Pregnant With Puppies

by edmondl

Copyright┬ę 2006 by edmondl

Fantasy Sex Story: Fourteen-year-old Lisa learns about the family curse that will require her to become pregnant with puppies if she ever wants to have a human baby.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality   Pregnancy   .


Carolyn Sanders glanced at her 14-year-old daughter as they drove along the country road. At nearly 5'5" and with long blonde hair, Lisa was becoming a young woman--her legs were getting longer, she was already wearing an A-cup bra, her waist was getting thinner and she was always talking with her girlfriends about boys.

Carolyn had been putting off the birds-and-the-bees

talk because she knew it was impossible for Lisa to get pregnant until she experienced something that none of her other friends would have to endure, something that nobody else could ever find out about.

Lisa wasn't very excited about spending the whole

summer at her grandmother's. She would much rather be

at home with Sonia and Tasha, her best friends, playing on the internet, listening to music and talking about boys--especially Kyle Drake--he was so cute that just thinking about him made her get a little tingle in her stomach that she couldn't explain.

Instead she was going to the middle of nowhere to stay with her grandmother. Lisa loved her grandmother and she didn't see her too often, but spending her WHOLE summer at the farm seemed to be going overboard. Her mom told her that she'd find lots of things to do, but Lisa wasn't convinced, she's brought lots of books and video games in case she got bored.

The sign at the end of the dirt lane said FLORA

EDWARDS, DOG BREEDER, Carolyn turned the SUV and

started the two-mile drive to the farm where she grew

up and where her teenage daughter was about to learn

the family secret that would change her young life. The big red brick house looked much the same as it did when she was Lisa's age.

There were several small sheds and the kennel area

where the male breeding dogs stayed and the puppies

lived until they were sent to their new owner. As soon as Carolyn stopped the vehicle, her mom came out to greet them. At almost 60, she could easily pass for a woman 20 years younger than her age.

"I think you brought enough stuff to stay all year,

Lisa," her grandmother told her as she put the last of her bags down. Both her mom and grandma were acting kind of funny but the 14-year-old couldn't put her finger on it. "Lisa, honey, come sit down on the bed," her mom finally told her. "Your grandma and I have something to tell you."

"Lisa sweetheart, a long-long time ago, your great-

great-great grandmother was a beautiful young maiden in a tiny country a long way from here," her grandmother started. "Both she and another young women were in love with a handsome young prince who was being groomed to be the king.

The young prince liked both young women but when he

chose your great-great-great grandmother, the other

young woman, who was a witch, put a spell on her so she could never have children and if the prince married her, there wouldn't be anyone to rule the country after him."

"But if she couldn't have children, how are we here,"

Lisa asked, trying to understand where the story was


"Your great-great-great grandmother was very sad when

she learned she couldn't give the prince a child so she ran away to a dark forest where she met an old wizard,"

Carolyn picked up the story. "The wizard told her that he could cast another spell so she could have children, but there was one condition -- before she could get pregnant with a human baby, she had to mate with the prince's dog and have a litter of puppies. She snuck back to the castle and laid down with the prince's dog. She then travelled back to the forest where she stayed until after the puppies were born."

"She had SEX with a dog and had puppies," Lisa asked


"Yes sweetheart," her grandmother told her. "She went

back to the prince and they were married. They had

three children and all of them were girls. It was part of the witch's curse that all of their children would be girls and eventually there wasn't any males to rule the country but the prince and your great-great-great grandmother were so much in love that they lived happily ever after."

"Why are you telling me this story," Lisa asked.

"Lisa, have you ever wondered why you only have aunts

and all of your cousins are girls? It's part of the

curse; it's gone from generation to generation. Honey, before you get married and have children, you're going to have to have a litter of puppies... and even afterward, you'll never have a baby boy," her mom told her.

"I'm going to have to do it with a dog and get pregnant with puppies," Lisa exclaimed. "What happens if I don't?"

