Three Guesses

by Velvet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Simply pleasure.. giving and taking two people working each other into a sensual frenzy.

Part 1

Hmmmmm 3 guesses what is touching me now... I love this scent. Somehow it seems to make you even closer, mmmmmmm my mind is filled with thoughts of your body snugly fitted into these briefs... Even as I softly stroke them I can imagine your cock hardening at my touch, I tease you through the cloth for a bit before I slide my hand inside, my other hand slipping behind you to feel your ass, pulling you closer as I free your cock from these and stroke it in time to the soft kisses I am setting all along your chest...

Taking your nipple in my mouth I tongue it then softly nibbling just a bit and hear your indrawn breath, smiling as I know you love this so... My kisses drop down following the line to your belly and below pausing only to circle my tongue around your belly button. I can feel the tension in you as the tip of your swollen cock comes under my scrutiny. I take my tongue and just start licking you like an ice-cream cone... top to bottom and then swirling around the top over and over...

Your balls are in my hand and I gently massage them... I can't stand it any more I want to suck your cock completely and plunge my mouth down taking your length as far as I can. Your hips buck in response to my mouths slippery path along your cock. Sucking up and down... pulling you deep inside ready to accept the entire load I know you are not going to keep long from me.

You try to reach me to touch and I wont let you, even though my pussy is so wet and I want you more than ever. I want to concentrate on you. There will be time later for my wants and needs. Continuing with my mouth work, I slide my fingers along, slipping along till I feel you tense as your ass is where I have stopped. I play with your opening softly circling it and just pressing in a bit with my finger. Teasing and adding a bit of pressure slowly, I can tell it is exciting you and I continue, soon my finger is in your tight ass as I stroke your cock. Your begging me to let you come inside me... but I resist, I taste your cocks juices, you are so close I close my eyes and just concentrate on the rhythm I have set up, between your cock and ass being fucked you can no longer hold back and I feel your cock squirting its load in my mouth... I swallow it all never letting up till I know every drop has been devoured. I kiss your cock and smile up at you dreamily as you tell me that now it is my time.

Part 2

You stand above me breathing hard from the passions I just aroused in you. My own desire is a ferocious beast inflamed by your explosive orgasm. I want you to take me hard right now and ease this burning need. But you have other things in mind, taking my hand and leading me to the side of the bed you order me to lie down and not move... I feel a bit odd, as you have never spoken to me so abruptly in our lovemaking. But curiosity has me obeying your orders, and I watch you walk out of the room and disappear for a moment, reappearing with a bowl in your hand. I want to ask what you are doing but you shush me

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