Margie's Torture

by Defile_my_wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Horror, Slut Wife, Cuckold, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A fantasy about my wife's degradation and sadistic torture.

My wife sat there in stunned silence; she couldn't believe the way that this guy, that we'd arranged to meet, was talking about her and discussing her as if she wasn't even there.

And what talk it was too! Talk of fucking her, fisting her, having her suck his cock! But all of that was nothing compared to the sadistic acts that he planned to perform on her.

He was quite open in telling us just how much he would love to hurt her:

"Thrashed all over until she was screaming in terror"!

"Her body a red and swollen mass of lash marks"!

"Her breasts and nipples stuck with dozens of needles"!

"Her cunt and ass fist fucked"!

... and finally, "Tortured with electric shock treatment"!

At first I had made an attempt at pretending to be concerned for her, but soon that was overwhelmed by my lust, and I excitedly agreed to anything and everything.

I could see that Margie was scared but also excited. I'd had had some fun belting her ass and pinching her nipples but nothing really painful.

We'd arranged to meet with this guy, and we'd envisaged that it would be no more than the same sort of whipping or belting.

"What do you think about that you stupid fucking whore?", the guy suddenly asked, turning to face Margie.

Margie stammered some meaningless noises, not knowing what to say or do.

"I'm going to beat you fucking senseless", he sneared, looking right into her eyes.

"Yes", I heard Margie half gasping in a trembling tone.

"You realize that do you? You dirty fucking bitch", he jeeringly sniggered.

"Yes", Margie again whispered.

We left the pub and Margie seemed to be walking in a half daze towards the car. She told me later on that she'd been terrified and yet, at the same time, tremendously excited.

I was in a bit of a daze myself and only half aware of the guy telling me about where his house was and how there were "no neighbours to hear her screaming".

We reached the car. "Get in the back slut", the guy snapped at Margie.

He climbed in after her, leaving me to drive them.

"Nice tits", the guy told me as soon as he'd half ripped Margie's shirt and bra off.

I adjusted the rear view mirror so that I could watch my wife being molested by this stranger.

I could see Margie undoing her skirt and wriggling it down over her hips and legs.

"You really are a dirty fucking cunt aren't you", the guy laughed.

Moments later I could hear my wife's cunt squelching and the guy exclaiming "what a wet, sloppy cunt the whore has"!

We reached the guy's house. It was completely isolated and at the end of a lane that went nowhere. He was certainly right about any screaming not being heard.

It was half going through my mind to not go through with this thing. Surely this guy was too wild with what he was intending for Margaret.

I started to turn the car through the gates but the guy told me to park out on the road so that we could walk Margie naked from the car to the house. I heard Margie giggling at this idea, and I decided that if she wasn't worried then I wouldn't be either.

It was totally deserted around about, however it was still exciting seeing Margie getting out of the car stark naked and giggling as she hurried towards the house.

"She won't be so happy when she's coming out later", the guy whispered to me with a malicious snigger as he closed and locked the gates after us.

My heart was pounding as we took my naked wife into this "house of horror".

He led the way through the house and we entered a room at the back.

Margie gasped when she saw the bed with leather shackles and various hooks, lifting devices, stretching ropes, brackets, racks, and a pile of whips, lashes, dildos, and other instruments of unknown use.

"Get on the bed cunt", the guy told my wife as he began to strip.

Margie glanced at me as she climbed onto the bed and knelt there waiting for the guy's next instruction.

I could see her eyes devouring the guy's big, hard cock as it swung out in front of him. He piled a number of pillows on the bed and told her to lie face down with the pillows under her hips so that her ass was raised nicely for a belting.

"Spread your arms and legs so I can get these straps fastened on them", the guy instructed.

Margie unhesitatingly did as she was told and I helped buckle up the leather straps so that she was spread eagled and helpless.

"Nice ass", the guy commented as he took up a lash consisting of a handle with twelve thin, long leather strips.

He raised the lash and began to beat my wife with strokes that, even though they made Margie gasp, and had her bum glowing red in no time, were just a teasing warm up for him.

Margie was soon panting and gasping and whimpering with each stinging lash.

The guy then began to put a bit more effort into each lash.

Margie's gasps got louder and she began to cry out each time that the thin leather straps bit into her soft flesh.

"Let me have a rest", Margie gaspingly exclaimed after several extra hard lashes had her screaming out in pain.

"Ha, ha"! The guy laughed, "that's the sign to give her more if ever there was", and he started thrashing the lash down faster and harder across her bum which was now a red, glowing mass of raised red welts that criss crossed it.

Margie was soon screaming uncontrollably and writhing in her bondage. "Ah, that's what we want to hear"! the guy laughed and he thrashed my wife more and more and more until her screaming and howling became an incredible mixture of shrill shrieks, loud moaning howls, and pathetic sobbing pleas of mercy. She no longer sounded human - more a tormented animal in ghastly agony.

The guy was panting and sweating with all of the effort of flogging my wife. He tossed down the lash and Margie's screams subsided and were taken over by the gasping of her broken breathing that sounded like gasping grunting noises.

"Fuck! Listen to the bitch"! the guy laughted.

"Doesn't that sound great. She sounds like a fucking squeeling pig".

The guy next took up the electric shock device.

"What about making us some coffee", he suggested.

"The kitchen is just two doors on your left".

I left him there preparing my wife for more terrible treatment.

As I got out the coffee things, I could still hear Margie's pathetic sobbing, but then it suddenly stopped and I could hear the bed squeeking loudly.

At first I thought that the guy must be up and fucking my wife, but the squeeking wasn't of the rhythmical squeeks of fucking; it was more like a violent vibration.

I was still wondering about it when the cup suddenly fell from my hands as the whole house was pierced by a shrill, uncontrollable, blood curdling scream.

I raced back to the bedroom to find the guy standing over Margie who was howling, gasping and trembling violently on the bed.

"Isn't that fabulous", the guy laughed as he turned to me.

I didn't have time to say anything before he flicked the switch in his hand and Margie let out a half choking, "Uhhhhhhgg" noise which was chopped off as her throat muscles froze with the electric surge through her body.

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