"Then you'll never be able to have children, sweetheart," Carolyn told her daughter. "If I didn't do it, I would have never had you and your sister. The reason I brought you here this summer is so you can get this behind you before you get serious about a boy and later want to get married and have children. It will all happen this summer so that when you go back to school, no one will ever know what happened. What you are doing to do is very special, the puppies we deliver have very special intelligence and there used as police and rescue dogs and seeing-eye dogs."

Hours later after her mom had gone home, 14-year-old

Lisa lay on her bed trying to make sense of everything she'd been told. If she didn't do it with a dog and get pregnant with puppies, she's NEVER be able to have a real baby. She'd tried to imagine what it would be like to do it with Kyle, but to do it with a dog? There was a knock at her door, then it opened slightly and a beautiful German shepherd came in her room. "Lisa, this is Ranger. I thought you'd like to get to know him a little better," her grandmother told her then closed the door again.

"Hello boy, you are SOOO beautiful," she said sitting

it's handsome since you are a boy dog. Soon Ranger's

tail was wagging and he was licking Lisa's face as she giggled, suddenly wondering exactly how she would do it with a dog.

She learned part of her answer when Ranger rolled over on his side and she began rubbing his belly. Lisa was amazed when she saw the tip of his red doggie dick sticking out. When she rubbed even lower, the German shepherd's entire penis stuck out. 'How am I ever going to do that? It has to be bigger than a boy's cock, ' Lisa thought to herself, knowing that she'd already made up her mind.

Flora Edwards knew that her granddaughter would come

around once had a chance to let things sink in, she

just had to give her a little time and space. She was

reading a romance novel when Lisa came downstairs with Ranger at her heels. "Grandma, what do I have to do so that Ranger can... can make me pregnant," she asked.

Flora led her to the kitchen where she got a jar of

honey down from the cupboard. "First, you have to give Ranger a chance to get to know your body, and

experience what it's like to have sex," she told the


Later that night, Lisa's heart was pounding as she took off her red shorts and red and white striped top and freed her tiny breasts then slipped off her panties.

Opening the honey jar, she dipped in her fingers then

smeared the sticky sweetness over her bare budding

boobs and lay on top of pillows on the floor. "Here

boy, here Ranger," Lisa called and the dog came to her, wagging his tail and rubbing his long tongue over her face. "You're licking me in the wrong place," she giggled, taking Ranger's head and guiding it to her honey-covered breasts.

After only a few swipes of the German shepherd's big

rough tongue over her tiny breasts, Lisa's nipples were rock hard and she was breathing hard as she experienced sensations that she'd never felt before. Dipping her hand into the honey jar, the 14-year-old moved her fingers to her crotch and rubbed a handful of honey over her smooth virgin pussy. Soon the dog's head was between her legs and as his tongue rubbed over her pussy, Lisa moaned with pleasure as she felt something happening deep in her core.

"Oh Ranger! That feels SOOOOO good," Lisa moaned. When the dog stuck his tongue into her little pussy and found her swollen clit, Lisa closed her knees around Ranger's head pulling him closer as wave after wave of sexual current passed through her 14-year-old body as she experienced her first orgasm and screamed with pleasure.

Still naked and on the floor, Lisa petted the German

shepherd telling him what a good doggie he was.

Ranger's tail was wagging as he rolled over on his back and the 14-year-old knew what he wanted. She rubbed his underside until his big red doggie dick pushed out of the sheath.

Timidly, Lisa touched it, amazed at how warm and smooth it was. Ranger only growled a little when she gripped the red penis in her hand and began stroking it back and forth as Ranger's tail wagged and he began bucking until suddenly spurt after spurt of white cream shot out of his doggie dick, covering Lisa's hand.

Getting information from your grandma about how to do

it with a dog seemed really strange to 14-year-old

Lisa, but at the same time it was kind of exciting too.

It was the middle of the next afternoon when she took

Ranger up to her bedroom and locked the door.

Taking off all her clothes, she got the honey jar and

then put a pair of her socks on the German shepherd's

front paws. Lisa loved the sensations she got from

Ranger's tongue licking her pussy. When the honey was

gone, her smooth pussy was still wet with her juices

and she was breathing rapidly. Getting up on all fours on the pillows, Lisa moved her knees wide apart

exposing her dripping pussy to Ranger.

