Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tom, a horny erotic writer, has a sexy babe on the other end of the Internet who wants him to bring her off by cyber-sex. He's more than glad to try.

Tom got himself comfortable. He was only wearing a pair of briefs and he quickly typed into his computer to Julie that he was naked except for the briefs covering his cock which was already totally hard. Then, he watched as the emails started to fly back and forth between him and his sexy lady friend, Julie. He didn't know much about her yet, but he'd already

discovered that she really got off on knowing that a guy on the other end of her email was horny and ready to masturbate. That really got it for Julie. She was almost naked too. She had on a sexy bra -- black to be specific -- and a sexy pair of matching black panties. She'd been stroking her pussy through her panties and the crotch was getting soaked in her own pussy nectar. He found it very erotic that his cyber-lover lady friend wouldn't permit her face to be seen, but for now, Tom was perfectly OK with that because what he saw on the computer in front of him was a sight of two awesome tits and the hottest cleavage he'd ever viewed in his entire life.

"How turned on are you right now?" Tom emailed Julie, wanting to get a better idea of just where she was at in her own masturbation session on her end so he'd know how to take her and him both along together so

hopefully they could orgasm about the same time. Tom had gotten hard the moment he'd logged into his email to write to his lady admirer and he'd really gotten

turned on when she told him all the details about how much she enjoyed reading about a man's horny lusty masturbation sessions. Tom was ready to give his lady friend, Julie, exactly what she was hungry for.

"Julie, tell me what you're doing on your end, lady," Tom wrote as he rubbed his hand across the large bulge of hardon just under the surface of his briefs. He knew there was no way he or Julie would ever meet but just the same, they were going to enjoy the next few moments masturbating and bringing themselves off just as if they were in bed together.

"I'm sitting here waiting for you, my lover, and I'm so horny and I want to cum so badly," Julie wrote back. "My nipples are so hard from being turned on that they almost hurt, and I want you to take my bra off and suckle my nipples and then eat my pussy before you mount me, Tom, and fuck me so good, baby," Julie wrote in response to Tom's question.

Julie loved to get off and she thoroughly enjoyed having cyber-sex with horny guys that she'd never met and she always found them getting very turned on and hot whenever they saw her pics and saw what an awesome

set of tits and the sexy body that she had. Julie sat back and got comfortable in her chair so she could type and still be able to caress her body and get

herself off as she and Tom had cyber-sex and came with each other.

"Undo your bra clasp in the front, Julie," Tom told her as he sat up from the chair and pulled his briefs down to his knees, baring his hardon and getting his cock ready for him to start stroking himself as he and

Julie got hotter and hotter with each other.

"Julie, I'm stroking my hard meat right now, and the pre-cum is already leaking from the juice hole, baby. I wish you were here to lick and suck my cock and take the swollen head of my hardon in your mouth, girl and

lick me until you were ready for me to slide inside you and fuck you," Tom wrote as he began to stroke his hand up and down over his large 7-incher jutting hotly from his groin.

"Julie, take your dildo and I want you to start sucking the head of it, getting it wet and lubed like you'd be sucking me, girl, if we were getting ready for a hot fuck together. I want you to lick the head of your dildo like it was Tom Land's horny cock and I also want you to play with your sexy hard nipples and then stroke your hand down over the crotch of your

pussy until you start to get wet," Tom wrote to his cyber-lady friend.

Julie was hotter than she'd been in a long while and she got her large hard latex dildo out of the drawer next to her computer and she began to do just as Tom had asked her to.

"Tom, I've got my diildo and I'm licking it and I wish it was your big hardon, baby. I want you, Tom, so very much. I get lots of good sex with my husband, but I love having sex with all kinds of guys and I love a nice new hot cock stuffed firmly up in my pussy, fucking me so good, baby," Julie wrote. She licked her dildo and then she sat up, pulling her panties down and off so she could have better access to her horny pussy and so she could slide her Tom dildo in her horny cunt when she could wait no longer.

"I'm licking your sexy tits, Julie, and I love the feel of your hard turgid nipples in my lips, baby, as I caress and feel the heft of your sexy big breasts," Tom wrote as he looked at the sexy pics Julie had given him and his wanking of his hardon up and down grew faster and more firm with each up and down stroke. Tom wanted to spend hours having cyber-sex with Julie but he knew it would probably only last a few minutes. He kept writing to her and he talked her through the process of coming out of her bra, panties

and then he asked her to spread her thighs and start getting the head of her dildo wet and then sliding it up inside her horny pussy.

"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, Tom, I thought you'd never let me get your cock inside me, baby," Julie wrote.

Tom stroked his cock more firmly and with greater rhythm as he knew that Julie now had her dildo lubed up and was sliding it into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm, fuck me, Julie, you're so hot, baby. I think you're so fucking sexy, girl," Tom wrote as he looked at his cyber-lover's pictures and he imagined himself there in the bed with her, his cock sliding inside of

her instead of her trusty sex toys.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, Tom, please fuck me good, baby," Julie wrote and she leaned back and slid her dildo in and out of her horny wet pussy a few times and diddled her clit to bring herself to a hotter arousal.

"Oh baby, your pussy is so fucking tight and so hot, Julie," Tom wrote and then he quickly wrote to Julie that he was getting ready to cum and he wanted her to take a break from responding and bring herself off with her fingers on her clit, her nipples, and her dildo fucking in and out of her pussy until she orgasmed. Julie did just that and she fucked her horny pussy with her big dildo until she climaxed and when she did, she managed to write: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, baby, I'm cumming" and Tom wrote back that he

was cumming inside her pussy and he was going to continue fucking her until they had another orgasm each.

Then, Tom sat there stroking his hard horny cock until he was fully hard again and then he and Julie, his hottest new cyber-lover cyber-fucked until they both came again.

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