Pregnant With Puppies

by edmondl

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Bestiality, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Fourteen-year-old Lisa learns about the family curse that will require her to become pregnant with puppies if she ever wants to have a human baby.

Carolyn Sanders glanced at her 14-year-old daughter as they drove along the country road. At nearly 5'5" and with long blonde hair, Lisa was becoming a young woman--her legs were getting longer, she was already wearing an A-cup bra, her waist was getting thinner and she was always talking with her girlfriends about boys.

Carolyn had been putting off the birds-and-the-bees

talk because she knew it was impossible for Lisa to get pregnant until she experienced something that none of her other friends would have to endure, something that nobody else could ever find out about.

Lisa wasn't very excited about spending the whole

summer at her grandmother's. She would much rather be

at home with Sonia and Tasha, her best friends, playing on the internet, listening to music and talking about boys--especially Kyle Drake--he was so cute that just thinking about him made her get a little tingle in her stomach that she couldn't explain.

Instead she was going to the middle of nowhere to stay with her grandmother. Lisa loved her grandmother and she didn't see her too often, but spending her WHOLE summer at the farm seemed to be going overboard. Her mom told her that she'd find lots of things to do, but Lisa wasn't convinced, she's brought lots of books and video games in case she got bored.

The sign at the end of the dirt lane said FLORA

EDWARDS, DOG BREEDER, Carolyn turned the SUV and

started the two-mile drive to the farm where she grew

up and where her teenage daughter was about to learn

the family secret that would change her young life. The big red brick house looked much the same as it did when she was Lisa's age.

There were several small sheds and the kennel area

where the male breeding dogs stayed and the puppies

lived until they were sent to their new owner. As soon as Carolyn stopped the vehicle, her mom came out to greet them. At almost 60, she could easily pass for a woman 20 years younger than her age.

"I think you brought enough stuff to stay all year,

Lisa," her grandmother told her as she put the last of her bags down. Both her mom and grandma were acting kind of funny but the 14-year-old couldn't put her finger on it. "Lisa, honey, come sit down on the bed," her mom finally told her. "Your grandma and I have something to tell you."

"Lisa sweetheart, a long-long time ago, your great-

great-great grandmother was a beautiful young maiden in a tiny country a long way from here," her grandmother started. "Both she and another young women were in love with a handsome young prince who was being groomed to be the king.

The young prince liked both young women but when he

chose your great-great-great grandmother, the other

young woman, who was a witch, put a spell on her so she could never have children and if the prince married her, there wouldn't be anyone to rule the country after him."

"But if she couldn't have children, how are we here,"

Lisa asked, trying to understand where the story was


"Your great-great-great grandmother was very sad when

she learned she couldn't give the prince a child so she ran away to a dark forest where she met an old wizard,"

Carolyn picked up the story. "The wizard told her that he could cast another spell so she could have children, but there was one condition -- before she could get pregnant with a human baby, she had to mate with the prince's dog and have a litter of puppies. She snuck back to the castle and laid down with the prince's dog. She then travelled back to the forest where she stayed until after the puppies were born."

"She had SEX with a dog and had puppies," Lisa asked


"Yes sweetheart," her grandmother told her. "She went

back to the prince and they were married. They had

three children and all of them were girls. It was part of the witch's curse that all of their children would be girls and eventually there wasn't any males to rule the country but the prince and your great-great-great grandmother were so much in love that they lived happily ever after."

"Why are you telling me this story," Lisa asked.

"Lisa, have you ever wondered why you only have aunts

and all of your cousins are girls? It's part of the

curse; it's gone from generation to generation. Honey, before you get married and have children, you're going to have to have a litter of puppies... and even afterward, you'll never have a baby boy," her mom told her.

"I'm going to have to do it with a dog and get pregnant with puppies," Lisa exclaimed. "What happens if I don't?"

"Then you'll never be able to have children, sweetheart," Carolyn told her daughter. "If I didn't do it, I would have never had you and your sister. The reason I brought you here this summer is so you can get this behind you before you get serious about a boy and later want to get married and have children. It will all happen this summer so that when you go back to school, no one will ever know what happened. What you are doing to do is very special, the puppies we deliver have very special intelligence and there used as police and rescue dogs and seeing-eye dogs."