At first the German shepherd just walked up and licked her pussy. But then as if he suddenly realized what Lisa was offering, Ranger put his sock-clad paws up on the 14-year-old's back and began poking around with his long hard doggie dick until he finally found her pussy lips.

Lisa groaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the German shepherd pushed his tool deep into her, busting her cherry in the process. Lisa felt so full of Ranger's doggie dick that she was sure she would rip apart then something even bigger was going inside. In and out faster and faster, the dog was fucking her so fast and furious that all Lisa could do was move her hips with the motion and moan and groan with pleasure.

Suddenly Ranger stopped in mid thrust and she felt wave after wave of doggie cum shoot deep into her pussy.

Flora was making dinner in the kitchen when Lisa came

in walking gingerly and she knew that her ganddaughter had broken the curse again. "Grandma, am I pregnant now?" the 14-year-old asked.

"Yes, sweetheart, you are pregnant with puppies now,"

she told her.

"What happens now," Lisa asked.

"You'll probably start feeling pregnancy symptoms

pretty soon and over the summer the puppies will grow

inside you. When it comes time for you to deliver,

that's something that you will have to do on your own.

I have a basket to put the puppies in that's been

passed down from generation to generation," Flora told her granddaughter.

A few mornings later, Lisa felt a little funny as soon as she woke up. It wasn't until she got downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast and smelled her grandma's bacon and eggs that she realized she was going to be sick. Cupping a hand over her mouth, the 14-year-old dashed back up the steps to the bathroom where she huddled over the toilet and threw up again and again.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked Flora, who had

followed her.

"Morning sickness... it's one of the hazards of being

pregnant. We'll get you some crackers or ginger ale and that should make it go away. You won't have it too long since your pregnancy will pass so quickly," her grandmother told her.

Over the next few days, Lisa battled morning sickness

off and on and suddenly she was so tired all the time

that often she was napping in her bed with Ranger

sleeping beside her on the floor. Her tiny breasts were suddenly so tender that she went without her bra.

After taking a warm shower one morning, the naked

pregnant 14-year-old stood sideways in front of the

full length bathroom mirror looking for changes. Her

grandma said things would start happening soon since

her pregnancy would take only one-third as long as a

normal one. Cupping her hands over her tiny breasts,

they seemed a little fuller than usual and there was

the slightest bump in her lower abdomen. Was it

possible that the puppies were starting to grow inside her already?

Suddenly Lisa never felt better in all her life. She

loved it on the farm, finding all kinds of places to

explore, usually with Ranger at her side. By mealtime

she was starved and ate seconds of everything. She'd

heard the expression eating for two, and Lisa was

pretty sure there was more than one puppy inside her


A few mornings later when Lisa tried to fasten a pair

of shorts around her waist the material just wouldn't

reach and she had to wear them with the zipper about

halfway down. The puppies really were starting to grow in her belly.

By the beginning of June, Lisa's 14-year-old body had

the appearance of being four months pregnant. Standing under the warm water of the shower, she held her once tiny breasts in her hands. They were so much bigger and heavier than they were when she came to the farm.

Drying off her teenage body, Lisa moved her hands to

her pregnant belly and was amazed how firm and smooth

it was and she could see a faint dark line running down the middle. Standing sideways, Lisa moved her hands down over the gentle roundness of her lower abdomen.

She wondered what her friends back home would think if they could see her slightly swollen belly. Oh God, she wondered what Kyle would think.

Padding back to her bedroom, Lisa pulled on one of the few pair of shorts she could still wear, but now even they were too small for her changing pregnant shape. Wrapping a towel around her girlish 14-year-old body, she went downstairs.

"Grandma, what am I going to do? I can't fit into

ANYTHING anymore," Lisa exclaimed. "Let me get a good

look at you, young lady," Flora said as her

granddaughter removed the towel. Lisa definitely had a tidy little bump; her pregnancy was progressing right on schedule. "Come one sweetheart, we'll find you some maternity clothes," Flora said leading her 14-year-old granddaughter to a spare bedroom.

