The Relay

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A call from the plant summoned him to handle a problem.

Her tongue lovingly licked the cock. It swirled around the bulbous purple head and I tingled in anticipation. I could feel her eyes on mine as her hot mouth opened and engulfed the head of the cock. It took all of my will power not to burst out of the closet and rush to the bed to claim what was rightfully mine. Instead, I sat perfectly still and watched as my wife of twenty years sucked the cock of one of my coworkers - a coworker who thought I was miles away on an overnight business trip. Nancy's head bobbed up and down while her fingers massaged his balls and before very long Charlie grabbed her head in his hands and started thrusting up at her face. Nancy pushed his hands away, took her mouth from his cock and as I watched the saliva drip from her lips she laughed and said, "Not so fast - not so fast!" She moved her body and swung a leg over Charlie, and holding his cock at the entrance to her body she looked over at the closet as she slowly lowered herself onto the stiff pole. I ached for relief, but my hard cock had to be left untouched. I had promised I would not cum until I could take my sloppy seconds.

You might be asking how a staid old married couple could find themselves in such a situation. I was in my closet because a $13.00 relay failed at, depending on your point of view, either the right or wrong time.

Some background - Nancy is forty-two, has shoulder length silky brown hair, hazel eyes and a body that some would call either voluptuous or pleasingly plump. Whatever you call it, it had no trouble generating hardons in most men - especially in the men who gathered at our house one night a month for a poker game. The location had rotated from home to home and was usually held at our house once every six weeks, but for the past six months due to such circumstances as divorce, death in the family, etc., there were only two of us who had enough room to host the game. As a result the game was being held at our house every other week.

On game nights Nancy would usually set up a snack buffet and then go out with her girl friends, or to the library, or see a movie. When she left I would usually pat her on the ass and say something like, "Tell whoever you pick up that he has to have you home by midnight" and she would chuckle as she went out the door. I thought I was being witty, but what I was doing was planting ideas in the heads of several guys who really wanted to fuck her. Looking back I remember one night when I made such a remark after Nancy was gone one of the guys asked, "She doesn't really pick up guys, does she?"

"Why?" I had responded, "Don't you think she could?"

"Hell no!" he said, "She could get anyone she wants.

On the fateful night that changed our lives, Nancy did what she usually did. She covered the dining room table with a green table cloth, made a pot of coffee in the 30 cup urn, set out the snacks and checked to make sure there was enough ice on the beer. By the time all the guys had arrived she was ready to leave. She kissed me on the cheek and said, "Win baby -win."

I patted her on the ass and said, "Try not to hurt him too bad."

She gave the usual chuckle as she headed for the door, but that night, for the first time ever, she made a comment as she went out the door. Over her shoulder she said, "I'm not even sure his wife will let him come out and play tonight" and then she was gone. I saw the guy's exchange looks, but I didn't give it a thought.

About an hour into the game the phone rang. It was my swing shift foreman calling to tell me that one of the presses had broken down in the middle of a critical run. Since I was the On Call Manager for the weekend I was required to go back into work and to try and solve the problem. I explained the situation to the guys and told them to play on, no need to break up a good game, but I probably would not be home before they left. It took me thirty minutes to get to work and as soon as I walked in the door the foreman came up to me and told me he was just getting ready to call me and tell me not to come in. They had found a bad relay, replaced it and the machine was up and running again. I told him to have a nice weekend and I headed home.

Nancy's car was in the drive when I got home and I walked past it on the way into the garage to get some more beer. I was coming up the back porch step and I saw Nancy at the kitchen sink rinsing glasses. I was just about to open the door when I saw Norm come into the kitchen and walk up behind her; he had his cock out and he walked up behind Nancy, pressed his erect cock against her ass and reached around to grab her tits. Nancy laughed and said, "Harold! Stop that!"

Nancy thought it was me. Norm let go of her tits and pushed her forward over the sink as he lifted her skirt and all the while Nancy kept saying, "Stop that Harold - quit that."

Norm moved his knees between her legs causing them to spread. He pushed the crotch strap of her panties aside and positioned his cock to enter her; she must have been wet and ready because when Norm pushed forward his cock met almost no resistance.

"Oh God, that feels good," moaned Nancy, "but stop it honey, before your friends walk in on us."

Do not ask me why I didn't rush in and smack Norm in the mouth. Don't ask why I didn't just open the door and holler, "Hey! Stop that shit!" Don't ask - because I can't give you an answer. I don't know why I stood there and watched Norm fuck my wife any more than Nancy knew why she'd made the married man comment. All I knew is that I was frozen to the porch and my dick was getting very hard.

