Mother's Park: Karen

by T M Trog

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Lactation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mother's Park was dedicated to the Mothers of our town. Set on the shores of a nice lake it had a nice beach. Karen was the first Mother I encountered. She was young, pretty and nursing. Need I say more? It's not quite what you think but still nice.


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Back home we had a place called Mother's Park. It was large and beautifully maintained year round. The large lake it joined was always filled during the summer with boaters and people fishing. There was a large area roped off that served as the parks swimming pool.

What I like most was just walking around taking in the scenery and watching the kids play. They stormed the swings, sandboxes and monkey-bars with such youthful joy and energy I always grew weary watching them. Of course there were quite a few mom's scattered about the green grasses and watching them was an added delight.

I spotted one young woman as she sat holding her baby as she watched another child closely. Before long the boy raced to where she sat and started talking adamantly. "Please, Mom?" I heard him pleading.

"OK, Toby but you keep close enough that I can still see you," she answered with a beautiful smile. The boy scampered off yelling and screaming to two other boys about his age.

I chose a bench close enough to keep an eye on her yet far enough so I would pose no threat. The last thing I wanted was for her to think I was 'looking' at her while that was just my intent.

Perhaps I should explain that last statement. You see, I love to watch women especially Mom's. I really don't much care if they are young or old just as long as they are Mother's. As far as their physical appearance is concerned I don't turn away if that Mom is a bit heavy or if she is svelte and sexy. Even color posses no barrier since it's all pink inside, or so the saying goes. As it happened this Mom was really nice looking physically. She was perhaps one of a hundred I'd watched over the years that hadn't yet taken on the filling out of her body from child bearing.

After a bit I noticed she seemed bothered by something because I saw she was squirming around on the bench she occupied. At first I thought she needed to relieve her bladder but then saw how she would scrunch up her shoulders from time to time. Twice she looked around before cupping and lifting one or the other breast and held her baby closer to her bosom. I began to get the idea she nursed her tiny baby and she was feeling the need to relieve the building pressure. Taking the hint I went into action.

"Excuse me, Ma'am but I couldn't help but notice it seems you have a problem. If you will allow me I think I could help."

She gave me one of those 'if looks could kill' looks as I stood several feet from her.

"I'm quiet sure I don't have any idea what you are talking about," she informed me coldly. I was determined to not be cast aside so easily.

"Let me explain. Because of how this bench is situated I could sit at this end with my back towards you. That would allow you to take care of your needs along with those of your baby." ' "Changing her diaper is not something that needs to be hidden. Besides I changed her only a few minutes ago."

"I know," was my simple reply.

"Oh," she grimaced slightly as her babies head pressed against her right breast.

"My name is Trog but most people call me T. M." I said in my reassuring voice. Not waiting I sat three feet away with my back turned. I was purposely making sure I couldn't see anything and was confident she knew it.

"Karen," she said in return.

"If you will turn yourself more to the right I'm sure nobody will see and that should more assure you that I won't see anything."

I heard the rustle of her blouse as she opened a few buttons. It wasn't the first time I'd heard that sound yet it always got my attention. Next came the unsnapping of the cup of the nursing bra I was certain she wore. I heard a tiny gasp and then a soft sigh indicating she was getting the relief she needed. Wet sounds of lips suckling wafted to my ears.

"You don't know how much I appreciate your help. I'm sure you think me to be brazen."

"Not at all, Ma'am. What you are doing is just natural and what women have done throughout time."

"I really don't know how to thank you."

"Let me watch," I spoke softly.

"L... let you watch?" she gasped. "I couldn't, I mean I feel so wicked as it is let alone allow a stranger to watch." Her voice sounded weak.

"Then let's think or say nothing more about it. It was just a passing thought although a very pleasant one indeed," I reassured her.

Perhaps five minutes passed before she again spoke. All the while I listened to the sweet sounds of Mother nursing her baby.

"I don't suppose it would hurt me if I allowed your request. After all you are being so nice. I would have to insist you remain no closer than you are now."

"I assure you Karen I will do nothing you don't wish," I said slowly turning to face her.

She was magnificent. Karen had opened most of her blouse, pulled down the flap of her bra exposing half of her breast and held her baby close. I easily saw the blue veins under the skin of her breast and saw just a hint of areola that was outside the lips that suckled. Looking into her eyes I saw the glint of pleasure she was receiving along with the glow of her blushing.

"Beautiful," I exclaimed. "Absolutely beautiful. A Mother and child as nature intended."

I gazed at what little of her exposed breast I could see. It was full and firm and the lips surrounding the nipple worked to extract the milk contained inside. Flicking my eyes slightly to the left bore to me a hard nub pressed against the opposite yet still in place cup. Above it swelled her left breast again with blue veins coursing beneath her soft looking skin. Unconsciously I caressed the growing of my manhood as it grew.

"You seem distracted Mr. Trog." Her voice was soft.

"Captivated would be more precise," was my reply. "It would please me it you called me T. M."

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