The Compound
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The USS Yellowstone is at the tail end of a six month deployment. The only thing left for the crew before they begin the journey home is a three day liberty call in Izmir, Turkey for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Hull Technician Second Class, Kevin Meadows is as anxious as the rest of the crew to return home, but after one day in Turkey the thought of returning home is the last thing on his mind.

The florescent light above my head flickered. The momentary flash caused me to stir and brought my mind back from wandering. I yawned and forced myself to refocus on the green logbook in front of me: "Safety Gear Preventative Maintenance Check Log." I usually dreaded making this boring weekly trip down to the safety office for these log entries, but today it got me out of the morning sweeper duty so I didn't mind as much as usual.

Across the room sat the Safety Officer, Lieutenant Sara Kinder, at her desk. She seemed busy with the typical mountain of paperwork that consumed her days. I was about to finish my last entry into the logbook when I was startled by Lt. Kinder looking over my shoulder.

"Yes Lieutenant?"

She playfully grabbed the pen out of my hand and threw it across the desk. A look of confusion washed over my face. Puzzled by her actions, I swiveled my chair to face her and saw a devilish smile that I never knew the usually strait-laced Lieutenant could make. My mouth opened to ask why she had thrown my pen but the Lieutenant quickly silenced me with an outstretched finger to my lips.


She removed her finger from my mouth and began to trace a line over my chin and jaw. I remained motionless, unsure of my current situation.

The lieutenant leaned in closer and I noticed that the top button of her kaki shirt was undone. As she bent before me, my eyes unconsciously drifted into her open shirt. I caught a glance of her cleavage, when the lieutenant cleared her throat. My eyes immediately shot back up to meet hers. A wave of heat splashed across my face as the guilt of being caught looking down the shirt of a female officer slapped me fully awake.

Lieutenant smiled at my reaction.

I forced my eyes to remain locked with hers as her hand slid down from my face and continued to travel over my chest. Her fingers suggestively tugged at the buttons on my shirt as her hand continued to move lower. I stirred uneasily in the chair when she reached my groin. My cock twitched with an automatic response to her touch.

"Petty Officer Meadows, I need to talk to you about a safety concern." She continued stroking my growing erection through my dungarees. "This cock is just too big and hard. You're libel to poke someone in the eye. As the Safety Officer of this ship, I cannot let you leave this office until we take care of this ... hazard." She winked at me.

I tensed and looked at the office door as panic washed over me. One of my fellow shipmates could walk in on us at any moment. Caught red-handed, the Lieutenant and I would both attend Captain's Mast for fraternization. The thought of a bad conduct discharge quickly entered my mind. I wondered how I would face my parents after my expulsion from the Navy. The Lieutenant sensed my distraction and grabbed my chin to redirect my attention back to her face.

"Nervous about something?"

I nodded and swallowed the lump in my throat. "Yes, Lieutenant."

"Kevin, when I'm holding your cock in my hand, I think you can drop the Lieutenant."

I swallowed again. "Yes ... Sara."

"Better." She continued to stroke my erection. "Do you want me to stop?"

I hesitated for a long moment while I tried to get a grip on the situation. Lt. Kinder is an officer but she is also a beautiful woman that is coming on to me. My little head quickly won the argument and I shook my big head.

Sara flashed me her devilish smile again and her hands begin to fumble with the clasp of my belt. As soon as the buckle was loose, she pulled the belt free from around my waist and threw it across the room. I watched in stunned amazement at her audacity.

Sara slipped her fingers into the waistband of my dungarees and yanked hard in opposite directions with both hands. The plastic button holding the waistband together was no match for her; it went flying and landed somewhere under her desk. She unzipped my fly and continued to free me from my dungarees. I assisted her by lifting my hips off the chair. Sara yanked hard, shucking my pants and boxers in one motion down past my knees. I sat back down, my bare ass making contact with the vinyl padding of the chair.

Sara knelt before me and unbuttoned her khaki shirt. I watched as she quickly shed the garment behind her and shuffled on her knees to get closer to me. I briefly wondered to myself how many times I've imagined Lt. Kinder naked and now here I was staring at her half exposed breasts.

Sara put her hands on my legs and slid them up my thighs. She reached my groin and grabbed the base of my throbbing shaft. Without hesitation, she lunged forward and sucked half of my member into her mouth. In that instant, my fear dissolved. All I felt now was the intense pleasure that emanated from between my legs. Sara's head bobbed as she continued to suck at a steady pace.

