On The Bus

by T M Trog

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Daily I rode the bus to and from work. The driver coming home was much more than what you would expect. What began as a fantasy will always throughout time remain a what? You tell me.


Copywright┬ę 2006

Just a short almost true story that took place thirty years ago. Only one part lasting maybe two minutes is true, the rest is what took place in my head.

I had just turned thirty when due to economics I was using public transportation to and from work. In reality it really wasn't so much to save money but more because I hated the drive to work with all the traffic. Better to sit back and let someone else drive and relieve me of a possible accident.

The morning trip wasn't much to talk about. Mostly I sat alone and continued my morning wake up. It was rare I had anyone sitting beside me. I figured it was because I was in uniform and that included wearing gun belt with holstered gun. When asked what I did for a living I would laugh and say I was a hired gun. I drove armored car at the time and handled large sums of cash and checks.

It was the afternoon ride home I most liked and enjoyed. The driver was a fairly nice looking young woman and I judged her close to my age. She would never be classed as beautiful and didn't have a centerfold body but her smile was sweet with curves that fit. During the last twenty minutes of the ride to my stop it was only the two of us. I would sit in the front most right hand seat and we would begin talking. Nothing profound but just two people who saw each other everyday.

As we came close to my stop I would stand next to her seat ready to leave the bus. She kept both hands on the wheel as she easily guided the huge vehicle around curves and corners. I would take the opportunities granted and gaze with sidelong looks at her. Each bump proved she was female when her bumps bumped and bounced. Getting herself ready for the final right hand turn her body shifted allowing a space to open between the first and second buttons of her blouse. I wasn't quite sure the first couple of times but each day after I paid attention. Yup, the gap between those buttons proved she was almost braless although I didn't see much more than the upper soft curve of her left breast as it rose from her chest. I might have seen more except for the half cup of her bra.

I was hooked and began looking forward to my peeping. It became the highlight of my day and I looked forward to just that brief glimpse. Before long my patience paid dividends. Her blouse opened between buttons more than it had before giving me a look at most of the half cup that barely hid the nipple. I fantasized all night that brief look inside her blouse. Of course I knew nothing would ever come of it but I looked forward eagerly to the following days.

Rain had been forecast for that Friday and it did. Buckets of rain fell from the heavy leaden clouds making the roads treacherous. I didn't find myself afraid knowing just how well this pretty young woman could handle the large bulky but. My stop was coming up and was my usual I stood beside her seat. I glanced her way just as she was prepping herself for the final right hand turn. My mouth dropped open. Before I had my normal station she had slipped open the top two buttons of her loose blouse. Later I wondered how long she practiced how her blouse would react and how many blouses she tried before wearing this particular one.

Instead of peeking between buttons I was afforded a perfect look inside the thin material. The half cup of her bra was fully exposed. Her right breast was nearly as visible as I stared without hesitation or shame. I was so taken with the erotic sight I failed to notice she drove right passed my stop. The bus bounced through a couple of rather deep pot holes in the road before I looked up and noticed we were off the road. She eased the huge bus into a spot surrounded by trees and couldn't be seen unless you really looked hard. Leaving the engine running to keep the heater going she turned in her seat.

"I hope you don't mind the detour," she breathed softly, "but I just love a man in uniform. There is no real reason I can think of save a uniformed man projects power and the fact you wear a gun makes it that much better to me."

I found myself speechless as I gazed at her. She was toying with the buttons of her blouse not quite unbuttoning them but making it look like she wanted too. Her eyes, I noticed, moved to not see my face but focus more just below my belt buckle. I felt myself swelling.

"There are some things in life I enjoy very much but I don't have the courage to try or even suggest them. I guess what I need is a push or a helping hand."

She slowly extended one hand to lightly and very briefly brush against the still growing bulge in my pants. Her touch was a shock to my body one I liked. I took hold of her wrists and moved them behind her back. She easily allowed my actions and when released she did nothing to move her hands back to her front. My fingers touched and toyed with the third button of her blouse and she suddenly gulped in a deep breath. Having never been overly aggressive I wasn't sure what would come next. From deep inside my mind I recalled reading of how some women liked being forced and/or taken.

