Pleasure Cruise

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Follow the story of Mrs. J. Richard Connelly, Julia to her friends, as she goes on an exclusive cruise to the Caribbean. She is wealthy and horny as she works her way through Charles, the black steward, Maya the spa attendant, Peter the masseuse and toward the ship's Captain.

The chartered GulfStream landed at the Fort Lauderdale airport and taxied up to the hanger where a limousine was waiting for J. Richard Connelly and his wife Julia. The bags were quickly loaded into the limo's trunk and while the couple sipped on a chilled California Chardonnay in the back of the vehicle the driver put the limo in gear for the twenty minute drive to the pier where the cruise ship was waiting for them. For the Connelly's it would be their first cruise in almost six months but after all it was January in New York City and there was snow on the ground so what a better time for a seven day cruise around the Caribbean.

When the limo parked next to the ship's terminal Charles was already there waiting for the Connelly's with an extra porter to help with their luggage. He opened the rear door to the limo and helped Mr. Connelly out then held his hand out for Julia. She slid across the seat and took the black mans hand and slipped out of the vehicle.

"Good afternoon Mr. Connelly and welcome aboard the Princess Leia." He nodded at Julia, "Good day Mrs. Connelly." Charles had a wide grin on his face as he instructed the porter to take the luggage to 4A, the executive suite assigned to the Connelly's. "Please follow me Mr. Connelly," he turned and took Julia's hand, squeezed it a little then led both of them across the ship's brow and to the elevator for the short ride up to the exclusive executive suites.

Once Charles opened the door to 4A he let the porter set the bags down on the king sized bed and then dismissed him with a wave of his hand. J. Richard Connelly was dressed in a pair of white linen pants and a white silk shirt with a blue blazer and a red ascot tie. He looked into the full length mirror on the bathroom door and straightened out his tie. "Julia honey, I'm headed down to the Salon and see how the roulette tables are doing this afternoon."

"That's fine dear, go and enjoy yourself and I'll make sure that everything get put away properly." She watched her husband of fifteen years walk out the cabin for what she knew would be a meeting with what she thought of as the New York mafia, the five Wall Street brokerage house CEO's, men how daily made decisions that not only effected the entire economy of the country but several foreign countries as well. She had married Richard when she was twenty-five and he was fifty and although there was quite an age difference she had been sure that he would be the love of her life forever and ever. Well that hadn't quite worked out as well as she had thought... still there was advantages in being married to a very wealth man and this suite on the cruise ship was certainly one of them. "Oh Charles?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Would you mind staying and helping me put away the clothes?"

"Yes ma'am that would be fine, you know that I am here to provide any service that you or any of the guests in the executive suites asks for and at this moment I'm all yours."

"Thank you Charles, I appreciate that very much." For the past three cruises they had taken, Charles had been the steward assigned to their suite and she adored him in more ways than just as hired help. He was a light skinned black man from New Orleans who said that he was 25 but Julia thought that he was probably closer to 30. Tall at 6' 2" he had the physique of a dock worker and the grace of a ballet dancer and she just loved having him assigned to their suite.

Charles opened Julia's suitcase and started unpacking. He saw that she had brought a number of new panties and bras and as he sorted through them he wondered what they would look like on her pale white skin. He correctly placed them in the top dresser drawer and then picked up the familiar leather box and peeked inside. He smiled when he saw the three vibrators and one strap-on dildo. Well she certainly came prepared he thought! While she was putting her makeup in the bathroom Charles watched her move about the suite. Today Julia was wearing an off-yellow dress that buttoned up the front all the way to her neck and whose bottom hem was almost floor length. He watched her breasts gently bouncing up and down as she moved about and he wondered if she was wearing a bra.

Julia set the remained of her makeup on the counter and came back into the main cabin. "Charles?"

"Yes Miss Julia?"

"Do you know what I could really use right now?"

"No ma'am, what would that be?"

Julia bent over and reached down and took her dress by the hem and lifted it up until Charles could see her knees. She looked down at her feet and then back at Charles.