I touched the back of her head and ran my fingers though her hair. I found the bobby pin that held her hair back and removed it. Her shoulder length auburn hair fell freely around her face. My hand moved down and I felt her cheek puckered tight while she sucked me as hard as she could. Her tongue danced against the underside of my shaft.

"Oh god."

Sara let my member slip from her lips. I gasped when the pressure of her intense sucking released.

She grinned. "Kevin, I've had this fantasy about taking you in my office for so long. I couldn't stand it anymore! I want you inside of me but we have to be quick."

I understood the urgency and helped her stand before me. I grabbed her belt buckle and fumbled with the clasp while she ran her hands over my head. Finally, I freed the stubborn belt and removed her pants and panties in one motion. Sara stepped out of the garments and straddled me on the chair.

Our lips locked and we kissed each other in a torrid frenzy. She kissed so passionately that it felt like I was having my soul literally sucked out of me. Sara reached between us and grabbed my member. Finding her target, she lifted herself up and aligned her pussy. I felt the heat of her molten sex as she slid down on my shaft. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she started to ride me.

"Oh, Sara! God, that feels incredible..."

There was a knock on the bathroom stall door.

"Yo! Meadows? You in there?"

It was Bailey. Shit! Startled, I fumbled to hide my erection. "Uh, yeah. I'm just finishing up pinching a loaf."

"Good gawd! Is that what died? Hurry the fuck up in there, Stinky! They're about to start liberty call and I don't want to be stuck at the end of the line. Jones and I will meet you in the 11-Alpha shop."

"Okay. I'll be out in a minute."

I heard Bailey fly out of the head. Whew.

Looking down I saw my semi deflated penis. I really wanted to release some pressure before heading out on liberty. I heard more footsteps and someone occupied the stall next to mine. Crap. This fantasy will have to wait.

I finished up in the head and made my way out of the repair department berthing. Climbing the ladder, I arrived on the main deck at the enlisted crew galley. There were many personnel waiting here for liberty call. I looked across the room and I recognized that most of them were the low ranking enlisted crew, rank E-3 down to E-1.

The E-3 to E-1 crewmembers are the unlucky ones when it comes to liberty call, since they have to wait until last to disembark the ship. Officers receive a privilege since they get to head out first followed by the enlisted crew in order of rank. It usually takes about an hour and a half before E-3 and below receives their liberty call, so these shipmates have a long wait ahead of them before they will be able to head ashore.

The 1MC announcement system crackled to life and the Petty Officer of the Watch's voice echoed throughout the ship: "Liberty Call! Liberty Call! Liberty call for all officers and chief petty officers!"

Shit! They started.

I bolted up the closest ladder-well to get to the next deck. At the top of the ladder, I turned aft and proceeded to walk bristly down the passageway past the repair department shops.

The USS Yellowstone was a destroyer tender whose role in the Navy was as a mobile repair support facility for the Atlantic surface fleet. The ship resembled a civilian cruise liner in size and shape except for the grey paint and had several large boom-cranes on the top deck for loading cargo. The Yellowstone was classified as a 'non-combatant ship' so women were allowed to be stationed here. About one third of the fourteen hundred-member crew was female.

Since we have women on board, the Yellowstone as well as the rest of the non-combatant ships in the Navy, are the 'Love Boats' of the fleet. Fraternization in the eyes of the military was a big no-no, but for the most part the chain of command turns a blind eye to the problem until they catch two people in the act.

As I hurried down the passageway, the repair shops that I passed were all uncommonly silent. There would be no work for the next three days because the crew was receiving a little R&R. Today, we dropped anchored in Izmir, Turkey as a reward for all the hard work that we've put in since we started this six-month tour back in May.

My occupation on the ship was a hull technician assigned to the Ship-Fitter Shop (11-Alpha). Ship fitters perform general maintenance welding and fabrications. The 11-Alpha shop was full of heavy equipment used for cutting, forming and shaping different types of metal.

Walking into the shop, I found Bailey and Jones sitting on the large fabrication table. They were watching the port brief on the closed circuit TV with several others. The port brief is given by the Executive Officer every time we pull into a new port. In the brief, the XO gives a quick overview of what to do, what to see, and where not to go. Being curious sailors, telling us where not to go usually meant that that was the first place we headed as soon as we stepped foot on the pier.

