Outlandish Fortune

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When I ask some ladies at the local bar to dance, the ultimate result was better than I could have ever dreamed.



She sat back and sighed softly. "That was beautiful, wasn't it?"

I wasn't sure just what she meant but I said, "Yeah, it was."

She might have been talking about her body, which right then was sitting glistening with perspiration and stark naked on top of my schlong, which had been inside her hot cunt in one position or another for the last 80 minutes. Or she might have been referring to the four orgasms she'd had when my tongue had been exploring her cunt and tickling her clitty. Or she might have been talking about the feelings she had from several other orgasms (I had forgotten to count) while I fucked her in the missionary and doggy positions and countless variations in between. Or she might have meant the three climaxes she experienced while she rode on top of me like a cowgirl in a barrel race.

She had just ridden me to my second cum and the last of her climaxes while sliding her body up and down my shaft and teasing my mouth with her heavy swinging tits, jugs big enough to supply milk for a modest litter of kiddies or one big thirsty man like me.

My sex life recently had been in the dumper. It had been three weeks since I had been laid and I was really tired of jacking off. However I never seemed to have much luck picking up women who were willing to go to bed with me, at least not unless I was willing to pay, and I didn't much care for prostitutes anyway.

I had stopped off in the sports bar for a drink, more to drown my sorrows than from any expectation that I would get lucky, and after looking around at the customers, it appeared that my luck would hold. There were several guys huddled around the various TVs watching a division I-AA ball game, one that held absolutely no interest for me. However I ducked around the corner of the L-shaped bar and took a look at the dance floor, finding several couples and a small group of women, some dancing but most at the scattered tables.

I tossed a leg over one of the barstools and ordered a drink. About half way through it, I screwed up my courage and walked over to the group of women, all of whom appeared to be late twenties or early thirties, and asked one if she would like to dance to the rock music blaring from the sound system. She accepted and we walked to the floor and began dancing, one of those things where you really don't know you're dancing with someone. She was nice but went back to her drink when the number ended.

Back at the table I asked the second woman to dance and she joined me on the floor. She laughed at my less than artistic attempts to move with the music but we had fun. Again when the number ended, she headed back to the table. I asked the third woman to dance with me just as the music changed to a big band number so we slow danced together, her body melted into mine, and it took me maybe two minutes to get a raging hard-on that strained to get out of my pants.

The woman looked into my eyes with amusement and asked if I'd like to take her home. When I said yes, she picked up her purse, told the others good-night and we walked the three blocks to my place.

She didn't require much in foreplay. She took a quick tour of the place to get the layout and then headed straight for my bedroom. By the time I got there, she was almost undressed. She propped herself in the middle of the bed, legs spread, ready and waiting, and when my eight inch erection came into view, she whistled and said that she was ready to be fucked. However I stopped with my face in her crotch and spent many minutes eating her pussy. She seemed surprised that I would spend that much time there but she tasted good and reacted well so I got a kick out of it. Then I plowed her this way and that for nearly an hour, both of us having a ball. She gave me four minutes to recover before she rolled me onto my back and mounted my new erection. The next half-hour was magnificent.

The way she leaned back forced my slowly deflating cock to press against her pubis and she wiggled her ass on my scrotum. I only deflated so far before the trend reversed and it began to grow hard again.

For a few minutes she rocked until I was hard and then she asked, "Do you always get hard so quick?"

"Well... only for beautiful ladies like you. I don't get that many chances and I like to make the most of those I get."

"Gawd, you're a real pussy pleaser, aren't you?"

"Oh, I don't know. I just know that I love the feel of pussy, especially when it seems to be having as much fun as my cock."

"Yeah. I never knew a guy who could keep it up so long. You need some more pussy, honey." Suddenly she leaned over to the night stand and dug into her purse. When she sat back, she had a cell phone. She flipped it open and punched a few buttons and after a few seconds of listening, she said, "Hi. It's me. Did you get lucky?"