I lightly placed my hands on her shoulders and gently kneaded and caressed them. She gave a small shudder and my first instinct was to stop, but her eyes became hooded as her lips twitched into a tiny smile. My hands glided half way down her arms before moving to the center of her chest just above her breasts. As much as I wanted to touch them I kept well clear of her mounds in a teasing manner. It seemed just right as her breath quickened. As quickly as I could my fingers grasped the opening of her blouse, gripped it tightly and using opposing forces ripped the buttons from the material. I gazed lustfully at what I would learn later was a demi bra that only just hid her nipples while exposing most of her breasts. Only her nipples and lower flesh remained hidden. In front, I noticed was the catch that held the cups together.

As much as I would love to tell her size I can't. What I can say is her breasts were of just the right size for the rest of her body. Below the demi bra I saw her stomach that was tightly sucked in. An aroma wafted in the air around us one that I wasn't familiar with. Oh I knew the smell of an aroused woman but she had another that was so familiar yet so far distant I couldn't identify it. Dampness seemed to appear in the small half cups and my mind slowly began working.

"You are a nursing mother?" I asked softly.

"Yes," she whispered.

"Show me."

"I... , I can't," she replied just as softly. "I'm not a woman that gives herself away but I don't turn myself away if..."

She didn't say more nor need she. From all I'd read in books, this was long before computers and the internet, I knew what was the meaning of her words.

My fingers were clumsy attempting to unsnap the front of her demi bra. I noticed the slight frown on her face and changed tactics. Gripping firmly between her breasts I yanked with force and her bra parted. Releasing two matching fleshy mounds bounced and quivered until they finally settled to rest silently on her chest. Two surprisingly thick distended nipples of ruby red color protruded at the centers of each pale white globe and each with a milky white drop poised at the end. I felt twin simultaneous feelings, one in the now rigid swelling inside my pants and the other the rapidly gathering saliva inside my mouth. Drool dripped from my parted lips. My right hand gently yet firmly grasped her left breast and it was quickly filled when her chest suddenly expanded from her rapid inhaling of air. Moisture filled the palm as she leaked.

Still fondling her left breast I reached and tugged at her right arm bringing her hand forward. Pressing her right palm to my groin I began rubbing it up and down the erection hidden within my pants. She quickly decided I was giving a command and just as quickly unbuckled my belt, popped the button and tugged down the zipper. To this day I can't recall just how my gun belt became undone as my pants slipped easily down my thighs only to puddle at my feet. Her fingers were sure and deft as they hooked the waistband of my boxers and slowly forced them to travel down pausing only long enough to allow my rampant erection back through the opening in front where it had exited and finally coming to rest atop my pants. Wordlessly her hand disappeared again behind here back forcing her naked chest outward. Her breathing quickened as she sighed.

I used both hands to cup and caress her breasts feeling the palms of each growing wetter as she lactated. Shifting I carefully squeezed both only to have thin triple sprays of her hot milk coating my groin. She groaned softly and pressed her breasts more firmly into my hands. My fingers became more aggressive and squeezed more firmly. She seemed to reveal with the rougher treatment and I took that to mean she wanted more. The seconds grew longer and became minutes. I decided I wanted more and slowly sank to my knees bringing my mouth level with her exposed bust. Moving closer my lips encircled her right nipple, firmly latching onto the thick distended nub and I began to suckle. I found myself rewarded with heavy sprays of her milk as I suckled all the more. Her breast was pressed hard to my lips as if to beg me. I was more than happy to oblige and was glad to give her the pleasure she was craving.

I found my lips moving from one distended dripping nipple to the other seeking to gobble all I could. Judging from her movements and sounds I quickly began to apply more and more pressure to her breasts with my fingers and hands. She responded by giving sounds of approval that only egged me to be more forceful. I was throbbing with needs of my own. Pulling her hands from behind her back I forced her to grip my turgid erection with on while forcing her to cup my heated scrotum. She was very quick and tightly gripped my organ using long slow strokes while cupping and caressing my swollen sack.

My sexual lust had grown so great I knew I wouldn't last long. With a great deal of will I forced myself from her milk giving breasts to rise up and gaze down. She was looking directly into my eyes as her small fist moved up and down my rigid shaft while her other hand gently caressed and squeezed my sperm filled sack.

"Now," was my command to her.

The growing gloom of the outside suddenly was held in check and then receded as she smiled brightly lighting the interior. Her grip on my aching erection increased. The firm grip of her small fist quickened as did the gentle caressing she was giving my scrotum. I leaned back and watched as her eyes remained glued to her job at hand. Deep inside I felt the beginnings of my climax and did my best to express to her my conclusion. Her response was only to increase her ministrations of my tumescent sex. I felt my climax so very close and spoke with authority.

"Feel me upon you and then suckle," I spoke firmly.

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