Bailey looked over when he saw me walk into the shop. "About time, stinky! Let's get in line." He tapped Jones on the back and they both got up to meet me at the shop door. I did a quick about face and we all headed aft to reach the Quarterdeck.

The three of us didn't get very far. We found the end of the liberty line just a few feet from the 11-Alpha shop door. We still had to walk past the Sheet-Metal Shop (26-Alpha) and the Pipe-Shop (56-Alpha) before we reached the Quarterdeck. Bailey was looking down the passageway counting heads in front of us.

"Meadows, I told you to hurry your ass up! Look at this line."

"Whatever. They haven't even called liberty for the E-6's. We've got some time before they call us lowly E-5s." I motioned to Jones, "So was there anything good on the port brief?"

"Just the usual warnings: don't buy any food from the street venders, don't smoke anything that is handed to you, and don't drink the water. They mentioned something about a 'compound' that we're not supposed to go to and that the shore patrol would be stationed there but I didn't catch why."

I tapped Bailey on the back. "What's the compound?"

Bailey looked over his shoulder, "It's just this place where the locals go. It's in a bad part of town." He then quickly resumed counting heads in front of us.

I got the feeling that Bailey was avoiding my question. "What do you mean 'bad part of town'?"

Bailey turned to face me. "For now, you don't need to worry about it." He smiled and quickly changed the subject. "What you need to know is that there is a USO here that we can drink at."

It figures that Bailey would know that. He usually knows exactly where to go to get his buzz started. Glaring looks from Jones and I caused Bailey to retort. "What?"

Jones chuckled. "Dude, its only noon. Isn't it a little early to start drinking?"

I agreed with Jones. "Yeah, and don't forget we have duty on the ship tomorrow, I hate standing watch with a hang over."

Bailey balked at me. "Don't worry about duty tomorrow. I saw the watch bill and one of us have any watches. After morning muster, we'll be able to rack out for the rest of the day," Bailey put his arm around me, "Trust me; you'll have much fonder memories of Izmir if you're drunk."

Jones beat me to the obvious question, "What do you mean by that?"

Bailey chuckled and rolled his eyes. He was the salty sailor of our three-man group. Jones and I were both basically new recruits with each of us being in the Navy just over a year. Bailey on the other hand was nearing the end of his four-year enlistment. "Oh, nothing..."

I hate when he does that. This was Bailey's third trip to the Med and he definitely knew his way around the ports. That was the main reason Jones and I liked to hang out with him. However, when it came time to fill us in on the things that we needed to know, Bailey had a certain knack for stepping back at just the right moment to let Jones and I figure things out on our own. Like that time in Toulon, France when he let us order raw horse meat off the menu when he knew exactly what "steak tartare" meant.

The 1MC speaker directly above my head squawked: "Liberty Call! Liberty Call! Liberty call for all E-6 and up!"

Bailey anxiously started shifting on his feet. "Oh I can taste those White Russians! How about it Jones? Are you finally going to pop that 'Quaker' cherry and get lit up tonight?" Bailey knew exactly what button to push to stir up Jones. On cue, Jones cocked his fist and punched Bailey in the arm. "I've gone this entire cruise without a drink, I think I can hold out for a two more weeks till we get home."

Before we left Norfolk, Jones had promised his wife that he would stay out of trouble. To her, that meant no drinking, no pornography, and no partying. Oddly enough, those are all things that Bailey holds dear to his heart. Knowing that Jones's wife had a tight leash around his neck, Bailey loved ragging him about it. "Come on, you know Edith will never find out. Meadows and I can keep a secret!"

Bailey nudged me in the side with his elbow looking for support. I wasn't going to get involved with this again, "Leave me out of this!"

Ever since the first day of the cruise Bailey had been trying to corrupt Jones and get him to do something that wouldn't make his wife proud. He didn't want to get him into trouble with Edith per se; he just took it as a challenge to see if he could break Jones' resolve.

The liberty line shifted forward and Bailey continued harassing Jones. "You're not going to spend the next few days glued to the phone racking up long distance charges are you?"

"I have to call Edith. It's been three weeks since I heard her voice back in Naples."