She listened a bit and then said "Too bad. How about Judy?" Again a pause and she responded with, "Tell her I said 'sorry' but I got something I want you to see." She moved her bottom away from me until she was sitting on my ankles and held the phone in front of her. She held it a few minutes and then said, "How do you like that?"

I could hear the other end of the conversation now with the phone away from her ear. A voice said, "Wow! Is that as good as it looks?"

My partner said, "Better. And I can't make it go down. You two want some?"

The voice said, "Of course. Do we look like idiots? Where are you?"

She said, "Would you believe in the same complex, on the north side. Building 13. Number 14244. Hurry. I'll keep it warm for you." Then she closed the phone and broke the connection.

She moved back up and stretched to put the phone in her purse before easing back onto my cock. I grinned and asked, "What did you just do?"

She replied, "You know the other two that I was with in the bar? They're coming over. You don't mind giving them a sample, do you? They're my best friends and we always share the good ones. There aren't that many good ones around this area."

It took the women just twelve minutes to ring my bell. Angie jumped off, saying, "Wait for us," and fled to the front of the house, still naked.

In a minute she was back leading the two giggling women. As she climbed on my legs, she held my cock like a trophy for the two newcomers to view. They oohed and ahhed while shucking their clothes and I was soon covered in naked women. I had everything a man could ask for: tits, pussy, ass, legs, wet mouths, and grasping hands - a real dream cum true. I ate pussy and fucked pussy and fondled tits and massaged asses and made a pig of myself with them... and they seemed to love every minute of it, maybe as much as I did! I fucked Lynda and Janine and they fucked me until we saw the light of dawn breaking. Then it was Angie's turn again until she finally collapsed on my chest. I put an arm around each of the other women and pulled them close and we were all fast asleep within minutes.

That was the beginning of a massive change in my sex life. The three women made a habit of meeting at my place around three or four in the afternoon every Saturday and we would fuck our way through the night and sleep until mid-afternoon Sunday. During the rest of the week, one of them would sleep with me most nights so that I spent few nights alone after our initial meeting. I knew that they were still spending time at the bar, sometimes picking up other men to share their delights with but how could I complain.

That summer my cousin from up north came down for a visit, arriving late on a Friday night. Angie and I had been sleeping together and she slept through his arrival. The next morning Jamie was surprised when I introduced her, especially when she told him that she'd like for him to join us that afternoon when her friends arrived. Jamie was a little slow to catch on... until she told him point blank that we were going to have a fucking party.

Jamie was very enthusiastic and all the girls seemed to like him. He was a considerate lover and managed to last fairly well. Coming from a small town in the boondocks, he could not believe his good fortune getting to screw three beautiful women in one afternoon.

It was early in the morning and Jamie was resting after having just screwed Lynda. Judy was laying beside me and Angie, who had been languidly riding me, stopped and sat back on her haunches.

Angie said, "I've got an idea. Judy, help me here," and pointed toward the night stand. Judy reached into a purse and took out a tube of KY Jelly, squeezed a big dollop into her hand and, as Angie bent forward over me, slapped the gooey stuff between her buttocks.

Angie looked at Jamie and crooked her finger at him, saying, "Come here, big boy. I need you."

Jamie looked puzzled but I already had an inkling that we were about to participate in a new and exciting piece of action. The women got Jamie on his knees behind Angie and Judy rubbed her greasy hand up and down his shaft until he was hard again.

Angie said to me, "Hold onto my nipples and when I tell you, I want you to pinch them... hard!"

Judy had guided Jamie's spear toward Angie's ass hole and he had finally gotten the idea. I spread my legs wider and so did Angie, letting Jamie get close to her bottom.

Just as he pushed forward, Angie cried, "Now!" to me and I pinched her hard nipples.

She tossed her head back as the pain wracked her body but as soon as he was inside her ass hole, her expression turned to one of lust. I released her tits and she pushed them into my chest as her open mouth closed over mine and her tongue swirled around in my mouth.

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