Mall Trip

by Jeremiah Erratica

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Humiliation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Marge wants to play a new game in the mall restrooms.

"C'mon, let's do it."

Marge grabbed my arm and began steering me towards the restrooms. We had been coming to this mall almost weekly for the past year now. I to get away from the two kids and the bustle of housework; Marge just to get out and spend some of her husband's money. She led me past the shops until we reached the alleyway that held the ladies room; Marge was placating me as we walked.

"It's fun," she held my arm tightly, "we used to do it when I was a teenager. A few of us would meet in the ladies room and swap. It really makes you feel I don't know sexy." She had mentioned it before, how she and some girlfriends would trade panties then go walking around in the mall. But believe me I am a straight laced girl, church with the girls on Sunday, sex on the circled day on the calendar with my husband, the idea of wearing someone else's panties was not only ludicrous but unsanitary. She pulled me tighter her lips inches from my ear, "You will do this? Won't you?" her lips grazed my earlobe, "Please say you'll do it, say you'll do it for me."

You know, I don't even know how we became friends, except that we live close to each other. She is a brazen woman with the jewelry and the make up, her hair always being pampered. She wears loud clothing, talks loud, smokes and drinks and cusses. I am more of an introvert, don't drink or smoke, don't really mix with her crowd. It's almost like we are the Flanders living next to the Simpsons.

"You'll love it I swear," she was still holding me tightly and I could feel one of her nipples poking my arm. "It gives you some kind of freedom." What freedom do I need? I am twenty-nine years old with two beautiful daughters and husband that's a steady worker; I don't need any 'cheap' thrills in my life. She began coming around for morning coffee; I guess she was bored and we began going to the mall about once a week after the girls went to kindergarten. I always envied her large bosom and the easy way about her, but I never could figure out what attracted her to me. I'm kind of skinny, I wear glasses, and I dress rather primly. I must admit I had caught myself staring on occasion as she spoke, staring at the cleavage and wondering what it would be like to carry those trophies around. Once or twice I noticed her smiling, like a knowing smile.

She pulled me into the ladies room and once inside she gave me a bear hug crushing my face into those lush pillows. "Thanks honey," she whispered in my ear again, "You'll see what an exhilarating experience it is." She led me into a stall and took the one next to me. I just sat on the toilet seat contemplating what to do. I looked over and saw her hand under the stall balling up her panties, offering them to me.

"C'mon honey, take them," she pushed them towards me and I tentatively took them. The panties were expensive silk and very sexy looking and I blushed to think she would be wearing my practical white cotton briefs. My hand shook as I unfurled them to see the design, they were beautiful panties, panties I never dreamed of wearing. I made the decision quickly and stood up and yanked down my briefs. Through the stall I heard, "Well Jeanie, I'm getting a draft over here." I held my panties under the stall and she grabbed them from me. I swear I heard a sigh and a sniffing sound through the wall, but I was enthralled by the smoothness of the fabric and pulled her panties on.

They were a little loose on me as she has a voluptuous backside so I snuggly tugged them up. My entire body blushed when I realized there was a large wet spot in the crotch, right where her you know was. I never really got that wet, at least I can't remember anytime. I heard her struggling with my panties as she tried to yank them on. Then we met at the sinks, two girls in collusion. She seemed all heated up and excited; I did like the feel of the silk caressing me down there. At the sink she looked into my eyes and said, "God, these are so tight, I don't think I can stand walking in them too long." I blushed again thinking about how my panties were going to have that large wet stain when she returned them.

We walked out in the mall arm in arm, really her arm grabbing my arm. We did some window-shopping, but there was this underlying current, almost a naughty current between us as we went about normal activities. The silk grabbed at my clit as I sat to drink my coffee at the café, Marge almost squealed as she sat down. "Look at Jeanie, sitting there blushing," she moved towards me. "Is my little girl having naughty thoughts? How do you like the way the silk feels on your most private area?"

"Please, this is a public place," I was a little unnerved, "I should have never allowed you to talk me into this in the first place."

"Is little Jeanie feeling a little out of sorts," her finger traced my jaw line, "Not sure what to feel? Not sure what's happening."

"Stop it," I jerked back in my seat. "I don't know what you're talking about and I don't want to play your sick little game."

Marge's face fell at that and she gave me a glare that caused goose bumps to rise. "Fine."

She rose to leave and I followed behind her like a puppy, trying to keep pace. Something had changed between us, she led I followed. We ended up at Victoria's Secret, which was her regular stomping grounds, but I refuse to go in because of my moral upbringing, because it made me feel uncomfortable.

"Come on," she grabbed my arm, "let's go inside and buy you your very own pair of silk panties, that way you won't have to go around wearing mine." I was flabbergasted, the breath knocked out of me; here in front of these people she had said such a hateful thing.

"No, I don't go in there," I was flustered, "I just want to go home."

