Carrie & Sean

by Arthur Ellis

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sean's a good bloke and always respected my wife, Carrie. Maybe it's fair that he gets to see just a bit more.

"K'mon, man, let's do it! Just a look — won't hurt anything!"

"Geez, I dunno. What — if it was your girl; you wouldn't go for it?"

"Sure I would. Hell, it's just a bit of fun. Serve 'er right for gettin' bagged, eh?"

We'd invited Tony & others over for dinner & drinks. He'd always been respectful to my gal, Carrie, as much as she and I both knew he admired her body. Carrie was 31, we'd been married almost a dozen years. I'd been her first and only, she a lovely strawberry blonde with a classic 36-22-32 build. Carrie liked to have couples over, enjoyed cooking for them and making them at home. But tonight only Tony'd shown up, and like a good guest with a case of 24 ale.

We'd had a fine meal, and shared some drinks and laughs in our tiny home. An hour or so earlier Carrie'd said she'd had an ale too many, and made her way up to the small loft that was our bedroom.

"Sure, Tony, it's just a look. Oh, she's a lady, no doubt about it, and so there's no question that anyone would ever have a chance to see her. But lad, wouldn't it just be fun for such a lady to have a slip?"

I'd had my share to drink, and probably more. Otherwise the idea of someone seeing my wife naked wouldn't have made any sense at all. But Sean was a great friend. As we downed yet another ale, it seemed like a helluva prank.

"Shussh ye bugger, take yer shoes off so ye don't make no noise on the stairs. I'll let ye have a look, but don't ye think about doin' more!"

We crept up the stairs to the loft, which was enclosed only by windows. The full moon behind a cloudless sky lit the room surprisingly bright. Carrie lay peacefully on her back on our double bed, under the comforter, sleeping heavily. I knew she wore nothing underneath.

My heart beat huge in my chest, wondering if the thrill was worth the risk. No one but me, save perhaps her doctor, had seen her naked. The idea of Sean, my old mate, having a glimpse at her naked titties, seemed a hell of a thrill.

I called her name softly, then a bit louder. She seemed quite asleep, breathing gracefully though her open mouth.

I grasped the comforter, and slowly drew it down. The swell of her breasts became exposed. I paused, pondering, but a glance at Sean's avid stare made me bold. I pulled a bit more, and Carrie's lovely breasts came in to view.

Sean gasped in spite of himself. Carrie's breasts were indeed lovely, sitting high on her chest. Her nipples crinckled in the cool night air; Sean unconsciously licked his lips — what man wouldn't?

Getting into the spirit of the occasion, I pulled the comforter down further, revealing Carrie's flat tummy. The devil took me, and I pulled more, until the first crinkly hair of her bush started to show.

His shorts started to tent as he whispered, "can I touch?"

"Just a bit, gently. Don't ye dare wake her!"

Sean's hand carefully cupped Carrie's right breast, then slipped oh so cautiously over to the left. Carries nipples hardened more.

Sean left his right hand very gently caressing Carrie's breasts, as his left hand moved down her taut belly toward her thatch. He moved the comforter down farther, cupped her sex, and slowly massaged her vulva.

My heart was in my throat as I watched his finger slide between her lips, oh so carefully. Then he moved his head down, and I heard him sniff, taking in the ambient aroma of clean, healthy woman. The tent in his shorts became even more pronounced.

Sean slipped off his shorts, and before I could say anything stood next to her head. His uncut prick fell on her open lips, and he fed it in to her open mouth. My first thought was to call a halt to the whole thing. But, heaven help me, I was so turned on that I said nothing as he oh so gently fucked her mouth. He did this for a minute or so, then pulled away, a string of his precum clinging to her lip, as she sighed and turned onto her side.

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