New Digs

by Techsan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I had just moved to a new apartment in the Los Angeles area, waiting for work with Orion Studio -- yeah, the makers of some porn movies. I got lucky with a couple of my fellow residents.

"Hi," she said with a gleam of white teeth that dominated a gorgeous face.

She had long blonde hair that had dark roots but her body was tanned and most of it was exposed in the little bikini she wore.

I had just popped to the surface and was holding onto the side of the pool after swimming thirty laps of the short pool in an attempt to stay in some sort of shape. This was the first time I had been in this pool and it was a little shorter than the one at the gym where I usually worked out, but this was only the second day I had lived in the apartment complex.

"Hello," I replied. "I'm Pete."

"Yeah, I know," she said, showing the immaculate white teeth again. "I watched you move in yesterday. I'm Missy. I'm in 22B," and she pointed up to the second floor of the building behind her.

"Have you lived here long?" I asked, wanting to make conversation but not wanting to sound too inane.

"Only about six months. I moved here from Idaho. Where did you come from?"

"I'm from Texas, a little town in the western part of the state. Are you working?"

"Well, yeah, at least I'm trying," she said rather wistfully. "I'm looking for something in film. Right now I'm working four nights a week as a waitress. I guess that'll have to do until something better comes along."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I got an offer to do some pictures with Orion Studio but it's pretty small parts. At least the pay is small."

She laughed and seemed to relax. She slumped down in her chair and let her knees splay out to the sides. The little yellow string bikini she was wearing struggled to cover the necessities. I would have walked out of the water and sat beside her but the pool wall was covering my raging hard-on. I might have lost it if I had looked away but I couldn't pull my attention from her beautiful body, with its great tan and curvy shape. I would find out later that she was 26 years old, stood 5' 7", weighed 132 pounds and had 36D-25-34 measurements. She had a butterfly tattooed on her right ankle and her belly button was pierced. She was one gorgeous package.

"You married?" she asked.

"No. You?"

"Nope, not even a boyfriend since I broke up just before I moved out here. He didn't want me to be this far from him because then he couldn't control me. You got a girl friend?"

I smiled. "Well, I think I have some girl friends but I don't have a girlfriend. There hasn't been anyone special for a couple of years now."

The conversation kind of lagged and then she got up. "I've got to get inside before I burn."

"Hey... Missy. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

She turned and looked over her shoulder, catching me staring at her hard round gluts. "Are you asking me on a date?"

"Well... yeah."

"Okay, then. It's a date. Pick me up at 7."

She was wearing a white sun dress that set off her tan perfectly... and showed enough cleavage that I nearly fell into it. She laughed at my expression, knowing exactly the reaction she had on my libido.

Since we both were on limited budgets, I took her to a mid-range steak house, a place where we could get good steaks and have a decent ambiance but not popular enough to bring out the paparazzi, not that they would have been all over us anyway. We enjoyed a very good meal at a leisurely pace and shared some good conversation. She turned out to be very easy to talk to, down to earth and rather intelligent.

It was 9:30 by the time we got back to the apartments. I was thinking about asking her in for a drink when she asked, "Are you going to show me your place?"

"Sure," I said. "I'd like that, as long as you understand that I'm not finished unpacking."

"That's okay," she said. "Most people who live here never completely unpack."

I knew what she meant. People in this area were always looking for something better... or on the way down. Anyway I had the place livable, as long as we didn't open the door to the second bedroom, which had become my temporary storage room. I showed her around and, in my bedroom, she lingered on the king-sized four-poster bed I had installed, bouncing on the mattress to test the springs.

Missy said, "You've got a great bed. Lots of atmosphere in this wood. And lots of strength too." She smiled. "Bet it would hold up under just about anything."

I grinned. "Yes, it is pretty good. You want to try it?"

"I don't know," she replied, tugging at the top of her dress. When her heavy breasts were bare, she asked, "What would you do with these?"