He smiled at her. "Yes ma'am, I'll be more than happy to help out." Charles stopped what he was doing and walked over to where Julia was standing. He got down onto all fours then sat down facing her, waiting for her to move.

Julia lifted the dress even more then stepped forward until Charles's head slipped under her dress then she dropped the dress back down and spread her legs apart as far as she could without loosing her balance.

"Oh Miss Julia you're not wearing any panties, how shameless of you."

"Yes Charles I am just a shameless hussy."

Charles settled himself between her legs and reached up and with his thumbs pulled back her pussy lips. She was already wet and the aroma of her pussy was a combination of sweat, urine and sex and it smelled absolutely wonderful. He eased his tongue inside her pussy and licked upward until he came to her clit. He licked and flicked her clit until it was hard then he sucked it in between his lips and gently sucked her off.

"Oh... oh Charles, that's wonderful. God but I have missed that magical tongue of yours."

Charles didn't answer her; he knew what she wanted and what was expected of him. Julia was one of the best, if not the best, tippers on the cruise ship circuit and she had always taken care of him and besides, he got the pleasure of fucking her and getting paid for it. He slipped two fingers inside her pussy and started finger-fucking her while he sucked on her clit.

"Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhh Charles, that's it! Un huh, un huh, un huh, un huh, un huh. Oh yes Charles finger me harder I'm... I'm almost there."

Charles was working his fingers faster and faster and could feel her cum leaking out and dripping onto his face. She had to be close he thought as he slipped a third finger inside of her and pushed up as hard as he could.

Julia screamed with delight as she came then she squeezed her legs together trapping Charles's head between her thighs. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

As she came and trapped his head Charles didn't stop licking and fingering her, that wasn't what she wanted or expected, she fully expected him to keep doing what he was doing until she told him to stop. Julia had two more orgasms before she couldn't stand up any longer.

"Alright Charles, that's fine, thank you." Julia moved back and sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at the steward sitting on the floor, his face covered with her cum. "Please go and clean your face Charles." She directed. When he came back from the bathroom she asked if there was anything new and exciting on the ship.

"Oh yes ma'am. They have added an elegant day spa. Very high class and very expensive but from what I've heard from some of the female guest it's well worth the price."

"Really? Well where do I find this spa?"

"Take the glass elevator from the Main Salon to the Penthouse; you'll walk directly into reception."

"The Penthouse, really?" Thirty minutes later the elevator doors opened and Julia Connelly walked into an elegant and well appointed reception area. Directly in front of the elevator doors was a sign-in desk with what appeared to be a real Picasso hanging on the wall behind reception and just under the words, 'La Femme d' Pleasure'.

A young girl looked up as Julia walked up to the desk. "Yes ma'am, may I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Julia Connelly from 4A and I was told that you have a wonderful menu of day spa services. Can you please describe them for me?"

"4A, I see. Well we really only have one package available, we don't do ala carte services, sorry. What we are offering is a full day of exclusive services, from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon and the package is comprised of several phases. May I show you one of our spa rooms?"

"Certainly." Julia followed the young woman down a hallway until they came to a door that was marked as unoccupied. She opened the door and let Julia precede her inside.

"Mrs. Connelly my name is Susan and I'm the receptionist and the spas coordinator. As you can see each room is a completely self contained spa within itself. The room is thirty by thirty feet square and as you can see one entire wall is glass and overlooks the ocean. There is, however, complete privacy from any prying eyes. When you arrive you will be assigned a female attendant of your choice. Each girl is between 22 and 28, a college graduate and speaks at least three languages and they are here only to serve you, your every whim if you know what I mean. You will be allowed to do nothing for yourself during the five hours of the treatment plan, only enjoy yourself. The program starts with a cleansing shower then move on to some time in a redwood dry sauna in that corner." Susan pointed out the redwood sauna that looked just big enough for two or three people.

"I see, please continue." Julia said.

