Cheryl's Education

by Defile_my_wife

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young girl discovers her sexiness and becomes a tease. Unfortunately for her, she teases a bit too much and finds out what it is like to be raped.

Cheryl had always been a very pretty little thing as a child; her sweet little face; her lovely hair; her fetching ways and mannerisms; they had all gone towards making her what people generally termed "cute" or "sweet."

The last couple of years had seen her develop from that cuteness into quite a beauty. Cheryl was quite aware of her beauty too.

At first she'd been quite embarrassed by all of the admiring looks she received from men. After a while though, she developed a pride which saw her developing into quite a tease - flirting here and there, making up her lovely eyes, and dressing to show off her very desirable body.

In spite of these outward changes however, Cheryl still remained so very innocent and untainted by the more sordid aspects of life.

The evening was one of those lovely warm, summer nights.

Cheryl wore her new dress; a skimpy little thing made of very light cloth that clung to her pert little breasts, hugged tightly to her waist and hips, but then flounced about her thighs as she walked along the street.

Two middle aged men were walking towards her and she drew her shoulders back just a little more, and swung her hips just a little more, and even though these men were older and a bit rough looking, she still gave them just a hint of a teasing smile as they passed.

Both men had been admiringly looking her up and down as they'd approached; looking at her shapely legs; looking at her lovely body; admiring her firm breasts; and looking right into her face.

One of the men gave a low whistle of appreciation as they passed, and Cheryl could hear them speaking quietly, and knew, even though she couldn't hear their words, that they were saying something about her.

Cheryl allowed herself a satisfied smirk as she walked on. More men who like looking at me, she smugly thought.

It was getting to be nearly dark, and Cheryl, having just a short walk before reaching her home, began to think of her forthcoming birthday when she would be turning seventeen.

A car came alongside and stopped just a few yards ahead. Cheryl took no notice until the car door opened and she recognized one of the two men whom she had passed further back along the street.

"Want a lift love?" the man called out.

Cheryl put on her sweetest smile and declined the offer.

In a whirlwind of a couple of seconds, the guy strode towards her and she was wrenched almost off her feet and went sprawling into the back of the car with the man leaping in after her and the car speeding away before the door was even closed.

"What are you doing!" Cheryl shrieked.

"Shut up you fucking bitch," the guy snarled at her as he grabbed her arm and forced her down towards the floor between the front and back seats.

A wave of terror swept over Cheryl, and she began to cry and plead to be released.

Cheryl was dragged, struggling and crying, out of the car and into the derelict building. She tried to protect herself as her clothes were literally ripped from her body.

She hated her sexy, lace trimmed, delicate pink bra and panties as they only increased the lust of these two rapists.

Naked, one hand trying to hide her breasts and the other trying to hide her virgin pussy, she was thrown down onto the filthy mattress.

Cheryl's eyes, gradually becoming used to the dim light, saw an old man, unshaven and filthy, wine bottle in hand, watching interestedly at procedings.

"Help me! Please help me!" she pleaded with him.

The old drunk simply grinned inanely and muttered something about her being very pretty.

Cheryl lay there, cringing on the mattress, her knees brought right up to hide her vagina, and her arms clutching about her body in a pathetic attempt to protect herself.

The guys stripped their pants off and Cheryl's eyes couldn't keep from staring at their huge, lust gorged penises which swayed out in front of their bodies.

Now one was pulling her legs down and apart while the other fondled her belly and thighs.

"No! No! Please let me go!" she tried to reason with them.

She was totally ignored as one of the men got between her legs and she felt his hot body pressing against her own soft, tender, perfumed body, and then felt his huge penis entering her vagina.

"Oh! No! No! No!" she sobbed and tried to break free from their grasp.

She could smell the very slight male odour from this man who was now slowly plunging his raping, violating penis deeply into her vagina.

His face was above hers and his eyes, with a slightly sadistic smirk, looked straight into hers as he breathed heavily and lustfully as he raped her.

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