Bailey scoffed, "And it will be two short weeks till you're back in Norfolk attached to that ball and chain. Live a little! You know you won't have a chance to do any partying when you get home." Bailey rolled into his familiar Edith impersonation, "Terry, take out the trash! Terry, change the baby's diaper! Terry, come rub my feet! Terry, bring me a bon-bon!"

Jones scowled at Bailey's impersonation but didn't do anything because he knew the routine dull-drum of his life before this cruise was going to pick up right where it left off.

"You know Jones; it would be good for you to get your rocks off at least once before you go home to your wife. You're libel to kill her with the backed up semen that you're holding!"

"Well that will be her problem for making me give up porn for the last five and a half months! She caused the problem; she'll have to deal with the mess."

"Just don't knock her up again. I don't think the human gene pool can handle another Terry Jones spawn." Bailey motioned to me, "Did you see that last picture of Jones's kid? Good gawd! That's one f-ugly baby!" The 'fucking-ugly' comment earned Bailey another punch in the arm from Jones. Bailey responded by grabbing Jones around the waist and wrestling him to the bulkhead. The two of them playfully struggled with each other while our fellow shipmates in the line watched in mild amusement.

The 1MC crackle caused a pause in the wrestling action. "Liberty Call! Liberty Call! Liberty call for all E-5 and up!" There was a collective cheer from all the E-5 petty officers waiting in the passageway.

I looked over at Jones and Bailey who were still struggling with each other. "If you two are done humping each other, I'd like to go ashore now!" Jones and Bailey stopped in their tracks and refocused their attention on me. My eyes got wide as I both Bailey and Jones lunging towards me in unison. Bailey tackled me low while Jones quickly put me in a headlock. Never joke about being gay to a sailor...

The three of us emerged from the passageway and stumbled onto the Quarterdeck. Our wrestling bout from the last ten minutes left us all out of breath and with wrinkled shirts. A disapproving look from the Officer of the Deck, Chief Wexland, caused us to get serious and tuck our shirts back into our jeans.

One by one, we approached the Petty Officer of the Watch, flashed our Military ID cards, and repeated the same phrase: "Permission to go ashore?" The Petty Officer of the Watch checked everyone's attire to ensure that each shipmate was wearing a collared shirt, a belt, and no sneakers. If everything appeared to be in order, he would snap a salute and say, "Permission granted."

Since we were in civilian attire, a return salute wasn't appropriate. After a short stroll down the gangway, we boarded the liberty boat that was idling in the water. A quick ten-minute ride across the harbor and our trio finally landed on the pier. A steady stream of our fellow shipmates flowed around us as we stopped to take in the scenery.

Liberty call for the officers had started at noon. A look at my watch revealed that it was after one o'clock. I had skipped lunch on the ship today in order to enjoy some real food out in town. "Okay, so who's ready for lunch because I know I'm fucking starved!"

Bailey looked around to get his bearings and then started to walk down the pier. Jones and I fell in step at his flanks while Bailey began to give us his version of the port brief. "Well gentleman, you're in luck. Izmir has been civilized and capitalized! Pizza Hut and Burger King are both located right off the pier on the main drag. There is also a McDonalds located in the center of town just a few blocks away from the USO office."

I was shocked. "You're fucking kidding me right? I haven't had McDonalds since Norfolk!" Jones mirrored my sentiments. "What are we waiting for? Let's beat feet and get our asses to McDonalds!"

We are so predictable. Here we are, three Americans in a foreign country with two days to explore and experience a different country. Where do we go? McDonalds. My mother would be so proud.

Our group started walking with a mission. We made it through the security checkpoint on the pier and stepped out onto a bustling city street that followed the inner contours of the Izmir harbor. Cars, mopeds, and civilians on bikes all zoomed busily by on their way to unknown destinations. We made a left turn and followed the sidewalk along the bay. A few steps later, Jones paused to retrieve a 35mm camera from his pocket. He snapped a picture of the Yellowstone in the distance, several of the colorful fishing boats in the bay, and finally a picture of Bailey and I standing there with our arms crossed. A most apparent impatient look shone on our faces.

Bailey barked at him, "Dude, will you put that camera away. Stop being such a fucking tourist!"

My growling stomach agreed, "Can you keep that thing in your pocket 'til we at least get some grub?"

Stuffing the camera back in his pocket, Jones jogged the dozen steps needed to catch up to us, "I just wanted a couple pictures of the bay. It's very pretty here and I want to show Edith when we get home. Then I saw you two standing there and you looked so cute together. I just had to capture the moment!" It was my turn to punch Jones in the arm.

