Lovely Rita

by Harddaysknight

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A really good friend and a happy, sexy wife are rare commodities in any man's life. Will this husband unknowingly screw it all up?

Our two kids were in college and we were finally getting the opportunity to enjoy each other, one on one. Pam and I married young and our first daughter was born within a year. The second girl came along before our third anniversary. We loved our girls and devoted our lives to them, as do most parents. It wasn't until they were in colleges far away that Pam and I realized we had never been able to think only of each other, and of our selves.

Pam just celebrated her 42nd birthday and I turned 43 six months before that. Certainly we weren't too old to partake in some of the pleasures life had to offer.

Our best friends, Dave and Rita, had a remarkably similar story, except they had three kids. They had married right out of high school and started a family immediately. Their oldest two were twin girls, with a brother following within two years. Rita was now 41 and Dave was a ripe old 42.

Rita and Pam were often asked if they were sisters, and occasionally asked if they were twins because they were so similar. This was a source of many comments and more than a few jokes. Over the years they began to wear their hair in similar cuts, wear the same style and size clothes, and in general, cultivate the impression they were sisters.

This unusual desire of theirs to look like each other actually was beneficial to Pam and me. When we first met Dave and Rita fifteen years ago, Pam had been gaining weight and doing little to prevent it from getting out of hand. As we began to do more things with them, we began to get the comments from people about Rita and Pam being sisters. The problem was that everyone assumed that Pam was the older sister! Rita worked very hard at staying slim after having three kids, and it was evident.

One evening, while we were dining at a nice restaurant with Dave and Rita, Pam broke down and cried after a casual friend stopped and asked if Rita were her younger sister. It was a very emotional situation. Rita took her by the hand and led her off to the ladies room for some girl talk. When they returned to the table about ten minutes later, Pam apologized for her emotional weakness and promised it wouldn't happen again. Her attitude indicated she was serious, but I had my doubts. I knew how much it galled her to look older than Rita.

"Can you feed the kids tonight, Tom?" asked Pam.

This was three days after her mini-breakdown at the restaurant. We were getting ready for work and discussing the day's schedule.

"Sure, Pam," I answered. "No problem. Do you have to work late?"

"No, I'm going to stop at the gym Rita uses. She works out three times a week there and she's suggested I join her," revealed Pam. "You know something, Tom? If it's okay with you, I'm going to join and get into shape. I'm only 27 and shouldn't look like a freaking cow!"

"Let me phrase my thoughts very carefully," I laughed. "You are a very sexy woman, just as you are. However, if it would raise your self-esteem and make you happier if you slim down, I will be very willing to take on a little more around the house. If that includes feeding those two little monsters a few nights a week, so be it."

"Tom, you are the best husband! I really appreciate your support. I'm serious about this. You'll be reaping the benefits, too, when I look like Rita. You won't be able to keep your hands off me!"

"It isn't exactly easy right now!" I chuckled as I slid my hand inside Pam's bra and fondled her breast. "In fact, I can't imagine it being any more difficult!"

"I'll give you just ten minutes to get your hand out of there!" laughed Pam. "These babies will probably be the first things to go, you know. I'll be back to a B cup if I do lose weight. Can you live with that, Mr. Titman?"

"That is the beauty of Mr. Titman!" I replied in my best attempt at a baritone. "Mr. Titman loves all tits, regardless of size, color, nipple type, or religious affiliation. He has never met a tit he didn't like!"

"I have to believe that!" grinned Pam. "I've seen how you always try to look down women's tops every chance you get. You're such a lecher."

"Is that wrong? Should Mr. Titman not be doing that? When he stops, he'll be known as Mr. Deadman," I whined.

"Just try to not be too obvious, fella, and don't forget what tits own Titman's ass, and are the only tits Mr. Titman can fondle and feed from!" answered Pam with a smile.

"Never fear, sweet lady. It is a little known secret that Mr. Titman derives his nourishment, incredible horniness, and tit watching ability from a very lovely and unique set of boobs, which just happen to be attached to your frame," I stated as I pinched Pam's nipple and drew a moan from her.

Mr. Titman was late to work that day, but very well laid!

