Getting To Know Vivian

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An offer to provide a pain-releaving back massage turns into fantastic sex.

"Hi, Vivian!" I called to the clerk leaving the store.

She was one of my favorite checkers and I usually went through her line if I could, even if I had to wait. However today she had not been at a register when I came through. Apparently she had already checked out and was off duty.

"Hey, how ya doin'?" she answered, her usual reply to everybody.

"I'm okay. You look like you don't feel well."

"Nah, I'm okay, jes' tired. It's been a long day, plus I've got a backache."

The way she said 'backache, ' I knew it was the ache of a woman carrying around several extra pounds, primarily in her tits and Vivian was carrying around several extra pounds. She had a roll of fat around her middle and these huge jugs that swung back and forth every time she moved. Fortunately, her job didn't require a lot of walking or she would probably have beaten herself to death with her own boobs but I knew even without working the floor, she got a lot of movement in a day's time and I'm sure she was feeling bad. Besides a woman of 63 years tended to run down a lot quicker than a younger person would.

"Well, I'm pretty good at giving massages. I'll bet I could make that ache go away."

She smiled, breaking the abnormal frown on her face. "Don't joke like that, honey. I just might take you up on it."

We had reached my car but hers was beyond, in the employee parking area.

"I'm not joking. If you give me an hour, I'll bet I could make you feel better than when you got out of bed this morning."

She cocked her head to one side, asking, "Are you serious?"

"Absolutely. Do you have some baby oil or some kind of lotion?"

"Yeah... maybe both."

"Take me up on it. It's free of charge. What can you lose?"

She was silent another moment, then said, "Okay. Follow me."

She headed to her car. I got mine and was right behind her.

When she pulled into her driveway, I followed her in the back door of a modest condo.

She dropped her work badge on the kitchen counter and said, "The oil is upstairs. Come on."

I followed her up the stairs, mesmerized by the swinging of her heavy hips. Long before we reached the upper landing, I felt my cock grow stiff and press hard against the fabric of my pants.

There were two bedrooms on the second level and she went into one. It was neat except that the bed was not made. I felt a little more at ease when I saw that it had been used by only one person. She went into the connecting bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby oil. I tried to keep my body turned at an angle, giving my cock time to deflate before she saw my condition.

I told her that I should massage her legs as well as her back to try to relieve the problem she was feeling. I asked if she had any shorts she could change into so I could work on her legs and she went in search of some. She found a pair and changed in the bathroom. I liked the effect the shorts had of showing her big round bottom to maximum advantage.

I had Vivian lay on the bed face down and pulled her T-shirt up at the waist. Standing beside the bed, I poured some of the baby oil in my palms and began to rub her lower back. In a few moments, she moaned and commented on how good it felt. I worked the area carefully for seven or eight minutes and then began moving a little higher onto her back. I worked her T-shirt higher and then she lifted slightly to move it even further up so I massaged the middle area of her back, always concentrating on the area along either side of her spine. Then, wondering if she would object, I unfastened her bra, pushed the T-shirt up to her neck and massaged all the way to her shoulders. By then she was continually moaning with pleasure and telling me how great it felt. By the time a half hour had passed, her back had a warm, pink glow from the fresh flow of blood my fingers had brought.

I took the bottle of oil and went down beside her legs. The shorts only showed the lower part of her thighs so I started there, worked around the back of each knee, down her calves and eventually to her ankles. When I rubbed her calves, she moaned as if she were having an orgasm.

As I finished her ankles, I kicked off my shoes and told her to turn over.

She didn't pull down her T-shirt and her loose bra didn't cover her hooters very well, giving me an eyeful every time I looked up. Of course that was just fuel to the fire of my erection.

Lifting her lower legs a little, I sat cross-legged at the foot of the bed and lowered her feet to rest on my legs. I took more oil and very, very carefully began to massage each foot individually, working the pad of each toe, between the toes and the spot on the foot where the toes join, the place that takes most of the pressure of walking. Going back and forth from foot to foot, I spent a good twenty minutes on her toes before I began working on her soles. Applying careful pressure, I ran my thumbs up her soles simultaneously over and over until she was literally howling with pleasure, tossing her head like she was in the throes of an orgasm... because she was.

I kept rubbing and rubbing and rubbing. And she kept cumming and cumming and cumming. And as she squirmed, her T-shirt rode higher until her bra was uncovered. Since it wasn't fastened, it began to ride up, leaving most of her heavy globes uncovered. My erection kept throbbing and lurching, wanting a warm hole to hide in.

Once she looked at me through half-opened lids and asked, "Honey, do you know what you're doing to me?"

I just smiled and nodded. Each time she had climaxed I felt her legs stiffen and watched her toes point like a ballerina. Each time I had felt the shaking in her body as it was transmitted to me every place we touched. And I had watched the little wet spot in the crotch of her shorts grow until a blind man would have seen it.

A few minutes later just as she came down from another orgasm, she pulled her T-shirt and bra up and held her tits in both hands, revealing the angry red lines that the bra had imprinted into her skin under the big hooters.

"Please rub these now, Honey."

I straightened my legs so that one lay along each of her sides, then held her legs up while I scooted up until my crotch was almost touching hers. I let her legs drape over mine and using more oil, began to rub the angry red lines under both breasts. It was, of course, impossible to do that without touching her breasts and as I rubbed.

Her hands slowly gave way, letting the huge globes return to their natural place dictated by gravity.

Without skipping a beat, I expanded the movement of my hands from just the underside to include all of her huge globes in my massage and in a few minutes, she was rocking her bottom, even though it was rubbing against my now rock hard cock, as she built toward another sexual release. Ten more minutes I rubbed her tits, frequently squeezing and pulling her stiff nipples, while she rocked her crotch against mine, maybe inadvertently but effectively bringing her off twice more.

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