Bailey turned around and continued to lead the march to McDonalds, "Listen man, that camera is going to get you in trouble. I suggest you stow it."

"What trouble? Trouble with you? HA! I'll beat you harder than Meadows bludgeons his beef-stick!" Jones received another punch from my fist. Doesn't his arm ever get sore?

Bailey played along. "Oooo! That would be a hard beating!" His comment earned him a swift kick in the ass. Bailey looked over his shoulder at me, "What's the matter Meadows? We both know that you pump your python more than anyone else in the repair department."

"Look who's talking! You're the one with the extensive porn collection in his rack. I'm just a product of your negative influence."

Bailey smiled. He knew he had the best assortment of smut on the entire ship, "I may have a few 'educational' magazines and videos lying around, but I never made you look at any of them!" True. My silence acknowledged his point.

"What do you think Jones?" Bailey grabbed Jones around the shoulder, "When we get back to the states, should we help poor Meadows get laid so he doesn't have to jerk off all the time?"

"Nah, too much work. Plus I don't know any women with standards that low!" Jones earned another punch, this one a little harder than usual. I knew the two of them were joking around but I was getting tired of this topic after five months of torment for my lack of sexual experience.

When I met Bailey and Jones, I told them I had a serious girlfriend back home. They never believed me since I always got defensive when they asked about her. I did receive a few letters from my high school sweetheart in the beginning of the cruise, but around July, she wrote me a letter that said she'd met someone in college. We were still friends, but eventually her letters stopped and I never told the guys.

I also lied to them about losing my virginity in high school. I wanted to fit in. Bailey was a player that would bed anything that walked. Jones was married and had already fathered a kid. If I had let them know that I was still a virgin, I would have never heard the end of it. These guys are my friends but giving them info like that would be like giving a sixteen year old the keys to a new corvette ... reckless!

It was time for me to redirect the conversation, "I don't think you have to worry Jones, Bailey knows lots of women with low standards. Remember that chunky chick down in deck department?"

Jones knew exactly whom I was referring to, "Viduya!"

"That's her. Didn't all the guys in deck department call her 'Do-Ya Viduya'?"

It was Bailey's turn to get defensive, "Viduya was not chunky!"

"Oh yeah? What would you call her then?"

"Voluptuous!" he proudly proclaimed while waving his hands in the shape of an hourglass. Jones and I looked at each other and we both doubled over in laughter.

I was laughing so hard, I had trouble speaking, "Dude, she got stuck going through a scuttle on the main deck! That is not voluptuous. That's fucking fat!"

Bailey smirked, "Just a little extra cushion for the pushin'."

My body shuddered at the thought of Viduya's extra cushion, "A little extra cushion is fine, but how the hell did you know where to stick it?"

"Simple. Just roll her in some flour and aim for the wet spot!"

My head swung to look at Bailey, "That's fucking nasty."

Jones agreed with me, "Bailey, you are not right in the head."

"Thank you."

A few more paces and Jones decided to pause for another photo opportunity. He clicked off a few shots and lowered his camera to discover that three Turkish boys that came out of nowhere had surrounded him. None of them could have been a day over ten years old. All three were each toting a small wooden box attached to a strap over their shoulder. Jones tried to keep walking but the boys were determined not to let him move. They kept tugging on his shirt and blocking his legs with their bodies.

"Shoeshine mister? Shoeshine real good!" The boys kept repeating.

Bailey was chuckling to himself. "I told him that camera was going to get him into trouble." The two of us watched as Jones tried as politely as he could to get away from the shoeshine brigade. He finally gave up being polite and grabbed one on the shoulder to shove him aside. Pushing through, he finally caught up with us on the sidewalk.

"Annoying little bastards."

Bailey shouted, "Watch out!"

Acting instinctively, Bailey put his left arm out in front of me. He pushed me back with his arm causing both of us to take a step back from Jones. In the same moment that Bailey and I were moving, one of the shoeshine kids flew by Jones like a bolt of lightning. He was running hunched over at the waist. In his hand, he held a sponge dripping some gooey black liquid. The sponge brushed against Jones's right foot leaving a large streak across the toe of his shoe.

The shoeshine boy stopped running and stood up. He spun around and looked Jones in the eye. "Me so sorry! Me so sorry! I clean off! I clean off!"