Stepping into the room, Lisa found piles of clothes

everywhere. "Wow! Where did all this stuff come from," she asked. "Your mother and aunts and cousins have all contributed to the collection," her grandmother told her.

"Did my mom wear any of this when she was pregnant

with puppies?" Lisa asked.

"No, anything she contributed was from when she was

pregnant with you and your sister," Flora answered.

Lisa had no inhibitions about dropping the towel and

searching through the clothes totally naked. Pulling a pair of panties up over her slender legs, she marvelled at how far the waistband stretched 0ut.

"Grandma, is my belly really going to get this big?" she asked.

"Yes, sweetheart, but it will be alright. It will all

be over in a couple months and you can get on with the rest of your life."

Still clad in only her new pair of maternity panties,

Lisa found bras that fit her swollen breasts better and a few thin summer nightgowns that still flowed over her pregnant teenage body. For the rest of the morning, the 14-year-old had a great time picking out shorts and jeans with wide elastic bands and drawstrings to accommodate her growing belly, smocks that seemed much too big and some daring knit tops that would cling to her pregnant shape.

She found several colourful sundresses that fit her

perfectly, she wondered if any of them were her mom's.

"Look Ranger! Swimsuits," she exclaimed as she found

both one piece maternity suits and bikini suits. "Wow, I wonder what I'll look like in this one when I get my big belly," Lisa said smiling.

A few mornings later Lisa was standing under the warm

water of the shower when she suddenly felt a flutter

from deep inside her. She was so amazed she dropped the washcloth and waited a minute or so until it happened again. Oh my God, it's the puppies! They're moving around in there, the 14-year-old marvelled as her unborn puppies fluttered away inside her womb.

Drying off her four and a half months pregnant body,

Lisa couldn't resist examining how it was changing on

almost a daily basis. Her once tiny breasts were now

almost big enough to fill her hands and it took both

her hands to cover the growing bulge in her belly.

Wrapping a clean towel around her naked gravid body,

Lisa went back to her bedroom where she slipped into

maternity panties and a bra then pulled on a pair a

white maternity shorts that her belly pushed out the

elastic band on already and an orange knit top that

clung to her shape and left no doubt that she was


Bright sunshine was streaming through her bedroom

window in the middle of June as Lisa started the

equivalent of her fifth month of canine pregnancy.

Stirring awake, the 14-year-old moved her hands to her rounded belly to make sure it wasn't all a dream then the puppies began to stir deep inside her womb. "Good morning babies!

I wonder how many of you there are in there... and how gigantic I'm gonna get," she said wrinkling her nose as she tried to picture what she'd look like. Without really realizing she was doing it, Lisa had fondled her bare breasts until her nipples were hard and she was breathing rapidly.

"I'm SOOOO horny! I wonder if I'm supposed to feel like this," the 14-year-old pondered as she moved her hands down over the smooth slope of her bulging belly and under the waistband of her maternity panties. Oh God, it felt so good to rub her pussy lips! Soon her fingers were moist and she could smell her own aroma... and so could Ranger who was sleeping on the floor beside her.

Sliding off her moist panties, Lisa moved her five

months pregnant teenage body crossways on the bed so

that her butt was at the edge of the mattress and her

bare feet were on the floor with her bent knees wide


"Here Ranger! Come here boy! Lick my pussy boy," she

urged as the German shepherd moved between her knees

and rubbed his long, rough tongue over her pregnant

pussy. "That's it Ranger... good boy," she said as he

began licking faster and faster and when he plunged his tongue into her pussy and stroked her swollen clit, she couldn't help screaming with pleasure as an orgasm overpowered her.

Flora knew what Lisa wanted to ask as soon as she saw

her pregnant 14-year-old granddaughter come into the

kitchen with Ranger at her heel. She'd reached the

point in her pregnancy where she was feeling urges and desires that she'd never felt before.