Pam was true to her word. Within six months she had dropped weight and firmed up nicely. She and Rita became great friends in the process. It simply cemented the friendship that we had with Dave and Rita. We pretty much spent the next 15 years raising our kids and getting together with Dave and Rita whenever we could.

It was over the term of our friendship that Pam and Rita tastes evolved into similar clothes, hair, perfumes, etc. They delighted in looking alike, which was considerably younger than their years. Also as promised, I was a true beneficiary of Pam's new look. She was happy and confident. If I didn't initiate sex every couple of nights, she'd be all over me, insisting that Mr. Titman keep his strength and virility well nourished. I really think that our two daughters turned out so well because Pam and I demonstrated our love for each other in so many ways. Raising our kids was a wonderful experience, but now we were enjoying each other.

We used to get together with Dave and Rita and their kids at a lake cabin every summer. It was more than either of us could afford, so both families went in on it together and bought it. We'd fish, swim, boat, barbeque, and just have a great time. When the girls got into their teens, we had to beat the boys back with sticks. Put four pretty girls in skimpy swimsuits on a lake and the damn boys will come out like woodchucks! I don't know where they came from. The times Dave and I went up to the lake alone to fish, we never saw a single kid. Bring a girl or two, or four, and we were swarmed. It was a source of a lot of teasing and laughter for both families.

I also noticed that the male population didn't exactly ignore Pam and Rita. A couple of times Pam and Rita went up to the lake ahead of Dave and me. When we pulled in, there were a couple of the men from other cabins on the lake helping our wives with opening the shutters, turning on the plumbing, or digging the boats out of storage. Pam and Rita would just look at Dave and me and shrug their shoulders. That, too, became fodder for quite a few comments.

"Pam and I will go up to the lake early Friday and get everything opened and ready," stated Rita one Wednesday evening as we all sat around having a drink.

"Why would you want to do that?" asked Dave. "Tom and I will be off work early enough to drive up. We'll get there in plenty of time. There's no advantage in you girls leaving early."

"It's just that you two guys aren't getting any younger and I thought we'd save you all the trouble of opening everything up and getting the boats out," Rita replied.

"That hurt!" groaned Dave. "It isn't any easy job for a couple of little girls, either. I wouldn't feel right having you two do all that work."

"Actually, Pam and I picked up a couple new swim suits today. I don't think we'll actually have to do much heavy lifting or anything, unless you count our asses," added Rita.

"I really don't think very many men would feel that your asses constitute heavy lifting," I joined in. "Has anyone suggested otherwise?"

"Not yet!" laughed Rita. "Just think about what I'm saying. Pam and I picked up a couple of rather immodest suits to wear. The kids are gone and we thought we'd be a little more daring while we still have the figures for it. I'm quite sure we can get the cabin open quite easily with our new suits on."

"You little tramps!" yelped Dave. "You're thinking of parading around nearly nude to entice all the horny men at the lake to do all the heavy lifting. You're willing to sacrifice your modesty to save your husbands all that toil. I like it!"

"Are you part of this conspiracy, too, Pam, or is this some sick fantasy of Rita's?" I asked.

"It isn't sick! We just thought it would be fun to see what reaction we'd get if we floundered around helplessly, trying to get all the chores done in the tiny little pieces of cloth we bought today," Pam responded. "Think of all the work it would save you. Those men would be well rewarded just by spending some time with a couple of 'hot wives', but that's all it would be. You always tell me that most men are quite happy to help a woman for a smile, or a nice word. Doesn't it follow that the smile or kind word from the lips of two women in skimpy swimsuits would be make them very happy?"

"I think Dave and I should have the suits modeled for us first to determine if this abuse of tit power will be allowed!" I declared.

"Do I get the feeling that Mr. Titman is getting a little jealous after spending the past 40 years trying to see every set of tits he came into contact with?" chided Pam. "You can see our suits when you get there, but be warned that it would not be wise for you to be too late. We're just a couple of little girls and those neighborhood men are so big and strong!"

"Mr. Titman?" laughed Rita. "Are you suggesting this pervert has been looking at my fantastic mounds all these years? I never would have guessed it except that Dave gets an erection every time he's near any woman, and especially a certain friend of mine!"

"You mean they are two Mr. Titmen?" asked Pam incredulously.

