh high stockings.

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