Jones was enraged, "You better clean that off you little shit!" Jones stuck his foot out for the boy to clean.

Bailey knew better, "Forget about it and keep walking."

"No way! Look what that little bastard did to my shoe! He's going to clean that off."

"Ok then. Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Huh? Warn me about what?"

Bailey looked at me and flashed his patented 'watch this' smile. The little boy went to work busily wiping the black liquid from Jones's shoe. He had the mess cleaned up in a few seconds and then stood up with his hand extended. Jones was confused. "What the fuck? I'm not going to pay you!"

Bailey corrected him, "Yes you are."

"What the hell for? He put that shit on my shoe without my permission."

"It doesn't matter. He shined your shoe. Now you owe him money. If you don't pay him, that cop across the street that witnessed you shove this kid will come over to make you pay."

Jones looked over his shoulder and noticed the police officer casually watching us from across the street, "This is bullshit."

"Welcome to Izmir you fucking tourist! Pay the kid a buck and let's get out of here before the cop comes over. I guarantee if he does, it's going to cost more than a buck." Reluctantly, Jones produced an American dollar from his wallet and gave it to the smiling kid. The boy ran off to meet his two friends, presumably to look for more victims.

Bailey chuckled to himself, "I guess I should have warned you two boot camps about the 'kamikaze shoe shiners'."

Still upset from being robbed of a dollar, Jones shot back, "Yeah, that would have been a useful piece of information, you fucker!"

"Cheer up my man! It was only a buck and you got your shoe shined. You should be happy."

"Bailey, you're such a fucking bastard."

"I know. I love you too."

Our group turned right at the next intersection and we walked away from the harbor towards the center of the city. After what seemed like an eternity, the McDonalds golden arches finally became visible on the side of a three-story building. Our walking pace quickened because lunch was about to be served.

Standing outside the McDonalds, Bailey announced to the world that his appetite had been appeased by letting out a disgustingly long burp, "Fuck, those Big Macs hit the spot!"

Jones rolled his eyes, "Excuse you! Do you have to be so fucking nasty?" Jones always tried to teach us manners. He was just wasting his time.

"What? That wasn't nasty. If you want to see nasty, I'll show you this porno I picked up in Germany."

I knew the tape, "Is that the one where the girl sticks her entire arm into..."

Jones cut me off, "Forget it, you pigs. So where is the USO from here?"

"About three blocks away. I thought you weren't interested in drinking at the USO?"

"I'm not. The USO has phones that I can use to call Edith."

Bailey shook his head and rolled his eyes, "I should have known. Come on Meadows, Jones wants to check in with the warden." He motioned with his arm to follow and we crossed the street, "You do realize that it's only three o'clock right?"

"Crap. How many hours ahead of eastern time are we?"

I looked at my watch, "We're nine hours ahead. So it's only 6:07 AM in Norfolk."

Bailey jumped at the opportunity to harass Jones, "Do you realize the trouble you'll be in if you wake the princess before noon!" Bailey once again launched into his Edith impersonation, "Terry, do you realize what time it is? What if you had waked the baby! Don't you ever think?"

Jones got that look in his eye like he was about to snap, "Whatever, fucker. You're just jealous that I have a loving wife waiting for me back home."

Bailey scoffed, "Man, the last thing I need is a wife and a baby to feed. I'm a short timer. In eighty-three days, I will be done with the Navy and returning to civilian life. If I was married with kids, I'd probably be thinking about something stupid like re-enlisting. Fuck that! I feel bad for you Jones; because you know, Edith isn't going to let you get out of the Navy anytime soon. She's got a pretty sweet deal milking your paycheck while you do all the work."

Bailey turned to face me as he pointed his finger at Jones, "Take a close look, Meadows. That right there is a 'lifer.' He's doomed to spend the next twenty years sailing the Med, taking pictures of fishing boats to show his wife and kids. Too bad his family doesn't even know him because he's only home for six months out of the year! Eventually, all the time he spends at sea will drive a wedge between him and his wife. Until one day, he goes home and finds all his shit piled out in the front yard. After the divorce, all that will remain is a tired old salt with half of a pitiful pension check."

The picture that Bailey was painting was bleak and Jones was not appreciative, "Dude, you are so full of shit."