Hours later after her mom had gone home, 14-year-old

Lisa lay on her bed trying to make sense of everything she'd been told. If she didn't do it with a dog and get pregnant with puppies, she's NEVER be able to have a real baby. She'd tried to imagine what it would be like to do it with Kyle, but to do it with a dog? There was a knock at her door, then it opened slightly and a beautiful German shepherd came in her room. "Lisa, this is Ranger. I thought you'd like to get to know him a little better," her grandmother told her then closed the door again.

"Hello boy, you are SOOO beautiful," she said sitting

it's handsome since you are a boy dog. Soon Ranger's

tail was wagging and he was licking Lisa's face as she giggled, suddenly wondering exactly how she would do it with a dog.

She learned part of her answer when Ranger rolled over on his side and she began rubbing his belly. Lisa was amazed when she saw the tip of his red doggie dick sticking out. When she rubbed even lower, the German shepherd's entire penis stuck out. 'How am I ever going to do that? It has to be bigger than a boy's cock, ' Lisa thought to herself, knowing that she'd already made up her mind.

Flora Edwards knew that her granddaughter would come

around once had a chance to let things sink in, she

just had to give her a little time and space. She was

reading a romance novel when Lisa came downstairs with Ranger at her heels. "Grandma, what do I have to do so that Ranger can... can make me pregnant," she asked.

Flora led her to the kitchen where she got a jar of

honey down from the cupboard. "First, you have to give Ranger a chance to get to know your body, and

experience what it's like to have sex," she told the


Later that night, Lisa's heart was pounding as she took off her red shorts and red and white striped top and freed her tiny breasts then slipped off her panties.

Opening the honey jar, she dipped in her fingers then

smeared the sticky sweetness over her bare budding

boobs and lay on top of pillows on the floor. "Here

boy, here Ranger," Lisa called and the dog came to her, wagging his tail and rubbing his long tongue over her face. "You're licking me in the wrong place," she giggled, taking Ranger's head and guiding it to her honey-covered breasts.

After only a few swipes of the German shepherd's big

rough tongue over her tiny breasts, Lisa's nipples were rock hard and she was breathing hard as she experienced sensations that she'd never felt before. Dipping her hand into the honey jar, the 14-year-old moved her fingers to her crotch and rubbed a handful of honey over her smooth virgin pussy. Soon the dog's head was between her legs and as his tongue rubbed over her pussy, Lisa moaned with pleasure as she felt something happening deep in her core.

"Oh Ranger! That feels SOOOOO good," Lisa moaned. When the dog stuck his tongue into her little pussy and found her swollen clit, Lisa closed her knees around Ranger's head pulling him closer as wave after wave of sexual current passed through her 14-year-old body as she experienced her first orgasm and screamed with pleasure.

Still naked and on the floor, Lisa petted the German

shepherd telling him what a good doggie he was.

Ranger's tail was wagging as he rolled over on his back and the 14-year-old knew what he wanted. She rubbed his underside until his big red doggie dick pushed out of the sheath.

Timidly, Lisa touched it, amazed at how warm and smooth it was. Ranger only growled a little when she gripped the red penis in her hand and began stroking it back and forth as Ranger's tail wagged and he began bucking until suddenly spurt after spurt of white cream shot out of his doggie dick, covering Lisa's hand.

Getting information from your grandma about how to do

it with a dog seemed really strange to 14-year-old

Lisa, but at the same time it was kind of exciting too.

It was the middle of the next afternoon when she took

Ranger up to her bedroom and locked the door.

Taking off all her clothes, she got the honey jar and

then put a pair of her socks on the German shepherd's

front paws. Lisa loved the sensations she got from

Ranger's tongue licking her pussy. When the honey was

gone, her smooth pussy was still wet with her juices

and she was breathing rapidly. Getting up on all fours on the pillows, Lisa moved her knees wide apart

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