"Certainly. After the sauna there is the open hot bath, Japanese style. You will be given a full bath then wrapped in seaweed for twenty minutes then on to a full manicure and pedicure. We also do trimming and waxing if you would like that service. At that point you're ready for the light lunch that is begun by applying a special age defying 'Botaflex' cream to specific areas of your body. The cream, designed by our owner, tightens and smoothes skin area until it is unbelievably taut but pliable at the same time. Then onto your lunch."

"Anything really special, for lunch I mean?"

"Well we think so. As I said it's a light lunch Mrs. Connelly, Goose and Rabbit pate served on freshly baked Italian bread, iced Russian caviar and a split of an excellent French Champaign."

"Sounds delicious. Then what happens?"

"After lunch your attendant will remove the Botaflex and then comes the grand finale, your massage. You will have your choice of a male or female masseuse and trust me they have unbelievable hands! Now can I interest you in signing up for a session, I have an opening for tomorrow?"

"Most assuredly Susan, I'll be here at ten sharp."

Susan was a little take aback; after all, the package was almost $2000. "Don't you want to know the cost?"

"No not really, just charge it to my suite."

That evening Richard and Julia were invited to be the guests of the Captain, Jeorge Roubleard, in his personal suite. The dinner table was set for just five couples and of course the Captain. Julia made sure she was seated next to Jeorge. She enjoyed the light banter with the handsome French, fifty plus year old Captain. She asked Jeorge how often he was at sea and when he told her about nine months a year she surmised that he had at least one woman on the side to satisfy his sexual urges and she wondered if she could temp him into a tryst. After dinner there was a trio that played for them and Julia asked the Captain for a dance. As the men discussed business Julia led the Captain out onto the dance floor and the Captain acted as the perfect host, not getting too close to Julia as they danced and he was mildly surprised when he felt her hand rubbing up and down on the front of his uniform.

Smiling at her he let his hand slip down inside her dress where he cupped her breast and rolled her nipple between his thumb and finger. "Why Mrs. Connelly, whatever are you doing?" He said with a broad grin on his face.

"Seeing if I can temp you into seeing me privately sometime during the cruise. You see Captain, my husband stays very busy with some of his contemporaries and I'm left to fend for myself and I thought that perhaps you could... ah... show me some of the unique places on the ship, places that other guests don't get a chance to visit."

"Like perhaps my private quarters and my bedroom?"

"Yes exactly like that."

He smiled at her as the music ended. As he held her hand and led her back to the table he whispered to her, "I think that can be easily arranged Mrs. Connelly."

Please Jeorge, call me Julia."

At ten o'clock the next morning Julia stepped out of the elevator and into the spa. She was dressed in an off-white blouse, brown flared skirt and a pair of Prada loafers. She was carrying her Louis Vuitton bag with a change of clothes, just incase.

Susan looked up from the desk. "Oh Good Morning Mrs. Connelly and welcome. Before we get started is there any particular woman you would like? This morning I have available an American girl form San Diego, a French-Canadian from Montreal, a mixed Chinese-French girl from Malaysia and a black woman from Jamaica, there all good Mrs. Connelly."

Julia thought about it for a minute and selected the Malaysian.

"Oh that's an excellent selection. Her name is Maya and she's 24 years old and was educated in Hong Kong and England. Please follow me." Susan led her down the hallway and into a suite. "Please sit down and make yourself comfortable until Maya arrives. I assure you she will be here shortly and enjoy your stay Julia."

Julia sat in a chair and waited for Maya to arrive. She tried to envision what the girl would look like and just assumed that she would be a brown skinned, short girl with long black hair and a beautiful smile. Kind of the travel brochure image of a Malaysian woman. When the door opened and Maya entered Julia saw that she got the long black hair correct but that was all. Maya was a tall woman, maybe five feet seven and her skin was a light bronze color. She did have long, almost waist length black hair which nicely framed her sparkling emerald green eyes. She was wearing some sort of a wraparound sarong that covered her from the waist to the knees, otherwise she was totally naked. Her breast were small, maybe 34B Julia thought but they were perfectly formed and without the slightest hint of a sag and she had wonderfully dark brown areolas with little black nipples.