Quickly I was in front of her, bending to kiss the magnificent globes. She tossed her head and her long blonde hair covered my head, forming a tent over me sucking her tit. The look of amusement had been replaced by one of lustful concentration. I spent several minutes licking and sucking her tits and in the meantime worked my hands under her skirt. When I grabbed her bikini panties and started tugging on them, she rolled backward and lifted her hips. I held her legs up and out and buried my face in the angry red flesh of her crease.

Up and down, in and out I savored the taste of her, chasing every drop of juice that rolled out of her opening. Several minutes later she was moaning, "uh... uh... uh", tossed her hair from side to side, and then started quaking as an orgasm rolled over her.

I stood up and began shucking off my clothes. When I pushed my jockeys down, her eyes grew wide, "I remembered during dinner that Orion does pornos so I figured you were hung but that's better than I expected. Very nice. But you will be gentle with me, won't you?"

"Of course, sweetie. I think we'll both like it."

As I climbed into the bed, she scooted up to the head and spread her legs wide. My stiff questing member found the puffy lips of her pussy and I swiped it up and down a couple of times to spread the lubricant. Then centering my prod, I eased forward and watched my purple helmet disappear into her.

After several easy strokes, I was balls-deep inside her. As my root nestled between her swollen lips, I eased down to her lovely face and my open lips met hers in a long spit-swapping kiss. Her sweet taste mingled with the fragrant headiness of her perfume to create an even more lustful image in my mind. Her legs wrapped around my hips and she began to rock on my cock before I could move.

She said, "That feels like it goes up to my throat. I feel so full... so good. Fuck me, honey."

I began to stroke in and out, using several inches of my probe, working slowly to make it last. That was great for several minutes, until she could no longer contain herself. With her arms around my neck and her ankles locked behind my butt, she started moving like a hummingbird's wings, banging into me with abandon. I supported us on hands and knees and she pounded my pole until we both climaxed within seconds of each other.

She yelped, "Hold on, baby, I'm cumming." She began tossing her head back and forth, up and down and then dug her heels into my buttocks as her mouth became slack-jawed. She finally let go with her hands and hung under me by her legs, muttering, "ungh... huh... mmmm... yeah!"

Then she apparently lost strength in her legs, because her ankles separated and she slowly sank down to the bed. I eased down on top of her and kissed her around my struggles to regain my own breath. Finally I mustered enough energy to roll off her, although she rolled over with me, still huffing and puffing from her exertion.

After a bit I got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak and she followed me to get a drink of water. Then it was my turn to follow her back to the bedroom and I couldn't help but play with her beautiful round butt.

Missy asked, "Do you like my ass?"

"I love it," I replied.

She asked, "Have you ever tried spanking?"

"No, that's not something I've done."

"So... will you let me be your first?"

Missy had me sit up in bed and she lay across my lap. I started slapping her on the fanny but she said I did it much too lightly and before long she had me pounding her ass pretty hard. The skin color began to change from tan to pink and I thought she'd want me to stop but she kept saying, "Spank me, daddy. I've been a bad girl."

Then she inserted a hand between my legs to play with my cock. So I spanked her harder until the skin turned bright red when she was panting and begging to be fucked. I scrambled out from under her and she got on her knees and face, propping her butt high in the air. I knelt behind her and my cock slid all the way to my balls in her slick pussy.

I had only taken a few plunges before Missy said, in a little girl voice, "Please put it in my bottom, Daddy." I wasn't sure what she had said so she repeated it "Please put it in my bottom, Daddy. Baby needs your thing in her bottom."

The only thing I could think of was that she wanted me to change holes so I pulled back and pointed my cock at her anus and eased forward. Her sphincter visibly relaxed and I went into her like a hot knife into a tub of butter.

Missy had her eyes closed and in that same little girl's voice said, "That's it, Daddy. Make baby feel good, please."

I started stroking in and out of her ass, my hands massaging her back and hips, finally finding her big heavy tits and squeezing a handful of each.

She murmured, "Yes, Daddy, that feels so good, daddy." A couple of minutes later she said, "You make me feel so full, Daddy. I love you, Daddy." Involuntarily my cock flexed inside her bowels several times.