"Grandma... would it hurt the puppies if Ranger... if

Ranger and me?" Lisa started but couldn't finish.

"Don't worry sweetheart, it won't hurt the puppies if

you and Ranger have a little fun. He won't do anything to hurt you and this is your special time to experience this part of our heritage," Flora told her.

Lisa waited until her grandmother drove to town to get groceries then hurried up the steps to her bedroom with Ranger following close behind. Padding the floor with her pillows, the pregnant 14-year-old stripped out of her maternity clothes then sat on the pillows petting and hugging the German shepherd.

"You are such a handsome doggie," she said as she put

socks on his front paws and his tail began wagging and he began panting like he knew what was going to happen next. Lisa lay flat on her back on the pillows with her bent knees wide apart, masturbating until she was wet and she felt Ranger's nose pushing against her hand.

When she moved it away, the dog began licking her

pregnant pussy with long, rough strokes that sent waves of excitement through Lisa's core.

Breathing rapidly, Lisa struggled with her changing

centre of gravity as she got up on her hands and knees.

"Come on Ranger! Fuck me! Fuck me boy," she panted as

the German shepherd circled her then placed his sock-

covered front paws in the middle of her curving back as he moved his thick doggie cock to the pregnant

teenager's dripping pussy.

It took a couple tries before Ranger pushed his cock

into Lisa's pregnant pussy as she groaned with

pleasure. The dog's cock was so large it filled her to the brim then she moaned as she felt Ranger's knot

stretch her opening even more. Once the two of them

were connected Ranger began thrusting his cock in and

out, deeper and deeper as Lisa felt herself going over the edge.

"OH I'M CUMMING RANGER! I'M CUMMMIINGGGG," the pregnant 14-year-old screamed as she orgasmed and the German shepherd shot wave after wave of doggie semen deep into her gravid body.

As days passed Lisa was suddenly so hungry she couldn't stop eating the huge meals her grandmother prepared for her. "Your puppies have a lot of growing to do in a very short time," Flora told her as she ate a bite of steak. "Grandma, where did mom have her puppies," the pregnant 14-year-old asked.

"I'm not sure, sweetheart. Your grandfather built lots of places around here for you girls to deliver, you just have to find the one that you like the best and get it ready for when you go into labour. It's important that you do this yourself, without any help from anyone else," her grandmother told her.

The dog days of summer arrived at the beginning of July as Lisa started her seventh month of canine pregnancy.

It was the middle of the morning before the strong

movements of her unborn puppies and the urgent need to pee woke her from a restless sleep. Her pregnancy was too advanced for the 14-year-old to sleep on her

stomach or curved back, instead she lay on her right

side with her big bulging belly resting against the


Groaning with the effort, Lisa worked her heavy

pregnant body crossways on the bed with her bare feet

wide apart on the floor then paused to get her breath

back. Pressing her hands against the mattress, Lisa

grunted as she pushed her rear off the sheet and

struggled to her feet then waddled hurriedly to the


The puppies became even more active in her womb as Lisa soaped up her tremendous tummy under the warm shower.

The 14-year-old needed all of two towels to dry herself off then stood in front of the full length mirror staring unbelievingly at how much her body had changed in just a few short months.

Her once A-cup breasts had swollen almost two cup sizes and her nipples were surrounded by dark brown rings. A few inches below them, her big bulging belly began rounding out. Lisa couldn't believe that there was so much of her.

Stepping onto the scales, she saw that she was 22

pounds heavier than normal and she knew she would get

even heavier before the puppies were born. Her

stretched stomach was so firm and smooth and there was a dark line running down the middle to her belly button which was almost smoothed over. Even her girlish hips seemed wider to support all the weight she was gaining.

Padding naked as a jaybird back to her bedroom, Lisa

gathered up clean clothes then lowered her heavy

pregnant body slowly to the edge of the bed. The

teenager placed her panties on the floor then bent over her tremendous tummy and fished her feet blindly

through the leg holes as the puppies banged around her side her womb.

