by Jack_O

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The sweetest kiss can stir eternal bliss and bind two souls as one in immortal ecstacy.


A hushed whisper of silk rustled in the night as he came to her, lying side by side in the sultry heat, barely touching. Her emerald eyes shone upon his pale face, candlelight flickered in a gentle breeze from the open window and she sighed as it bathed her flesh in cool balm, soothing, but not quelling, the fire within.


He placated her urgency with an admonishing finger placed upon moist lips, stroking the sensual curve of her mouth down to her chin, lifting them to his for gentle benediction, barely brushing the soft skin. A lingering kiss, stillness in motion, silence in sound, briefly fulfilling her need for him, stirring her desire for more.


A pulse beat in the vein running along the side of her neck. She moaned as his lips traced its path to the source behind her ear, tongue flicking lazily around the smooth curve, bringing a shiver of delight at the ticklish sensation of it teasing inside before withdrawing to resume its meandering path over her cheeks, closing each eye softly with a kiss light as a baby's heart. His nose brushed hers Eskimo-fashion, bringing a smile of pure joy to her lips; he couldn't resist their rosy allure and kissed them again, making her toes curl in utter bliss, his tongue slipping alongside hers, twining sinuously within her parted mouth, dripping passion.


His lips caressed her, hands gently stroking over the curve of her hip, tracing the line of her spine. She bit his lip as a finger nail ran down her back, eliciting a frisson of anticipation when it trailed over her buttocks, sparking a nerve in the centre of her body. He rubbed the inside of her thigh, pushing it gently to open her a little more, stirring the molten fire within her with a rugged smoothness, tasting her aroma, wanting more but holding back, building the erotic tension between them.


A yearning cry fluttered from her lips, burning his face with hot kisses, fingers taut on his back, entreating his flesh to fulfill her desire, feeling him harden against her most sensitive spot, needing it deep inside her body. She draped her leg over his hip, dug her nails into his back, and whispered a sweet promise in his ear if only he'd...


He soothed her brow with soft lips, cleansing the sweat with nimble flicks of his tongue, and stoking the fire with a languorous motion that brought him within a heartbeat of entering her. Her hand lifted her breast to tempt him further and he took it gently, a succulent temptation he couldn't resist, trapping the nipple between his teeth, teasing her excitement further.


The candles flickered wildly as though stirred by her entreaty. Her body felt liquid with desire for him, pouring her self over his love, pungent and profound; a potent musk drifting into the jasmine mist around them. She held his head to her breast, feeding his passion, writhing on him, trying to impale herself on his hot shaft, crying out in wordless triumph upon feeling it part her outer defences.


Implacably he held himself still, acknowledging her willingness to accept him but deliberately keeping her poised on the edge until ready to submerse his self within her. He wanted her to understand that now

was always between them. To compromise, he eased forward to delicately part her inner lips and quell her eagerness with the head of his shaft, flexing the tip at the very edge of ecstacy.


She wriggled onto him, squeezing him inexorably between her thighs, drawing his flesh deeper to bring them together as one. Her nails raked his back and buttocks, took his sacs in hand and squeezed gently, feeling them swell with lust as he sank into the welcome embrace. Slow-slow, quick-quick, slow: the dance began.


A hoarse whisper, a moan, smothered in warm lips that welcomed him gladly, consuming him in beauty. He delved deep into the fire, protected by nothing but love for the woman of his dreams, and burned every preconception in the process, beginning to understand the true meaning of all that she was and everything he could be - more than that; everything she wanted him to be. Gentle; tender; loving and true.


His love rippled through her, a heat wave of bliss, spreading to every nerve and every fibre of her being. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, drawing him closer, deeper, savouring the taste of her on his tongue, his lips, devouring him piece by delicious piece. The natural odour of his body aroused her more than anything, an earthy aroma that stimulated her juices to flow like the sweat from his brow. She lapped at his flesh, drinking him, craving him, needing him so much it made her heart ache with desire.


He reminded her they had all night to immerse themselves in love; simply resting inside the warm embrace of her enfolding flesh, holding himself still, flexing his hard muscle in the slippery heat of her tight pussy. The expression in her eyes spoke more eloquently than any mere words, gazing into his with utter trust, twin pools of pure light. Entranced, he dived deep into their soul-searching brilliance and kissed her breathlessly, languidly running his fingers up and down her spine, making her toes curl with delight.

'Om mani padme hum' (Behold! The jewel in the lotus!')

The sound echoed through his mind, truth resounding in each syllable. A paean of praise to the mystery of woman and the joy she brings. An initiation into the deeper meaning of existence. Not an exact translation, to be sure, but relevant to the place he found himself in now. Her clitoris, the jewel; her sex, the petals of the lotus; a perfect picture of the all in all: Nirvana.

An astral breeze caressed their souls, fanning the flames of passion, burning with an intensity that burst through the pores of their skin, torrents of love melting them into each other. A wordless moan of wonder sprang from her lips, flowing into him, through him, spiraling in concentric waves to ripple back inside her, through her, breaking the shallow inhibitions of her mundane expectations into something beyond imagining. The excitement of this fresh experience brought a glow to their tightly entwined bodies; a pulsing rainbow aura that surrounded them like a shawl, protecting her from the harsh reality of the world outside while enhancing their senses to an astonishing new realm.

'Am I dreaming?' she wondered, feeling herself swept away in his sensual strength. 'Is this really happening?'

'It's real, ' he assured her, stirring his full length within the fire, 'can't you feel it?'

Her eyes widened. 'It's not possible!'

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