More Torture For Margie

by Defile_my_wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Horror, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Don't read this story unless you are turned on by extreme cruelty and sadism. On the other hand, if you think that you would enjoy hearing about my wife's misery and suffering at the hands of our friend, by all means read on.

I came in the door after my day at work.

Margie was dressed in a tiny white top with thin shoulder straps. She was braless underneath and her firm nipples bulged obscenely under the thin cloth.

"Mmm, you look sexy", I told her.

"I feel sexy", she replied with a grin.

"That's good", I told her, "because I've arranged for Barry to come around tonight".

We had dinner then Margie showered and dressed herself in her tiny little, white, baby doll nightie with matching bikini panties so as to be ready for our friend.

Soon there was a knock at the door and I told Margie to let Barry in.

"Hello", he said looking at Margie, "how's my favourite little whore."

Margie just giggled and looked coy.

Barry took hold of my wife's hips and kissed her full on the mouth and lightly fondled her small pert tits through the thin nylon of her nightie.

"She says she's feeling sexy tonight", I laughed as I felt my cock swelling at the sight of Barry fondling my wife.

"That's good", Barry said with a leer, "I feel like being really cruel to her tonight".

We sat drinking coffee and chatting, then Barry stood up and said "OK Margie, let's have some fun hurting you".

We led Margie to the bedroom and Barry pulled her nightie up over her head and then slid her panties down over her legs.

"Hold your hands behind your back while I tie them", Barry told her.

Margie obediently did as she was told and Barry soon had her wrists firmly bound.

We helped her down to the floor and then Barry fastened around her ankles, a padded leather strap to which he attached a rope.

We next hauled on the rope and soon had my wife hanging upsidedown like a carcass in an abatoir, suspended from the iron loop which I'd installed on the ceiling.

Barry opened the bag which he'd brought with him. He took out a short handled leather lash which had twelve thin leather strips of about 18" length. I noticed a glint of shiny metal at the ends of the leather strips, and taking a closer look I noticed that a couple of small, barbed, fish hooks had been pushed through the ends of each of the lash ends.

"Wow! That's a vicious looking thing," I exclaimed.

"I hope so," Barry laughed. "I made it myself by slicing up a number of belts, and the hooks should provide an extra bit of spice to the sting of the lash.

The leather in the ones that you buy at the sex shops are too soft and don't hurt enough."

Barry now moved close to my wife's suspended body, and winding up with a vicious swipe belted my wife so that the thin leather lashes spread and thrashed across a wide area of her hip and thigh and then curled painfully across her soft white stomach.

"Arrrhhhhh", Margie shrieked with a howl of anguish as the pain raced through her body.

"Ha, ha", Barrry laughed with glee, "I've been looking forward to hearing your slut-wife screaming".

At the very first lash and scream I felt my cock going hard and lustful.

Again Barry wound up and again viciously lashed Margie's naked body with the cruel lash, this time curling it around the soft and tender flesh of her ass.

The lash was leaving fiery red welts across my wife's flesh, and the small metal hooks at the ends of the lashes were making small scratches and cuts in her skin. Soon, after twenty or so of these cruel and sadistic lashes, Margie was blubbering and whimpering like a cowed animal with tears streaming down over her cheeks.

"That's enough, that's enough", Margie snivelled pleadingly with sobbing gasps.

"I don't think so", Barry laughed as he thrashed his whip right across her groin so that the leather strips flayed right into her cunt.

"Argh, argh, argh"! Margie screached between gasping breaths. "No more! No more! No more"!

"Yes more - lots more, " Barry sneered maliciously.

My cock was dribbling cum as I stood watching with pride at my sweet, lovely wife as Barry continued on and on and on viciously and sadistically thrashing her body until she was screaming and howling in an absolute frenzy of anguish and misery.

"That's enough of that I think," Barry finally said, but I was so filled with lust that I urged him not to stop.

"Ha, ha," Barry laughed, I'll give her more if you want. She's your wife, not mine."

"Yes, yes," I eagerly urged him, "make her really, really suffer."

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