After repeating the process with a pair of red

maternity shorts, she struggled to stand then pulled

them up over her big bulging belly and tied the

drawstring on her shorts. Lifting her milk-filled

breasts into the cups of a maternity bra, she fastened it behind her curved back and pulled a white T-shirt over her head that clung to her pregnant shape and left about three inches of her swollen stomach exposed.

After eating a healthy breakfast, Lisa set off to find a place where she could deliver her puppies when her labour started. The farm had lots of old buildings but none of them looked like a place where she wanted to give birth. She and Ranger were more than a mile from the house when Lisa felt the urgent need to pee. Even there wasn't another person anywhere around, she went behind some bushes before she pulled down her maternity shorts and panties then squatted and let the pee gush out of her pregnant pussy.

Looking around, Lisa spotted what looked like a ladder on a tree then looked up to see a large tree house.

Being careful not to fall and hurt her unborn puppies, the pregnant 14-year-old climbed the ladder to the tree house. It was old and dusty but there was an old bed and a stand to put a flashlight and a place to put the basket.

There was some writing on the wall, but it was covered with dust. Brushing it away with her hand it said "CAROLYN WAS HERE".

"My mom! I bet she had her puppies here... and I'm

going to deliver mine here too," she said, noticing the hand holes cut into the head of the bed. "I wonder what they are for."

The next morning Lisa dressed in a pair of maternity

jeans and a blue smock then gathered a plastic bucket, cleaning supplies and a change of clothes then hiked back to the tree house with Ranger at her heels.

There was a pond a short distance from the tree house, the seven months pregnant teenager filled the bucket then carefully climbed the ladder as the puppies tossed and turned inside her mammoth mound. She spent hours washing away all of the dirt then giggled when she realized that most of it was now on her. "We can't go back to the house like this or grandma will figure out where I'm having your puppies," Lisa told the German shepherd.

Standing in the soft grass beside the pond, Lisa

unbuttoned her dirty smock and pulled it off then

worked her fingers under the stretched waistband of her maternity jeans and pulled them down over her slender legs and stepped out of them.

After slipping off her bra and panties she waded into

the cool water of the pond and began swimming. She felt so graceful in the water, not the hippo her pregnancy with puppies had turned her into. Feeling cooler and cleaner, the seven months pregnant 14-year-old dried herself off as she marvelled at how big her bulging belly was becoming. Ranger walked around her, brushing up against her legs, looking down at the German shepherd Lisa saw his big thick doggie dick was sticking out.

Spreading out the wet towels she'd just used to dry off with on the soft grass, Lisa gently lowered her heavy pregnant body on top of them so she was on all fours with her knees wide apart. "Come on Ranger, fuck me boy! Come and fuck me," she called to the dog who needed very little encouragement. The German shepherd put his paws on the middle of her curved back then humped around until his long doggie cock found the teenager's opening.

Lisa groaned as she felt the thick doggie penis slide

deep into her and moaned with a mixture of pain and

pleasure as the knot went inside her and they were

locked together. Ranger was fucking her like crazy as

she moved her hips with his thrusts, her big belly and nearly C-cup breasts hanging down. Oh God, she could feel it happening as the puppies moved inside her. "Oh Ranger! I'm gonna cum! Oh yes! Oh God!" she screamed as her orgasm overpowered her.

By bedtime the pregnant 14-year-old was tired and

sweaty. Slipping out of her smelly clothes, Lisa

stepped under the cool water of the shower. Her

tremendous tummy was suddenly so large that water

bounced off it and missed the front of her legs. She

needed every bit of two giant bath towels to dry

herself off then she stood in front of the mirror

admiring her seven months pregnant shape.

Her face looked a little puffier than normal and she

couldn't see her collar bones anymore. Cupping her

hands under her milk-filled breasts, Lisa couldn't

believe how heavy they were. They were full C-cups now and there were rich brown rings around her nipples.

Right below them her tremendous tummy began rounding

out, the 14 year-old was amazed that there was so much of her, stepping gingerly onto the talking scales, she heard she was almost 25 pounds heavier than normal.

