Suprise Waiting at Home For Him

by nugget

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: guy comes homes to girlfriend after not satisfying her to find a new world, one that he enjoys

It all started with an early morning wake up. The alarm went off, but today I was taking clients out so the alarm was set 45 minutes early. I reached out and turned off that annoying noise. Then rolled over and slid down the bed a little to be in line of my girlfriend's fantastic breasts. I kissed all around her right breast with my cheek brushing past her nipple every so often. This started to arouse her, so my hand rubbed her stomach for a while then slid down to her inner thighs, and as I rubbed & massaged her thighs my mouth finally found her nipple and I licked and sucked & gently bit on it. Her hips started to arch so my hand slid up to your clit and I was amazed how wet she was already, my finger started rubbing her clit, just like she liked it, my other fingers teasing the entrance of her pussy. I love it when she is this wet, and I can feel how much she wants to scream in ecstasy.

To her amazement I then stopped & got up. I remembered all those times she'd teased me, & now it was my turn. Plus I had to leave in 5 minutes to pick up some clients.

The client day was good, played some nice golf, had a few beers & then 8pm or so I got a text message. "get home as soon as you can, I am waiting for you"

I was in a taxi not long after and arriving home, my girlfriend greeted me in the shortest dress I've seen for a long time. I was immediately growing inside my pants. I went forward to kiss her, and I received the horniest kiss... the sort of kiss I get when I know she wants to take control. My hands couldn't resist and were sliding up and down her legs; her hands undid my zip and grabbed my dick and balls. But instead of playing with them, she gripped hold of them firmly, and led me towards the bedroom, pushing me towards the chair by the desk we have in there, I was forced to sit down. She knelt before me and began licking and sucking my dick. My hands running through her hair. All of a sudden she grabbed my hand, and put a handcuff on it. Before I realised what was happening the other end of the handcuff was attached to the edge of the chair.

Pen stood up, and said "so you enjoy teasing me do you?" well I have a few things I like of my own. She then took my shirt off, and undid my trousers properly. Then grabbing my free hand she placed it on her breast and leant into me whispering in my ear how much my touch turned her on. This was another trap, as no quicker than had I started to massage her hard nipple and caress her tit, there was another handcuff on my wrist. I was told to play nice and I would be spared, I let this hand then am clamped to the other side of the chair.

I was defenceless, and she moved away and sat on the edge of the bed, and slowly lowered the straps of her dress, she had no bra on and the sight of her breasts made my dick stiffen a little more. Seeing this she got up and bent towards me making me suck her nipples. As I did this her hand was playing with her clit. And before long she was starting to moan.

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