Mother's Park: Julie

by T M Trog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Back again at Mother's Park. Julie was a large yet exciting looking woman. Being mostly a breast man I was very much taken with the size of hers. Our first time wasn't quite the norm yet we both loved it.


Copywright┬ę 2006

I was back at my favorite haunt, Mother's Park doing what I always did; watch the Mom's watching their children. What a great place for doing it. The grass was green and very well kept, the grounds clean and the sandy beach warm. Of course seeing all the Mom's wasn't bad either.

As I was walking I stopped to watch a Mom tending her daughter. The girl was about six and her Mother in her late twenties. She looked pretty good, the Mom and her legs were just so long and sexy. I looked as she bent over in front of her daughter, being in front I couldn't see her backside, as she cleaned some spot of dirt from her face. The front of her blouse, the Mom's, dipped and I got a good look at the twin peaks she sported on her chest. Impressive were my thoughts as I ogled and saw a hint of one nipple. When she finished she stood, turned away and blessed me with a look at how tightly her buttocks was covered in her tight shorts. Man, what a tight looking package she displayed.

Moving on I continued my walk and Mother watching. Before long I spotted another Mom keeping vigilant watch over her child. She was pretty with long dark hair and a cute nose. Her neck was a little more than most women and looking further so was her body. I stopped and just looked until she stood.

From where I stood she seemed about five and a half feet tall and very matronly looking. Wide hips and large feet with slightly heavy ankles. She didn't have much for a waist but her chest was more then impressive. I don't profess to be able to judge bra and cup sizes but if I were I'd have to go at least 42DD a least. This was one very well endowed woman and I felt my mouth watering with the lust to see, touch and taste of her.

I was furiously thinking how I could make and approach without seeming crude when a large heavy man stopped beside her. She seemed to not be happy seeing him and I could hear her voice but not her words. Obviously she was angry with him and he started shouting while waving his arms. To me he was threatening and decided to act.

"Excuse me Sir, Ma'am, but I couldn't help but notice you two seem to have a problem. It's none of my business but you're both making a scene and some of the kids are looking." I'm not a big man and this guy stood at least a head taller than me not to mention weighing probably thirty pounds heavier.

"You got one thing right, buddy, it ain't none of your business. Now you just butt out before I hand you your head," he glowed down at me.

"Unless you're begging to forever talk in a high voice I suggest you shut-up and leave quietly," was my shot back. I had reached between his legs and had a firm grip on his privates. "I'm much smaller but I have a crushing grip, care to find out how good it is?" I squeezed enough to make him wince.

He left and I sighed a heavy sigh of relief. Not doubt he could have really cleaned my clock without breaking a sweat.

"Thank you kind Sir," the woman said sweetly. Her voice was so soft I almost missed hearing it. "He's my former husband and just won't take seriously our divorce."

"Will you be alright now?"

"I think so but this isn't the first time he's accosted me in the park. Would you mind staying close for another hour or so just in case?" Her eyes were a striking pale blue and I simply melted.

"You couldn't pry me away with ten guys his size," I smiled glad the ice was broken. "Be still my beating heart for I have just saved a damsel in distress."

"Brave yet with a silver tongue," she giggled. I liked the sound of her giggle.

"Brave maybe but foolish enough to bring it about. Care to sit?"

We rested on a bench glad for the shade of the huge Maple tree in the summer heat. I found it hard to keep my eyes from straying towards her overly endowed chest and the hidden charms beneath her dress. Buttons kept the front closed but enough were open to expose a very nice amount of her cleavage.

"I see you have a liking for a woman of substance," she said suddenly changing the subject away from shopping and kids.

"Busted," I choked.

"Don't be ashamed. It's nice to see a man looking without making me feel fat."

"Fat? You think of yourself as being fat? My dear lady are you aware that the greatest portion of the female breast consists of fat?"

"That and veins, fiber and milk ducts," she countered. "Yes I'm very well aware of that fact. From your not so hidden peeks you seem to approve of my 'fat'."