Her belly was so firm and her belly button was smoothed over. on the sides and at the base of her big bulging belly she saw and felt long jagged red marks. Her girlish hips were now wider and flatter to support all the weight she was gaining and her curved back ached when she tried to do too much or got tired.

Sitting on the toilet, Lisa bent over her tremendous

seven months pregnant belly and fished her bare feet

blindly through the leg holes of white maternity

panties then stood and stretched them up over her

stretched stomach. After pulling a paper thin summer

nightgown over her head, she waddled to her room where she lowered her heavy gravid body into bed but it was hard to go to sleep even though she was exhausted.

First the puppies were banging away inside her womb

then her stomach growled. "You guys can't be hungry

again! All I do is eat... and pee," she said as she

struggled out of bed to go downstairs for a snack.

Flora was watching television in the living room when

she saw her granddaughter making her way slowly down

the steps. Lisa was going to be a beautiful young

woman, but right now she was a very pregnant little

girl. She was pretty sure that Lisa had found a place

to deliver her puppies, now Flora would do her best to supply what she would need when she went into labour without the 14-year-old realizing what she was doing.

"How are you doing, sweetheart," she asked.

"Hungry. I am SO HUGE," Lisa moaned.

"Come and let your grandma get a good look at you,"

Flora said as Lisa padded barefooted into the room, her seven months pregnant body visible through her thin nightgown.

"Grandma, what are these marks?" she asked pulling her nightgown over her mammoth mound.

"They're stretch marks, honey. I'll give you some

lotion to put on your belly so they don't get too much worse," Flora told her granddaughter.

"Grandma, how many puppies do you think are in me?"

Lisa asked.

"Usually between three and five, my guess is you will

have more than three, you're getting pretty big," Flora answered.

"Was my mom as big as I am when she was pregnant with

puppies?" she asked.

"Do you want to see for yourself? I have an album with pictures of all of us," Flora said as Lisa lowered herself gingerly to the sofa.

"Wow! Mom was even bigger than me! Am I gonna get my

picture in here too?" Lisa asked.

"Yes, I'll take your picture when it's time for you to deliver your puppies," her grandmother told her.

By the time Lisa started the eighth month of her canine pregnancy in the middle of July, the tree house was all cleaned up and ready for her to go there to deliver her puppies when her labour started. She'd rounded up a lot of extra towels and found an old red inflatable air mattress that she put over the old bed frame.

She'd listened carefully as her grandmother told her

what would happen when her pains started and tried to

remember everything she'd have to do when she was

giving birth. The puppies were getting so big and

strong inside her, she didn't know how she could carry them inside her 14-year-old body for another month.

It was already 85 degrees when the strong kicks of the puppies inside her womb woke up the pregnant 14-year-old. Laying totally naked on her side, Lisa rubbed her hands down over her mammoth mound, she'd never dreamed her belly could get so big.

Groaning with the effort, she took her stretched

stomach in her hands as she rolled over onto her curved back then inched herself until she was laying across the mattress with her bare feet on the floor and her knees wide apart. She was about to struggle to her feet when she felt a cold nose pressing against her pregnant pussy. "Ranger! Don't you ever get enough? Okay boy, lick my pussy," she told her canine companion.

Lisa felt her eight months pregnant body shudder as

Ranger's long rough tough rubbed across her pussy lips.

"That's it boy, lick Lisa," she moaned as the German

shepherd worked his magic on her smooth pussy. Soon she was writhing on the bed and her pussy was dripping wet.

She groaned with pure pleasure when Ranger pushed his

tongue inside her and found her swollen clit.

When the dog began stroking it with his tongue, she

felt waves of sexual excitement building deep in her

core. "Oh God! Oh Ranger! You're making me cum! OH GOD! UUUNNNNGGGHHH!!" she screamed as monster orgasm

overpowered her.

After laying there for a few minutes with her hands on her tremendous tummy getting her breath back, Lisa

pressed her hands against the mattress and groaned with the effort as the struggled to her feet and waddled to the bathroom. Since her centre of gravity was so out of whack, she filled the sink with warm soapy water instead of risking falling getting in or out of the shower.