"Am I? I've seen it happen a thousand times. Shit, I can't tell you how many times I picked up a lonely Navy wife over at Knickerbockers in Norfolk. As soon as a battle group leaves for a six-month deployment, that bar is jumping full of Navy wives looking to hook up. I'm going to take Meadows there after we get back. Maybe we can score him a piece of ass."

Jones's face was flush and he snapped at Bailey, "You're talking about adultery with married women. Don't you have any fucking morals?"

I felt the need to break the growing tension between Bailey and Jones, "We're talking about the guy that had sex with two-ton 'Do-Ya Viduya.'" I laughed, "Bailey has no morals."

"Damn strait! Morals are for suckers."

Bailey stopped walking and turned to face Jones and me. Holding out his arms he proclaimed: "Welcome to the Izmir USO boys."

Jones and I looked around and responded in unison, "Where?"

We were standing in the middle of a side street that was one-step away from being a back alley. Surrounding us on both sides were identical rows of two story buildings packed tightly together. There was only one sidewalk and the road was barely wide enough for one compact car to pass. Other than the three of us, the street was completely deserted.

Bailey pointed to a small weathered sign that hung above a regular looking wooden door. The sign was blue with three embossed letters on it painted with alternating red and white stripes: 'USO'.

Jones didn't sound too sure, "Are you serious?"

"What did you expect? You're in Turkey."

Bailey grabbed the handle on the door and pulled it open. Inside there was a flight of steps leading up. Pearl Jam's "Even-flow" was drifting down through the open doorway. Holding the door open, Bailey bowed at the waist, motioning for me to go in. "Ladies first!"

Crossing the threshold, I climbed the stairs. The smell of stale beer and cigarettes attached itself to my sinuses. Several empty beer cans littered several of the steps, "This joint smells worse than your last apartment!"

"Don't knock it yet. The joint has some redeeming qualities."

I reached the top of the stairs and stepped onto a small landing that quickly got crowded as Jones and Bailey caught up. The walls were covered with various graffiti written with black felt tip markers. Most of the scribbling proclaimed the details of the sailors that where here before us: Rank, name, ship, and year of the cruise. I noticed several dates were old, with one that said 1978.

"There's me." Bailey pointed to a spot high up on the wall. "Winter cruise '89. It's been almost two years since I've been to Izmir."

Jones was still not convinced he wanted to be here, "From the looks of things, I don't think they've cleaned since you left."

"Come on." Bailey led us through a low arch into a dim hallway and past two small unisex bathrooms. Beyond that, a large room opened up, filled with a dozen tables. Three pool tables lined the left wall. A large bar dominated the far wall from end to end. About ten of our Yellowstone shipmates were already here drinking and occupying the pool tables. To our right were four phone booths, all of which were currently in use. A line of five more of our shipmates stood next to the booths waiting to use the phones.

Bailey kept walking as we entered the room. He pointed to the row of phones without ever taking his eyes off the bar, "Have fun trying to get through, I need a drink."

Jones and I paused to take in our surroundings. I looked at Jones, "You want anything from the bar?"

"Yeah, get me a coke. I'm going to be here awhile."

I gave him a sloppy salute then continued to follow Bailey.

The bar itself was impressive for a dive like this. The base appeared crafted from dark mahogany wood with ornamental carvings adorning the entire front. A brass foot rail extended the length, while on top a burgundy leather elbow rest flowed into a dark granite counter top. Behind the bar was a mirrored wall plastered with hundreds of photos depicting scenes of drunken sailors that have at one time or another passed through the Izmir USO.

A middle-aged Turkish man was leaning against the back counter. His eyes focused on a small black and white television stashed under the bar. He was sporting a full beard with a mustache that curled up on the ends. I recognized him immediately from several of the pictures taped to the mirrors behind him. Someone had already given him an official USS Yellowstone ball-cap that he was currently wearing.

Breaking his concentration from the television, the bartender turned to face us. "What can I get for you boys?" He spoke perfect English without a trace of an accent. We both pulled up a bar stool and sat.

Bailey wasted no time, "White Russian."

"And you?"

"Amoretto Sour and a Coke," Bailey and I rarely drank beer.

"Coming right up."

Bailey gave me a puzzled look, "Coke?"

I pointed my thumb towards the phone booths, "For Jones."

The bartender returned a moment latter with our drinks. The glasses were sixteen ounce monsters filled to the top. One ice cube clanked in each, "Four dollars, US."