Nancy's feet were off the floor now and she was supporting herself by holding onto the sink. Norm had his rhythm going now and as he pumped in and out Nancy kept telling him to stop.

"Honey - you're going to embarrass me in front of your friends. Please stop baby, plea... oh, god that feels good."

Norm spoke for the first time; "Harold ain't here Babe. Just me - good ole Norm."

Nancy cried out, "Oh god, no. No. You can't do this. Stop it stop it, put me down damn you."

"Sure I can. I am doing this. You came home early so obviously your married man couldn't get out, but don't worry, ole Norm can give you what you want."

Just then Dave walked into the kitchen, "Norm, what's keeping... Damn. I got dibs on seconds."

Norm turned holding Nancy by her hips while still thrusting into her. Nancy, her hands no longer on the sink for support, fell forward and her hands caught Dave's shoulders. While Dave stood there and supported her weight he was busy pulling out his fast hardening cock. Norm was apparently starting to push some of Nancy's buttons because she stopped pleading with him to quit and her cries turned into a series of moans, "Oh god oh god oh god yes yes fuck me fuck me."

By now Dave's cock was fully erect and he stepped back. Once again, deprived of support, Nancy fell forward bending at the waist. Dave caught her by her shoulders and her hands went to the front of his thighs. Nancy's face was only inches from Dave's cock and for almost a minute she bounced on Norm's cock without moving her head, and then she slowly lowered her head and took Dave's cock in her mouth. Nancy rocked back and forth between them like a rag doll and then Dave said, "lets get more comfortable. Let's take her over to that chair" and he pointed at a chair by the kitchen table.

Norm nodded ok and let Nancy down on her feet. Taking Nancy by the hand Norm headed for the chair and Nancy meekly followed and when Norm pulled out the chair Nancy asked, "What are we going to do?"

Norm told her Dave was going to sit down on the chair and she was going to suck his cock while he fucked her from behind. While Dave was getting into position on the chair Nancy removed her panties and placed her hands on the arms of the chair. When Dave was ready she bent and her mouth engulfed his cock and it was at this point that my cock, which had been in my hand, erupted all over the screen door.

Norm stepped up behind Nancy, lined up his cock with her slit and drove into her just as Al and Sam came into the room.

"Jesus Christ, you guys. Why didn't you call us?"

While Al and Sam played with their cocks and argued about who would be next Norm picked up his tempo and dumped his load into Nancy. He pulled out and Sam, who had apparently won the argument, took his place. The next to cum (not counting Nancy who had probably cum at least twice by this point) was Dave. He grabbed Nancy's head and started to hump up at her and I saw white stuff leaking out of the corners of her mouth. Nancy lifted her face from Dave's lap and as he started to get up Al made as if to slide into his place. Nancy told him to wait and then told Sam to pull out so she could move. Next she had Sam sit down on the chair where she straddled him and lowered herself down onto his cock; she motioned Al forward and as his cock approached her mouth she said, "God, I haven't done anything like this since college. I'd forgotten how good a lot of cocks can be." Her words were cut off as Al's cock slipped between her lips.

My eyes popped wide open when I heard that remark. Nancy and I had met in college. We had dated for over two months before she had even let me touch her tits. And all the while she was taking on a 'lot of cocks'? Boy did I ever feel stupid. Sam was the next to cum and he was followed shortly by Al. When Al pulled himself from her mouth Nancy looked around, "Someone's missing. Where's Mike?"

"He went home an hour ago," said Al.

"Too bad. Maybe I'll get him next time!"

"Next time?" I thought, "There is going to be a next time?"

Norm said, "I'm ready to go again. Let's find someplace more comfortable."

Nancy said no. She said they had already pushed their luck and she needed to get cleaned up before I got home.

"When can we do this again?" asked Dave.

"Give me a couple of days," Nancy said, "and I'll call you and we can set something up."

That was my cue to get to my car and get it out of sight. I went to a local tavern and had a few beers and then called home to say I was on my way. "The guys still at it?"

"No," she said, they finished and left."

When I got home I came in through the kitchen and I noticed that the cum stains had been cleaned from the floor. Nancy was in bed freshly showered and as I came into the room she threw off the covers and said, "I hope you are ready Harold, because I am especially horny tonight."

As I slipped my dick into her I wondered what a cunt full of cum was going to feel like, but she must have douched because I didn't feel a thing. I can't even begin to tell how disappointed I felt.

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