The puppies were thumping away as she rubbed the wash

cloth over her smooth skin then the stretch marks at

the sides and base of her bulging belly. Stepping onto the talking scales, the mechanical voice said 126... oh God, she'd gained 31 pounds so far!

Wrapping a towel around most of her gravid body, the

pregnant 14-year-old went back to her bedroom where she gathered clean clothes and lowered her heavy body

gingerly to the edge of the bed. Placing a fresh pair

of maternity panties on the floor, Lisa leaned over her mammoth mound that now reached halfway to her knees and fished her feet blindly through the leg holes as the puppies hammered away.

Standing up, she stretched the white panties over her

gigantic bump and rubbed her aching curved back. It was too hot for jeans and Lisa didn't want to struggle to put on a pair of maternity shorts so she slipped into a colourful flowered sundress with a built in bra and thin shoulder straps then looked at herself in the mirror.

"Oh Lisa, you are SOOO PREGNANT," she told reflection.

A week later the eight and a half months pregnant 14-

year-old realized she had forgotten to take the basket she'd put the puppies in after she delivered them to the tree house. Dressed in a pair of blue maternity shorts with a white drawstring tied around her mammoth mound and a red halter top which left about nine inches of her bare skin exposed, she took off barefooted on the mile-long hike with Ranger following close behind.

By the time Lisa got to the tree house she was winded

and she had to pee really bad. Loosening the small bow on her maternity shorts she pulled them and her panties down around her ankles and gingerly squatted down as her tremendous tummy slid between her knees.

Her curved back was aching as Lisa tied a rope to the

basket she'd put her litter of puppies in after they

were born. Slowly she climbed the ladder to the tree

house, her bulging eight and a half months pregnant

belly so big it rubbed against the rungs. The other end of the rope was attached to a pulley, the very pregnant teenager tugged on the rope until the basket was up in the tree.

She'd just untied it and put in, in place beside her

makeshift bed when suddenly her mammoth mound tightened and she doubled over groaning. Her heart was pounding as she lay down on the air mattress rubbing her hands over her gigantic bump but another pain didn't come.

Bright summer sunshine was streaming through her

bedroom window a few days later when Lisa was awakened by the strong movement of her unborn puppies and the urgent need to pee. Groaning with the effort, the nearly nine months pregnant 14-year-old shifted her heavy body until she was laying across the mattress with her knees wide apart and her bare feet planted on the floor.

Laying like that on the bed, her mammoth mound was the only thing she could see. Pressing her hands against the sheet, she grunted with the effort as she lifted her bottom off the bed as she pushed her big belly outward and struggled to her feet. Cupping her hand over the crotch of her pink maternity panties, she waddled hurriedly to the bathroom.

It wasn't until she'd relieved herself that Lisa

realized something was different, her belly button had popped out like the cork in a bottle. Standing sideays in front of the bathroom mirror, she was amazed at how much her body had changed in the past few months. Her normally tiny breast were now full C-cups and so full of milk that she could see blue veins in them and her nipples were surrounded by dark chocolate rings.

Her tremendous tummy was bigger than she imagined she'd ever be, stepping on the scales the mechanical voice told her she now weighed 135 pounds... 40 pounds more than her normal 95 pounds. There was a dark line running down the middle of her gigantic stomach to her now pushed out belly button. Her belly was so hard and smooth, except for the jagged red stretch marks at the base. Her hips were wider and almost flat to support

the weight of her pregnancy. Her curved back ached a

lot now and if she did too much walking her feet and

ankles swelled up.

Still dressed in only her pink maternity panties and

her bare breasts resting on the shelf her mammoth mound made, Lisa made her way carefully downstairs to find Flora in the kitchen.

"Look grandma, my belly button popped out! Is it time

to take my picture for the album yet?" she asked.

"Almost but not yet, sweetheart," Flora smiled looking at her very pregnant granddaughter. "I like being pregnant," Lisa told her.

"That's good honey, I'm looking forward to you giving

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