"Okay!" I relented to avoid any further revelations about my somewhat shallow nature. "You girls go up early, but Dave and I won't spare the horses to get there as soon as possible. If we get there ten minutes after you do, don't get all huffy!"

We agreed to the girls' plan. The next day, Dave and I made our own plans to leave work a couple hours early. With any luck, we would be there before Pam and Rita arrived. They both worked half days on Fridays. They also had to stop to get all the groceries and drinks for the weekend. The way they wasted time shopping, it was unlikely they would even arrive before Dave and I had everything opened and a couple cold beers under our belts.

Friday afternoon found Dave and me speeding toward our little mountain getaway. We were laughing and joking about how surprised and disappointed Pam and Rita would be when they pulled in and we were already there. We turned down our drive at five o'clock, a good two hours earlier than the girls would ever expect us.

The first thing we noticed was both rowboats and the paddleboat sitting at the water's edge! As one, we turned our heads to look at the cabin. The shutters were off and the small lawn along the side of the building was freshly mowed!

When we pulled around to the front of the cabin, Rita's car was sitting in the first parking spot. I pulled in behind her car and parked. There was a small deck on the far side of the cabin, facing the setting sun. We heard laughter and voices emanating from that direction.

Dave and I looked at each other, and then we strode around the building. We both stopped abruptly when the deck came into view. Pam and Rita were bent over, digging in a tub of ice, apparently looking for beer for the four neighborhood men sitting on the various pieces of furniture. The men's backs were to us and it wasn't likely they would be turning around in the near future!

Rita and Pam were both wearing two-piece suits with the tops cut very low. The bottoms looked more like short shorts than swimsuit bottoms, but damn, did they look good on the girls! Rita's was orange and Pam's was green. From our vantage point, all Dave and I could see were the tops of two heads and four tits! Even from fifteen feet, we could see both women's nipples were hard as small pebbles, probably from the cold air around the tub of beer. I noticed that one guy was seated off to the side a little and he didn't have a direct shot at the cleavage being displayed, but he was making up for it with a steady stare at a couple of beautiful asses.

Again, Dave and I exchanged looks. I was looking to him for a reaction, thinking it would set the tone for mine. I didn't want to make an ass out of myself and embarrass the wives, but I was more than willing to go along with Dave if he asked the men to leave, or pulled out a handgun and smoked the bastards!

Dave looked at me and smiled and shrugged his shoulders! This reaction was a bit milder than I anticipated, but I knew I'd be damned to hell if I played the jealous husband to Dave's nice guy. I just sucked it in and moved toward the deck.

"Hello, Girls, Gentlemen," I spoke as I stepped onto the deck. It was comical to see four pairs of eyes suddenly look at Dave and me and then down to the deck. The men all knew they had been seen gawking at our wives.

"Hi, Dear. Hi, Dave," Pam managed weakly as she looked at me closely, trying to gauge my temper. "These gentlemen were kind enough to help Rita and me open the cabin up, so se suggested they sit down and have a beer or two for all their hard work."

"That's right, Dave," agreed Rita. "These guys were great. Look at all the work they saved you. Now you can relax and have a drink with us."

I had met all four of the guys a few times over the years. They were all fifty or older. They were also nervous as hell at being busted by Dave and me.

"Thanks, guys! We certainly appreciate your efforts on our behalf and hope we can repay the favor someday. Pam, please get the guys a beer while I go change into a pair of shorts. It's sure hot here today," I added with a big smile.

Pam gave me a big grin and bent back over the tub, probing for the brews. Dave joined me in the cabin after stating he, too, had to find cooler clothes.

"Jesus, Tom!" he whispered as we opened the duffel bags we carried. "I never knew either of those women had such nice big tits, and I'm married to one of them! Those lucky bastards are really getting an eye full!"

"I think the girls played a fast one on us, Dave. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts they skipped work today to be sure they could get up here early and create some serious boners," I suggested. "They did save us some work and they look great. I was pissed for a minute, but I guess we should be happy our wives are so damn sexy! A lot of women their age have to wear tents. I have to say ours look great in little, or nothing!"

When Dave and I stepped back outside, we acted as friendly, and blind, as we possibly could. I resisted the impulse to jump up and get a beer for one of the guys when he placed his empty bottle down.