"You have me at a disadvantage because it's so very true. I have an ongoing love affair with the breasts of women. By the way my name is Trog but most people call me T. M." I said offering my hand. She took it firmly.

"Julie and I'm pleased to meet you T. M. While most of my body isn't something I care for I'm very proud of my chest. What line of work are you in?"

"Mostly retired but I dabble with the written word."

"Oh, an author. I've never had the pleasure before. Have I read any of your works?" she asked with a smile.

"I rather doubt it. You see I don't write in a conventional manner. My works appear only on the web and in only one web-sight. To say what I post is slightly off color should explain why I doubt you've read me."

"Yes, T. M. Trog and I believe you have used at least two other names. I've read most of what you've posted. Most of them I liked."

"Pry tell, a fan," I gasped almost blushing. Its one thing to meet a fan yet another that is female and reads my dribble. "Well, I guess now is the time I should take my leave," I commented making ready to stand. Her warm hand pressed over mine.

"I really would like you to stay. Perhaps we could talk about a few of your stories? I especially like those with women more like me."

How could I refuse? She had slipped open three more buttons exposing the red lace of her bra cups and the overflowing flesh they valiantly restrained and held in check.

An hour later found us in her home with her son playing with the next door neighbors. I was seated on the sofa gazing at her large form moving towards the kitchen. She was fixing refreshments and I couldn't help but look at her legs beneath the hem of her dress. Like most large women the hem was just below her knees but her calves were left in the open. Yes, they showed themselves to be thicker than most but along with the rest of her body they looked ravishing. I had to struggle to keep from touching them and feeling how soft her skin must be. Julie came back carrying a tray with coffee and cookies.

"I love to cook and as you can see I love to eat. I wasn't always like this," she said without remorse setting the tray on the table in front of the sofa. "When I was in school I was much thinner except for my chest. It managed to grow much faster than the rest of me. I was probably twenty-two when I first thought of breast reduction but chickened out. The pain that I knew would follow changed my mind."

"From where I sit," my eyes glued to her massive chest, "I'm extremely glad you didn't go through with it. What a waste and shame that would have been."

"That's easy for you to say. You didn't go through all the back pains not to mention every guy around doing anything they could to get their hands on them. When I got pregnant I gained weight and had to listen to my Doctor chastise me almost on a daily bases. Then my former husband got on my case after our son was born. I didn't loose the weight I'd gain but I did manage to spread it around some."

"You did a wonderful job of spreading it. The way you look is just right and your pretty face fits perfectly."

"You really do have a silver tongue. My guess is that you think all your smooth talk with get you in my panties," she said but without anger.

"Gee, the thought never crossed my mind," I quipped holding up two crossed fingers. "At the very least I should tell you red is my favorite color."

We both looked at the bright red lace of her bra cups. My fingers lightly touched the valley between her overly large globes and caressed her skin. Goose bumps covered her exposed flesh as she sucked in a deep breath.

"You seem to have found one of my most sensitive spots," she gasped still sucking in air.

My fingers slipped to the buttons and began to slowly work them apart. When I reached her waist there were no more buttons. Slowly I slipped the top of her dress from her shoulders all the while kissing them. Tugging slightly I pulled the top down and she wiggled to remove her arms. I gazed intently as her bust wiggled with her motions until her dress was bunched at her waist. With half closed eyes her lips had parted and mine joined hers. My tongue slipped inside her panting mouth and caressed her tongue. She gasped and met touch for touch as our tongues fought a duel. Pulling back I gulp for air before using my lips on her neck. Down and down I trailed light kisses until reaching the upper slope of her breasts. My tongue snaked into the deep valley leaving a wet trail. Her fingers gripped my hair helping keep me firmly pressed to her bosom.

"Ooohhhhh," she panted, "you're making me want something I can't have. It's my time but..."

"Just allow me to love your breasts and I will be happy." My voice was muffled with my lips smothered in her heavenly cleavage. "Have you ever climaxed having your breasts made love to?"

"No but something tells me I'm going to find out real soon. Please, T. M. make love to my breasts."

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