Pete's Grandmother

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Asked to call in on a friends relatives, he finds a suicide and much more.

As promised I pulled into the lane leading to Pete my friend's grandmother's cottage. Why would anyone nowadays choose to live in a home without electricity, for I could see no cables at all that could supply the cottage? Pete had said his grandmother and his uncle Henry lived in the past, in a world of their own, now I knew what he meant.

I was on a motorcycle tour and I had mentioned to Pete that I could possibly be in this area. It was then he told me he had relatives living here who he hadn't seen in years and would I call in. I nearly didn't call, it was that I had stopped to get petrol and saw the road sign which Pete had mentioned.

So here I was. How do I introduce myself? I know some country people are funny and treat strangers as though they came from another planet. I switched off the engine, placed my helmet on the tank and went looking for the door. I could hear a motor running from the rear, so made my way in that direction. The sound was coming from behind closed doors of a stand-alone metal garage.

Seeing the doors closed and a motor running snapped a switch in my mind and I ran and pulled one of the doors open. Sure enough there was a Land Rover with its engine running and the place was filled with choking fumes. Slumped over the steering wheel was a man in his forties and his complexion was cherry pink. When I tried to move him he was stiff, so he had been dead for some time. I retreated and closed the door behind me, glad to get out of the fumes; just as I closed the door the engine gave a splutter and died.

Was this Pete's uncle Henry who obviously killed himself, but why? I then had thoughts that maybe he'd murdered his mother and then committed suicide. You read almost weekly of murder and suicides, was this one I had stumbled on. I was going to get away from this place and retraced my steps and was just passing a window when I heard a woman's voice from within say clearly, "Please Henry I'm sorry."

Hearing this, I found the front door and knocked, but no-one came to the door. Walking again round to the rear I found the back door slightly ajar and walked in. "Hello!" I called, moving slowly in, through the kitchen and into a living room. There was a fire alight in an old-fashioned grate with a black kettle just on the boil, but no people. I called out again and this time I got a reply from a woman.

"Henry is that you dearest, come on through, mum is sorry."

Again I moved slowly, first through one door which opened into a small passageway with the front door on the left. In front of me was another door again ajar. From behind this door the woman spoke again, "Hurry Henry, I need you."

I peered around the door and what I saw made me almost fall into the room. There was a high double bed in the right corner hard up against the wall and lying on top of the bedding was an elderly woman with her feet flat on the bed and her knees spread. From what I saw she was holding the lips of her pussy open and looked straight at me.

"At last Henry, where have you been? I need you to ease this itch. You know you are the only one who can take it away, I need your cock Henry, please let me have it."

The old woman was thinking I was Henry and Henry was sitting up in his Land Rover stiff as a board, but not the way she wanted him to be stiff. I was getting out of here; I wanted no part of this. I turned and the woman cried out.

"Henry, don't leave me like this. I'll do anything son, anything, but help your mum," she pleaded.

I stopped and turned again. Now she had lowered her legs and was sitting up looking straight at me. It was obvious that this woman was somehow out of it and she thought I was Henry. She was no ugly woman either, and now that she was sitting up I could see that she was well stacked, although starting to droop a little. She was also smiling at me and waving me forward with her hand.

It was as if I were hypnotised, well I was, for it isn't every day a naked woman invites me to her bed. The closer I got the more details I took in. Her skin that I could see had no wrinkles and her hair on her head and her crotch was still auburn. I got to the edge of the bed and she shuffled over to the edge and slid her hand down to my crotch. She then started stroking the bulge on my trousers where my now hard cock was entrapped, her just touching me, made it even harder.

"Come on Henry, make mum happy," she said, her face almost touching mine.

I reached over and slid my hands up her inner thigh and all she did was lie back and opened her thighs wider, so I soon cupped her warm mound. That pleased her as she closed her eyes and a slight smile came to her mouth.

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