"Fine." She turned and walked away and I followed her once again all the way out to the car. Once in the car she turned to me with a tear in her eye.

"I was trying to get you to loosen up," she sniffled. "Help you live a little." The angle she was sitting at caused her top to part at the seams and I couldn't help gazing at the expanse of flesh buoyed there. I looked up quickly, but she had already caught me and her frown turned into a smile once again.

"Friends?" she reached her hand out and I shook it. "It really wasn't anything. You're way too uptight."

Back at my house she went into the bathroom as soon as we got through the door. I stood in the living room trying to assess my feelings. Was I really that prudish? Really that uptight? She came back out with my panties in her outstretched palm and handed then to me. I could immediately smell an aroma and I felt a wet spot in my hand, along with a kind of tingle down below.

"There's yours," she looked me in the eye the whole time, "time to give me mine back." I started to walk towards the bathroom but Marge grabbed my shoulders tightly. "No," she had a crazy look in her eyes, "right here. Do it here." I was like a bird in front of the cobra and bent slightly to pull her panties off, while she kept staring wildly. As I bent I couldn't help noticing that she had undone several buttons on her top and the way she held me made me lean my head into her fragrant bosom. She mashed my face into her cleavage as I raised first one foot than the other in order to get the panties off. I suddenly felt a strong urge to just keep my face imbedded in those lush pillows, maybe forever. Once the panties were off, Marge held me out by my shoulders, almost inspecting me. "We do have our little secrets," she said as she brushed a lock of my hair back. I handed the silky underwear back to her and she swept it from my fingers and turned to go.

"Ta," she looked at me again in an appraising manner that sent a shiver up my spine. "Same time next week." I was tongue tied as she shut the door.

Marge came over for coffee that next week. She was her old self chatting away about the neighbors as if nothing had happened. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck, dreading what might happen if she were to want to replay the past week at the mall. I had some dreams that week and all revolved around the mall and Marge and some naughty things that I couldn't mention, but I woke for the first time with a wetness, you know, down there. And then again. I didn't know what was coming over me and now here she sat in her usual revealing dress at the dinette table. She told me it was her turn to drive and we went to the mall as usual. At one point she grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the restrooms telling me she really had to go. I was astonished and embarrassed that this time she was going to get my panties with the wet stain and I went into the stall next to hers.

I was excited by my sudden change from prim and proper to naughty girl. I sat on the toilet seat again waiting, but this time I heard a steady stream of water splashing in the bowl. She was relieving herself just like she said. I wasn't sure if I should get up or remain when I heard a distinct plop in the water. Oh my, I could smell it, she was having a bowel movement right here beside me. I have never felt so decadent in my life. I heard another splash and then another, then a stream again and sitting there I touched my panties and discovered I had wet myself.

I don't know why I did it, my entire body was blushing as I rose and reached for the waistbands of my panties and lowered them to the ground. I picked them up and offered them under the stall. It seemed like hours before I heard a throaty chuckle from next door.

"I thought we weren't playing our little game anymore?" embarrassment turned to humiliation. "You really are a naughty girl aren't you? Why, look at this wet spot on your little briefs." I knew for sure it was a sniffing sound I heard this time. I heard her rise then the flush of the toilet, then the latch and I realized that Marge was outside; I heard the sink going. In a panic I opened my door a crack.


"Yes, Jeanie."

"Don't you have something for me." I felt empty, horrified.

"I'm afraid not sweety," she was smirking, "you see I'm not wearing any. So the swap is done. Thank you for playing."

"Give me back my..." two teenagers walked in giggling and I closed my stall door. I examined myself and since I was wearing a moderate skirt I thought that I would be safe enough. I opened the door and Marge was gone. As soon as I walked out in the mall, I could feel the cool air against my nether lips. My knees weakened a bit as I tried to catch up to Marge without having to break into a run, a run that might raise my hemline. Just as I turned the corner, she was there, her boobs right in my face. She pressed me against the wall.

"Are you feeling naughty now?"

"Yes," she pressed closer with her breasts. "Please give me them back. I can't walk around like this."

"Sure you can," she brushed my hair again, "and you will. In fact, you'll do anything I want you to do won't you." I didn't get her meaning until she reached into her purse and showed me my panties.

"Oh miss, I believe you've left something." She cooed in my ear. I was mortified, but knew that she would do it. "C'mon, it's time you changed that wardrobe around some." She led me by the arm into a young person's clothing store and immediately steered me over to a young girl with spiked black hair and rings in her earlobes and nose.

"What do you have in way of sexy and sultry? My girl here is having a coming out party." The girl smirked and rose up and I noticed that she had breasts hidden in that black t-shirt with the skull on it. She looked at me and licked her lips and I saw a stud going through her tongue. She said something to Marge about cherries and they both laughed and I knew it was about me. She told us her name was Amanda and led us to a rack with leather mini skirts. I told her I wouldn't be caught dead in that, but a look from Marge stopped me further.

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