Maya stopped directly in front of Julia's chair and bowed. "Good morning Mrs. Connelly, my name is Maya and I will be your personal servant today."

Julia noted her English accented speech. "I'm please to meet you Maya and I would appreciate it if you just called me Julia."

Maya smiled and clapped her hands together. "Wonderful, Julia it is. Now please come with me and we'll get started." She helped Julia out of the chair and led her over to a build-in wooden locker that had a place for her handbag and shoes and hangers for her clothes. There was no door. "First off Julia I am to do everything for you today so don't be offended if I ask you not to do something, it's always hard on people to become almost completely passive. In addition you will be completely nude or at most in a silk robe most of the day so you shouldn't be shy or mind me touching you but if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable please inform me right away so I can correct the behavior."

"That's fine Maya, I'm all yours. Do with me what you will."

"Wonderful! Now just stand there and let me undress you." Maya looked directly into Julia's eyes and reached out and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders. She pulled a cedar hanger out of the locker and hung up the blouse. Then she leaned in and reached around behind Julia and unbuttoned then unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her legs but didn't let it touch the floor. She lifted Julia's left foot, then her right foot as she took off the skirt and hung it up next to her blouse. She took a step back from Julia and looked at her in her $250 set of silk Dior underwear. She reached out and ran her fingers over Julia's bra then down over the mound that was her womanhood and smiled. "Very nice Julia, sexy and very expensive. You're my kind of woman."

"Thank you Maya."

Maya reached around behind Julia and unsnapped her bra. In doing so her breasts and nipples grazed Julia's chest and sent small shivers throughout Julia's body. Maya noted that the woman seemed excited by her touch and she pulled off the bra and again looked at Julia. Her breasts were larger than Maya's, almost 36D, and they did have some sag to them, even with the plastic surgery she had two years ago. Maya lifted Julia's left breast in her hand and felt the skin then rubbed the nipple between her fingers. "You have very nice breasts Julia."

"Humm, you mean for a woman my age. Well thanks anyway."

"No really, I think there very nice. I often wish that mine were bigger and when I get enough money saved I'm going to have them enhanced. I don't care about the potential for any sag I just want to have bigger breasts." She got down onto her haunches and pulled Julia's panties down and off then led her over to the shower. It was just an open circle about six feet around with a drain in the center of a tiled floor but there wasn't any shower curtain. The shower head itself was almost seven feet high and sprayed water straight down onto the guests' body. Julia stood in the center of the shower and Maya turned on the water, lightly wetting Julia's body then Maya stepped into the shower, sarong and all, and wet herself too. Maya pulled two towels off a shelf and handed one to Julia and kept the other for herself. They walked over to the redwood sauna and Maya opened the door and led Julia inside.

After twenty minutes sweating inside the sauna Maya led Julia out and over to the Japanese style sunken stone pool that was easily large enough to fit four people. The temperature was around 105 degrees and Julia slipped down into the pool and felt the soothing effect the water had on her skin. Standing on the bottom step the water was up to Julia's waist and Maya was behind her with a wooden ladle pouring the water over her shoulders and back. Maya then took an ocean sponge and squirted some body wash on it and began washing Julia's back. When she finished with her back she moved around to the front of Julia and washed her shoulders, breasts and stomach, paying a lot of attention to her breasts and nipples. "Please move up to the top step Julia, I need to wash the rest of you."

Julia eased up the steps and spread her legs apart. She watched as Maya took the sponge and washed each leg then moved up between her legs. She opened Julia's pussy with two fingers and lightly scrubbed inside her then washed off the soap with the ladle. With her pussy still held open Maya's fingers caressed her clit and as Julia moaned and she was forced to put an arm behind her so she didn't collapse in the pool. "Oh my God Maya that feels wonderful."

"Thanks you Julia now please step out and let me dry you off."

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