Margie Gets A Job

by Defile_my_wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Margie gets a part time job at a sex shop - but first she has to have an "interview."

The sex shop was in a really sleazy part of town.

I walked past lots of guys seemingly hanging around with no good intention at all.

Coming to the shop with its gaudy signs and lights I entered and glanced around. About a dozen guys were looking at the racks of magazines and at the display cabinets which contained various sized dildos, but-plugs, whips, restraints, tubes of lubricants and various other sex aids.

I began to survey the magazines, moving slowly along past the various fetishes... oral, gang-bangs, fisting, bondage, torture, bestiality. My cock was half hard as I looked at the cover pictures.

Moving along another step, I noticed a typed sheet pinned up. "Part time sales-slut wanted."

The paper had been there for a long time because I noticed a date that the computer must have added when the paper printed. The date was over a year earlier. Obviously there weren't too many women prepared to be a "sales-slut."

I thought immediately of how my wife had been talking of taking a part time job.

I glanced towards the small sales counter where a rough looking guy looked bored as he thumbed through a magazine.

Going to the counter I asked if he still required a "sales-slut."

Reassured that he did, but in a tone that implied that pigs might also fly, I asked a couple of details.

He told me that he hadn't been able to fill the position because he really wanted someone who would be prepared to "give the customers a bit of fun as well."

I told him that my wife was looking for a part time job.

He gave a bit of a guffaw and told me that I didn't quite understand what he meant.

"A bit of fucking and sucking on the side?" I said by way of clarification.

The guys seemed a bit surprized. "Yeh. That's it," he said.

"That sounds ok," I replied.

Mentioning the position to my wife as soon as I got home, she seemed amused that I should find her a job in a sex shop, but she also was very half hearted about travelling to the other side of the city just for four hours work, two or three times a week.

It was then that I mentioned the "extra duties" which the guy expected. Immediately my wife's attitude changed and she became very interested.

"You wouldn't have a problem with me doing that," she asked.

I told her that as she already had five guys fucking her on a regular basis, and that she didn't mind turning it on for anyone we met when we were out, I didn't see much difference.

The next night I took my wife for an "interview."

The guy seemed very pleased about Margie's looks.

"Er, your husband has explained what the job entails," he asked her hesitantly.

"You mean about the extra activities," my wife laughed gaily.

"Yes, that's it," the guy grinned, relieved that they fully understood each other.

Without batting an eyelid, the guy unzipped his pants and pulled out his fat, red, bulbous looking, hard cock and suggested that she show him that she meant what she said.

Margie didn't hesitate as she eagerly dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.

Of course as soon as my wife had entered the sex shop, all of the men in the shop had began looking at her, and now that she was on her knees sucking the proprietor, all eight of them gathered around, with hard cocks being stroked, to watch and to urge the guy on as he nearly choked my wife and made her gag and cough as his cock pushed right to her throat.

Soon the guy was moaning lustfully in sheer bliss as my wife expertly sucked on his cock. He grabbed her head firmly in both hands and forced her head further onto his cock so that she began struggling and emitting the most fantastic gagging, choking noises and her eyes stared and tears came into then as his cock forced its way right down her throat.

Withdrawing his cock again, Margie gasped and panted as she gulping in the air. She was looking up at the guy as she gasped and gave a half a smile as she regained her breath.

"Ready for more?" the guy asked with a grin.

"Mm," my wife murmered with a slight nod of her head.

Once more the guy grabbed her head and drove his cock down her throat.

Again the most fabulous gagging, choking sounds came from my wife as her body heaved and her stomach retched and retched in reaction to his cock being down her throat.

This time he held my wife's head firmly for some time as he jerked his cock inside her throat until I had to hold her arms as she began to frantically thresh about trying to get some air into her lungs.

Eventually, with my wife ready to lapse into unconsciousness, the guy withdrew his cock and Margie slumped to the floor coughing and gasping, her eyes smeared black from her mascara washing off with her tears.

Without waiting for Margie to recover at all, the guy got down and rolled her onto her back, then, pulling her skirt up and ripping her panties off, he got between her naked thighs and sunk his cock right up into her wet, slippery cunt.

Gradually my wife regained her breath and, smiling up at him through her teary eyes, she began to respond to his fucking as his fat, sweating body pressed her onto the hard floor.

Soon the guy began moaning and heaving his huge, hard cock deeply into my wife's cunt. Then with a huge heave of his body, he stiffened and held his positon as his sperm spurted from his cock deep into my wife's cunt.

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