Blind Man's Bluff

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is NOT a stroke story, rather it is a nice short voyeuristic story about Matthew who likes to take pictures of beautiful women. He is in the mountains, hidden in the trees when she approaches.

My name is Matthew McConnell and I am a voyeur at heart! I can't help it I just love to stroke my cock while spying on beautiful women. I left home early and hiked up into the Shenandoah Mountains heading for my favorite spot, Blind Man's Bluff. I was standing well back in the tree line, waiting for her to show up and I was already totally naked. I had my new Nikon digital at the ready with a 125mm telephoto lens focused and in place. She always comes up to the Bluff from the western trail and I always sit to the east with the sun at my back blocking any chance that she could accidentally see me spying on her.

The first thing I saw was her baseball cap, a white San Diego Padres logo standing out on a background of solid blue. As she continued walking up the trail her head came into my viewfinder followed by her shoulders and finally her whole God damned beautiful body. As she walked I took three quick shots of her so that I would have irrefutable proof of the beauty that she was while she was still fully dressed. She stopped at the top of the trail and took a deep breath then casually strolled over to the outcropping of flat rocks and dropped her backpack. She walked to the edge of the Bluff and looked out over the horizon, staring out as if she was looking for someone or something then she turned back and started undressing.

Her cap came off first, carefully taken off to avoid snagging her ponytail on the back of the cap. She was wearing a UC San Diego sweatshirt and as she reached down and grabbed the bottom I took two quick shots, then three more as she slowly lifted it up and over her head. Fuck she was gorgeous! When the sweatshirt was gone she was standing there in a revealing plain gray tee shirt that was bulging out in the front where her breasts pushed out the thin material. She squatted down on her haunches and pulled out a blanket from her backpack and spread it out on the rock then sat down on it and unlaced her hiking boots and pulled them off and set them aside. She rubbed her sock-covered feet as if the three-mile hike up to Blind Man's Bluff had somehow hurt them, then she slowly slipped her socks off. I focused the camera on her feet and nine pictures later I had caught every action she had taken to remove her socks, with one shot actually showing some lint that was clinging between her toes.

I leaned back against the tree and felt the bark bite into my bare butt as I grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I watched her. As she rubbed her ankles I matched her stroke for stroke as I lightly ran my hand up and down my hard cock. When she finally stood up I knew that it was time for the money shot and I picked up the Nikon and focused in on her butt. She unbuckled her walking shorts and let them slide down her legs. I watched them gathering speed as they dropped into a pile at her bare feet then for some strange reason she turned around and, facing me, she ran her finger up and down on the front her panties right over he top of her pussy. Zooming in I captured the bulge in her panties, the outline of her pussy lips and even the dampness seeping through the thin material.

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