Run For Your Life

by Harddaysknight

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A man finds himself caught in an ugly scene between a woman and her boyfriend. The results are surprising.



I was lying on my back thinking about how quickly things can change, when they changed again. I had been told on Monday that my company wanted me in Buffalo on Thursday. That meant I'd have to leave Wednesday to attend the morning meetings on Thursday. I didn't travel a lot in my job, but I had come to resent the time away from home and the lonely nights in some shit-hole hotel or motel.

Here it was Wednesday night and I wasn't feeling morose about my lodging. It was quite the opposite. I was in the middle of a king size bed with a rather voluptuous blonde riding me like a cowgirl. I reached up and squeezed her nipples just hard enough to make her moan. I had lucked out this time and I was enjoying every minute and every sensation. This sure beat sitting around a motel room watching reruns and wondering if Kramer really was a racist.

It has been my experience over the years that when my cock is happy, the rest of me feels pretty damn good, too. My cock was in way over its head, but I knew it was happy. Therefore, I was in a near state of euphoria. Then everything changed, and drastically.

I heard a loud male voice and opened my eyes. It took a second for me to comprehend what I was witnessing. A tall, rugged looking guy had my cowgirl by the hair and was yelling.

"You miserable, cheating slut!" he screamed as he pulled her hair down, forcing her face to turn upward to him. "I come back from my trip a day early so we can fuck and I find you've already found someone to take my place!"

I felt it was imperative that I articulate a proper response, but words failed me. My little head had already decided to withdraw and was beginning to shrivel up in preparation. I had been taken completely by surprise and, much to my chagrin, simply watched the scene unfold.

"Once a cheat, always a cheat, you stupid cunt!" growled the stranger as he pulled even harder on her hair. "This is for your own good, Lisa."

With those words, the bastard smashed her across the face with a vicious backhand! She never made a sound as she tumbled backwards off me, and the bed. I heard a thud just after she disappeared from sight.

I had always believed that discretion is the better part of valor. It seemed like my presence in some other location would be better for my health. To that end, I started to sit up when I felt a jarring blow to my right eye. The force of the blow knocked me down as well as to the side. I rolled with the blow and dropped to the floor across the bed from the psycho.

It was apparent to me that he wasn't finished rearranging my features when he started around the bed. I turned and dove naked through the screen in the open window. Sure my back, belly, and balls got scratched some, but my good eye was extremely grateful it had avoided the fate of its mate. Luckily, it was a ranch home. I had to kick and crawl to complete by exit from the window. My hands hit the ground just as my feet cleared the mesh. I tumbled over onto my back and quickly sprung to my feet.

Everything I had done had been on instinct for survival. Now that I was on my feet and able to think, I took a few precious seconds to take in my surroundings. I decided to move away from the front door, where the yard was illuminated with streetlights, as well as a porch light. As angry as the guy was, it was a good bet he'd be out looking for me.

I turned toward the back of the house, where it was dark. In my haste, I failed to see a goddamn wheelbarrow and crashed into and over it. I cursed as pain shot through my left shin. Suddenly the area was brightly lit! I turned to see an elderly lady looking out her back door at me. I gave her a little smile and a wave. She screamed.

I guess she wasn't happy about having a naked man stumbling around her house, crashing into things and just being a nuisance in general. I turned and headed for the last remaining dark area near the house. My fear was tangible as I heard the incensed dude yell as he came around the corner I had just vacated. I just managed to escape the light as he came into view.

I realize, now, that I should have been looking ahead rather than looking back like one of those poor schmucks in the horror movies. I hit the rose bushes at full speed. Even as I felt the flesh leaving my legs, stomach and genital area, I thought of that story about the bear and the rabbit. It was an old Disney animation and my kids always loved to watch it. The gist was the rabbit could escape his enemies because nothing would follow him into the damn briars.

I crawled as far into the bushes as I could and cowered in the dark. I could see the maniac outlined from the old lady's back door light. It looked like he was waving a stick or something. He'd poke into the bushes a little, then he'd take a mighty swing, sending roses and thorns in every direction. It occurred to me he was using a golf club. From its length and the distance the flora was flying, I judged it to be a three iron. His long game appeared to be quite strong. I turned and crawled toward the front yard. I timed my retreat to coincide with his swing. I had noticed a flaw in his follow through that gave me hope. His head was coming up with the club. He wasn't keeping his eye on the ball, or the rose, as the case may be. I dashed around to the front of the house and stopped.

Being naked, I was not carrying my car keys. My chariot was locked and parked in the driveway, next to what I assumed was my assailant's. Then I heard him stomping toward the front of the house! I ducked behind his car, which I noticed was a late model Toyota. No wonder Ford and GM are having so many problems.

I was bleeding from numerous scratches and abrasions. I was out of breath and naked. How much longer could I avoid the wrath of the crazy fucker? I realized that I was destined to get a real ass kicking if I didn't do something, and soon.

The guy bent over to look under his car. I made my decision and rushed him before he stood back up completely. He had partially turned to face my charge. He raised the club to clobber me, but his hands were still over his head when I crashed into him.

We rolled around on the yard for a while. I managed to make him drop the club but he kept trying to knee me in the balls. There's something about fighting naked that makes a man try harder. I think its fear. I managed to get on top of him and land a solid punch to his head. That hurt my hand some, but otherwise, felt really good. I enjoyed the feeling so much, that I gave him another roundhouse. His lips turned to pulp and I felt even better.

I was pulling back for the coup de grace when I felt someone grab my clenched fist and yank me to my feet. Before I knew what was happening, my other hand was pulled around behind me and I felt the cuffs lock around my wrists.

"You're under arrest, you sick bastard!" barked a cop. He was around thirty and looked rather mousy for a law enforcement officer. He pulled me back against the trunk of his cruiser.

By this time, my attacker had managed to get to his feet and lumbered toward the cop and me.

"Stay right where you are, Sir, " demanded the policeman. "I have everything under control."

"Yeah, well so do I, now," the guy grinned through bloody lips.

I saw it coming and managed to turn my head a little. He still caught my good eye, and it hurt like hell. I let the momentum of the blow take me backwards. I felt the police cruiser under my hands and I threw myself back harder. I balanced on my hands as I brought my feet up in one quick motion. I drew my legs back and shot them ahead as hard as I could.

I caught the fucker in the chest and he flew backward as if he'd been struck by a cannon ball. He landed on his ass on the pavement and over he went. His head made an audible thud when it struck the driveway.

"Jesus! You might have killed him!" screamed the cop as he pulled his gun and pointed it at me with shaking hands.

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