"Rita? Stan's seems to need a beer. Think you could fish one out for him?" I asked.

Rita gave me a strange look. Then she broke into a huge smile as she went to the tub of beer and dug around feeling for a beer. The girls had placed ice in a large new plastic garbage can and then added the beer and some cold water to be sure all the beer was covered. As the beer disappeared, the girls had to lean farther into the vat to reach a brew. Rita was in danger of busting out of her top as she leaned in and dug around. Conversation stopped as every man there watched open mouthed.

"Pam, could you help Rita out?" I asked. "She seems to be having a hard time."

Surprised, but not displeased, Pam leaned over the top next to Rita and groped for a beer. Both women stood at the same time, clutching one bottle between them as they smiled at the group.

"This is the last beer, boys," announced Rita. "Pam and I have to make dinner for our husbands, but we do thank you for your help. Take your time and chat with Tom and Dave. Thanks again," repeated Rita as she and Pam disappeared into the cabin.

Oddly enough, the guys realized that they had been too long away from their own places. Soon Dave and I were sipping our beers alone. I went to my car and brought another case back to the deck and placed the bottles in the icy water.

"I could have gotten this beer sooner, but it was about time for those guys to get their eyes back into their sockets and go home, wouldn't you say, Dave?"

"I'm just glad none of them had a heart attack!" laughed Dave. "My chest felt kinda tight when Rita and Pam were hanging their tits over that can looking for that last beer!"

"That wasn't your chest that was tight, you liar! I'm surprised you didn't rip your shorts with your pecker the way you were drooling at the girls," I chuckled.

"You guys were great!" blurted Rita as she carried a tray of food from the cabin and placed it on the picnic table. "When I first saw your face, Tom, I was worried that you were angry."

"Well, Rita, when I first saw your tits hanging out, I lost all ability to think, or even feel any emotion but lust, so my anger left pretty quickly" I answered.

"Well, thanks for the compliment, I think," Rita replied. "Those guys started showing up before noon. In fact, we weren't in these suits for more than a few minutes before we had all kinds of help. Aren't our neighbors nice people?"

"I don't know if the local wife population will seem all that nice after your display today," suggested Dave. "There isn't another woman, of any age, on this lake that looks anywhere near as good as you two!"

"What a nice thing to say, Dave! You two may have guessed that we took the day off work," added Pam as she carried more food out to place on the table. "We knew you two schemers would try to get here in time to spoil our fun. Now let's eat!"

Dave started for the beer, but I held him back.

"Ladies, I put some more beer in the ice. Would you be so kind to dig one out for me?" I asked.

Rita was closer to the beer, so she laughed and leaned over to retrieve a drink for me. She looked great as she seemed to fumble around for a minute or two. Finally, she stood up and handed me a cold one with a smile.

"Thanks, Rita!" I gushed. "I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention that Dave needs another beer, too."

Rita laughed harder and started back to the icy water.

"Just a minute, Rita," called Pam. "Can't you see what Mr. Titman is doing here. Let me get the next one!"

We all laughed as Pam spent a good two minutes leaning over the cold water, pretending to search for a brew for Dave.

We sat on the deck, enjoying a great dinner and the ample charms of the two lovely ladies. Eventually, the sun dropped into the lake and a chill spread across the water. We carried everything in and cleaned the dishes. The girls reluctantly pulled sweatshirts over their tops to ward off the cold.

"Time to catch some bullheads, wouldn't you say, Tom?" asked Dave.

We often went out after dark to fish for the bottom dwellers, so I had anticipated his request and quickly reached for my pole.

When Rita and Dave stepped outside, Pam whispered, "You wake me up if I'm asleep when you come to bed, Mr. Titman, no matter how late it is. I'm feeling a throb that needs your attention!"

It wasn't difficult to determine what Pam had in mind and I decided I wouldn't be out too late that night. As fate would have it, the fish started biting just as Dave and I were preparing to return to the cabin. We stayed out an extra hour, taking advantage of our luck.

It was after midnight when we returned to shore, Dave had consumed the better part of two six packs in that time. I had just three. I don't swim very well, so I'm always careful when I'm in a boat, even with a lifejacket on.

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