I reached for my wallet, "Is that for me or him?"

"Four dollars for both."

"Holy shit!"

Bailey smirked, "See! I told you, redeeming qualities."

I pulled a ten-dollar bill out of my wallet and passed it to the bartender. We reached for our drinks and I motioned to Bailey for a toast, "Hell yeah it does!" We tapped glasses and each took a healthy swig. Bailey downed half of his before returning the glass to the bar, "And this guy knows how to make a White Russian."

"I'll be right back. I'm going to give Jones his Coke."


I crossed the room and found Jones at the end of the line waiting for the phones.

"What do I owe you?" He asked.

"Forget it. Buy me a round after you get off the phone."


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah. Bailey was really getting under my skin before. Now I'm just anxious to hear Edith's voice."

"I guess he did go a little overboard with the adultery stuff. He knows how much you love Edith. Like you said, I think he's jealous."

"Maybe. I just wish he would back off sometimes."

"I'll talk to him about it. Good luck getting a hold of Edith. Say hello to her for me."

"Will do."

Returning to the bar, I found Bailey with a lit cigarette and a fresh White Russian. "Dude! I was only gone for two minutes and you're on your second?"

"Turkey is my very last port of call before I'm out of the Navy. I'm going to enjoy it. Fuck Jones and his sobriety promise to his wife."

"Sounds like you're finally giving up on corrupting him."

"Bah. His wife already took care of that. Look at him waiting over there. Pathetic. He has no idea what Edith has been doing back in the states for the last five and a half months."

"True. But he trusts her."

"Yeah, he does and that's what's fucked up. He trusts her a hundred percent without question but yet she makes him agree to no drinking and no partying before he leaves. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like mutual trust to me."

"Maybe she does trust him and is just worried about him being safe?"

Bailey scoffed, "I'm not buying it." He took a drag on his cigarette and turned his stool to face me. "Do you remember the going away party at Jones's house the weekend before we left?"

I nodded.

"Did you notice anything strange about the way Edith was acting?"

I shrugged, "Not really."

"Think about it. What were all of the other wives doing?"

"Well everybody was in the back yard. Drinking and just hanging out. It was kind of a sad party because we all knew that we were leaving."

"Right. But all the married couples were hanging out together. Edith was a little social butterfly, happy as could be, chatting it up with everyone. Don't you think that was a little odd?"

"Well she was the hostess of the party. She was probably just trying her best to bring everyone's sprit up."

"I thought that too, until she grabbed my ass in the garage."

I almost choked, "What?!?"

"Yeah, during the party, she asked me to get another case of beer from the garage and restock the cooler. I went inside and she followed me. As I bent over to pick up the case, she grabbed my ass."

"What did you do?"

"I stood up with the case of beer and turned to walk out of the garage. She winked at me and held the door as I walked past."

"That's fucked up. How come you never told Jones?"

He paused for a long moment looking into his drink. I watched him stare at the lone ice cube floating in his glass, a blank look across his face. I could tell that he was searching for the right words but I had no idea why, "I guess I never told Jones because I always thought Edith was hot."

My eyes shot open, "Dude, what the fuck are you saying?"

Bailey's tone got serious. "I'm not saying anything and you're not saying anything either."

I grabbed my drink and leaned back on my barstool. Swirling my straw, I let Bailey's confession sink in before I responded. "So do you think Edith would cheat on Jones?"

"I don't know and right now I don't care. She's in Norfolk and we're halfway around the world enjoying the best White Russians in the Med. Drink up."

I found it hard to look Bailey in the eye. We've joked about Edith being hot but never have we touched on the taboo subject of wanting to have sex with her. Sure, I've jerked off while thinking about Edith, but I've never made a pass at her. Bailey didn't make a pass at Edith either. She grabbed him. Am I proud of Bailey for not taking it further with Edith? Am I jealous that Edith didn't grab my ass? Would I tell Jones if Edith grabbed me? Or would I also keep it a secret hoping that someday I might have a chance to hook up with Edith?

I decided to banish the myriad of thoughts floating around in my head. I gulped down the rest of my drink and grabbed my change that was still there from earlier. I slid the bills towards the bartender. He looked at me as I found my voice. "Two more Amaretto Sours and another White Russian."

I looked at Bailey, "Pass me a cigarette."

Bailey put his arm around me, "Meadows my man! We are going to get fucking lit!"

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