by Nick Marlowe

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Desc: Sex Story: After a torrid internet affair they finally meet

There were three new messages in the email inbox. She scanned past the first two and opened the last one.

"I am confirmed for the flight arriving at 3:40 pm on Thursday. I will be staying at the Hyatt and I have arranged for a car to pick you up as planned at 6:00. I can't wait," it read.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she reread the message. Could she really do this? Her stomach was doing summersaults as she realized how far she had come now.

They met on line in a cam/chat site. She thought it harmless fun, but over a brief period they had become friends and now they were planning to meet.

Her mind was racing. Thoughts battled each other.

"How can I do this? I don't need this confusion in my life. What if my family should find out? I don't even really know him. What if he is a weirdo."

But for every negative thought, a flicker of excitment was there too.

"What will I wear? How soon should I let him kiss me. I wonder how his hands feel. Is he a good kisser? Can I wait another week for this?"

Her face was flushed as she imagined the first moment when they meet... the first time he takes her hand,... the first kiss... and then that moment that they make love and they hold each other. Her nervousness had evolved from one of anxiety to one of excitement.

She felt that warm feeling building in her stomach, so she let her fantasies build. She loved that erotic feeling as she became excited and felt that first wetness growing and spreading.

Yes, she would meet him. She had no choice now.

After their chance meeting online, he had seduced her with trivial little stories, hoping to impress her with words that would tell her that he was a romantic, even if he was limited to sending messages out without any interaction or even the knowledge that they were read.

He toiled at this happy work, seeking the right words... the right image... wanting to titilate and excite and capture her imagination... to draw her into his fantasies and let her see their common interests.

Most of all, he wanted that contact with her, no matter how tentative and vague.

But she responded with compliments and that drove him on to attempt, in his crude way, to tell her in his stories how he would touch and kiss and please her. He never expected more that that simple acceptance and the wishful desire to excite her and have her touching herself as she read his words and knew his thoughts.

Over time, they came to know each other better and exchanged messages daily. They spent hours online talking about everything and nothing and they shared themselves on camera with each other.

It was a heady experience that thrilled both and drew them further along. Now their long distance relationship had reached the point that they were comfortable enough to meet.

They were both married and constantly told each other that their friendship wasn't for love. And they didn't want it to be, but they weren't looking for just a good time either. They really wanted to meet and enjoy each other, to enjoy looking into eyes, touching hands, hearing laughter, knowing the scents, feeling the warmth from a smile and the taste of a kiss.

And although they didn't say so, they also knew that they wanted that delicious, rich and overpowering feeling as his hand touched her thigh... that nervous moment when his hand slips under her panties and hers into his zipper... that anxious time when their mouths open and exchange their breaths and that exquisite moment when her secret womanness is parted and his hardness enters and pushes deep inside.

She tried to focus and get her mind off of what might happen and concentrate on the day. She threw herself into her chores and time passed quickly. The week was soon gone and their meeting was tomorrow.

She went over her list of safeguards and excuses. She gathered her clothes and tried them on again. She checked off her alibis and made sure everything was covered during the hours she would be unavailable.

She slept fitfully and was glad when it was time to get up, even though she didn't feel she had slept enough. She started her daily routine and by noon was finished and had time to relax for a couple of hours.

About 4 pm, she dressed and got ready to drive to the mall across town. It was far enough away, she hoped, to minimize the risk of any chance encounters with friends or acquaintences. After checking things twice, she drove to the location where she was being picked up by his car.

She backed her car into an upper level stall and went to the restaurant to wait. At exactly 6 pm, she saw a long black limosine pull up out front and the driver came to the door. She jumped up and quickly met him. She confirmed that the car was for her and the driver opened the door for her.

She climbed into the spacious area and as she did, she saw he was there waiting for her. He smiled and took her hands and kissed her cheek as the driver closed the door. She sat beside him as the driver pulled away.

"I am so happy to see you tonight."

He squeezed her hands as he spoke.

"I couldn't wait, so I decided to surprise you and come with the car."

"I am so glad you did", she replied.

"I hope you enjoy the evening. I have some special plans for you", he said, and kissed her tenderly.

She smiled. "Something special planned", she thought, "probably the same thing I have planned."

They had both planned many different senarios for this meeting, but they all had a common element.

She crossed her legs as she wondered which one would be playing out soon.

He couldn't help himself as his eyes drank in her long legs. He had seen her on cam, but that didn't do justice to her. She was tall and slender, but not skinny.

Her legs were toned and she was very fit. He quickly looked up from her legs to her eyes, but he had already been caught. She smiled at his slight embarrassment.

"Do you like my legs?" she asked.

"Like them... hell, I love them" he blurted out.

When he heard himself make this juvenile response, he chuckled.

"What I meant to say was, yes very much. You have the most beautiful legs."

She smiled at his discomfort and slowly uncrossed her legs allowing her skirt to ride up slightly. She stretched her legs out in front of him, inviting his further approval.

His heart was racing now and he realized he had lost any control he had of the situation. She was taking over the tone of the evening. But he didn't mind... Up to a point.

So he gazed at her legs, so long and lithe. Her calves were muscular yet very feminine. His eyes moved up to her knees and then to her lower thighs.

"Amazing" was the word that filled his mind. She turned slightly allowing him to see a few inches more up her skirt.

The mystery and sheer sensuality that filled the air was thick and rich. He felt like a kid sneaking a peek at the teacher's legs as he looked at her and tried to remember to breathe.

He didn't want to lose any dignity he had left, so he lifted his eyes and looked at her.

"I am so happy we finally met."

"Me too" she responded. "It felt strange seeing you after so many times we have talked and cammed together, and you look like you did on cam, but yet very different."

"It's because I have clothes on", he laughed.

She almost choked at his remark and she laughed hard and finally was able to say "well, maybe we need to fix that."

He didn't respond, but she knew he heard her and was probably saving that response for another time when it would be more useful and leading.

They laughed and talked together as they rode across the city. It felt so good. They were comfortable and had a sense of being friends forever. It was so easy to talk and listen.

Soon he held her hand as they spoke and then she leaned against him, and before long, she looked up at his eyes and he leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

That first kiss was almost magical.

Every kiss in sappy stories is "magical", but this one truly was. It was soft and comfortable and friendly, yet it burned with an underlying passion and it gave each a sense of giving from the other. Yes, it was magical, and they were both lost in it for a moment.

Time was insignificant as they held each other tighter, prolonging that kiss that could never be repeated. Their first kiss.

As they moved back, they were silent and they stared into each other's eyes, and looked deep into their souls. He held both of her hands. They faced each other now, turned in the seat. He brushed the back of his hand across her cheek and then touched her lips, tracing them across her mouth, then leaned again to her and kissed her, but this time, they embraced with more passion.

Their mouths were open and they gave each other their breath and wetness and their tongues played together and danced in their mouths.

Her breasts were pressed against his chest. Her arms around his neck, and his hands held her head. They broke away again, but before they could move, they joined again and kissed harder and more passionately.

Their kisses were full of need and desire. No comfortable or soft or friendly kisses now, for they were passionate and needy and eager and lustful and daring and possessive and giving and so exciting.

His hands slipped away from her head and swept down her neck and across her chest and he filled them with her breasts. Her breasts were full and round, and he could feel her nipples hard under her clothes, seeking to be freed and brought into the play.

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