Black Plague

by Fick Suck

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Historical,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Over 700 years ago, the Black Plague killed over 50% of the populations it touched from China to India and on to Greenland. This is Stefan's tale of his travels through the plague lands of a fictional kingdom.

"Where do you come from?" an Indian asks a tall, black-hatted stranger.

"I come from far way," the stranger replies, "from... across the EasternOcean."

"What do you bring?" the Indian asks.

"I bring death," the stranger answers. "My breath causes children to wither and die like young plants in the spring snow. I bring destruction. No matter how beautiful a woman, once she has looked at me she becomes as ugly as death. And to men, I bring not death alone, but the destruction of their children and the blighting of their wives... No people who looks upon me is ever the same.

Tale of the Pima Tribe as reported by John Kelly

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