I let my right hand rove down over her stomach and convex abdomen and into her crevice, locating her little bud. I started to rub around it but she said, "Oh, yes, Daddy. Pinch me just like you used to."

Pinch her? I wasn't sure what she wanted but I squeezed her clit between my thumb and finger. Instantly I felt her body go stiff and begin to shake in orgasm.

The little voice, now very high pitched, said, "Oh, yes, Daddy! You always make me feel SO good, Daddy! Please don't stop, Daddy!"

I went back to fucking her ass and then pinched her clit and she came again almost instantly. Four times I helped her climax before my balls finally gave up and spit what felt like a huge load into Baby's rectum, filling her to overflowing so that I had cum running down my balls where it cascaded out of her ass hole. I was engulfed in a cloud of euphoria as I held onto her hips until my cock finally deflated so much that it slid out of her ass.

I rolled over and lay beside her, struggling to catch my breath after a magnificent orgasm. She turned and snuggled up to my chest like a little girl.

She looked up at me with adoring eyes and said, "I hope you weren't turned off by the role play."

"Not at all," I replied. "I'll be your daddy any time you want me to."

We rested a while longer and when my breathing was more normal, I asked "Did you really do that?"

"What? Fuck my daddy?"

"Uh, huh."

"Sure. I had my daddy wrapped around my little finger. I first rode him when I was pretty young and convinced him to fuck me in the butt when I was a couple of years older. We did it several times a week after that. I loved it."

"Wow! That's hot. Do you still do it?"

"No. He died when I was nineteen."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"I have never done that role play before. I have never found any one who reminds me of him until just now. He was big like you... well, maybe not quite that big. But nobody else made me think of him like you did just now. I know its not fair to put that on you but... well, I liked it. Hell, no! I LOVED IT! Thank you, honey. If you don't want to do that again, I'll understand." She kissed me on the cheek.

Quickly I twisted and locked lips with her. When I broke the kiss, I said, "Sweetheart, I loved it too. I'll do that any time you want to. You're daddy had a very special little girl and I'm glad I'm getting to know her too."

She started to get up. "I think I'd better get home. Do you mind if I shower before I dress? Would you want to shower with me?"

Thankfully the apartments had large shower stalls and we soaped and scrubbed each other before Missy climbed onto my newest erection and I pushed her up against the tile wall and fucked her while the warm water washed over us.

Afterward as we dried and dressed, Missy said, "You'll have to meet my roommate sometime. Her name is Sonja. She's a really nice girl. You'd like her. You'd probably like to fuck her too. She's got really big boobies. I'll introduce you sometime."

Missy visited me five times in the next fourteen nights but not including Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights when she worked at the restaurant. Finally she spent the entire night on our sixth time together. Every one of our sessions ended with a long fuck of her anus with me as her daddy and she as my baby girl. For some reason the thought of fucking my little girl, even though in reality she was two years older than me and had a voluptuous body, made it enormously more satisfying than just any ol' screw. That shows just how much of the act of sex occurs in the mind.

Late morning on that first Saturday, Missy was at the pool getting some sun before going to work. I dove in and did my usual laps for exercise. When I finished, Missy was talking with a beautiful brunette who had just come out to the pool. She was 5' 7", weighed about 125 pounds and had a 34DD-25-36 figure, most of it showing out of the green string bikini she used to cover the required parts. Missy introduced her as Sonja and her accent when she responded said New England, which she confirmed as a little town in central Massachusetts.

Sonja had just as smooth a tan as Missy but maybe a shade or two darker. Her long brown hair hung straight down her back almost to her waist. I was surprised when she jumped into the water since most of the girls just come out for the sun. However she actually swam a few laps before coming back where I was treading water talking with Missy.

Sonja joined the conversation, bobbing to my left side close enough that we touched frequently. My leg bumped her ass several times and I was pleased when she pulled my left leg up and sat on it, using it like a one legged stool. I put an arm around her waist to steady her while holding onto the pool railing with the other. Missy had an amused expression on her face.

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