Lauren -- Newlywed And Expecting To Be A Mommy

by Tom Land

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Lauren and Ron are newlyweds and they have one very hot goal in mind on their honeymoon -- get Lauren "with child" as soon as possible so they can start their family.

Lauren and her new husband, Ron, were as happy as any young couple could be. They dated for 3 years and now they were husband and wife. Lauren knew her mom and dad had no idea what she and Ron had done when they were alone with each other while they were on dates and she hoped it always stayed that way. She knew her mom probably thought she was still a virgin up until her wedding night but that had stopped being possible about a year after she and Ron had started dating. Lauren would never forget that magical night when she and Ron had agreed to get a motel room and he had joined her in bed, naked, horny and ready to fuck, for the very first time. Lauren and Ron had begun to have sex regularly after that although she never let on to her mom that she had lost her virginity. Mom thought Lauren was still a virgin till the day she married and what Mom didn't know would never hurt her.

So, after Lauren and her boyfriend had gotten married, then they could be husband and wife in every sense of the word. One way that Lauren and Ron wanted to be a family was to have their first baby as soon as possible, so on their honeymoon they began fucking with no contraceptives or condoms and Ron spurted as many loads of his hot babymaking cream inside Lauren's fertile hot pussy as he could. They'd managed to schedule their wedding so that on their honeymoon, Lauren was right in the middle of those days when her mature egg would be just right to be fertilized by Ron's sperm.

By Thursday afternoon, both Lauren and Ron had lost track of the number of fucks they'd enjoyed since their wedding day, and Lauren's pussy was feeling the effects. But, she was still very horny and eager for her new husband to mate with her and she was ready at the drop of a hat for him to mount and fuck her.

"Ron, I'm so horny for you right now, baby, can you do me again?" Lauren asked as she walked into their hotel room and pulled open the rather revealing and skimpy robe she had on with nothing underneath it.

"You bet, Lauren, baby, I can do you anytime, honey," her husband, Ron, said as he pulled his pants and his briefs off and let her see that he was getting fully erect and more than ready to fuck her again.

Lauren came over to her naked husband after she'd let her robe slide off her shoulders and onto the floor. She was completely naked now too and she walked straight into his arms and they embraced in the middle of the room as they kissed and their hands began caressing and touching each other all over. Lauren had always really turned Ron on and now that he could fuck her and have her completely as often as he wanted, it turned him on that much more. He knew even after their honeymoon ended that he and Lauren would spend a lot of time fucking and playing sexually. He broke their kiss and then he let his lips make their way down over the front of her totally exposed and beautiful body. He got his face between Lauren's thighs and he spread her legs a bit more and then started licking and sucking her clit and her very wet and aroused pussy. Lauren's pussy was swollen markedly in her arousal and he knew that when he'd finished fucking her, her pussy would be seeping his cum too and he'd probably eat her pussy and get her creampie to lick up the leftover cum that hadn't stayed up inside her pussy. Lauren always loved it when Ron licked her and cleaned up her just-fucked pussy when they'd finished getting it on together.

"Mmmmmmmm, honey, yes, baby, eat me, mmmmmm, eat my hot pussy, Ron," Lauren moaned and she let her hands cup and squeeze her B-cup sized tits that she was hoping would soon be even bigger and more rounded if she got pregnant after all this hot sex they'd been enjoying. Lauren knew very well that her new husband, Ron, found her very sexy, and they both found each other totally arousing and hot. She especially loved how much Ron enjoyed fucking her and she hoped they'd continue in their mutual desire for each other for years and years. But, as newlyweds, she knew they'd continue to fuck at the high intensity that they had been for a long time and she was thoroughly enjoying it.

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